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Boy / Girl Rashi as per Hindu Cal Starting Syllable Meaning of the Name Name Numerology No.
AabhagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OGlow; Shine; Lustrous Beauty4
AabharanagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Jewel2
AadabgirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OHope and need9
AadarshinigirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OIdealistic3
AadhanagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Being First3
AadhayagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O First power5
AadhyagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OFirst Power4
AaditagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OFrom the beginning9
AadrikagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OMountain; Celestial9
AadyagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Name of Adisakthi; Parvathi5
AafreengirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Encouragement5
AagyeyigirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OOrder1
AahanagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OFirst rays of the sun8
AaheligirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Pure9
AahnagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OExist7
AainagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Mirror8
AakaankshagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OWish or desire5
AakakshagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Desire8
AakankshagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Desire4
AakarshagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OVariant of 'Aakarsh'6
AakeengirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Faith1
AakritigirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OShape6
AaliagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OExalted; Highest social standing6
AaliyagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OHigh; Tall; Towering; Excellent4
AalokagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Lustrous5
AamaalgirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OHopes; Aspirations2
AamanigirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OSpring Season; Vasant Ritu3
AamrapaligirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Leaf of mango tree9
AanadigirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Always happy3
AanandigirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Always happy woman8
AanandinigirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OBlissful; Joyful4
AananditagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OPurveyor of Joy2
AanchalgirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OProtective Shelter; The decorative end of a Sari4
AaptigirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Fulfilment2
AaradhyagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Worship5
AaratrikagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OThe Dusk Lamp beneath 'Tulsi' plant8
AarinigirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Adveterous7
AarnagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Lakshmi8
AarohigirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Tune7
AarshatigirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OHoly5
AartigirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OForm of worship; Divine fire in ritual4
AarunigirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, ODawn1
AarushigirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OFirst rays5
AaryagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OGoddess Parvati; Goddess Durga1
AarzoogirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OWish4
AashagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Hope3
AashalatagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Creeper of hope1
AashigirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OSmile2
AashikagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Lovable5
AashinigirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Lightning7
AashinyagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Beautiful home6
AashiryagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OFrom the land of god1
AashitagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O One who is full of hope5
AashiyanagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OBeautiful Home7
AashnagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OBeloved; Devoted to love8
AashnigirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Lightning7
AashrithagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OSomebody who gives shelter4
AasmaagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OExcellent; Precious9
AasthagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OFaith; trust5
AathmikagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, ORelated to Aathma or Soul1
AatishagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OVariant of 'Aatish'5
AatmajagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, ODaughter2
AavnigirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O The Earth2
AayushigirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OOne with long life3
AbanigirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Earth9
AbeergirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OFragrance4
AbhagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OBeautiful; Glow; Lustrous Beauty3
AbhatigirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Splendour; Light5
AbhayagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OFearless2
AbhidhagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Literal meaning6
AbhidhyagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Wish; Longing4
AbhijaatagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Well born8
AbhijitagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Victorious woman6
AbhijnagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Remembrance; Recollection9
AbhilasagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Desire; Wish8
AbhilashagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OWish; desire7
AbhinayagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Acteress; Action7
AbhinithigirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O That which is already been performed; Friendship8
AbhinoorgirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Angel1
AbhiragirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OCowherd3
AbhiramigirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Goddess Parvati7
AbhirathigirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Pleasure4
AbhirigirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O A raagini of Indian music2
AbhiruchigirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OBeautiful7
AbhirupagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Beautiful woman4
AbhisarikagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OBeloved7
AbhishrigirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Surrounded with glory2
AbhisrigirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Surrounded by glory; Shining; Powerful3
AbhithagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OFearless (Goddess Parvati)4
AbhithigirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Fearlessness3
AbhyagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OFearless1
AbiagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OGreat4
AbidagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OWorshipper8
AbidahgirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OWorshipper; Devotee7
AbigailgirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OSource of Joy5
AbiramigirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OGoddess Name; Goddess Lakshmi8
AbishtagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Lady of the house6
AbjagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Born in water5
AblaagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OPerfectly Formed8
AblaagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OPerfectly formed8
AboilgirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OThe name of a flower3
AboligirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OA flower3
AbragirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OExample; Lesson4
AchalgirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OConstant; Immovable7
AchalagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OStable; Constant8
AchiragirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Very short4
AchlagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OConstant7
AchyuthagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Immovable6
AciragirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Brief; Swift; Fast5
AdagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OProsperous, Happy6
AdaragirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OVirgin7
AdarshgirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Ideal6
AdarshagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Ideal7
AdeelagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OEqual1
AdelagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Noble5
AdelaidegirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, ONoble; Of Good Cheer5
AdhiragirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OLightning5
AdhishreegirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Exalted5
AdhishrigirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OMain4
AdhyagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O First power3
AdibagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OCultured; Polite8
AdilagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OEqual9
AdishreegirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OExalted6
AdithagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O The first root7
AdithigirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Freedom; Safety; Abundance6
AditigirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OMother of the Gods7
AditrigirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Highest honor; Goddess Lakshmi7
AdivagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OPleasant; Gentle1
AdiyagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OGods Treasure4
AdriennegirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OFeminine of Adrian7
AdrijagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Of the mountain; Another name for parvathi7
AdrikagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Celestial8
AdrisagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OMountain Lord7
AdvikagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Unique3
AdwitagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OUnique4
AdwiteyagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OUnique7
AdwitiyagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OMatchless2
AdyagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OFirst; unparalleled4
AeshagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OLove7
AfafgirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OChastity; Virtuous; Decent; Pure5
AfaringirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OPraise; To create4
AfifagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Honest; Upright5
AfifahgirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OChaste4
AfragirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OWhite8
AfraagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OWhite9
AfrahgirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OHappiness7
AfreengirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OEncouragement4
AfrozagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OQuintessence of fire4
AftabgirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OThe sun3
AgamdeepgirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OBeyond Limits7
AgamjotgirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OGod's light4
AgampreetgirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OThe lover of God5
AgamyagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OKnowledge; Wisdom3
AgathagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OThe Good2
AgnesgirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OPure; Gentle1
AgnetagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Fire3
AgnishikhagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Flames of fire6
AgrajagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OMain2
AgratagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OLeadership3
AgrimagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OAlways on the fore front; Leadership4
AgriyagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O First and best7
AhalyagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OA woman who was saved by Lord Rama3
AhantigirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OGift8
AhdgirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OPledge; Knowledge4
AhilyagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OA woman who was saved by Lord Rama2
AhimsagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Nonviolent virtue6
AhladitgirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Happy mood1
AhladitagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O In happy mood2
AhladithagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Delighted1
AhlamgirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OOne who has pleasant dreams; Imaginative8
AidagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OVisiting; Returning6
AieshagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OAlive7
AileengirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OLight1
AimeegirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OBeloved6
AindrilagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OFemale Star5
AinigirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OSpring; Flower; Source; Choice6
AishagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OLiving; Prosperous; Wife of Prophet Mohammed2
AishanigirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OGoddess Durga7
AishigirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O God's gift1
AishwaryagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OWealth; Prosperity6
AiswaryagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OWealth; Prosperity7
AjagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OOne who is self existent3
AjaagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Shakti4
AjagandhagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Daughter of Aja2
AjalagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O The earth7
AjantagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OEternal fame; A famous Buddist cave2
AjaygirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Unconquerable; God1
AjeetagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Invincible; Unconquerable6
AjeyagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OLord Vishnu6
AjindergirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OVictorious7
AjitagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OA Winner5
AkaishagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Flower5
AkalbirgirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OGod's immortal warrior9
AkalkagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Free from impurity; Moonlight1
AkalpreetgirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OOne who loves the Timeless Being8
AkanegirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Someone you cannot stop loving5
AkankshagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OWish; Desire; Ambition3
AkashleenagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Star5
AkhilagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OTotal; Complete6
AkilahgirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OIntelligent; Logical; One who reasons6
AkiragirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Graceful strength4
AklimagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OThe first step2
AkritigirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Diagram5
AkshadhagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OGod's Blessings8
AkshainiegirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OGoddess Parvati5
AkshamalagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Garland of rudraksh4
AksharagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OLetter5
AkshatagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, ORice offered as a sacred substance in puja (worship)7
AkshathagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Rice6
AkshayagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OIndestructible3
AkshayaagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Indestructible4
AksheragirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Saraswathi godess9
AkshigirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OExistence3
AkshikagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O One with beautiful eyes6
AkshitagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OWonder Girl6
AkshitigirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OVictorious Peace5
AksithigirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Imperishability5
AkulagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OGoddess Parvati1
AkutigirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Princess8
AlabhyagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OUnique; Difficult to acquire5
AlainagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Dear Child2
AlakgirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OWorld; Beautiful Tresses7
AlakagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OLock of curly hair; a girl with a lovely hair8
AlakanandagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Name of a river6
AlaknandagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OA river in the Himalayas5
AlanagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Light and Buoyany; An offering2
AlankritagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, ODecorated Lady6
AlannagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OFair7
AlaricegirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, ORuler of All4
AldagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, ORich9
AleeshagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Noble or Nobality6
AleinagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OLight6
AlekhyagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OWhich cannot be written9
AlenagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O See Olena6
AleteagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O The Truth8
AlexandragirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OHelper of Mankind8
AlhenagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OA ring; A star in the constellation Gemini5
AligirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OBee4
AliagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OExalted; Highest social standing5
AlicegirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, ONoble; Of Good Cheer3
AliciagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Truthful8
AlimagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OWise9
AlimahgirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OSkilled in music or dance8
AlinagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OFair1
AlishagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OProtected by God5
AlisongirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OOf Sacred Fame7
AlizagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OJoyous4
AlkagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OLock of curly hair; A girl with a lovely hair; Beauty7
AlmagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, ONourishing9
AlmasgirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, ODiamond1
AlokigirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OBrightness; Lustrous3
AlopagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Faultless9
AlpagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OLittle; Small3
AlpanagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OA decorative design; Beautiful9
AltheagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OSincere2
AlttheagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Sincere4
AlyssagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Sweet angel5
AmaanyagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OUnacceptable; Unknown2
AmalgirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Bright; Clean; Pure; Hope; Wish9
AmalagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OCalm and Quiet; The pure one1
AmaldeeptigirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Camphor5
AmangirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OThe one who is peaceful2
AmanatgirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Priced possession5
AmandagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OLoveable7
AmandeepgirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OThe lamp of peace5
AmanigirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OWishes; Aspirations2
AmanjeetgirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OOne who attains to peace6
AmanjeevangirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OOne who lives a peaceful life5
AmanjotgirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, ORadiating the light of peace2
AmanpalgirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OThe protector of peace4
AmanpreetgirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OOne who loves peace3
AmanroopgirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OThe embodiment of peace3
AmanvirgirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OThe one who fights for peace6
AmaragirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Grass; Immortal one7
AmardeepgirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OThe lamp of immortality9
AmarigirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Eternal6
AmarisgirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Child of the Moon7
AmarjotgirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OThe Immortal Light6
AmarleengirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OForever absorbed in God6
AmarpreetgirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OThe immortal Love of Lord7
AmartagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Immortality9
AmartyagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OImmortal; Divine; A god7
AmaryllisgirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OFresh; Sparkling2
AmatullahgirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OFemale servant of Allah8
AmbagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OGoddess Durga8
AmbaalikagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Mother6
AmbaligirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Sensitive; Compassionate; Loving2
AmbalikagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Mother; One who is sensitive5
AmbargirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OThe sky8
AmbergirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OJewel3
AmberleygirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O The sky9
AmbikagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OGoddess Durga; Goddess Parvati1
AmbugirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Water1
AmbudagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Cloud6
AmbujagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OBorn of a Lotus; Goddess Lakshmi3
AmeenagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OTrustworthy; Faithful3
AmeeragirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OLeader; Princess7
AmeliagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OIndustrious5
AmeyagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, ODevotion9
AmigirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, ONectar5
AminehgirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OFaithful; Trustworthy5
AmiragirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OPrincess6
AmishagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OBeautiful6
AmishigirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OPure5
AmitagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OLimitless8
AmithigirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OImmeasurable; Unique6
AmitigirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Boundless7
AmitjyotigirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OEver Bright5
AmiyagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, ODelightful4
AmlagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OPure9
AmlikagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Tamerind2
AmnagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, ODesire2
AmodagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Happiness7
AmodinigirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OJoyful; Pleasurable2
AmoditagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OHappiness9
AmoligirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OPrecious5
AmolikagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OPriceless8
AmoolyagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Precious1
AmrapaligirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, ODisciple of Buddha8
AmritgirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OGod's Nectar7
AmritagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OFull of Nectar; Spiritual holy water; Immortality8
AmritambugirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OMoon8
AmritayagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O The Immortal; Lord Vishnu7
AmrithavarshinigirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O The Rain8
AmritkalagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, ONectarine Art5
AmritleengirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OOne imbued in the Lord's Nectar7
AmritpalgirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OOne protected by the Lord's Nectar9
AmritrashmigirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Moon light3
AmrushagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OUnexpected; Sudden9
AmshulagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Sunny3
AmuktagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Can't be touched; Precious4
AmulyagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Priceless1
AmvigirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OA Goddess9
AmygirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Loved3
AnagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OPlayful; Wanted7
AnaamikagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Name of ring finger6
AnaangirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OClouds4
AnadjotgirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OOne who radiates the Lord's Light2
AnaghagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OSinless; Without any fault5
AnagigirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Valuable5
AnahitagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OFull of grace; Graceful9
AnalgirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Five1
AnalagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OFiery; Sizzling2
AnalaagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Goddess of fire3
AnaliliagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Full of grace and Lily5
AnamgirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Blessing2
AnamikagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, ORing-finger5
AnamitragirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O The Sun5
AnandagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OJoyful8
AnandamayigirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OFull of joy2
AnandanigirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Joyful4
AnandigirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OA woman who always remains happy; Joyful7
AnandinigirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Joyful3
AnanditagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Happy1
AnandjotgirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OThe Light of Bliss7
AnandleengirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OOne absorbed in the Lord's Bliss7
AnandroopgirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OOf blissful form; radiating bliss8
AnangeegirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Cupid's consort2
AnaniasgirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O God will hear5
AnankagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OCountless6
AnantagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OWithout End6
AnantaagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Eternal7
AnanthagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Endless; Eternal5
AnantigirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OGift5
AnantyagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Endless; Eternal4
AnanyagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OExtraordinary; Without a second2
AnarghyagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Priceless3
AnasooyagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Wife of Rishi Atri1
AnastasiagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OOne who shall rise again4
AnchalagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OVariant of 'Anchal'4
AndreagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OFeminine of Andrew7
AnganagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OAn suspicious or handsome woman2
AngarikagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OFlame coloured flower; Palash or flame of the forest8
AngelagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OAngelic4
AngelicagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OItalian form of Angela7
AnikagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OSweet9
AnilagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OWind1
AninditagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OBeautiful9
AnisagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OJoy & pleasure8
AnishagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OUninterrupted; Continuous; One who is supreme7
AnitagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OGrace9
AnjaligirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OTribute2
AnjanagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OMother of Hanuman5
AnjeelagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OHomage3
AnjikagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OBlessed1
AnjugirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OOne who lives in heart1
AnjuligirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OOne who lives in heart4
AnjushrigirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, ODear to one's heart; Beloved1
AnkitagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, ODistinguished; Marked by the Lord; Dedicate2
AnkolikagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OAn Embrace2
AnmolgirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OPriceless1
AnmolikagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OPriceless4
AnngirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OGrace; Mercy2
AnnagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OGraceful3
AnnabellegirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OJoy3
AnnapoornagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OGoddess Parvati; Generous with food1
AnnapurnagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OGoddess of Food; Generous with food1
AnnettegirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OGrace7
AnniegirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OGrace7
AnnugirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OA prefix; Atom5
AnokhigirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OUnique; Different4
AnoopbirgirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OBeauteous and brave9
AnoopjotgirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, ORadiating the Beautious Light7
AnooshehgirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OLucky; Happy4
AnshulagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OSunny4
AntaragirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OThe second note in Hindustani classical music; Beauty1
AntarjotgirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OThe Divine Light within9
AntarpreetgirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OOne who loves the Light within1
AntheagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OFlower-Like4
AnugirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OA prefix; Atom9
AnujagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OYounger Sister2
AnumatigirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OPermission; Consent7
AnupamagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OWithout any comparison; Peerless4
AnupriyagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OBeloved6
AnuradhagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OGoddess of good luck; Name of a star5
AnurupagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OSuitable2
AnushagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OBeautiful morning, a star1
AnushkagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OA term of endearment3
AnushrigirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OPretty; Goddess Laxmi9
AnusuyagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OFriend of Shakuntala; Wife of the sage 'Atri'3
AnweshagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OQuest; Search8
AnyagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OInexhaustible; Gracious5
ApalagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OName of a learned woman of the past4
AparajitagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OUndefeated; Name of a flower5
AparnagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OGoddess Parvati6
ApekshagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OExpectation7
ApoorvagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OAbnormal; Exquisite7
AprilgirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OTo open up2
ApsaragirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OCelestial maiden2
AradhanagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OWorship; prayer3
AradhnagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OWorship2
ArchanagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OWorship1
ArezoogirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OWish8
ArezougirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OWishful5
ArianagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OSilvery8
ArleengirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OA Pledge1
ArpanagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OSurrendered; Offering6
ArpitagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, ODedicated2
ArshiagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OHeavenly; Divine2
ArunagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, ODawn; Sunrise1
ArundhatigirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OMorning Star6
ArunimagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, ORed Colour; Glow of the dawn5
ArushigirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, ODawn, Red sky in the early morning4
ArvanehgirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OA wild violet6
AryanagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, ONoble6
AsalgirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OHoney6
AsavarigirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OName of a raga or melody8
AsawareegirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, ORaga in hindustani classical music1
AseemagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OLimitless8
AsgarigirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, ODevotee1
AshagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OHope; Aspiration2
AshigirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OSmile1
AshikagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OPerson without sorrow4
AshinigirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OLightning6
AshnagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OFriend7
AshwinagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OChild of the Star3
AsitagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OThe river Yamuna5
AsleshagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OA constellation of stars; Embrace2
AsmitagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OPride9
AsthagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OFaith; trust4
AstridgirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OImpulsive in Love8
AswinigirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OHealer of Devas; Name of Star3
AtasigirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OA blue flower; Aquamarine bloom5
AtefehgirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OAffection9
AtoosagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, ODaughter of the first king of Iran8
AtreyigirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OName of a river; Container of glory6
AudreygirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OStrong2
AurelgirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OGolden Angel3
AvagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OVoice; Call6
AvanigirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OEarth2
AvantigirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OAncient city of Ujjain; Modest4
AvantikagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OQueen; Princess of Ujjain7
AvinashigirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OIndestructible2
AvisagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OClear water7
AyannagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OInnocent2
AyatigirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, ORoyal2
AydagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OIn the moon4
AyeshagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, ODoll; Daughter of the Prophet5
AylagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OCircle of cristalic light around the sun or moon; Deer3
AylingirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OMoon Halo; Circle of cristalic light around the moon7
AyushigirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OLong Life2
AyushmatigirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OOne who has a long life; Eternal one9
AzadehgirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, ODry earth; Detached; Free of material things9
AzamgirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OThe powerful one5
AzargirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OFire; 9th month of the Iranian calendar1
AzaragirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OScarlet2
AzaringirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OChamomile flower; Related to fire6
AzizagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OA friend; Variant of 'Aziz'9
AzuragirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OSky Blue4
BaasimagirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WSmiling1
BabitagirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WLittle Girl; Born in the first quarter of the day8
BabithagirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Born in the first quarter of an astrological day7
BadragirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WFull moon8
BadrigirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WFull Moon7
BadriyagirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WResembling full moon6
BageshrigirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WName of a raaga6
BahagirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WValue; Price3
BahargirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WSpring Season3
BaheeragirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WDazzling; Brilliant4
BahiyaagirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WBeautiful; Radiant2
BahramangirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WRuby; a light pink to blood red gemstone4
BahulagirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W A star9
BahulikagirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Magnified2
BahumathigirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Scholar2
BahuputrigirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W With many sons; Durga8
BahuratnagirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Rich in gems5
BaidehigirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WSita; Wife of Lord Rama2
BaijayantigirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WFlag2
BairavigirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Goddess durga8
BaisakhigirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WThe month of Baisakh6
BaishaligirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W An ancient city7
BakagirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Crane6
BakhsheeshgirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WThe blessed one5
BakhtawargirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W One who brings good luck4
BakulgirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WParticular Flower2
BakulagirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Nagakeshar flower3
BalagirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WA young girl7
BalamanigirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WYoung jewel; Small jewel8
BalbirgirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WMighty and brave8
BaldevgirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WThe mighty god1
BalikagirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Daughter9
BaljeetgirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WMighty victorious1
BallarigirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WCreeper; Climbing grape plant1
BalqisgirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WName of the Queen of Sheba6
BalrajgirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WMighty king8
BalvindergirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WStrong6
BanafshehgirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WA flower1
BanamalagirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WForest9
BanangirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WDelicate; Finger tips5
BananigirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WForest5
BandanagirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Worship1
BandhavigirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Who loves friends and family members7
BandhinigirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Bound; Bond7
BandhulagirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Charming9
BandhuragirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Pretty6
BanhigirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WFire7
BanhishikhagirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WFlame9
BanigirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WWords8
BanitagirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WLady; Woman; Wife2
BanmalagirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W A garland of 5 types of flowers8
BannigirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Maiden4
BanougirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WLady8
BansarigirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WFlute1
BansharigirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WFlute9
BansurigirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Flute3
Baraa'agirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Excelling6
BarangirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WRain9
BarbaragirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WStrange7
BarishagirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Pure4
BarkhagirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WRain5
BarnaligirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WDispersion of seven colors3
BarshagirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WMonsoon; Rain4
BarsingirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WClover; married to Alexander the Great9
BarunagirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Wife of the Lord of the sea3
BarunigirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WGoddess Durga2
BasabigirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WWife of Lord Indra7
BasantigirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WSpring3
BaseemagirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WSmiling1
BasheeragirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WBringer of good tidings5
BasmagirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WA smile9
BatoolgirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WAscetic Virgin2
BavishyagirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Future6
BeatagirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WBlessed2
BeatricegirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WShe Who Blesses9
BeckygirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WThe Ensnarer1
BeenagirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WA musical instrument9
BehnoushgirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WPleasant2
BelgirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Sacred wood apple tree1
BelagirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WTime; Creeper; Jasmine Flower2
BeligirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W A flower-jasmine1
BeliciagirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Dedicated to God; Variation of isabel5
BelindagirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WPretty2
BellegirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WBeautiful9
BelligirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W A companion4
BenazirgirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WIncomparable; Matchless; Peerless3
BenishagirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Flashing4
BernadettegirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WFeminine for Bernard4
BernicegirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WBringer of Victory2
BerthagirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WBright or Glorious9
BertinagirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WBright; Shining6
BerylgirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WA Jewel8
BessgirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WConsecrated to God9
BethgirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WWorshiper of God8
BetsygirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W God's witness8
BettinagirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WConsecrated to God8
BettygirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Form of Elizebeth9
BeverlygirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WFrom a Beaver Meadow8
BevisgirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Place name3
BhaageerathigirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WName of an Indian River4
BhabanigirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WGoddess Durga1
BhadragirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WGentle; Blessed; Prosperous; Fortunate7
BhagavathigirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Lakshmi7
BhageshreegirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W A raga6
BhagirathigirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WThe river Ganga2
BhagvatigirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Another name for Lakshmi7
BhagwantigirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WLucky4
BhagwatigirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WLucky; Goddess Durga8
BhagyagirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WLucky8
BhagyashrigirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WFortunate; Goddess Lakshmi8
BhagyasreegirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WGoddess Lakshmi; Fortunate1
BhairavigirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WGoddess Durga; a raga7
BhaktigirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WDevotion; prayer6
BhaminigirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WWoman; Beautiful; Glorious2
BhanugirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WSun1
BhanumatigirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WFull of Lustre; Famous8
BhanupriyagirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WBeloved of the sun7
BharatigirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WGoddess of knowledge and education; Goddess Saraswati5
BhargavigirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WGoddess Parvati; Beautiful; Charming5
BhartigirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WGoddess Saraswati4
BhashagirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WLanguage3
BhavanagirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WGood Feelings; Emotions; Meditation4
BhavanigirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WGoddess Parvati; Goddess Durga3
BhavigirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WCurrent; Emotional6
BhavikagirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WWell-meaning; righteous; cheerful expression9
BhavinagirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WWinner3
BhavinigirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WGoddess Parvati; Emotional2
BhavjeetgirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WOne who swims across the dreadful world ocean1
BhilanganagirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WA river6
BhoomigirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WThe earth8
BhumigirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WEarth8
BhumikagirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WThe earth; Role2
BhupindergirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WThe king of kings7
BhuvaneshwarigirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WThe Great Goddess; Mata Parvati7
BhuvigirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WHeaven8
BiancagirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WWhite3
BibhagirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WRay; Light; Radiance4
BibhutigirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WGoddess Lakshmi8
BibigirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WLady4
BibianagirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WAlive2
BijalgirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WLightening7
BijligirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WBright; Electricity; Current6
BijoyagirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WVictory8
BijulgirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WFlashes of lightning9
BilqisgirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WQueen of Sheeba5
BilwagirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WAuspicious Fruit - Bael; A sacred leaf2
BimlagirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WPure1
BinagirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WMelodious8
BinalgirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WPrincess2
BinatagirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WThe wife of Sage Kashyap2
BindiyagirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WA forehead decoration - often a red dot1
BindugirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WA drop; point5
BindurekhagirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WA line of dots3
BinitagirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WModest; Humble1
BinodinigirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WHandsome; Beautiful Radha4
BipashagirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WBeas River; A river in the northwestern region of India2
BishakhagirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WA star5
BitagirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WUnique; Beautiful5
BithikagirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WPath between trees6
BlairgirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WDweller of the Plain6
BlanchegirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WWhite or Fair9
BlessygirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WBlessing1
BlythegirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WFree Spirit9
BolavigirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WSpeaking7
BolourgirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WCrystal2
BonniegirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WFair; Lovely5
BrahmleengirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WAbsorbed in God's Love6
BrahmvirgirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WGod's warrior1
BratatigirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WCreeper8
BrendagirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WFlame8
BreonnagirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WJust Pretty6
BrianagirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WNoble; Virtuous. The feminine of Brian9
BrigidgirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WPower and Virtue4
BrindagirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WRadha; The basil plant; Variant of 'Vrinda'3
BrittanygirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WFrom Britain1
BrookegirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WThe Brook3
BuddhanagirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WAware; Enlightened One1
BulbulgirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WA Songbird; Nightingale7
BushragirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WGood Omen6
ButhaynagirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WOf beautiful and tender body2
CaitlingirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QThe Celtic form of Catherine5
CalidagirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Warm and Loving3
CameliagirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QA flower8
CamillegirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QSwiftness of Foot1
CandygirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Sweet2
CarissagirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QTender Touch7
CarlagirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QFeminine of Charles8
CarlotagirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Petite or feminine7
CarlygirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QForm of Caroline5
CarmemgirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Garden8
CarmengirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QCrimson or Red9
CarolgirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Form of Carolyne4
CarolinegirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Dimunitive with royal Connotations5
CarolynegirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Feminine form of Charles3
CarriegirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QSong of Joy9
CassandangirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QName of one Kurosh the Great's wife4
CatherinegirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QPure2
CathygirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Pure3
CatlinagirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Pure6
CauverygirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Same as Cavery- name of a river5
CecilygirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Blind3
CelestegirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Heavenly6
CelinagirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QHeaven8
ChaayagirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Shadow3
ChadnagirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Love4
ChahanagirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Desire; Affection9
ChahnagirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Love8
ChairavaligirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Full moon of Chaitra month3
ChaitaligirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QBorn in the Chaitra month9
ChaitalygirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Name of an ancient city7
ChaitangirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Consciousness2
ChaitanyagirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QDivine Radiance1
ChaitnagirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Sunflower seed2
ChaitragirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Aries sign6
ChakagirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QA lark6
ChakorigirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QAlert; A bird enamoured of the moon2
ChakrikagirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QGoddess Lakshmi8
ChalamagirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Goddess Parvati3
ChalipagirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QA flower - Stock-gillyflower5
ChamangirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Garden4
ChameligirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QJasmine Flower6
ChameliagirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QParticular Flower7
ChamkaurgirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QBattle field where Guru Gobind Singh fought4
ChampagirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QA type of flower6
ChampabatigirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q The capital2
ChampakaligirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QA bud of champa3
ChampikagirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Little champa flower8
ChanasyagirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Delighting9
ChanchalgirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QActive; Lively; playful5
ChanchalagirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QRestless; Unsteady; Lakshmi6
ChancharigirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Bird; Vortex of water2
ChandagirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QMoon; Great Goddess4
ChandalinigirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Glorious3
ChandangirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Sandlewood9
ChandanagirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QSandal Wood1
ChandanigirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Star; A river9
ChandanikagirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QDiminutive3
ChandigirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QGreat Goddess; Angry name of goddess sakti; Silver3
ChandikagirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QGoddess Durga6
ChandinigirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Star8
ChandnigirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QMoon light; A river8
ChandragirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QMoon4
ChandrabaligirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QMoonlit; Krishna's Girlfriend1
ChandrabhagagirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QRiver Chenab5
ChandrajagirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Daughter of the moon6
ChandrakalagirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QBeams of the moon2
ChandrakantagirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QShiva6
ChandrakigirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Peacock6
ChandrakingirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QPeacock2
ChandralekshagirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QA ray of the moon6
ChandramanigirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QMoonstone; Jewel5
ChandramukhigirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q As beautiful as the moon3
ChandranigirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QWife of the moon9
ChandratejagirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Bright as moon4
ChandrikagirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Moonlight6
ChandrimagirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QThe moon8
ChandringirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Made of gold8
ChanegirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Name of a god; Dependability4
ChanelgirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Name of the famous perfume7
ChangunagirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QA good woman6
ChanngirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QBeauteous; Beloved4
ChannangirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QFull of fragrance like sandalwood1
ChantalgirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Place name; Stony place5
ChapalagirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QQuick; Restless; Lighting6
CharagirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Quiet and Frisky4
CharanjeetgirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QWinning the service of Guru's Lotus Feet4
CharanjotgirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QLight of Guru's Lotus Feet9
CharanpreetgirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QOne who loves the Lord's Lotus Feet1
CharissegirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Cherry like1
CharitagirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QGood6
CharitragirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q History6
CharitygirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QAffection3
CharlagirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Beautiful7
CharlenegirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QSmall Beauty3
CharlottegirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Glam3
CharmainegirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Song9
CharmigirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Beautiful7
CharmygirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QCharming5
CharugirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QBeautiful; attractive6
CharulatagirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QBeautiful; Beautiful Creeper4
CharulekhagirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Beautiful picture7
CharumatigirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QIntelligent; Wise; A beautiful lady4
CharunetragirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q One with beautiful eyes1
CharuprabhagirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QBeautiful7
CharusheelagirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QA jewel2
CharusilagirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Beautiful jewel2
CharusmitagirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q One with a beautiful smile5
CharvigirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QLovely; A beautiful woman7
CharvygirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Beautiful eyes5
ChashmumgirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q My eyes5
ChathurikagirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Clever girl1
ChatrigirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Umbrella5
ChaturagirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QSmart; Wise9
ChaturigirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Clever8
ChauntagirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q One who outshines the stars5
ChayanagirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Moon8
CheenagirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Pure white marble9
ChellamgirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Pampered9
ChelseagirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QPort; Harbour8
ChergirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Dear or beloved7
CherisegirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QCherry4
CherylgirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QBeloved8
CheshtagirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q To try1
ChetanagirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Intelligence7
ChetnagirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QAwakening; Consciousness6
CheyennegirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Born dancer7
ChhabigirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QDescription; Picture4
ChhavigirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QImage; reflection6
ChhavvigirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Image; Radiance1
ChhayagirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QShadow1
ChimayigirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QBlissful5
ChinmayeegirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Blissful2
ChinmayigirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Blissful1
ChintamanigirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Philosopher's stone2
ChintangirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QMeditation6
ChintanagirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QMeditation7
ChintanikagirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Meditation9
ChitgirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QHeart4
ChithergirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QChaitra - A Month in Hindu Calendar8
ChitigirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QLove4
ChitkalagirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QKnowledge2
ChitleengirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QOne absorbed in awareness4
ChitragirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QPicture; Drawing; A nakshatra; Name of a river5
ChitrakshigirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Colourful eyes7
ChitralekhagirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QAs beautiful as a pictur6
ChitraligirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QA row of pictures; Beautiful Lady8
ChitramalagirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QSeries of pictures5
ChitramayagirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Worldly illusion9
ChitrangadagirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QName of Arjun's wife5
ChitranigirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QRiver Ganga1
ChitrarekhagirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QPicture3
ChitrathigirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q A Bright Chariot6
ChitritagirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Picturesque7
ChloegirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QBlooming7
Chloe-maygirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Princess1
ChristinagirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Anointed; Christian2
ChristinegirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QChristian Faith6
ChurnigirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QThe name of a river1
ClairegirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QClear and Bright3
ClarissagirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QFamous1
ClorindagirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QOf renowned beauty4
CoralgirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QSmall Stone4
CourtneygirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QRoyal Attendent4
CynthiagirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QMoon Goddess8
CyragirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QMoon2
DaaniagirlDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHBeautiful3
DahabgirlDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHGold7
DahliagirlDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DH Flower name8
DaivyagirlDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DH Divine8
DaksagirlDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DH Talented; Perfect9
DakshagirlDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHThe skilled one; The earth; Sati - wife of Lord Shiva8
DakshatagirlDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHSkill2
DakshayanigirlDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHGoddess Durga; The daughter of Daksha3
DakshinagirlDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DH A donation to god or priest4
DalajagirlDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DH Produced from petals2
DalbirgirlDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHThe brave soldier1
DalilehgirlDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHClear and bright way6
DaljeetgirlDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHThe conqueror of forces3
DamangirlDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DH Beauty or mystrious6
DamayantigirlDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DH Nala's wife7
DaminigirlDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHLightning5
DamyantigirlDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHNala's wife; Beautiful6
DanagirlDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHWise2
DaneengirlDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHPrincess7
DaniellegirlDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHJudged only by GOD; Feminine of Daniel8
DanitagirlDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DH God is my judge4
DaniyahgirlDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHCloser; Nearer8
DannagirlDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DH To give; Gift7
DaphnegirlDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHLaurel Tree3
DarikagirlDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DH Maiden8
DarlenegirlDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHTenderly Beloved5
DarpaligirlDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHProud7
DarpanagirlDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHA Mirror1
DarpanikagirlDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DH A small mirror3
DarsanigirlDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DH Worth looking at; Another name for Goddess Durga3
DarshanagirlDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHSeeing; Sight3
DarshinigirlDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DH The one who blesses1
DarshitagirlDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHGood Morning; Sight8
DarshnigirlDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHThe one who blesses1
DarshwanagirlDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHPure of heart8
DaryagirlDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHSea4
DavidagirlDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHFeminie of David5
DawagirlDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHBorn on a Monday2
DawngirlDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHBreaking of Day6
DayagirlDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHKindness; mercy; pity4
DayamayeegirlDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DH Kind8
DayamayigirlDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DH Merciful7
DayanitagirlDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHTender; Merciful3
DayitagirlDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHBeloved6
DebanshigirlDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DH Deva ansh8
DebigirlDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHGoddess2
DeborahgirlDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHThe Bee8
DebotrigirlDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DH Submitted to three Gods1
DechengirlDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHHealth and happiness3
DeebagirlDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHSilk8
DeekshagirlDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DH Initiation8
DeemagirlDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHRainy Cloud1
DeepgirlDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHThe lamp of light3
DeepagirlDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHLamp; Light4
DeepabaligirlDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DH Row of lamps1
DeepakalagirlDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DH Evening time2
DeepalgirlDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHLight7
DeepaligirlDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHRow of lamps; Collection of lamps7
DeepamalagirlDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHRow of lamps4
DeepanagirlDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DH Illuminating1
DeepanjaligirlDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHOffering by lighting lamps in worship5
DeepanwitagirlDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHLit by lamp8
DeepaprabhagirlDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHFully lighted5
DeepashikhagirlDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHFlame6
DeepatigirlDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DH Bright light6
DeepikagirlDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHLittle Lamp; A little light6
DeepindergirlDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHLight of God8
DeepitagirlDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DH Illuminated6
DeepithagirlDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DH Illuminated5
DeepjyotigirlDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DH The light of the lamp1
DeepshikagirlDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DH Lamp6
DeepshikhagirlDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DH Flame5
DeeptagirlDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHShining6
DeeptigirlDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHLustre; Flame5
DeeptikanagirlDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHA beam of light5
DeeptimoyeegirlDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHLustrous5
DeeshagirlDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DH Direction6
DeetagirlDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DH A Name for Goddess Lakshmi8
DeetyagirlDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DH Answer of Prayers6
DeevagirlDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DH Sacred lamp1
DeirdregirlDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHSorrow9
DelaramgirlDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHQuiet-hearted9
DeleenagirlDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DH Good Looking1
DelilahgirlDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHPining with Desire6
DelishagirlDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHHappy & make others happy4
DemiragirlDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DH Devotee of Lord Krishna5
DenisegirlDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHForm of Dennis2
DepriettagirlDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DH Dark skin8
DesgirlDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHCountry1
DeshnagirlDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DH Gift6
DesihagirlDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DH Happy; Lemon1
DesireegirlDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DH Desired2
DesnagirlDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DH Offering7
DevahutigirlDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHMother of Maharshi Kapila9
DevakgirlDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DH Divine7
DevakaligirlDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DH Name of a Indian Music raagini2
DevakanyagirlDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DH Celestial maiden3
DevakigirlDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHWife of Vasudeva; The mother of Lord Krishna7
DevakirigirlDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DH Name of a raagini7
DevalatagirlDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DH Divine wine3
DevalathagirlDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DH Divine wine2
DevalekhagirlDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DH Celestial beauty6
DevalinagirlDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DH Beloved of the Gods5
DevamatigirlDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DH Godly minded; Virtuous3
DevamayigirlDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DH Devine illuision8
DevanandagirlDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DH Daughter of gods3
DevanganagirlDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHCelestial maiden6
DevangigirlDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHLike a goddess8
DevanigirlDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHShining Celestial Goddess1
DevanshigirlDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHDivine1
DevapriyagirlDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DH Dear to the Gods2
DevashreegirlDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DH Goddess Lakshmi6
DevasreegirlDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHDivine Beauty7
DeveshigirlDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DH Goddess Durga9
DevigirlDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHGoddess; The Diety4
DevikagirlDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHMinor deity; Goddess7
DevikaranigirlDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHQueen of Goddess4
DevinagirlDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DH Resembling a goddess1
DevindargirlDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHThe king of gods5
DevishigirlDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DH Chief of the Goddesses; Goddess Durga4
DevkanyagirlDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DH Divine damsel2
DevkigirlDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DH Lord Krishna's mother6
DevmanigirlDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DH Divine Gift5
DevnagirlDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DH Godly1
DevyagirlDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DH Devine power3
DevyanigirlDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHLike a Goddess; Daughter of Shukraacharya8
DewanshigirlDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHDivine2
DhaanigirlDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DH Light green1
DhanagirlDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHWealthy1
DhanadeepagirlDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHLord of Wealth5
DhanashreegirlDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DH Beauty2
DhanashrigirlDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DH A raga1
DhanishtagirlDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHA star; The richest one3
DhanshrigirlDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHGoddess Lakshmi9
DhanvantigirlDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DH Holding wealth3
DhanvigirlDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHMoney4
DhanyagirlDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHGreat; Lucky8
DhanyatagirlDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DH Success; Fulfilment2
DharagirlDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHConstant flow; the earth5
DharaagirlDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DH The Earth6
DharamleengirlDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHOne absorbed in righteousness9
DharanigirlDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHBearing; The earth1
DharinigirlDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHEarth9
DharitrigirlDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHThe earth6
DharminigirlDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHReligious4
DharmishtagirlDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHLord in dharma2
DharmistagirlDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DH Lord in dharma3
DharnithagirlDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DH Earth2
DhartigirlDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHThe earth6
DharunagirlDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DH Supporting4
DhatrigirlDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHA solar deity; Representative of the sun6
DheekshagirlDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DH Religious pledge7
DheepthagirlDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DH Goddess Lakshmi4
DhithagirlDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DH Daughter5
DhithigirlDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DH Thought; Idea4
DhlritigirlDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DH Courage; Morale8
DhoongirlDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DH Tune; Music2
DhritigirlDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHPatience5
DhrivikagirlDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHFirmly fixed1
DhrutigirlDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHMotion8
DhruvagirlDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DH Star2
DhruvangigirlDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHStar5
DhruvigirlDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHFirmly fixed1
DhruvikagirlDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DH Firmly fixed4
DhruvitagirlDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHFirmly fixed4
DhuhagirlDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DH Forenoon6
DhungirlDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHTune2
DhuthigirlDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DH Spleandour; Lustre7
DhvanigirlDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DH Sound4
DhwanigirlDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHSound; Melody5
DhyanagirlDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DH Meditation8
DianagirlDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHVirgin Goddess2
DiddagirlDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHDidda Rani once a queens & ruler of Kashmir4
DigambarigirlDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DH Goddess Durga1
DikigirlDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHHealthy and wealthy6
DikshagirlDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHInitiation; Consecration7
DilangirlDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DH Son of the sea4
DilanigirlDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DH Glowing; Iridescent4
DilbergirlDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DH Lover5
DilrajgirlDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHRuler of Hearts9
DilshadgirlDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHHappy3
DimplegirlDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DH Dimples5
DinagirlDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHLove1
DipaligirlDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DH Lamps6
DipashrigirlDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DH Lamp3
DipikagirlDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHLamp; a little light5
DiptigirlDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHBrightness4
DirghayugirlDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DH Long life3
DishagirlDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHDirection; Side5
DishigirlDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DH Direction4
DishikagirlDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DH Direction7
DishitagirlDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHFocus7
DitigirlDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHWife of the sage Kashyap6
DitikagirlDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DH Thoughtful9
DivagirlDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DH Goddess Singer9
DivenagirlDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DH Blessing1
DivijagirlDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DH Born in heaven1
DiviyagirlDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DH Divine power7
DivyagirlDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHDivine; Divine Lustre; Heavenly; Brilliant7
DivyanagirlDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DH Divine4
DivyanshagirlDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DH Divine power4
DivyanshigirlDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DH Part of divine power3
DivyatagirlDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DH Divine lights1
DiyagirlDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHLamp; Light3
DiyajalgirlDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DH Light8
DohnagirlDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHA female deity6
DoliegirlDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHBeautiful; Doll-like9
DolkargirlDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHThe name of a Buddhist Goddess7
DolongirlDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DH Scent of a beautiful white flower6
DoloresgirlDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DH From the Virgin Mary7
DominicagirlDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHThe Lord's5
DominiquegirlDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHBelonging to God8
DonnagirlDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHLady or Mistress3
DonyagirlDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHLady of the house5
DoragirlDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHA Gift2
DorisgirlDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHOf the Sea2
DorothygirlDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DH Gift of God6
DorrigirlDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHGift1
DorygirlDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DH Golden haired8
DoyelgirlDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHA song-birl7
DrashtigirlDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHEyesight7
DraupadigirlDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHDaughter of Drupad; Wife of the Pandavas2
DrisanagirlDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DH Daughter of the sun3
DrishtigirlDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHFocus; Eyesight6
DrishyagirlDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DH Sight3
DristigirlDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DH Sight7
DrithigirlDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DH Patience5
DrootigirlDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHSoftened9
DrucillagirlDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHDewey Eyes8
DuagirlDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHPrayer8
DuhagirlDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHForenoon7
DularigirlDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHDear one; Beloved2
DurgagirlDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHGoddess Durga; Parvati; Devi6
DurgeshgirlDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHGoddess Durga1
DurgeshwarigirlDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHGoddess Durga7
DurvagirlDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHSacred grass3
DwipavatigirlDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHA river6
EakshaagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Rational1
EashitagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OOne who desires9
EashtagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Eashwara's name9
EashwarigirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OGoddess Parvati3
EcchumatigirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O A river2
EchogirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OReturn of Sound4
EdagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OWealthy1
EdanagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OFiery7
EdelinegirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, ONoble; Good Cheer9
EdhagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Sacred9
EdhitagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Progressed2
EdhithagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Progressed; Increased1
EdithgirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, ORich Gift1
EdlyngirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, ONoblewoman6
EdnagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OPleasure6
EdwinagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OValuable Friend2
EedhagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OSacred5
EelaChelvigirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Eelam Girl1
EelakiligirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Parakeet from Eelam; Beautiful1
EelampiraigirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Young Crescent8
EenakshigirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OWhose eyes look like deer9
EeshagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OGoddess Parvati; Purity2
EeshanigirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OGoddess Parvati7
EffiegirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OOf Fair Fame4
EhagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Desirous5
EhimayagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O An all pervading intellect8
EilagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OThe earth; Daughter of Manu9
EileengirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OLight5
EiliyahgirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OThe beautiful one to grow in peace and love with God6
EimaangirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OFaith7
EiravathigirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O River3
EiravatigirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Lightening; Ravi river4
EkagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Matchless; Alone; Unique8
EkaagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Goddess Durga9
EkadhanagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O A portion of wealth9
EkajagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O The only child1
EkakitaagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Loneliness5
EkanigirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O One4
EkanshagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Undivided5
EkantagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Devoted Girl7
EkanthagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Lovely6
EkanthikagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Devoted to one aim8
EkantikagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OSingly Focussed9
EkaparanagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OWife of Himalaya5
EkaparnikagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OGoddess Durga6
EkatagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Unity2
EkavaligirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OSingle String; Necklace7
EkaviragirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O The bravest4
EkishagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O One goddess8
EkshagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Rational8
EktagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OUnity1
EktaagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Unity2
ElagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OThe earth9
ElahehgirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OGoddess3
ElainegirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OLight1
ElakshigirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OA woman with bright eyes2
EleanorgirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OLight7
ElenagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OForm of Helen1
ElgagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OElfin Spear7
ElhamgirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OInspiration; revelation3
ElinagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OWoman with intelligence5
ElisagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, ODedicated to God1
ElisegirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OForm of Elizabeth5
ElizagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OThe Chosen; Unique; Precious8
ElmagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OApple4
EnagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OMirror2
EnakshigirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, ODeer-Eyed; One who has eyes like deer4
ErinagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OBeautiful lady2
EshagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OGoddess Parvati; Purity; Desire6
EshalgirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OThe name of flower in the heaven9
EshanagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OWish; Desire; Search3
EshanigirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OGoddess Parvathi2
EshitagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OOne who desires8
EsitagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, ODesired9
EveleengirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OBringer of light; Lively; Unselfish5
EzzahgirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OA person who gives the honour; Respect3
FaatingirlDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHCaptivating6
FaatinagirlDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DH Captivating7
FadheelagirlDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DH Virtue6
FadilagirlDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHGood looking; Attractive6
FadilahgirlDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHDistinguished; Learned5
FadwagirlDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DH Name derived from self-sacrifice8
FahimagirlDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHIntelligent2
FahmidagirlDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHIntelligent and Wise6
FainagirlDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHCrown or garland4
FaithgirlDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DH One of the virtues8
FaizagirlDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHVictorious; Winner; Gain7
FaizahgirlDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DH Victorious; Winner6
FajyazgirlDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DH Artistic6
FakeehahgirlDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHCheerful9
FakhirahgirlDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHSplendid; Elegant8
FakhrigirlDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHGlory8
FalakgirlDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHStar4
FalaknazgirlDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHSky9
FalaqgirlDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHBreak of dawn1
FalgungirlDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DH A month in the Hindu calendar7
FalgunigirlDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHBorn in Falgun - a Hindu month; Beautiful7
FalishagirlDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHHappiness2
FanangirlDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHTree branch or twig9
FaqirahgirlDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHName of a beautiful woman (wife of Murrah al-Asadi)6
FaragirlDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHSunset8
FarahgirlDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHJoy7
FarazagirlDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHSuccess; Height8
FareedagirlDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHUnique; Matchless; Precious Gem4
FareehagirlDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHHappy; Joyful8
FarhagirlDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHHappiness; Joy7
FarhanagirlDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DH Beautiful4
FarhanaagirlDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DH Beautiful5
FarhatgirlDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DH Happiness9
FarheengirlDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHJubilant3
FarhinagirlDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHHappiness3
FariagirlDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHBeautiful; Kind and loving8
FaridagirlDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DH Turquoise3
FaridahgirlDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DH Unique; Matchless; Precious Pearl or Gem2
FaridehgirlDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHDelightful6
FarihahgirlDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DH Happy; Joyful; Cheerful; Glad6
FarizagirlDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHLight7
FarkhondehgirlDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHJoyous; Happy9
FarohargirlDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DH Angel; Spirit4
FarringirlDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHGlorified3
FarzanagirlDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DH Intelligence4
FarzanehgirlDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHWise7
FatemehgirlDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHThe name of Mohammad's daughter4
FathiyahgirlDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHJoy; Happiness; New begining6
FatimagirlDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHThe prophet Mohammad's daughter5
FatimahgirlDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DH Accustom; Daughter of the Prophet4
FatingirlDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DH Captivating; Alluring; Enchanting5
FatinahgirlDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DH Captivating; Alluring; Enchanting5
FauziagirlDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHSuccesful; Victorious1
FawizagirlDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHSuccessful3
FeerozahgirlDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHA precious stone; A scholar; A very righteous woman3
FeezagirlDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHNature7
FereshtehgirlDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHAngel4
FidagirlDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHRedemption2
FilagirlDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHLover1
FirouzehgirlDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHTurquoise9
FirozagirlDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHTurquoise3
FiryalgirlDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHProper Name8
FoolangirlDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHFlowering9
FoolwatigirlDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHDelicated as a flower2
ForouzandehgirlDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHShining7
ForumgirlDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHBouquet1
FulkigirlDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHSpark5
FullaragirlDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHWife of Kalketu8
GaganagirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q The sky4
GagandeepgirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QLight of the sky6
GaganjotgirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QLight of the sky3
GahanagirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Ornaments5
GailgirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q See Abigail2
GajagaminigirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Fajestic- like an elephant's walk9
GajendragirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Elephant king6
GajragirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q A string of flowers1
GambheeragirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QSerious; Variant of 'Gambheer'6
GaminigirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QWalk; To run8
GandagirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Knot9
GandhagirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Fragrant8
GandhaligirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QFragrance of flowers; Sweet scent2
GandharagirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Fragrance9
GandharigirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q From gandhara8
GandharikagirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Preparing perfume2
GandhinigirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Fragrant3
GanesagirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Good luck2
GangagirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QThe Holy Indian River3
GangharigirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Girl from gandhar2
GangigirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Goddess Durga2
GangikagirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q River Ganga5
GangotrigirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Sacred river of India1
GanikagirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Flower7
GanitagirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Regarded7
GanithagirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q REgarded6
GanjangirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Exceeding2
GaratigirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Virtuous woman2
GargigirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QAn ancient scholar; Wise woman; Durga6
GarimagirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QGrace; Divinity; Holiness; Importance4
GarvitagirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q To be proud of6
GathagirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QAny poem used for meditation; Sublime Songs1
GathikagirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Song3
GatitagirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q A river4
GatleengirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QMerged in freedom1
GatsharangirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QLiberated by taking shelter of Guru8
GauhargirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q A pearl2
GauragirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q A fair woman3
GaurangagirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Fair; Cow coloured7
GaurangigirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QBeautiful; Coloured like a cow6
GauravigirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QHonour7
GaurigirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QGoddess Parvati2
GaurikagirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q A young Girl5
GautamigirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QRiver Godavari; Wife a sage Gautam9
GayanagirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Singing4
GayanthikagirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Singing7
GayantikagirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Singing8
GayathrigirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Phased; Verse8
GayatrigirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QVeda Mata - The mother of all Vedas; The most powerful of Sanskrit mantra9
GazalagirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q A deer3
GeenagirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Silvery5
GeetgirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QSong; Melody1
GeetagirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QThe holy book of the Hindus2
GeetanjaligirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QCollection of poems / songs3
GeetigirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q A song1
GeetikagirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q A little song4
GehnagirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Ornament8
GelseygirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QA flower1
GeminegirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QTwins8
GeshnagirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Singer9
GhaadagirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Beautiful4
GhaaliyagirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Fragrant1
GhadahgirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Beautiful2
GhaliyahgirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Fragrant8
GhanikagirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QFlower6
GhaniyahgirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Pretty Girl; Beautiful woman; Beauty1
GharcheengirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QOne who realizes the Home within6
GhassedakgirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QA flower (Dandelion)3
GhatagirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Clouds1
GhaydagirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Young and delicate1
GhaydaagirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Young and delicate2
GhazalgirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Ghazal1
GhomtigirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QName of a river9
GhusoongirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Branches of a tree9
GhusungirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Branches of a tree9
GiaangirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QOne having exalted divine knowledge5
GiaandeepgirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QLamp of divine knowledge8
GiaanleengirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QOne absorbed in divine light5
GiaanpreetgirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QOne who loves the divine knowledge6
GiaanroopgirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QEmbodiment of divine light6
GiaanveergirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QBrave and divine in knowledge1
GiinnigirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Precious gold coin8
GilliangirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Youth; Sweetheart1
GinagirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QSilvery4
GinnigirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Precious gold coin8
GiragirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QLanguage8
GiribalagirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Godess parvathi5
GirijagirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Born of a mountain; Goddess Parvati9
GirishagirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Goddess Parvati8
GirjagirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QGoddess Parvati; Consort of Lord Shiva9
GitagirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QThe hindu holy book1
GitaligirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QMelodious4
GitanjaligirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QAn offering of songs; Melodious tribute2
GitashrigirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QBhagavat Gita1
GithikagirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q A small song2
GitikagirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Gitika3
GivagirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Hill3
GnanaMagalgirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Intelligent Girl8
GnanamalargirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Intelligent flower1
GnanamanigirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Intelligent gem2
GnanaValligirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Intelligent3
GodavarigirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Sacred river of India5
GodavrigirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q A river4
GolabgirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QRose water1
GolbahargirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QA flower (Winter Aconite); Spring flower1
GoldygirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Made of gold9
GolnargirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QFlower of the Pomegranate tree4
GolnazgirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QCute like a flower; A flower (Sun plant, Stonecrop)3
GolshangirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QA flower garden4
GomatigirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QA River2
GomtigirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q A river1
GoolgirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q A flower4
GopagirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Gautama's wife3
GopigirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QA cowherd; Milkmaid friends of Lord Krishna2
GopikagirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q A cowherd; Cowherd woman5
GoralgirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QDear8
GorigirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Gori4
GormagirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Goddess Parvati9
GorochanagirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Goddess Parvati1
GourangigirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Fair2
GovindigirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q A devotee of Lord krishna8
GowrigirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QGoddess Parvati; Bright9
GranthanagirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Book3
GreashmagirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Summer9
GreeshmagirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Summer season4
GretagirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q A pearl6
GrhithagirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Understood and accepted8
GriffingirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Fierce6
GrishmagirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QSummer season3
GruevgirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Vigilant1
GudiyagirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Doll4
GuhikagirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Voice of a bird3
GulgirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QFlower4
GulabgirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QRose7
GulikagirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QBall; a pearl7
GunagirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Good Character7
GunaMaalaigirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Possessing Good Character8
GunaMalargirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Possessing Good Character7
GunaVadivugirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Symbol of Good Character5
GunavatigirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Virtuous5
GundeepgirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QLamp of excellences9
GuneetgirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QFull of talent9
GungungirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Humming; Singing3
GunitagirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Virtuous9
GunithagirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Proficient8
GunjangirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QHumming4
GunjanagirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Buzzing of a bee5
GunjikagirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Humming1
GunjitagirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Humming of bee1
GunnikagirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Garland5
GunpreetgirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QThe lover of excellences7
GunwantigirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QVirtuous; Full of virtues1
GurbanigirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Sikhs religious prayer9
GurcharangirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QOne who takes shelter in Guru's Lotus Feet1
GurdeepgirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QLamp of the Guru; Enlightened by the teacher4
GurindergirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QLord6
GurjarigirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q A raga3
GurjeetgirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QOne winning the Guru's heart5
GurjeevangirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QOne who lives a life as ordianed by Guru4
GurkeeratgirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QOne who sings praises of the Guru7
GurkirangirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QThe ray of Guru's light9
GurleengirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QOne who is absorbed in the Guru1
GurmeetgirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QThe friend of the Guru8
GurneetgirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QGuru's Moral9
GurnoorgirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QLight of God9
GurparveengirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QGoddess of the stars1
GurpraveengirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Goddess of the stars1
GurpreetgirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QLove of Guru; One who loves the Guru2
GurshantgirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QAttaining peace through the Word of the Guru9
GursharangirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QOne who takes shelter in the Guru8
GursukhgirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QOne who is blissful through Guru6
GurveergirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QWarrior of the Guru6
GwenithgirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Wonderful; Pretty5
GyanadagirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Goddess Saraswati8
GyanigirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QFull of knowledge; intelligent2
HaadiyagirlKarka (Cancer)H Guide to righteousness4
HaadiyaagirlKarka (Cancer)H Guide to righteousness5
HaalagirlKarka (Cancer)H Aureole5
HabibagirlKarka (Cancer)H Beloved5
HabibahgirlKarka (Cancer)HBeloved; Sweetheart; Darling4
HadiyagirlKarka (Cancer)H Gift3
HafizagirlKarka (Cancer)H Protected6
HaifagirlKarka (Cancer)H Slender; Of beautiful body7
HaimagirlKarka (Cancer)H Goddess Parvati; Snow5
HaimavatigirlKarka (Cancer)H Parvati; Lord Shiva's wife3
HaimigirlKarka (Cancer)HGolden4
HaleemagirlKarka (Cancer)H Gentle; Patient9
HalehgirlKarka (Cancer)HHalo7
HaleygirlKarka (Cancer)H Ingenious or scientific6
HameedagirlKarka (Cancer)HPraiseworthy1
HameshagirlKarka (Cancer)HEver; always1
HamidehgirlKarka (Cancer)HPraiseworthy3
HamreetgirlKarka (Cancer)HBeloved of god; Friend of god7
HamsagirlKarka (Cancer)HSwan6
HamsinigirlKarka (Cancer)HWho rides a swan; Goddess Saraswati1
HanagirlKarka (Cancer)HThe shrub henna; Plant of hina6
HanangirlKarka (Cancer)H Mercy2
HaneefagirlKarka (Cancer)H True believer4
HanimagirlKarka (Cancer)H A wave1
HaniyagirlKarka (Cancer)H Pleased; Happy4
HannahgirlKarka (Cancer)H God has favoured me1
HansagirlKarka (Cancer)H Swan7
HansamalagirlKarka (Cancer)H A line or row of swans7
HansavenigirlKarka (Cancer)H Another name for Saraswathi3
HansikagirlKarka (Cancer)H Swan9
HansinigirlKarka (Cancer)H Swan and Beautiful lady2
HansujagirlKarka (Cancer)H Laxmi2
HappygirlKarka (Cancer)H Joyful3
HarbhajangirlKarka (Cancer)HA devotee absorbed in the Lord9
HarbirgirlKarka (Cancer)HWarrior of God2
HardeepgirlKarka (Cancer)HLamp of God3
HardikagirlKarka (Cancer)HVariant of 'Hardik'; Full of Love7
HaribalagirlKarka (Cancer)H Daughter of Lord Vishnu7
HarigangagirlKarka (Cancer)H Ganga of Vishnu3
HarijathagirlKarka (Cancer)H Fair haired4
HarimantigirlKarka (Cancer)H Born in the season of hemanta3
HarinakshigirlKarka (Cancer)HOne with eyes like deer8
HarinigirlKarka (Cancer)HDeer5
HaripriyagirlKarka (Cancer)H Goddess Laxmi6
HaripriyagirlKarka (Cancer)H Consort of Lord Vishnu; Lakshmi6
HaritagirlKarka (Cancer)HGreen3
HarithigirlKarka (Cancer)H Green1
HaritimagirlKarka (Cancer)H Greenery7
HarjapgirlKarka (Cancer)HOne who meditates on the Lord9
HarjasgirlKarka (Cancer)HPraise of the God; One who sings God's praises3
HarjeevangirlKarka (Cancer)HOne who lives a God-oriented life3
HarjitgirlKarka (Cancer)HVictorious through God's Grace3
HarjotgirlKarka (Cancer)HGod's Light9
HarkeeratgirlKarka (Cancer)HOne who sings God's praises6
HarkirangirlKarka (Cancer)HThe ray of God's Light8
HarleengirlKarka (Cancer)HOne absorbed in the Lord's Love9
HarleenagirlKarka (Cancer)H Thinking of God at all times1
HarleygirlKarka (Cancer)H Place name6
HarmeetgirlKarka (Cancer)HGod's devotee; Beloved friend7
HarmyagirlKarka (Cancer)H Palace3
HarnoorgirlKarka (Cancer)HGod's Gift8
HarpalgirlKarka (Cancer)HOne protected by God2
HarpergirlKarka (Cancer)H One who plays the harp3
HarpitagirlKarka (Cancer)H Dedicated1
HarpreetgirlKarka (Cancer)HOne who loves God1
HarseeratgirlKarka (Cancer)HGod's Wisdom5
HarshagirlKarka (Cancer)H Happiness1
HarshadagirlKarka (Cancer)HVariant of 'Harshad'6
HarshalgirlKarka (Cancer)H Glad4
HarsharangirlKarka (Cancer)HOne who takes shelter in the Lord7
HarshigirlKarka (Cancer)H Joyous9
HarshikagirlKarka (Cancer)H Laugh3
HarshinigirlKarka (Cancer)HFull of happiness; Cheerful5
HarshitagirlKarka (Cancer)H Joyful; Who brings happiness3
HarshithagirlKarka (Cancer)H Full of joy2
HarsikagirlKarka (Cancer)H Laugh4
HasanthigirlKarka (Cancer)H One that delights8
HasantigirlKarka (Cancer)H One that delights9
HasikagirlKarka (Cancer)H Smiling4
HasinagirlKarka (Cancer)HBeautiful; attractive lady7
HasinigirlKarka (Cancer)H Happy6
HasitagirlKarka (Cancer)HHappy; full of laughter4
HasnagirlKarka (Cancer)H Laughing7
HasumatigirlKarka (Cancer)H Happy2
HatishagirlKarka (Cancer)H With no desire3
HavishagirlKarka (Cancer)H God lakshmi5
HayagirlKarka (Cancer)H Modesty8
HayaamgirlKarka (Cancer)H Deliriously in love4
HayatgirlKarka (Cancer)H Life1
HeathergirlKarka (Cancer)H Flower2
HedygirlKarka (Cancer)H Sweet or pleasent6
HeemagirlKarka (Cancer)HGold5
HeenagirlKarka (Cancer)HA flowering plan; A shrub6
HeeposhgirlKarka (Cancer)HJasmine Flower4
HeergirlKarka (Cancer)HGenerous and understanding9
HeeragirlKarka (Cancer)HVariant of 'Hira'1
HeerkanigirlKarka (Cancer)H Small diamond8
HeetgirlKarka (Cancer)H Well Wisher2
HelagirlKarka (Cancer)H Moonlight8
HelangirlKarka (Cancer)HVariant of 'Helen'4
HelengirlKarka (Cancer)HThe bright one; Shining light8
HemagirlKarka (Cancer)HGolden9
HemadrigirlKarka (Cancer)HGolden hills4
HemakshigirlKarka (Cancer)HGolden eyed2
HemalgirlKarka (Cancer)HGolden3
HemaligirlKarka (Cancer)HTo bring wealth; Gold3
HemanganigirlKarka (Cancer)HGolden bodied9
HemanginigirlKarka (Cancer)HGolden bodied8
HemlatagirlKarka (Cancer)HGolden Creeper6
HengamehgirlKarka (Cancer)HWonder; Marvel causing admiration7
HestergirlKarka (Cancer)HA star3
HestiagirlKarka (Cancer)HGoddess of Health8
HetalgirlKarka (Cancer)HAffection1
HettygirlKarka (Cancer)HDiminutive 'Hester'; Star; Myrtle leaf6
HilagirlKarka (Cancer)HName of a bird (sparrow-hawk)3
HimadrigirlKarka (Cancer)HPeak of snow; The Himalaya mountain8
HimaligirlKarka (Cancer)HIce7
HimangigirlKarka (Cancer)HIce7
HimanigirlKarka (Cancer)HGlacier; Goddess Parvati9
HinagirlKarka (Cancer)HA flowering plan; A shrub5
HiragirlKarka (Cancer)HDiamond; another name for Lakshmi9
HiranyagirlKarka (Cancer)HGold4
HitagirlKarka (Cancer)HLovable2
HomagirlKarka (Cancer)HHappy; Joyous1
HourigirlKarka (Cancer)HFairy8
HradinigirlKarka (Cancer)HLightening9
IcchagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Wish6
IdagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Norman origin; Diligent5
IdhagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Insight4
IdhayagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Heart3
IdhikagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Another name for parvathi6
IdhitrigirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O One who praises5
IdikagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O The Earth7
IditrigirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OOne who praises; Complimentary6
IhagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O The earth; Wish9
IhinagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Enthusiasm5
IhitagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Desire2
IhithagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Desired1
IjayagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Sacrifice1
IkraamgirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Honour; Hospitality; Generosity8
IkshagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Sight3
IkshanagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Sight9
IkshitagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Visible5
IkshithagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Visible4
IkshugirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Sugarcane5
IkshulagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Holy river9
IksuragirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Fragrant Grass7
IlagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Earth; Daughter of Manu4
IlakkiyagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O A classic7
IlampiraigirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Young crescent7
IlavalagigirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Young and beautiful2
IlavenilgirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Spring; Youthful3
IlhaamgirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Intuition8
IlishagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Queen of the earth4
ImangirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Faith; Belief1
ImanigirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Trustworthy1
ImtithalgirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Polite; Obedience2
InagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Mother6
InaamgirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Act of kindness; Benefaction; Bestowal2
InasgirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Capable; Sociability7
InayagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Concern; Solicitude5
InayatgirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Kindness7
IndaligirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Powerful4
IndiragirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OThe Goddess Lakshmi; Wife of the god Vishnu1
IndirjeetgirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OOne who wins the love of God4
IndirpreetgirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OLover of God1
IndirveergirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OGod's warrior5
IndiyagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Knowledgeable8
IndragirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O God of the sky1
IndrajagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OJupiter3
IndrakantagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Indrani; Shachi3
IndrakshigirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O One with beautiful eyes3
IndranigirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OWife of Indra6
IndrasenagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Daughter of King Nala4
IndrathagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Power and dignity of Indra3
IndrayanigirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O The name of a sacred river5
IndrinagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Deep6
IndugirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Moon3
IndujagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Narmada river5
IndukalagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Moonlight1
IndukantagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Wife of moon; Night5
IndulalagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Moon light2
IndulekhagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Moon4
IndulekshgirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O The moon4
IndumagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Moon8
IndumatigirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O The full moon1
IndumauligirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Moon Crested5
IndumukhigirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O With moonlike face2
InduprabhagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Moon rays4
InikagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OLittle earth8
IniyagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Sweet4
InkuraligirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Sweet voice5
InsiyahgirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Woman4
IntisaargirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Triumph1
InugirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OAttractive8
IonagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Purple gem3
IpsagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Ambition; Desire9
IrangirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OIran; The land of Aryans6
Iran-dokhtgirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, ODaughter of Iran; Iranian girl1
IrsiagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, ORainbow2
IshagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OOne who protects; Goddess1
IshikagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OPaint brush3
IshitagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OMastery; Wealth; Desired3
IshtargirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OThe Babylonian goddess of love3
IshwingirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OOne who praises the lord1
IshyagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OSpring8
JabagirlMakar (Capricorn)KH, J Hibiscus5
JabeengirlMakar (Capricorn)KH, J Forehead1
JadegirlMakar (Capricorn)KH, J Stone2
JafitgirlMakar (Capricorn)KH, J Beautiful1
JagadambagirlMakar (Capricorn)KH, J Mother of the universe4
JaganmatagirlMakar (Capricorn)KH, J Mother of the world5
JaganmayeegirlMakar (Capricorn)KH, J Goddess lakshmi1
JagathigirlMakar (Capricorn)KH, J Of the universe2
JagatigirlMakar (Capricorn)KH, J Bestowed with speed3
JagavigirlMakar (Capricorn)KH, J Born of the world5
JagratigirlMakar (Capricorn)KH, J Awakening3
JagravigirlMakar (Capricorn)KH, J King5
JagritigirlMakar (Capricorn)KH, J Vigilance2
JagrutigirlMakar (Capricorn)KH, JAwakening; awareness5
JagvigirlMakar (Capricorn)KH, J Worldly4
JahangirlMakar (Capricorn)KH, J The World7
JahanaragirlMakar (Capricorn)KH, J Queen of the world9
JaheelgirlMakar (Capricorn)KH, J Lake5
JahnavigirlMakar (Capricorn)KH, JGanga River2
JailekhagirlMakar (Capricorn)KH, J A record of victory3
JaimangirlMakar (Capricorn)KH, J Victorious3
JaimathigirlMakar (Capricorn)KH, J Victorious mind8
JaimatigirlMakar (Capricorn)KH, J Victorious mind9
JaiminigirlMakar (Capricorn)KH, JVictory2
JainagirlMakar (Capricorn)KH, J Good character8
JaipreetgirlMakar (Capricorn)KH, JThe victory of love3
JaipriyagirlMakar (Capricorn)KH, J Beloved of victory8
JaishreegirlMakar (Capricorn)KH, J Honour of victory3
JaisnavigirlMakar (Capricorn)KH, JGoddess of victory4
JaisudhagirlMakar (Capricorn)KH, J Nectar of victory1
JaitashrigirlMakar (Capricorn)KH, J Name of a music raaga5
JaiwantigirlMakar (Capricorn)KH, J Victory6
JalagirlMakar (Capricorn)KH, J Clarity; Elucidation6
JalabalagirlMakar (Capricorn)KH, J A river4
JaladhigirlMakar (Capricorn)KH, J Treasure of water9
JaladhijagirlMakar (Capricorn)KH, J Lakshmi2
JalahasinigirlMakar (Capricorn)KH, J Smile of water3
JalajagirlMakar (Capricorn)KH, J Lotus8
JalanhiligirlMakar (Capricorn)KH, J As blue as water4
JalapagirlMakar (Capricorn)KH, J Discussion5
JalasagirlMakar (Capricorn)KH, J Celebration8
JalbalagirlMakar (Capricorn)KH, J Lotus flower3
JalehgirlMakar (Capricorn)KH, JRain9
JalelagirlMakar (Capricorn)KH, J Goddess of water5
JalpagirlMakar (Capricorn)KH, JDiscussion4
JalsagirlMakar (Capricorn)KH, J Celebration7
JameelagirlMakar (Capricorn)KH, J Beautiful2
JameerahgirlMakar (Capricorn)KH, J Beautiful one7
JaminigirlMakar (Capricorn)KH, J Night2
JaminiegirlMakar (Capricorn)KH, J Flower7
JamunagirlMakar (Capricorn)KH, JVariant of 'Yamuna'; An Indian River6
JanaangirlMakar (Capricorn)KH, J Heart or soul5
JanakigirlMakar (Capricorn)KH, JWife of Lord Rama; Sita1
JananigirlMakar (Capricorn)KH, J Mother; Tenderness4
JanayagirlMakar (Capricorn)KH, J Wild Flower7
JanegirlMakar (Capricorn)KH, J The Lord is Gracious3
JanessagirlMakar (Capricorn)KH, J The Lord of gracious6
JanetgirlMakar (Capricorn)KH, J God's gracious gift5
JanhavigirlMakar (Capricorn)KH, J River Ganga2
JanhithagirlMakar (Capricorn)KH, J One who thinks of the welfare of men8
JanishagirlMakar (Capricorn)KH, J Dispeller of ignorance8
JanithagirlMakar (Capricorn)KH, J Born9
JankigirlMakar (Capricorn)KH, JSeeta9
JannatgirlMakar (Capricorn)KH, JParadise6
JansigirlMakar (Capricorn)KH, J Life-like8
JanujagirlMakar (Capricorn)KH, J Daughter3
JanvigirlMakar (Capricorn)KH, JAnother name of River GANGA3
JanhvigirlMakar (Capricorn)KH, JAnother name of River GANGA3
JanyagirlMakar (Capricorn)KH, J Born6
JarulgirlMakar (Capricorn)KH, J Female offspring8
JasbirgirlMakar (Capricorn)KH, JA brave one who sings God's praises5
JashangeetgirlMakar (Capricorn)KH, J Celebration song9
JaskeeratgirlMakar (Capricorn)KH, JOne who sings praises of the Lord9
JasleengirlMakar (Capricorn)KH, JAbsorbed in singing God's praises3
JasmingirlMakar (Capricorn)KH, JA flower3
JasmindergirlMakar (Capricorn)KH, JLord's Glory3
JasminegirlMakar (Capricorn)KH, JA fragrant flower8
JasmitgirlMakar (Capricorn)KH, JFamed9
JasmithagirlMakar (Capricorn)KH, J Smiles9
JasnamgirlMakar (Capricorn)KH, JOne singing the glories of Naam4
JasodagirlMakar (Capricorn)KH, J Mother of Lord krishna5
JasodharagirlMakar (Capricorn)KH, J Mother of Lord Buddha5
JaspreetgirlMakar (Capricorn)KH, JOne who loves to sing praises of the Lord4
JasugirlMakar (Capricorn)KH, J Brainy6
JasumgirlMakar (Capricorn)KH, JHibiscus - a type of flower1
JasveergirlMakar (Capricorn)KH, JA brave one who sings God's praises8
JaswantgirlMakar (Capricorn)KH, JWorthy of praise7
JasweergirlMakar (Capricorn)KH, JVictorious9
JatindergirlMakar (Capricorn)KH, JOne who has conquered the five evils9
JavanehgirlMakar (Capricorn)KH, JSprout; Young7
JaveriagirlMakar (Capricorn)KH, J Name of Prophet Muhammad's wife3
JayagirlMakar (Capricorn)KH, JVictory; Victorious; Goddess Durga1
JayalakshmiigirlMakar (Capricorn)KH, JGoddess Lakshmi representing victory2
JayalaksmigirlMakar (Capricorn)KH, JGoddess Lakshmi representing success3
JayalalitagirlMakar (Capricorn)KH, J Victorious goddess Durga2
JayamalagirlMakar (Capricorn)KH, J Garland of victory1
JayangirlMakar (Capricorn)KH, J Victory6
JayanigirlMakar (Capricorn)KH, J A sakti of Ganesha6
JayantigirlMakar (Capricorn)KH, JVictorious8
JayantikagirlMakar (Capricorn)KH, J Goddess Durga; Parvati2
JayaprabhagirlMakar (Capricorn)KH, J Light of victory2
JaynagirlMakar (Capricorn)KH, JVictory6
JayshreegirlMakar (Capricorn)KH, JGoddess of Victory1
JeetgirlMakar (Capricorn)KH, JVictorious4
JenitagirlMakar (Capricorn)KH, JGod's grace5
JennifergirlMakar (Capricorn)KH, JFair one; Pure and yielding; White wave9
JessaminegirlMakar (Capricorn)KH, JVariant of 'Jasmine'5
JhalakgirlMakar (Capricorn)KH, JQuick look; Spark; Sudden motion7
JigishagirlMakar (Capricorn)KH, JSuperior9
JignagirlMakar (Capricorn)KH, JIntellectual Curiosity5
JinalgirlMakar (Capricorn)KH, JLord Vishnu1
JiyagirlMakar (Capricorn)KH, JSweet Heart9
JogindargirlMakar (Capricorn)KH, JEstablishing union with God; Lord Shiva6
JoshikagirlMakar (Capricorn)KH, JYoung maiden1
JugnugirlMakar (Capricorn)KH, JA firefly1
JuhigirlMakar (Capricorn)KH, JA Flower3
JyotigirlMakar (Capricorn)KH, JFlame; Light; Lamp; The light of the Sun7
JyotikagirlMakar (Capricorn)KH, JLight; Flame1
JyotsanagirlMakar (Capricorn)KH, JRadiant Like Flames; Goddess Durga6
KaajalgirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Muscara; Surma9
KaalakagirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Durga; Pupil of The Eye2
KaalanjarigirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Parvati6
KaamakyagirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Durga; Granter of Wishes1
KaamlagirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Perfect3
KaandhalgirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Attractive7
KaasnigirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Flower1
KaavyagirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QPoetry7
KadambarigirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Goddess6
KadambinigirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q An array of clouds1
KadhiroligirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Intelligent; Brilliant like a ray of sunlight6
KahinigirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Young7
KahkashangirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Stars2
KaiagirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Stability4
KailyngirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Uncommon but beautiful9
KairavigirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QMoonlight8
KaishorigirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Goddess Parvati9
KajalgirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QEyeliner; Soot8
KajjaligirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Kohl9
KajolgirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QVariant of 'Kajal'4
KajrigirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QLight as a cloud; Variant of 'Kajal'4
KakaligirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Chiping of birds9
KakoligirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QPreaching of a bird5
KakshigirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Of jungle; Perfume; Fragrant earth5
KaksigirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Perfume6
KalagirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Art7
KalabjarigirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Parvati2
KalaimagalgirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Queen of arts5
KalakagirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Blue1
KalakarnigirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Lakshmi; With black ears6
KalandhikagirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Bestower of art9
KalanidhigirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Treasure of art6
KalapigirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Peacock; Nightingale5
KalapinigirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Peacock; Night1
KalashgirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QA Water Pot7
KalavatigirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Parvati; Artist5
KaligirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QThe great Goddess; A form of Durga; Maa Kali6
KalikagirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q A bud9
KalimagirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Blackish2
KalindagirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QThe sea7
KalindeegirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QYamuna river7
KalindigirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Yamuna river6
KalinigirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Flower2
KallolgirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Large waves; Gurgling of water9
KalpanagirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QImagine; A fantasy2
KalpinigirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Night9
KalpitagirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Imagined7
KalyagirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Praise5
KalyanigirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QAuspicious; Fortunate1
KamagirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QThe golden one; Love8
KamadhagirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Granting desires3
KamakshigirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Name of Goddess Lakshmi or Parvati; One with loving eyes1
KamakyagirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Durga9
KamalgirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Lotus2
KamalagirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QGoddess Lakshmi3
KamalakshigirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q One whose eyes are beautiful like lotuses5
KamaligirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Full of desires2
KamalikagirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Lakshmi; Lotus5
KamalinigirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Lotus7
KamalkaligirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q The bud of a lotus8
KamalnayangirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Lotus-eyed3
KamanagirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Desire5
KameelagirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Most perfect3
KameshgirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Lord of desire; Another name for Shiva3
KameshvarigirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Parvati; The Lord of Desires8
KamikagirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Desired1
KaminigirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QA handsome woman3
KamithagirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Desired9
KamleshgirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QGoddess of Lutus; Goddess Lakshmi6
KamnagirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QWish; Desire4
KampanagirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Unsteady3
KamyagirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Beautiful6
KanagirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q An atom9
KanakgirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Gold2
KanakagirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Gold3
KanakabatigirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q A fairy-tale8
KanaklatagirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Golden creeper9
KanakpriyagirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Lover of gold8
KanangirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QA garden; forest5
KananbalagirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Nympth of the forest3
KanasugirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Dream4
KanavgirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q A great Rishi4
KanchangirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QGold7
KanchanagirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QVariant of 'Kanchan'8
KanchanamalagirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QGarland of gold8
KanchigirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q A waistband1
KandharagirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Lute4
KangangirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Bangle3
KanganagirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q A bracelet4
KangnagirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Bangle3
KanigirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Girl8
KanikagirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QSmall2
KanimoligirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Speaks with a gentle tone3
KaniragirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Grain9
KanishkagirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QA king of the Kushan Empire who supported Buddhism; Small2
KanitagirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Iris of the eye2
KanithagirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Iris of the eye1
KanizahgirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Young Girl7
KanjarigirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q A bird1
KanjrigirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Bird9
KankalinigirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q One with necklace of bones1
KankanagirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q A bracelet8
KanmanigirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Precious like an eye9
KannakigirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Devoted And Virtuous Wife7
KantagirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q A beautiful2
KanthagirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QRadiant1
KanthigirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Lustre; Loveliness9
KantigirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QLight; Lovely; Lustre1
KanupriyagirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Radha8
KanushgirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Beloved2
KanwalgirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QDetached & unsoiled like the lotus flower8
KanyagirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QMaiden; Unmarried girl7
KanyakagirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Durga; The Youngest; Girl; Maiden; Daughter1
KanyanagirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Maiden4
KapalinigirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Another name for Durga1
KapardinigirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q A goddess2
KapilagirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QSacred cow5
KapotakshigirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Eyes like a pigeon's3
KaragirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Pure4
KarabigirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q A flower6
KaralagirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Durga; Opening Wide; Tearing8
KaralikagirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Durga; That Which Tears1
KaramdeepgirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QLamp of God's Grace2
KaramjotgirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QLight of God's Grace8
KarampreetgirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QThe lover of God's Grace9
KareemagirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Generous; Noble9
KareenagirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QFlower; Pure; Innocent; Dear little one1
KarigirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Strong or feminie3
KarishgirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Attractive3
KarishmagirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QMiracle8
KarkagirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Crab6
KarmagirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QA star8
KarnapriyagirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Sweet To The Ears6
KaronagirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Merciful; Forgiving6
KartargirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QCreative like God6
KarukagirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Heavenly piece of art9
KaruligirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Innocent9
KarunagirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QKindness3
KarunamayigirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Merciful6
KarunyagirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Merciful1
KasakgirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Test7
KashigirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Varanasi; The holy city3
KashikagirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q The shiny one6
KashishgirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QAttraction3
KashmiragirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QBeauty of Kashmir; Grape; From Kashmir8
KashvigirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Shining7
KashvinigirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Star3
KashwinigirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Star4
KashyapigirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QEarth9
KasmiragirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QFrom Kashmir9
KasnigirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Flower9
KasturigirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QMusk; A Fragrant material9
KatelyngirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Pure7
KathagirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Distress5
KatherinegirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QPure1
KathyayanigirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Godess Parvathi7
KatiegirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Pure1
KatinagirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Pure2
KatrinagirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Pure2
KatyayanigirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Goddess Parvati8
KaumudigirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Moonlight8
KausalyagirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Mother of Rama1
KausergirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q A river in paradise3
KaushagirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Silken; Silk7
KaushaligirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Skillful1
KaushalyagirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Mother of Rama9
KausheygirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Silken9
KaushikagirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Silk9
KaushikigirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Durga; Enveloped With Silk8
KaustubhagirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Heavenly jewel5
KaustubhigirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Stone In Lord Vishnu's Neckless4
KautiryagirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Durga; One Who Resides In A Hut7
KavanagirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Poem5
KaverigirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q A river3
KavikagirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Poetess1
KavingirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Handsome; Beautiful3
KavindragirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Mighty poet8
KavinigirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Composes beautiful poems3
KavitagirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QPoem1
KavnigirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q A Small Poem3
KavyagirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Poetry in motion6
KeeratgirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QOne who sings glories of God6
KeyagirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QFlower6
KeyurigirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QArmlet; Bangle8
KhandangirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QSmiling; Family8
KhaterehgirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QMemory4
KhevnagirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QWish7
KhushbugirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QFragrant; Aromatic9
KhushigirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QHappiness4
KhushpreetgirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QLoving and delightful5
KhyatigirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QFame; Goodwill2
KimayagirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QDivine6
KinjalgirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QRiver bank3
KiragirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QThe sun3
KirangirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QRay of Light8
KirtigirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QReputation; Fame4
KishorigirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QTeenage Girl; young girl8
KismetgirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QFortune; Fate5
KomalgirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QSoft7
KomaligirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QTender7
KongposhgirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QSaffron Flower6
KrishnagirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QLord Krishna8
KritikagirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QName of a star7
KrupaligirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QWho always forgives7
KuhugirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QThe sweet note of the bird7
KuldeepgirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QThe lamp of the family2
KumarigirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QA girl or daughter; Goddess Durga1
KumudagirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QLotus Flower8
KushboogirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QFragrance1
KusumgirlMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QFlower4
LaabhagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Profit7
LaalamanigirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Ruby1
LaalasagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Prayer2
LaasyagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Dance performed by Goddess Parvathi5
LabonigirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OGraceful8
LabukigirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Musical instrument2
LadangirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OA flower (Nasturtium, Indian cress)5
LadhigirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Sangeet7
LadligirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Loved one2
LagangirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Dedication8
LaghimagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Goddess Parvathi6
LaghuvigirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Tender8
LaharigirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Tender4
LaibagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Female of the Haven7
LailagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OSweet heart; Nocturnal8
LajitagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OModest8
LajjagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Modesty7
LajjawatigirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O A sensitive plant; Modest woman6
LajvantigirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Touch me not plant8
LajvatigirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Shy3
LajwantigirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O A sensitive plant9
LajwatigirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Modest4
LakhbirgirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OAs brave as a hundred thousand7
LakhigirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Goddess Laxmi5
LakshagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OAim; Ambition; White Rose7
LakshakigirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Goddess Sita9
LakshanagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Duryodhana's daughter; One with auspicious signs on her4
LakshanyagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O One who achieves2
LakshitagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Distinguished9
LakshmigirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OGoddess of Wealth; fortunate; Wife of Lord Vishnu1
LakshyagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Aim; Destination5
LalangirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Nurturing4
LalanagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O A beautiful woman5
LalasagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Love1
LalehgirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OTulip - a kind of flowering plant2
LalenthikagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Goddess Lakshmi3
LaligirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, ODarling girl; Blushing7
LalimagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, ORedness; Beauty3
LalitagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OBeautifull Lady; Elegant; a form of Durga1
LalityagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Loveliness; Charm8
LamagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Darkness of lips9
LameesgirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Soft to the touch1
LamiyahgirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Lustrous6
LamyagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Dark-lipped7
LanagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Bouyant or Float1
LanigirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Angel from above9
LaranyagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Graceful9
LarissagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Cheerful7
LasakigirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Sita; Made of lac8
LasyagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Graceful4
LatagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OCreeper7
LatakaragirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Mass of creepers2
LatangigirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Slim Girl; A creeper1
LatashagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Surprise8
LateefagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Gentle; Kind5
LatikagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Small creeper9
LatikaragirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Mass of creepers1
LauragirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OLaurel leaves; symbol of honor; victory8
LavaligirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Clove3
LavangigirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O An Angel3
LavanigirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Grace5
LavanyagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OGrace; Beauty4
LaveniagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Purified1
LaxmigirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Goddess of Wealth5
LayagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Musical rhythm3
LeagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Weary9
LeelagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, ODevine Play; Amusement8
LeelamayeegirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Playful3
LeelavatigirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Playful; Goddess Durga6
LeelawatigirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OGoddess Durga; Playful7
LeelugirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O A form of sugar1
LeenagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, ODevoted; Tender1
LeeyagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O To take3
LehargirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Wave8
LeilagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, ONocturnal; Night Beauty3
LeishagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Beautiful angel9
LekhagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OWriting; Crescent Moon1
LekhyagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Mathematician8
LekishagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Life2
LemmiegirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Dovted to the lord3
LeoragirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Light6
LeyshagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Intelligent; Brilliant7
LhamugirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OA goddess1
LibnigirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Manuscripts of God1
LikhithagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Studious6
LilagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OPlayful; Divine Drama7
LilacgirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OMauve Flower1
LilavatigirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O God's will5
LiligirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OA flower (Lily)6
LinagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OTender9
LindagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OPretty4
LindseygirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Pool on an Island7
LineyshagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Inteligent3
LingammalgirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Goddess Parvati1
LipigirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Script; Manuscripts of God1
LipikagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Litters; Alphabets; Short letter4
LisagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Dedicated to god5
LisbeigirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Creative and intelligent girl2
LivanagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Greece Godess5
LochangirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O The eye8
LoveleengirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OBeloved9
MaanikagirlSimha / Sinh (Leo)M Ruby5
MaanyathagirlSimha / Sinh (Leo)M Principles; Beliefs3
MadeehagirlSimha / Sinh (Leo)M Praiseworthy1
MadhavigirlSimha / Sinh (Leo)MSpringtime; A creeper with beautiful flowers4
MadhugirlSimha / Sinh (Leo)MHoney2
MadhubalagirlSimha / Sinh (Leo)MSweet Girl9
MadhujagirlSimha / Sinh (Leo)M Made of honey4
MadhuksaragirlSimha / Sinh (Leo)M One who showers honey7
MadhulgirlSimha / Sinh (Leo)M Sweet5
MadhulagirlSimha / Sinh (Leo)M Sweet6
MadhulatagirlSimha / Sinh (Leo)M Sweet creeper9
MadhulekhagirlSimha / Sinh (Leo)M Beautiful3
MadhulikagirlSimha / Sinh (Leo)M Nectar8
MadhullagirlSimha / Sinh (Leo)M Pomegranate9
MadhumathigirlSimha / Sinh (Leo)M Delight moon8
MadhumatigirlSimha / Sinh (Leo)M Full of honey9
MadhumitagirlSimha / Sinh (Leo)M Sweet Girl; Full of honey9
MadhumithagirlSimha / Sinh (Leo)M Sweet person8
MadhunishagirlSimha / Sinh (Leo)M Pleasant night8
MadhupriyagirlSimha / Sinh (Leo)M Fond of honey8
MadhurgirlSimha / Sinh (Leo)M Melodious; Sweet2
MadhuragirlSimha / Sinh (Leo)M Sweet; Pleasant3
MadhureemagirlSimha / Sinh (Leo)M Honey8
MadhurigirlSimha / Sinh (Leo)MSweetness2
MadhurimagirlSimha / Sinh (Leo)M Sweet Girl7
MadhushagirlSimha / Sinh (Leo)M Beauty3
MadhushreegirlSimha / Sinh (Leo)M Beauty; Of spring3
MadhushrigirlSimha / Sinh (Leo)M Beauty of Spring2
MadinagirlSimha / Sinh (Leo)M Land of beauty6
MadiragirlSimha / Sinh (Leo)M Nectar1
MadirakshigirlSimha / Sinh (Leo)M Woman with intozicating eyes3
MadrigirlSimha / Sinh (Leo)M Wife of pandu9
MaduragirlSimha / Sinh (Leo)M A bird4
MagadhigirlSimha / Sinh (Leo)M Flower7
MaganagirlSimha / Sinh (Leo)M Engrossed1
MaghigirlSimha / Sinh (Leo)M Giving gifts2
MahagirlSimha / Sinh (Leo)M Gazelle5
MahabalagirlSimha / Sinh (Leo)M Strength3
MahabhadragirlSimha / Sinh (Leo)M Ganga river3
MahadevigirlSimha / Sinh (Leo)M Goddess Durga9
MahagangagirlSimha / Sinh (Leo)M The great ganga8
MahagaurigirlSimha / Sinh (Leo)M Goddess Durga7
MahajabeengirlSimha / Sinh (Leo)M Beautiful6
MahakgirlSimha / Sinh (Leo)M Fragrance7
MahakaligirlSimha / Sinh (Leo)M Goddess Durga2
MahakantagirlSimha / Sinh (Leo)M Earth7
MahamayagirlSimha / Sinh (Leo)M Goddess Durga9
MahasrigirlSimha / Sinh (Leo)M Goddess Laxmi6
MahaswetagirlSimha / Sinh (Leo)M Goddess Saraswati1
MahatigirlSimha / Sinh (Leo)M Great7
MahekgirlSimha / Sinh (Leo)M Smell2
MahendigirlSimha / Sinh (Leo)M A paste of leaves9
MaheshigirlSimha / Sinh (Leo)M Goddess Parvati9
MaheshwarigirlSimha / Sinh (Leo)M Goddess Durga6
MaheswarigirlSimha / Sinh (Leo)MConsort of Lord Shiva7
MahigirlSimha / Sinh (Leo)MGreat earth, Heaven and earth conjoined4
MahijubagirlSimha / Sinh (Leo)M A hostess2
MahikagirlSimha / Sinh (Leo)M Earth7
MahimagirlSimha / Sinh (Leo)MGreatness9
MahingirlSimha / Sinh (Leo)MGreatest9
MahindargirlSimha / Sinh (Leo)MGod of gods5
MahithagirlSimha / Sinh (Leo)M Greatness6
MahiyagirlSimha / Sinh (Leo)MHappiness; Joy3
MahlagirlSimha / Sinh (Leo)MFriendly8
MahtagirlSimha / Sinh (Leo)MOne resembling the moon7
MahtabgirlSimha / Sinh (Leo)MMoon9
MahuagirlSimha / Sinh (Leo)M An intoxicating flower8
MahubalagirlSimha / Sinh (Leo)M Sweet Girl5
MahuyagirlSimha / Sinh (Leo)M Name of a beautiful flower6
MaimoonagirlSimha / Sinh (Leo)M Auspicious; Blessed9
MainagirlSimha / Sinh (Leo)M A bird2
MaisagirlSimha / Sinh (Leo)M Walking with proud swinging gait7
MaithiligirlSimha / Sinh (Leo)M Sita9
MaitragirlSimha / Sinh (Leo)M Friendly8
MaitreyagirlSimha / Sinh (Leo)M The name of a sage2
MaitreyigirlSimha / Sinh (Leo)M Name of a woman scholar1
MaitrigirlSimha / Sinh (Leo)M Friendship7
MaitrygirlSimha / Sinh (Leo)M Friendship5
MaitryigirlSimha / Sinh (Leo)M Friendship5
MajeedagirlSimha / Sinh (Leo)M Glorious3
MajidagirlSimha / Sinh (Leo)M Glorious2
MakaarimgirlSimha / Sinh (Leo)M Of good and honourable character4
MakaligirlSimha / Sinh (Leo)M The moon2
MakaylagirlSimha / Sinh (Leo)M Beautiful1
MakshigirlSimha / Sinh (Leo)M Honeybee7
MakshitagirlSimha / Sinh (Leo)M Honey1
MalagirlSimha / Sinh (Leo)MGarland9
MalaikagirlSimha / Sinh (Leo)MAngel3
MalakgirlSimha / Sinh (Leo)M Angel2
MalarviligirlSimha / Sinh (Leo)M Beautiful eyes like a flower7
MalarvizhigirlSimha / Sinh (Leo)M Cute eyes2
MalashreegirlSimha / Sinh (Leo)M An early evening melody1
MalasrigirlSimha / Sinh (Leo)MWoman wearing a garland1
MalatigirlSimha / Sinh (Leo)M A creeper with fragrant flowers; Small fragrant flower2
MalavgirlSimha / Sinh (Leo)M The earth4
MalavikagirlSimha / Sinh (Leo)M Princess of Malawa7
MalayagirlSimha / Sinh (Leo)M A creeper8
MalihagirlSimha / Sinh (Leo)M Strong; Beautiful8
MalikagirlSimha / Sinh (Leo)MQueen2
MalinagirlSimha / Sinh (Leo)M Tower; Dark5
MalinigirlSimha / Sinh (Leo)M Fragrant; Florist; A river; A garlandmaker4
MalisagirlSimha / Sinh (Leo)MBalm; Lemon balm; Mint1
MaljumanagirlSimha / Sinh (Leo)M Beautiful5
MalkagirlSimha / Sinh (Leo)M Queen2
MalligirlSimha / Sinh (Leo)M Flower2
MalligagirlSimha / Sinh (Leo)M Jasmine1
MallikagirlSimha / Sinh (Leo)MQueen5
MaltigirlSimha / Sinh (Leo)MA jasmine flower1
MalvikagirlSimha / Sinh (Leo)M One who lived in Malva6
MamatagirlSimha / Sinh (Leo)M Love; Affection4
MamtagirlSimha / Sinh (Leo)MLove; Affection3
ManagirlSimha / Sinh (Leo)M Supernatural power2
ManaalgirlSimha / Sinh (Leo)M Attainment; Achievement6
ManaargirlSimha / Sinh (Leo)M Guiding light; Lighthouse3
ManadhagirlSimha / Sinh (Leo)M Giving honour6
ManakagirlSimha / Sinh (Leo)M According to the mind5
ManalgirlSimha / Sinh (Leo)M A bird5
ManaligirlSimha / Sinh (Leo)MBird5
MananagirlSimha / Sinh (Leo)M Meditation8
MananyagirlSimha / Sinh (Leo)M Deserving praises6
ManasagirlSimha / Sinh (Leo)M Name of a lake in Himalaya4
ManasigirlSimha / Sinh (Leo)M A lady3
ManasikagirlSimha / Sinh (Leo)M Of mind6
ManasvigirlSimha / Sinh (Leo)M That which controls mind7
ManasvinigirlSimha / Sinh (Leo)M Durga; Proud; Good3
ManavigirlSimha / Sinh (Leo)M Wife of manu; Daughtter of man6
ManayigirlSimha / Sinh (Leo)M Wife of Manu9
MandagirlSimha / Sinh (Leo)M A river6
MandakinigirlSimha / Sinh (Leo)MAn Indian river4
MandanagirlSimha / Sinh (Leo)M Cheerful3
MandaragirlSimha / Sinh (Leo)M Mythical tree7
MandavigirlSimha / Sinh (Leo)M Wife of Bharat1
MandeepgirlSimha / Sinh (Leo)MLight of sages4
MandeepagirlSimha / Sinh (Leo)M Light of heart5
MandiragirlSimha / Sinh (Leo)M Melody; Cymbals; Home6
MandithagirlSimha / Sinh (Leo)M Adorned7
MandodarigirlSimha / Sinh (Leo)M With narrow abdomen; Ravan wife7
MandragirlSimha / Sinh (Leo)M Pleasant6
MandygirlSimha / Sinh (Leo)M Worthy of love3
MangaigirlSimha / Sinh (Leo)M Cultured lady9
MangalagirlSimha / Sinh (Leo)MAuspicious4
MangalyagirlSimha / Sinh (Leo)M Pious; Pure2
ManigirlSimha / Sinh (Leo)MGem; A jewel1
ManideepagirlSimha / Sinh (Leo)M A lamp of precious stones5
ManikgirlSimha / Sinh (Leo)M Gem3
ManikagirlSimha / Sinh (Leo)M Of jewels4
ManimalagirlSimha / Sinh (Leo)M A string of pearls1
ManinigirlSimha / Sinh (Leo)M Self respected; A lady6
ManiratnagirlSimha / Sinh (Leo)M Diamond1
ManishagirlSimha / Sinh (Leo)MIntellect; Desire; Wish2
ManishikagirlSimha / Sinh (Leo)M Intelligence4
ManisigirlSimha / Sinh (Leo)M Desired by heart2
ManisilagirlSimha / Sinh (Leo)M A jewelled stone6
ManisitagirlSimha / Sinh (Leo)M Wisdom5
ManisithagirlSimha / Sinh (Leo)M Wisdom4
ManitagirlSimha / Sinh (Leo)M Honoured4
ManithagirlSimha / Sinh (Leo)M Honoured3
ManiyagirlSimha / Sinh (Leo)M A glass bead9
ManjarigirlSimha / Sinh (Leo)MThe sacred basil; blossom; a bouquet3
ManjiragirlSimha / Sinh (Leo)M Ankle-bells3
ManjistagirlSimha / Sinh (Leo)M Extremely6
ManjisthagirlSimha / Sinh (Leo)M Extremely5
ManjitgirlSimha / Sinh (Leo)MOne Who wins her own heart; Conqueror of the mind4
ManjugirlSimha / Sinh (Leo)MSweet; Pleasant; Attractive; Snow; Dew Drops5
ManjubalagirlSimha / Sinh (Leo)M Beautiful Girl; A sweet Girl3
ManjulagirlSimha / Sinh (Leo)MMelodious; Lovely; Soft; Charming9
ManjulikagirlSimha / Sinh (Leo)M A sweet Girl2
ManjushagirlSimha / Sinh (Leo)MA box of jewels; Treasure chest; Lady with a Sweet Voice6
ManjushrigirlSimha / Sinh (Leo)M Goddess Laxmi; Sweet lustre5
ManjusrigirlSimha / Sinh (Leo)M Saraswati6
ManjyotgirlSimha / Sinh (Leo)M Light of the mind8
ManmayigirlSimha / Sinh (Leo)M Jealous; Sri Radha4
MannagirlSimha / Sinh (Leo)M Heavenly7
MannatgirlSimha / Sinh (Leo)MSpecial Prayer9
ManodhinigirlSimha / Sinh (Leo)M One who understands everything6
ManojagirlSimha / Sinh (Leo)M Born of the mind9
ManoramagirlSimha / Sinh (Leo)MBeautiful4
ManorithagirlSimha / Sinh (Leo)M Of the mind9
ManormagirlSimha / Sinh (Leo)MBeautiful3
ManshagirlSimha / Sinh (Leo)M Wish2
MansigirlSimha / Sinh (Leo)MA Lady2
ManthikagirlSimha / Sinh (Leo)M Thoughtful5
MantikagirlSimha / Sinh (Leo)M Thoughtful6
MantragirlSimha / Sinh (Leo)M Hymns; Holy chants4
ManushrigirlSimha / Sinh (Leo)M Lakshmi4
ManyagirlSimha / Sinh (Leo)MWorthy of honour9
MaraamgirlSimha / Sinh (Leo)M Aspiration2
MaralagirlSimha / Sinh (Leo)M Swan1
MarciagirlSimha / Sinh (Leo)M Martial One9
MargaritegirlSimha / Sinh (Leo)M A Pearl2
MargigirlSimha / Sinh (Leo)M Traveller3
MariagirlSimha / Sinh (Leo)M See Mary6
MarisagirlSimha / Sinh (Leo)MMother of Daksa7
MarshagirlSimha / Sinh (Leo)MRespectable6
MarutigirlSimha / Sinh (Leo)MWind1
MausamigirlSimha / Sinh (Leo)MSeasonal5
MayagirlSimha / Sinh (Leo)MIllusion4
MayawatigirlSimha / Sinh (Leo)MFull of Illusion3
MayurigirlSimha / Sinh (Leo)MPeahen6
MeenagirlSimha / Sinh (Leo)MPrecious blue stone; With Beautiful Eyes; Enamel work2
MeenakshigirlSimha / Sinh (Leo)MGoddess Parvathi; One with fish shaped eyes4
MeenugirlSimha / Sinh (Leo)MPrecoius stone; A Gem4
MeeragirlSimha / Sinh (Leo)MA Devotee of Lord Krishna6
MeetagirlSimha / Sinh (Leo)MFriend8
MeghagirlSimha / Sinh (Leo)MCloud7
MeghanagirlSimha / Sinh (Leo)MCloud4
MehakgirlSimha / Sinh (Leo)MSmell2
MehandigirlSimha / Sinh (Leo)MA flowering plan; Used for temporary skin decoration9
MenkagirlSimha / Sinh (Leo)MAn apsara; Shakuntala's mother8
MiligirlSimha / Sinh (Leo)MA meeting; To find7
MinalgirlSimha / Sinh (Leo)MA precious stone4
MinaxigirlSimha / Sinh (Leo)MOne with fish shaped eyes; Goddess Parvati7
MiragirlSimha / Sinh (Leo)MLight; A red giant star; Name of a devotee of Krishna5
MishtigirlSimha / Sinh (Leo)MSweet; Sweet Person6
MitagirlSimha / Sinh (Leo)MA friend7
MitaligirlSimha / Sinh (Leo)MFriendship1
MohanagirlSimha / Sinh (Leo)MAttractive7
MohinigirlSimha / Sinh (Leo)MMost Beautiful5
MonagirlSimha / Sinh (Leo)MPeaceful; Noble one; Individual7
MonicagirlSimha / Sinh (Leo)MA wise counsellor1
MonishagirlSimha / Sinh (Leo)MLord Krishna; Intellectual7
MousamigirlSimha / Sinh (Leo)MVariant of 'Mausami'1
MridulagirlSimha / Sinh (Leo)MTendreness; Gentleness; an ideal woman6
MuktagirlSimha / Sinh (Leo)MLiberated; Pearl3
MuktigirlSimha / Sinh (Leo)MFreedom2
MumtajgirlSimha / Sinh (Leo)MWife of Shah Jahan; Variant of 'Mumtaz'6
MumtazgirlSimha / Sinh (Leo)MThe best; The queen of emperor Shah Jahan4
MuskangirlSimha / Sinh (Leo)MSweet Smile7
MythiligirlSimha / Sinh (Leo)MPrincess of Mithila; Sita6
NaamagalgirlVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y Magnificent Poetess; Orator5
NaavarasigirlVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y Magnificent Poetess; Orator5
NaazgirlVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y Pride6
NabahgirlVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y Nobel High; Sky8
NabanipagirlVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y A new flower4
NabeehagirlVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y Intelligent9
NabeelagirlVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y Noble4
NabhagirlVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y Nobel High; Sky8
NabhanipagirlVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y A new flower3
NabhanyagirlVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y Celestial3
NabhigirlVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y Central7
NabhitagirlVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y Fearless1
NabhithagirlVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y Fearless9
NabhyagirlVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y Central6
NachnigirlVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y Dancer; Suggestive look4
NadagirlVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y Generosity; Dew2
NadeedagirlVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y Equal; Rival7
NadiagirlVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y Begining2
NadiragirlVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y Pinnacle2
NadwagirlVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y Council7
NaeemagirlVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y Blessing; Living an enjoyable life3
NafeesagirlVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y Precious thing6
NaganikagirlVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y Serpent maiden4
NagashreegirlVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y Snake Goddess6
NaginagirlVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y Jewel1
NagmagirlVruschika (Scorpius)N, YGeet; Song; Melody9
NahlagirlVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y A drink9
NaidhruagirlVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y Parvati; Almost perfect4
NaijagirlVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y Daughter of wisdom8
NailagirlVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y Acquirer; Obtainer1
NaimagirlVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y Belonging to one2
NaimahgirlVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y Delight1
NainagirlVruschika (Scorpius)N, YEyes; Name of a goddess3
NainigirlVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y A Girl with beautiful eyes2
NainikagirlVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y Pupil of the eye5
NairitagirlVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y Coming from the Southwest direction9
NaishagirlVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y Special7
NaishadagirlVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y Poetry3
NaishadhagirlVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y Poetry2
NajaahgirlVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y Success8
NajatgirlVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y Safety1
NajeebagirlVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y Of noble birth2
NajiyagirlVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y Safe6
NajlagirlVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y Of wide eyes2
NajmagirlVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y Sorry3
NajwagirlVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y Confidential talk; Secret conversation4
NajyagirlVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y Victorious6
NakshatragirlVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y Pearl3
NaktigirlVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y Night1
NakulagirlVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y Goddess parvati6
NalikagirlVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y Lotus3
NalinagirlVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y Lotus6
NalinigirlVruschika (Scorpius)N, YLotus; Mother of the Vedas; Goddess Gayatri5
NamahagirlVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y Respect; Pray2
NamangirlVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y Bow to God7
NamanagirlVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y Bending8
NamigirlVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y One of Vishnu's Name1
NamitagirlVruschika (Scorpius)N, YHumble; Devotee4
NamrahgirlVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y Tigress1
NamratagirlVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y Modesty5
NamritagirlVruschika (Scorpius)N, YModest; Humble4
NamuchigirlVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y Politness6
NamyagirlVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y To be bowed to9
NanakigirlVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y Sister of Nanaka5
NancygirlVruschika (Scorpius)N, YGrace3
NandagirlVruschika (Scorpius)N, YA daughter; Happiness7
NandanagirlVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y Daughter4
NandigirlVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y Goddess durga6
NandikagirlVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y Lakshmi9
NandinigirlVruschika (Scorpius)N, YDaughter; a holy cow; best of joy; Delightful2
NanditagirlVruschika (Scorpius)N, YHappy; Joyous9
NangaigirlVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y Cultured lady1
NanmagirlVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y Goodness7
NaomigirlVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y Pleasantness7
NarayanigirlVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y Goddess Lakshmi2
NarayinigirlVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y Mother godess saraswathi and Lakshmi1
NarendraprabhagirlVruschika (Scorpius)N, YQueen of Pratapaditya-II in Kashmir4
NareshgirlVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y King2
NargisgirlVruschika (Scorpius)N, YA fragrant flower5
NarmadagirlVruschika (Scorpius)N, YOne who stimulate tender feelings in others7
NarmeengirlVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y A flower; Delicate7
NaroisgirlVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y Flower4
NarpendyahgirlVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y Queen7
NartangirlVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y Dance5
NaseengirlVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y Cool breeze4
NashelygirlVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y The one that is loved or loved one3
NashidagirlVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y Student2
NashitagirlVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y Energetic and full of life9
NasihagirlVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y One who gives valuable advice7
NasiragirlVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y Victorious; Helper8
NataliegirlVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y Christmas Day8
NatashagirlVruschika (Scorpius)N, YChild of christmas; Born on Christmas1
NatkunagirlVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y With good character1
NatungirlVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y New7
NaukagirlVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y Boat3
NavadurgagirlVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y All nine forms of Durga8
NavamigirlVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y New6
NavaneetagirlVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y Butter2
NavashreegirlVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y New3
NavdhagirlVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y New5
NaveenagirlVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y New8
NavetagirlVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y New9
NavikagirlVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y New4
NavisthagirlVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y Youngest4
NavitagirlVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y New4
NaviyagirlVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y New9
NavjotgirlVruschika (Scorpius)N, YNew Light1
NavleengirlVruschika (Scorpius)N, YNew Engrossed1
NavneetgirlVruschika (Scorpius)N, YOne who is ever new9
NavneetagirlVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y Butter like1
NavyagirlVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y Worth praising9
NawalgirlVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y Gift6
NawargirlVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y Flower3
NayanagirlVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y Eyes2
NayantaragirlVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y Iris5
NayonikagirlVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y One with expressive eye9
NazaahagirlVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y Purity; Righteousness; Honesty7
NazarhagirlVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y A sight6
NazeehagirlVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y Honest6
NazeeragirlVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y Like; Equal; Matching7
NazeeyagirlVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y Optimistic and full of hope5
NaziagirlVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y Princess; Queen6
NazimagirlVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y Song1
NazimahgirlVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y Poet9
NazmagirlVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y Star1
NazneengirlVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y Delicate7
NeeharikagirlVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y Dew drops9
NeelagirlVruschika (Scorpius)N, YBlue1
NeelabjagirlVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y Blue lotus5
NeelajagirlVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y River starting from blue mountain Neelparvat3
NeelakshigirlVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y Blue-eyed3
NeelamgirlVruschika (Scorpius)N, YSapphire5
NeelanjanagirlVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y Blue5
NeeleshgirlVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y Lord Krishna; The moon5
NeelimagirlVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y Blue sky5
NeelkamalgirlVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y Blue lotus2
NeelkamalagirlVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y Blue lotus3
NeenagirlVruschika (Scorpius)N, YOne who has beautiful eyes3
NeepagirlVruschika (Scorpius)N, YName of a flower5
NeeragirlVruschika (Scorpius)N, YAmrit; Pure water7
NeerajagirlVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y Lotus; Goddess Lakshmi9
NeerjagirlVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y Lotus flower8
NeerugirlVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y Light9
NeeshagirlVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y Night7
NeetagirlVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y Upright9
NeetigirlVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y Good behaviour8
NeetugirlVruschika (Scorpius)N, YVariant of 'Nita'2
NehagirlVruschika (Scorpius)N, YRain; Love1
NehalgirlVruschika (Scorpius)N, YRainy; Handsome4
NehaligirlVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y Inocent4
NeharikagirlVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y Dew Drops4
NeliagirlVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y Horn5
NerissagirlVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y Expectant4
NesayemgirlVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y Flower1
NetragirlVruschika (Scorpius)N, YEye4
NidhigirlVruschika (Scorpius)N, YFund; Wealth; Treasure8
NiharikagirlVruschika (Scorpius)N, YThe girl who is admired by looking itself8
NikhilagirlVruschika (Scorpius)N, YComplete1
NikitagirlVruschika (Scorpius)N, YVictorious; Unconquered; Earth; Ganges1
NikkigirlVruschika (Scorpius)N, YSmall9
NilamgirlVruschika (Scorpius)N, YBlue Sapphire; Variant of 'Neelam'4
NilambarigirlVruschika (Scorpius)N, YClothed in blue7
NilimagirlVruschika (Scorpius)N, YBlueness; Blue Sky4
NimagirlVruschika (Scorpius)N, YSun1
NimishagirlVruschika (Scorpius)N, YTwinkling of an eye; Momentary1
NiraligirlVruschika (Scorpius)N, YDifferent9
NirjaragirlVruschika (Scorpius)N, YYoung; Not becoming old8
NirmalagirlVruschika (Scorpius)N, YPure; Clean; Virtuous5
NirmangirlVruschika (Scorpius)N, YThe egoless; Humble6
NiroshagirlVruschika (Scorpius)N, YPious3
NirupamagirlVruschika (Scorpius)N, YWithout comparison; Unique3
NishagirlVruschika (Scorpius)N, YNight6
NishigirlVruschika (Scorpius)N, YAlert; Getting stronger5
NishitagirlVruschika (Scorpius)N, YNight; Alert8
NitagirlVruschika (Scorpius)N, YMoral; well behaved8
NitigirlVruschika (Scorpius)N, YPrinciples; Morality; Ethics7
NitnamgirlVruschika (Scorpius)N, YOne who ceaselessly remembers the Lord8
NityagirlVruschika (Scorpius)N, YConstant; Goddess Parvati; Eternal6
NiveditagirlVruschika (Scorpius)N, YOne dedicated to service; offered to God; surrendered3
NoorgirlVruschika (Scorpius)N, YLight; The Divine Light8
NupoorgirlVruschika (Scorpius)N, YAnklet9
NutangirlVruschika (Scorpius)N, YNew7
OdotigirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, ODawn; Refreshing9
OjalgirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OVision2
OjaswinigirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OLustrous1
OmagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OLife giver2
OmanagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OA woman8
OorjagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OEnergy5
OormilagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OJanaka of Mithila; The youger sister of Sita; Name of Lakshman's wife2
OpalgirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OA jewel or precious stone8
OpalinagirlMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OJewel5
PadamagirlKanya (Vigro)P, THLotus; Goddess Lakshmi9
PadmagirlKanya (Vigro)P, THA lotus8
PadmagrihagirlKanya (Vigro)P, TH Who resides in a lotus6
PadmajagirlKanya (Vigro)P, TH Lakshmi1
PadmajaigirlKanya (Vigro)P, TH Born from lotus; Lakshmi1
PadmakaligirlKanya (Vigro)P, TH Lotus bud5
PadmakshigirlKanya (Vigro)P, TH One with lotus-like eyes1
PadmalgirlKanya (Vigro)P, TH Lotus2
PadmalayagirlKanya (Vigro)P, TH Lake of lotuses2
PadmapriyagirlKanya (Vigro)P, TH Lover of Lotus5
PadmarekhagirlKanya (Vigro)P, TH Lotus- like lines on palm6
PadmaroopagirlKanya (Vigro)P, TH Like a lotus1
PadmashrigirlKanya (Vigro)P, TH Divine lotus8
PadmasrigirlKanya (Vigro)P, THDivine Lotus9
PadmavasagirlKanya (Vigro)P, TH One who resided in lotus6
PadmavatigirlKanya (Vigro)P, THGoddess Lakshmi6
PadminigirlKanya (Vigro)P, THLotus Pond; Related to Goddess Lakshmi3
PadminikagirlKanya (Vigro)P, TH Collection of lotus6
PadnunigirlKanya (Vigro)P, TH Lotus7
PahalgirlKanya (Vigro)P, TH The start2
PakhigirlKanya (Vigro)P, TH Bird9
PakshalikagirlKanya (Vigro)P, TH On The Right Path8
PakshigirlKanya (Vigro)P, TH Bird1
PalgirlKanya (Vigro)P, TH Moment2
PalakgirlKanya (Vigro)P, THEye Lid5
PalaksigirlKanya (Vigro)P, TH White6
PallavigirlKanya (Vigro)P, THNew Leaves; Bud1
PallavinigirlKanya (Vigro)P, TH With new leaves6
PalomagirlKanya (Vigro)P, TH White dove4
PameelagirlKanya (Vigro)P, TH Honey8
PamelagirlKanya (Vigro)P, TH Honey3
PammigirlKanya (Vigro)P, TH Loveable7
PampagirlKanya (Vigro)P, TH River2
PanchaligirlKanya (Vigro)P, TH Draupadi's name1
PanchamigirlKanya (Vigro)P, TH Goddress Parvathi2
PanchigirlKanya (Vigro)P, TH Bird6
PaninigirlKanya (Vigro)P, TH Skilful9
PanitagirlKanya (Vigro)P, TH Admired7
PankajagirlKanya (Vigro)P, TH Lotus9
PankhadigirlKanya (Vigro)P, TH Petal1
PankhdigirlKanya (Vigro)P, TH Flower Petal9
PanktigirlKanya (Vigro)P, TH Sentence8
PannagirlKanya (Vigro)P, TH Emerald1
PanyagirlKanya (Vigro)P, TH Admired; Glorious; Eexcellent3
PapihagirlKanya (Vigro)P, TH A sweet singing bird6
ParajikagirlKanya (Vigro)P, TH A raagini4
ParamagirlKanya (Vigro)P, TH The best5
ParambirgirlKanya (Vigro)P, THThe greatest of warriors6
ParamdeepgirlKanya (Vigro)P, THThe Lamp of the Divine7
ParamitagirlKanya (Vigro)P, TH Wisdom7
ParamjitgirlKanya (Vigro)P, THSupremely victorious7
ParavigirlKanya (Vigro)P, TH Bird4
ParbartigirlKanya (Vigro)P, TH Surrender4
ParigirlKanya (Vigro)P, THFairy; Beauty8
ParidhigirlKanya (Vigro)P, TH Realm2
ParimalagirlKanya (Vigro)P, TH Fragnance8
ParinagirlKanya (Vigro)P, TH Fairy5
ParineetagirlKanya (Vigro)P, TH Married woman8
ParinitagirlKanya (Vigro)P, THExpert; married woman; complete7
ParishigirlKanya (Vigro)P, TH Like a fairy8
ParitagirlKanya (Vigro)P, TH In each ditection2
ParivitagirlKanya (Vigro)P, TH Extermely free6
PariyatgirlKanya (Vigro)P, TH Flower9
ParmindergirlKanya (Vigro)P, THGod of gods8
ParmitagirlKanya (Vigro)P, TH Wisdom6
ParnalgirlKanya (Vigro)P, TH Leafy8
ParnashrigirlKanya (Vigro)P, TH Leafy beauty5
ParnavigirlKanya (Vigro)P, TH Bird9
ParnigirlKanya (Vigro)P, TH Leafy4
ParnikgirlKanya (Vigro)P, TH Creeper6
ParnikagirlKanya (Vigro)P, TH A small leaf; Parvati7
ParnitagirlKanya (Vigro)P, TH Auspicious Apsara7
ParomitagirlKanya (Vigro)P, THCapability3
ParthavigirlKanya (Vigro)P, TH Goddess Sita5
ParthigirlKanya (Vigro)P, TH Queen9
ParthivigirlKanya (Vigro)P, TH Sita4
ParugirlKanya (Vigro)P, THMaster; Furnished; Knowledge2
ParulgirlKanya (Vigro)P, THName of a flower; Graceful; Flow of Water5
ParvanigirlKanya (Vigro)P, TH Full moon; A festival or a special day9
ParvatigirlKanya (Vigro)P, THGoddess; Wife of Lord Shiva; Durga6
ParveengirlKanya (Vigro)P, THStar9
ParveenigirlKanya (Vigro)P, TH Star9
ParvinigirlKanya (Vigro)P, TH Festival8
PasanggirlKanya (Vigro)P, THBorn on a Friday4
PashagirlKanya (Vigro)P, TH Bond9
PashminagirlKanya (Vigro)P, TH Showl9
PashupriyagirlKanya (Vigro)P, TH Fond of all beings8
PatalagirlKanya (Vigro)P, TH Durga6
PatmanjarigirlKanya (Vigro)P, TH A raga4
PatralekhagirlKanya (Vigro)P, TH A name from ancient epics3
PauravigirlKanya (Vigro)P, THDescendant from Puru7
PavakigirlKanya (Vigro)P, TH Goddess Saraswati6
PavanagirlKanya (Vigro)P, TH Holy; Sacred1
PavanigirlKanya (Vigro)P, TH Hanuman9
PaveenagirlKanya (Vigro)P, TH Freshness; Purity1
PavigirlKanya (Vigro)P, TH Lightning3
PavitragirlKanya (Vigro)P, THHoly; Pure6
PayalgirlKanya (Vigro)P, THAnklet1
PayojagirlKanya (Vigro)P, TH Lotus5
PehrgirlKanya (Vigro)P, TH Phase; Time of day2
PemagirlKanya (Vigro)P, THA lotus8
PepitagirlKanya (Vigro)P, TH From Josephine4
PernitagirlKanya (Vigro)P, TH Answered prayer2
PetalgirlKanya (Vigro)P, TH Petal9
PhalgunigirlKanya (Vigro)P, TH Born in Falgun; A Hindu month7
PhirozagirlKanya (Vigro)P, TH Turquoise3
PhoolangirlKanya (Vigro)P, TH Flowering9
PhoolwatigirlKanya (Vigro)P, TH Delicated as a flower2
PiagirlKanya (Vigro)P, TH Beloved8
PikigirlKanya (Vigro)P, TH Cuckoo9
PinakinigirlKanya (Vigro)P, TH Bowshaped2
PingagirlKanya (Vigro)P, TH Durga2
PingalagirlKanya (Vigro)P, TH Lakshmi6
PinglagirlKanya (Vigro)P, TH Goddess Durga5
PivalgirlKanya (Vigro)P, TH A tree6
PivarigirlKanya (Vigro)P, TH Wife of Sukha3
PiyaligirlKanya (Vigro)P, TH A tree9
PiyushagirlKanya (Vigro)P, TH The food of the Gods; Nec9
PlakshagirlKanya (Vigro)P, TH Sarswati5
PoojagirlKanya (Vigro)P, THPrayer; Worship3
PoonamgirlKanya (Vigro)P, THFull Moon2
PoorbigirlKanya (Vigro)P, TH Eastern3
PoornagirlKanya (Vigro)P, TH Complete7
PoornimagirlKanya (Vigro)P, THFull Moon; The night of the full moon2
PoorvagirlKanya (Vigro)P, TH Earlier one; Elder; East6
PoorvajagirlKanya (Vigro)P, TH Elder sister8
PoorvigirlKanya (Vigro)P, TH A classical melody5
PopatgirlKanya (Vigro)P, TH Parrot5
PoshikagirlKanya (Vigro)P, TH The one who's brought up in flowers7
PoulomigirlKanya (Vigro)P, TH Indra's second wife2
PoushaligirlKanya (Vigro)P, TH Of the month Poush2
PrabhagirlKanya (Vigro)P, THLight; Glow; Shine; Goddess Parvati1
PrabhadagirlKanya (Vigro)P, TH Lady6
PrabhatigirlKanya (Vigro)P, TH Of the morning3
PrabhavatigirlKanya (Vigro)P, TH A raagini; Wife of Sun8
PracheetagirlKanya (Vigro)P, TH Origin; Starting point5
PrachigirlKanya (Vigro)P, THMorning; East1
PrachitagirlKanya (Vigro)P, TH Pure; Intelligent; The soul4
PradattagirlKanya (Vigro)P, TH Gift of god9
PradeeptagirlKanya (Vigro)P, TH Glowing5
PradnayagirlKanya (Vigro)P, TH Knowledge8
PradnyagirlKanya (Vigro)P, TH Wisdom; Buddhi7
PraffulagirlKanya (Vigro)P, THIn bloom9
PrafulagirlKanya (Vigro)P, TH In bloom3
PrafullagirlKanya (Vigro)P, THPleasant; Cheerful; In bloom6
PragalbhagirlKanya (Vigro)P, TH Goddess Durga3
PragathigirlKanya (Vigro)P, TH Progress8
PragatigirlKanya (Vigro)P, THProgress9
PrakrutigirlKanya (Vigro)P, THNature6
PramilagirlKanya (Vigro)P, THOne of Arjuna's wives7
PraneetgirlKanya (Vigro)P, THDear One7
PrasannagirlKanya (Vigro)P, THEver Fresh3
PratibhagirlKanya (Vigro)P, THTalent3
PratikshagirlKanya (Vigro)P, THWait4
PratimagirlKanya (Vigro)P, THIcon; Image; Statue; Idol6
PreetgirlKanya (Vigro)P, THLove1
PreetigirlKanya (Vigro)P, THLove1
PreitygirlKanya (Vigro)P, THAffection; Love3
PrekshagirlKanya (Vigro)P, THBeholding; Viewing6
PremagirlKanya (Vigro)P, THLove; Affection8
PreranagirlKanya (Vigro)P, THInspiration; Encouragement1
PritikagirlKanya (Vigro)P, THDear one; Loved one3
PriyagirlKanya (Vigro)P, THDear One; Beloved6
PriyalagirlKanya (Vigro)P, THHonorable Beloved1
PriyankagirlKanya (Vigro)P, THDear one; Beautiful; Lovable act5
PriyanshigirlKanya (Vigro)P, THDear one2
PromitagirlKanya (Vigro)P, THIdol2
PuneetgirlKanya (Vigro)P, THPure9
PunimgirlKanya (Vigro)P, THFull moon night1
PuruvigirlKanya (Vigro)P, THFrom the east8
PurvagirlKanya (Vigro)P, THEast; Elder6
PushpagirlKanya (Vigro)P, THFlower; Blossom9
PushtigirlKanya (Vigro)P, THPossessor of All Wealth; Goddess Lakshmi3
PuspagirlKanya (Vigro)P, THFlower1
RaakhigirlTula (Libra)R, T Symbol of protection; Full moon in the Sravan month3
RaawiyagirlTula (Libra)R, T Transmitter6
RababgirlTula (Libra)R, T White cloud6
RabanigirlTula (Libra)R, T Divine9
RabeeagirlTula (Libra)R, T Garden5
RabhyagirlTula (Libra)R, T Worshipped1
RabiagirlTula (Libra)R, T Famous; Godly4
RachaelgirlTula (Libra)R, T Ewe3
RachanagirlTula (Libra)R, TArrangement; Construction; Creation1
RachelgirlTula (Libra)R, T Lamb; Female; Gental2
RachigirlTula (Libra)R, T Lamb3
RachitagirlTula (Libra)R, T Creater6
RachithagirlTula (Libra)R, T Created5
RachnagirlTula (Libra)R, T Construction; Arrangement9
RadhagirlTula (Libra)R, TThe beloved of Lord Krishna; Prosperity; Success5
RadhanagirlTula (Libra)R, T Speech2
RadhanigirlTula (Libra)R, T Worship1
RadhikagirlTula (Libra)R, TRadha; Lover of Krishna; Successful7
RadhiyaagirlTula (Libra)R, T Content; Satisfied4
RadhwagirlTula (Libra)R, T Name of mountain in Medina1
RaeleahgirlTula (Libra)R, T Rays of sunshine5
RafagirlTula (Libra)R, T Happiness; Prosperity8
RaggirlTula (Libra)R, TPiece of music8
RagamayagirlTula (Libra)R, T Full of passion; Music; Colour4
RageswarigirlTula (Libra)R, TGoddess of melody; Master of Melodic modes2
RaghavigirlTula (Libra)R, T Music3
RaghdgirlTula (Libra)R, T Pleasant2
RagigirlTula (Libra)R, T Loving8
RaginigirlTula (Libra)R, TA melody4
RahatgirlTula (Libra)R, T Relief3
RahinigirlTula (Libra)R, T Goddess Saraswati5
RaiehagirlTula (Libra)R, T Fragarance; Khushboo6
RaimagirlTula (Libra)R, T Pleasing6
RainagirlTula (Libra)R, T Night7
RaisagirlTula (Libra)R, T Leader; Flower3
RajagirlTula (Libra)R, T King-Queen3
RajaggirlTula (Libra)R, T Universal awareness1
RajahansagirlTula (Libra)R, T Swan1
RajalaksmigirlTula (Libra)R, TGoddess Lakshmi; Goddess of fortune5
RajanigirlTula (Libra)R, TNight8
RajashrigirlTula (Libra)R, T Royalty3
RajasigirlTula (Libra)R, T Worthy of a king4
RajatagirlTula (Libra)R, T Silver6
RajdularigirlTula (Libra)R, T Dear princess4
RajeshrigirlTula (Libra)R, TQueen7
RajeshvarigirlTula (Libra)R, T Princess3
RajeshwarigirlTula (Libra)R, T Goddess Parvati4
RajhansgirlTula (Libra)R, T Swan8
RajhansagirlTula (Libra)R, T Swan9
RajigirlTula (Libra)R, T Shining2
RajikagirlTula (Libra)R, T Lamp5
RajindergirlTula (Libra)R, TVariant of 'Rajendra'; King Indra7
RajitagirlTula (Libra)R, T Bright; Brilliant5
RajithagirlTula (Libra)R, T Illuminated4
RajivinigirlTula (Libra)R, T Collection of blue lotuses2
RajkumarigirlTula (Libra)R, T Princess3
RajnandinigirlTula (Libra)R, T Princess4
RajnigirlTula (Libra)R, TNight7
RajritagirlTula (Libra)R, T Prince of living5
RajshrigirlTula (Libra)R, T Sage-like king2
RajulgirlTula (Libra)R, T Brilliant8
RajveergirlTula (Libra)R, TBrave King7
RajvigirlTula (Libra)R, TRuling6
RakagirlTula (Libra)R, T Full moon4
RakheegirlTula (Libra)R, T Symbol of protection; Thread of brother3
RakhigirlTula (Libra)R, TBond (a Thread) of protection between brother - sister2
RakshagirlTula (Libra)R, TProtection4
RakshitagirlTula (Libra)R, T Protection6
RakshmagirlTula (Libra)R, T Rich girl8
RaktigirlTula (Libra)R, T Pleasing5
RamagirlTula (Libra)R, T Goddess Lakshmi6
RamaagirlTula (Libra)R, TGoddess Lakshmi7
RamanagirlTula (Libra)R, T Enchanting3
RamanigirlTula (Libra)R, T Beautiful Girl2
RamanikagirlTula (Libra)R, T Handsome5
RambhagirlTula (Libra)R, TGorgious; Beautiful; Celestial Dancer7
RameshwarigirlTula (Libra)R, T Parvati7
RamilagirlTula (Libra)R, TLover9
RaminigirlTula (Libra)R, T Beautiful girl1
RamitagirlTula (Libra)R, T Pleasing8
RamithagirlTula (Libra)R, T Pleasing7
RamolagirlTula (Libra)R, T Who takes interest in everything6
RamonagirlTula (Libra)R, T Might Protector8
RamragirlTula (Libra)R, T Splendour6
RamuniqegirlTula (Libra)R, T Beautiful girl8
RamyagirlTula (Libra)R, TDelightful; Beautiful4
RandgirlTula (Libra)R, T Tree of good scent1
RanganagirlTula (Libra)R, T A flower2
RangitagirlTula (Libra)R, T Charming; Coloured7
RangithagirlTula (Libra)R, T Charmed6
RangoligirlTula (Libra)R, TA colourful design made near the entrance to a house4
RanhitagirlTula (Libra)R, T Quick8
RanhithagirlTula (Libra)R, T Swift7
RanigirlTula (Libra)R, TQueen6
RanitagirlTula (Libra)R, T Tinkling9
RaniyagirlTula (Libra)R, T Gazing5
RanjangirlTula (Libra)R, T Enjoyment4
RanjanagirlTula (Libra)R, T Entertainment; Delightful5
RanjikagirlTula (Libra)R, T Exciting1
RanjinigirlTula (Libra)R, T Pleasing3
RanjitagirlTula (Libra)R, TAmusing; Decorated; Adorned1
RanjudeepgirlTula (Libra)R, T Pleasant4
RanvithagirlTula (Libra)R, T Joyous3
RanyagirlTula (Libra)R, T Pleasant5
RashagirlTula (Libra)R, T Young gazelle2
RasheedagirlTula (Libra)R, T Wise; Mature7
RashigirlTula (Libra)R, TA star constellation; a collection of wealth1
RashikagirlTula (Libra)R, T A ray of light4
RashmigirlTula (Libra)R, TA ray of light5
RashmikagirlTula (Libra)R, T Ray of light8
RashnagirlTula (Libra)R, T A ray of light7
RasikagirlTula (Libra)R, T Connosseur5
RasnagirlTula (Libra)R, T The tongue8
RatanjaligirlTula (Libra)R, T Red sandal wood5
RathikagirlTula (Libra)R, T Satisfied5
RathnagirlTula (Libra)R, T Pearl8
RatigirlTula (Libra)R, TConsort of cupid; Love; Joy3
RatnagirlTula (Libra)R, T Precious stone9
RatnabalagirlTula (Libra)R, T Jewelled7
RatnabaligirlTula (Libra)R, T String of pearls6
RatnajyotigirlTula (Libra)R, T Lustrous jewel7
RatnalekhagirlTula (Libra)R, T Splendour of jewels1
RatnaligirlTula (Libra)R, T A jewelled3
RatnamalagirlTula (Libra)R, T String of pearls9
RatnangigirlTula (Libra)R, T Jewel-bodied3
RatnapriyagirlTula (Libra)R, T Lover of jewels6
RatnavaligirlTula (Libra)R, T A bunch of gems8
RatrinightgirlTula (Libra)R, T A Name for Goddess Durga7
RattangirlTula (Libra)R, TGem2
RattigirlTula (Libra)R, T Wife of Kamdeva5
RavaligirlTula (Libra)R, TEshwar; God9
RaveenagirlTula (Libra)R, TSunny; Beauty of the Sun3
RaviprabhagirlTula (Libra)R, T Light of the sun6
RawdhagirlTula (Libra)R, T Garden1
RayagirlTula (Libra)R, T Flow; Sated with drink9
RaynagirlTula (Libra)R, T Queen; Pure5
ReagirlTula (Libra)R, T Flower name for Poppy6
RebhagirlTula (Libra)R, T Sings praises7
ReemgirlTula (Libra)R, T Gazelle5
ReemagirlTula (Libra)R, TGoddess Durga; White antelope6
ReeshagirlTula (Libra)R, TSanity2
RekhagirlTula (Libra)R, TLine; Limit7
RenugirlTula (Libra)R, TAtom; Grain of sand4
RenukagirlTula (Libra)R, TThe mother of Parasurama, the sixth incarnation of Lord Vishnu7
ReshmagirlTula (Libra)R, TSilk1
RevatigirlTula (Libra)R, TA star; Wife of Balarama; Prosperity3
RichagirlTula (Libra)R, THymn; The writing of the Vedas; Verses of Sanskrit3
RiddhigirlTula (Libra)R, TGood Fortune7
RinzengirlTula (Libra)R, TThe holder of intellect5
RishitagirlTula (Libra)R, TThe best3
RitagirlTula (Libra)R, TBrave; Honest3
RitikagirlTula (Libra)R, TMovement; Of brass; Flowing Stream5
RitugirlTula (Libra)R, TSeason5
RiyagirlTula (Libra)R, TGraceful; A singer; Flower8
RohanagirlTula (Libra)R, TSandalwood3
RohinigirlTula (Libra)R, TA star; Sandalwood tree1
RojagirlTula (Libra)R, TRose8
RomagirlTula (Libra)R, TLakshmi2
RomilagirlTula (Libra)R, THeartfelt; Deeply or sincerely felt5
RonakgirlTula (Libra)R, TDelight5
RoopagirlTula (Libra)R, TBlessed with beauty2
RoopaligirlTula (Libra)R, TBeautiful5
RoopindargirlTula (Libra)R, TGod of Beauty2
RosegirlTula (Libra)R, TA variety of flower3
RoshinigirlTula (Libra)R, TLight; Brightness2
RoshnigirlTula (Libra)R, TLight; Brightness2
RubygirlTula (Libra)R, TA red gemstone3
RuchigirlTula (Libra)R, TInterest; Beauty; Lustre; Light5
RuchikagirlTula (Libra)R, TShining; Beautiful; Desirous8
RuhigirlTula (Libra)R, TSoulful2
RuhingirlTula (Libra)R, TSpiritual7
RukhmanigirlTula (Libra)R, TWife of Lord Krishna5
RumagirlTula (Libra)R, TLight8
RupalgirlTula (Libra)R, TMade of Silver5
RupasigirlTula (Libra)R, TBeautiful3
RupindergirlTula (Libra)R, TBeautiful6
RutujagirlTula (Libra)R, TRelated with Season6
SaachigirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Truth5
SaalihagirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Good; Useful6
SaalimagirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Safe; Healthy2
SaamiyagirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Elevated; Lofty6
SaanchithagirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Collection of Verses3
SaanjhgirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Evening8
SaanvigirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Goddess Lakshmi3
SaashigirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Moon3
SaatvikagirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Calm3
SabagirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Early morning breeze5
SabeenagirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Beautiful2
SabihagirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Beautiful4
SabinagirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShBeautiful1
SabitagirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShBeautiful Sunshine7
SabranggirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Rainbow8
SabrigirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Lord Ram's devotees4
SabrinagirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Princess1
SachigirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShWife of Lord Indra4
SachikagirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Kind7
SachitagirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Consciousness7
SadagirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Always7
SadabhujagirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Goddess Durga4
SadafgirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Pearl4
SadagatigirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Liberation8
SadgatagirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Who moves in the right direction8
SadgatigirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Liberation7
SadgunagirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Good virtues4
SadhangirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Fulfulment2
SadhanagirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShWorship; Long Practice/study3
SadhikagirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Achiever8
SadhnagirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Worship2
SadhrigirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Conqueror5
SadhvigirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Virtuous woman9
SadhyagirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Perfection4
SadiquagirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Kindly9
SadvitagirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Combination4
SaeegirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Female friend3
SaeedagirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Priestly8
SaeshagirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh With great desire and wish8
SafagirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Clarity; Purity; Serenity9
SafiagirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Chaste9
SafiyagirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Untroubled; Serene; Pure; Best friend7
SagaragirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Ocean2
SagarigirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Of the ocean1
SagarikagirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Wave; Born in the ocean4
SagungirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Auspicious8
SagunagirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Possessed of good qualities9
SahalagirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Smooth6
SahanagirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh A raga; Patience8
SahasragirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh A new beginning4
SaheligirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShFriend9
SahengirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Friend2
SahergirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Morning; Subha6
SahibagirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh The lady4
SahilagirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Guide5
SahimagirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Snowed6
SahiragirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShMountain2
SahithagirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Being near3
SahithigirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Literature2
SahityagirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Literature2
SahlagirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Smooth; Soft; Fluent; Flowing style5
SahnagirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Form; Figure; Complexion7
SahojgirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Strong8
SaijayanigirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Personification of Victory; A Name for Shirdi Sai Baba8
SaikiranagirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh A beam of light from deity Saibaba2
SailajagirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Lord Parvathi; Daughter of Parvatha8
SaileegirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Name of flower; Shadow of Lord Sai6
SaimagirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Mother of flowers7
SairagirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShHappy; Beautiful; Traveller3
SairahgirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Beautiful2
SaishagirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh God3
SaiyettegirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Princess5
SajalagirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Clouds8
SajanigirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShBeloved9
SajiligirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Decorated6
SajnigirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Beloved8
SakeenagirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh God-inspired peace of mind; Tranquillity2
SakethagirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Shri Krishna2
SakheegirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Tranquility4
SakhigirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Friend3
SakinagirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Friend1
SakshigirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShWitness4
SaktigirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Energy; Goodness6
SaleemagirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Safe; Healthy2
SalenagirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh The moon7
SalilagirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Water9
SalimagirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Happy1
SalmagirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Peace1
SalmavatigirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShPeaceful8
SalonigirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShBeautiful7
SalwagirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Quail; Solace2
SamaahgirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Generosity7
SamaligirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShBouquet1
SamanvigirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh One who poses all best qualities7
SamaptigirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Wealth7
SamargirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Evening conversations7
SamaragirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Guarded; Protected by God8
SamatagirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Equality1
SambodhigirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Full of knowledge8
SameehagirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Generous7
SameekshagirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Abstract1
SameenagirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Happy4
SameeragirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShEarly morning fragrance; Entertaining companion8
SamhitagirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh A vedic omposition8
SamidhagirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh An offering for a sacred fire1
SamikagirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Peaceful9
SamikshagirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Analysis; Overview9
SaminagirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShHappy3
SamiragirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh A chameli flower7
SamitgirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Collected8
SamitagirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Collected9
SamiyagirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Incomparable5
SammathigirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Agreement3
SampadagirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Wealthy1
SampattigirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Wealth9
SampreethigirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Joy; Satisfaction; Delight6
SampritigirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Attachement6
SamreengirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh A lovely quite girl3
SamriddhigirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Prosperity4
SamrithigirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Meeting7
SamrtagirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Provided with Nectar9
SamskaragirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Ethics2
SamtagirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShEquality9
SamudragirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Ocean; Sea5
SamyuktagirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Goddess Durga3
SamyukthagirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Goddess Devi2
SanagirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Praise; Prayer8
SanahgirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Skilful; Radiance; Elegance7
SanamgirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShBeloved3
SanandagirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Happy9
SanatanigirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Goddess Durga7
SanayagirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Eminent; Distinguished7
SanchalagirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Sanskrit synonym for water5
SanchaligirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Movement4
SanchaygirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Collection8
SanchayagirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Collection9
SanchitagirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Collection3
SandhanagirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Worship; Hard practice8
SandhayagirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Collection1
SandhyagirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShEvening; Sundown; Twilight; Dusk9
SandikagirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Vibrant; Beautiful5
SandyagirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Sunset time; Name of a God1
SanemigirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Perfect7
SangeetagirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShMusic; Musical9
SangeethagirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Music8
SangitagirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Music8
SangmugirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShThe kind-hearted one3
SangyagirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Intellect; Wife of Surya Dev4
SanigirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Gift7
SanihagirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Near7
SanikagirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShFlute1
SanithigirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Obtainment8
SaniyagirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Moment6
SanjanagirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShGentle6
SanjayagirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Triumphant8
SanjeevanigirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Immortality1
SanjitagirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShTriumphant; Successful; Victorious2
SanjivanigirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Immortality9
SanjivnigirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShImmortality8
SanjnagirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Well Known5
SanjoligirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Period of twilight8
SanjuktagirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Wife of king prithviraj; Union7
SanjulagirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShBeautiful6
SanjushreegirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Beautiful3
SankarigirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Goddess Parvati1
SankulgirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Full of6
SannidhigirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Nearness6
SanobargirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Palm tree7
SanojagirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Eternal6
SansitagirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Praise2
SanskritigirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Culture3
SanskrutigirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Culture6
SantatigirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Granter of Issues; Goddess Durga3
SantawanagirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Consolation4
SantayanigirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Of the evening5
SanthigirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Peace8
SantosagirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Content; Satisfied8
SantoshgirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Satisfaction6
SantoshigirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Godess Name6
SantushtigirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Complete satisfaction5
SanvaligirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Dusky6
SanvigirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Goddess Laxmi2
SanwarigirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Dusky4
SanyagirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShBorn on Saturday6
SanyaktagirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Joined; United2
SanyuktagirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Union4
SaparnagirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Leafy7
SaphalagirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Successful4
SapnagirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShDream6
SaragirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShPrecious; Princess; Pure; Excellent; Pleasant3
SarabjeetgirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShWinning all9
SaradagirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShGoddess Saraswati8
SarahgirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShPrincess; Pure; Excellent; Pleasant2
SarahnagirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Praise; Appreciation8
SarakshigirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Good sight5
SaralagirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShHonest; Straight Forward7
SaramagirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Wife of Bibhisan8
SarangigirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh A spotted deo; A ragini6
SaranigirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Protecting8
SaranyagirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Surrendered7
SarasagirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Swan5
SarasigirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Lake4
SarasvatigirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh A goddess of learning2
SaraswatigirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShGoddess of wisdom3
SarathagirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh The God Saraswathi Devi5
SaravatigirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh A river1
SarayugirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh A holy river4
SarbanigirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Goddess Durga1
SargamgirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh 7 basic notes of Music5
SarginigirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Composed of parts5
SarikagirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh A parrot5
SarishagirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShCharming3
SaritgirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh River4
SaritagirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShRiver5
SariyahgirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Column9
SarjanagirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Creative; Creation1
SarjenagirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Creative5
SarjitagirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh The One Who Creates6
SarlagirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Straight forward6
SarmilagirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShShy; Happy; Modest; Variant of 'Sharmila'1
SarmisthagirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh A daughter of Vrsaparvan9
SarojgirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShLotus Flower9
SarojagirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShBorn in a lake1
SarojinigirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShLotus5
SaruchigirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Wonderful7
SarupagirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Beautiful4
SarupranigirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Beautiful woman9
SarvagjnagirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Goddess Durga3
SarvajinagirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Durga; Who knows everything5
SarvarigirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Night7
SarvikagirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Universal9
SaryugirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh River Sharayu3
SashigirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Moon2
SasmitagirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Smiling1
SasthigirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Goddess Durga4
SathagirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Dishonest4
SatigirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Chaste woman4
SatvarigirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Night9
SatvigirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Existence8
SatvikigirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Goddess Durga1
SatyagirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Truth3
SatyakigirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh One who is truthful5
SatyarupagirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Truth; Personified5
SatyavatigirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Mother of Vyasa; Truthful1
SaudaminigirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Lightning1
SaujanyagirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Kind2
SaukhyagirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Happy; Comfortable5
SaumyagirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Mild8
SaumyaagirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Goddess Durga9
SaumyigirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Moonlight7
SaundaryagirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Beauty5
SauragirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Celestial6
SavarnagirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Daughter of the Ocean4
SavitagirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShSun9
SavitashrigirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Lustre of the sun9
SavithagirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Bright8
SavitrigirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShGoddess Saraswati; A river8
SawdagirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Proper name3
SawinigirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh A river3
SawsangirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Lily of the valley5
SayagirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Close of day1
SayaligirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Flower4
SayantinigirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Evening4
SayeedagirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Leader6
SayurigirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Flower3
SchaelygirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Fairy forte1
SeemagirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShBoundary; Limit7
SeemantigirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Parting line5
SeemantinigirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Woman1
SeeratgirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShWisdom5
SejalgirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShRiver water; Full of water2
SelinagirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Star in the sky6
SelmagirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Fair5
SelvigirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Happy prosperous daughter4
SemantigirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh A white rose9
SemantikagirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Flower3
SenoritagirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Sweet2
SerenagirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Quiet8
SeshagirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Sserpent who symbolises time7
SetugirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Sacred symbol2
SevagirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Worship2
SevatigirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh White rose4
SevitagirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Cherished4
ShaadiyagirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Singer5
ShababgirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Beauty6
ShabadpreetgirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShThe one who loves the Holy Word9
ShabalinigirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh A mossy3
ShabanagirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShDecorated1
ShabarigirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh A tribal devotee of Lord Rama4
ShabnamgirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Dew4
ShabnumgirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Sew6
ShachigirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Wife of Lord Indra3
ShadangirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Cheerful; Prosperous; Happy2
ShaguftagirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Flowering2
ShagungirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Auspicious moment7
ShahedagirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Whitness1
ShaheenagirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Tender7
ShahnasgirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh A tune7
ShahnazgirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Pride and bride of the king5
ShahzeelagirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Beautiful4
ShailagirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShStone; Mountain; Goddess Parvati5
ShailajagirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Goddess Parvati7
ShaileygirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Style; Art7
ShailigirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShStyle4
ShaistagirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Well behaved5
ShaivigirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Prosperity5
ShakambarigirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Goddess Parvati2
ShakayagirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Voices in the wind life3
ShakeelgirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Handsome7
ShakeelagirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Beautiful8
ShakinigirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Goddess Parvati8
ShaktigirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShThe powerful one5
ShakuntalagirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShWife of Dushyant9
ShalakagirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Goddess Parvati8
ShalakhagirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Goddess Parvati7
ShalalugirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Perfume2
ShalikagirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Flute7
ShalingirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Silk-cottom tree9
ShalinigirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShModesty9
ShalmaligirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Silk-cottom tree3
ShamagirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh A flame6
ShambhavigirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Goddess Parvati2
ShameenagirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Beautiful3
ShamianagirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Tent3
ShamimgirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Fire9
ShaminigirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Cute1
ShamitagirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShPeace Maker8
ShamithagirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Who is calm and disciplined7
ShampagirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Lightning4
ShamshadgirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShGraceful1
ShanatagirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Peaceful1
ShankarigirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Goddess Parvati9
ShansagirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Praise8
ShantagirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShPeaceful9
ShantahgirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Peace; Name of a God8
ShantalagirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Goddess Parvati4
ShantigirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShPeace; The tranquil one8
SharadagirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShGodess Saraswati7
SharadaagirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShVariant of 'Sharada'8
SharadinigirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Autumn2
SharaligirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Union5
SharanjeetgirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShOne who attains the Guru's shelter2
SharanyagirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Surrender6
SharayugirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh River in Ayodhya3
ShardagirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShGoddess Saraswati6
ShardambhagirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Goddess Saraswati3
ShareefagirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Noble9
SharigirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Arrow1
SharikagirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Goddess Durga4
SharinigirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Earth6
SharmilagirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShThe protected one; Shy9
SharmistagirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Wife of Yavati9
SharmisthagirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Wife of Yayati8
SharvanigirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Goddess Parvati2
SharvarigirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh The night6
SharvigirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Divine5
ShashagirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Moon2
ShashigirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShMoon1
ShashibalagirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh The moon8
ShashikalagirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShMoon Light; Brightness of Moon8
ShashinigirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Moon6
ShaswatigirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Eternal1
ShatakshigirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Goddess Durga6
ShatarupagirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Lord Shiva6
ShathagirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Aromatic3
ShavetagirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Saraswati4
ShaynagirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Beautiful5
SheebagirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShPromise; Oath4
SheelagirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShCool; Good Character5
SheengirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShSnow6
SheetalgirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShCool7
ShefaligirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShA flower6
ShefalikagirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh A flower9
ShehlagirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Dark brown; Almost black; Goats eye8
ShejaligirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh A fruit1
ShekhargirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Lord Shiva7
ShellygirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Style; Manner; Method9
ShenethagirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Graceful8
SherylgirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh A Popular twentieth century name6
ShevalinigirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh A river9
ShevantigirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh A flower8
ShezreengirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Particle of gold1
ShibanigirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Goddess Durga8
ShichigirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Glow2
ShiestagirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Modest; Disciplined; Cultured; Eminent9
ShifagirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Friend; Truthful7
ShikhagirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShFlame2
ShilagirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShStrong Stone; Rock4
ShilavatigirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh A river2
ShilpagirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShStone; Well-proportioned2
ShilpitagirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Well- proportioned4
ShinatgirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Beautiful lady8
ShinjinigirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Anklebells2
ShinjithagirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Sweet noise8
ShipragirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShA River; One of the sacred rivers in Hinduism; Purity8
ShireengirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShSweet; Pleasant; Gente; Delicate6
ShireeshagirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Flower2
ShiringirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Sweet5
ShirinagirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Night6
ShitalgirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Cold6
ShiuligirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh A flower6
ShivakantagirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Goddess Durga7
ShivakarigirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShSource of Auspicious Things; Goddess Lakshmi8
ShivaligirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Goddess Parvati8
ShivangigirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Beautiful8
ShivanigirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShGoddess Parvati1
ShivanjaligirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Lord shiva6
ShivannegirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Goddess Parvati2
ShivanshigirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh A part of Shiv1
ShiveenagirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Parvathi2
ShivikagirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Palanquin7
ShivinagirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Parvathi1
ShivligirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Flower7
ShleshagirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh More than enough9
ShlokagirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Verse3
ShobagirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Beauty9
ShobhagirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShFortunate; Attractive; Splendour8
ShobhanagirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShSplendid; Shining; Glowing; The beautiful one5
ShobhitagirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Splendid1
ShobhnagirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Ornamental; Shining4
ShobnagirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Ornamental; Shining; Beautiful5
ShomiligirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShBeautiful and Elegant4
ShraddhagirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShFaith; Trust; Veneration; Devoted9
ShradhagirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShVariant of 'Shraddha'5
ShreeyagirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShAuspicious; Goddess Lakshmi9
ShresthgirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShPerfect; Best of all7
ShreyagirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShBeautiful; Auspicious; Better; To give credit to someone4
ShreyashigirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShGood4
ShrigirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShGoddess Lakshmi9
ShridevigirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShGoddess Lakshmi4
ShrishtigirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShUniverse2
ShrutigirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShExpert in Vedas5
ShubhagirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShAuspicious; Goddess Lakshmi5
ShubhapradagirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShGranter of Auspicious Things; Goddess Lakshmi9
ShuhulgirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShKind8
ShushmagirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShBeautiful Woman8
SibanigirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShGoddess Parvati9
SiddhigirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShEver Ready to Protect; Goddess8
SimrangirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShRemembrance; Meditation2
SitagirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShThe wife of Lord Rama; Daughter of Janak4
SitaragirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShMorning star5
SiyagirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShSita9
SmitagirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShSmile; Ever smiling lady8
SmritigirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShMemory: Recollection7
SnehagirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShAffectionate; Love2
SobhanagirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShVariant of 'Shobhana'6
SohagirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShA star7
SomagirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShMoon-rays3
SonagirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShGold4
SonalgirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShGolden7
SonaligirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShGolden7
SonamgirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShThe fortunate one; Beautiful8
SonigirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShWise; Wisdom; Golden; Pretty3
SonthgirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShSpring4
SonugirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShFamiliar with gold; Beloved6
SridevigirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShVariant of 'Shridevi'5
StutigirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShPraise; Worship8
SubhashinigirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShSoft Spoken; Nice girl; Well-spoken2
SubhasinigirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShWell-spoken3
SuchetagirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShWith a beautiful mind5
SuchitagirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShPurity; Beautiful9
SudarsinigirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShBeautiful6
SudevagirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShDivine Goddness9
SudhagirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShNectar8
SuhasinigirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShEver-Smiling1
SujatagirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShOf noble birth9
SukanyagirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShBeautiful Girl; Comely2
SukhbirgirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShWarrior of peace7
SukhjeetgirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShRemaining in peace9
SukhjotgirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShLight of Peace5
SukhrajgirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShKing of Peace7
SullagirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShFortunate2
SumagirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShFlower9
SumalathagirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShFlower Creeper6
SumangirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShCheerful and wise5
SumitagirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShA good friend2
SumitragirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShName of the mother of Lakshmana; Good Friend2
SunainagirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShOne who has beautiful eyes7
SunitagirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShOne with good morals3
SuparnagirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShGoddess Parvati; Leafy9
SupriyagirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShBeloved1
SurabhigirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShWish-yielding cow; Fragrance; Beauty6
SuravigirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShSun9
SurindergirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShThe king of gods; Lord Indra9
SurjotgirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShGodly light4
SuryakantamgirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShBrightness of the sun; Loved by the sun9
SuseelagirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShGood charactered woman; Good conduct; Well-Behaved1
SushmagirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShBeautiful woman9
SushmitagirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShGood Smile2
SwapnagirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShDream; Dream Like2
SwaragirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShTune; Self Shining8
SwarnagirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShGold4
SwarnalatagirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShLustrous2
SwatigirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShName of a star; a nakshatra9
SwetagirlKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShFair complexioned5
TabassumgirlKanya (Vigro)P, TH A flower6
TabasummgirlKanya (Vigro)P, TH Sweet smile9
TabreeshagirlKanya (Vigro)P, TH Free as a bird7
TadyatagirlKanya (Vigro)P, TH Self awerness9
TajgirlKanya (Vigro)P, THCrown; Jewel4
TalikagirlKanya (Vigro)P, THRope; A Bird9
TalikhagirlKanya (Vigro)P, TH Nightingale8
TalligirlKanya (Vigro)P, TH Young9
TalliegirlKanya (Vigro)P, TH Heaven's dew5
TalyagirlKanya (Vigro)P, TH Reach bearer5
TamadhurgirlKanya (Vigro)P, TH Proper name5
TamaligirlKanya (Vigro)P, TH A tree with very dark bark2
TamalikagirlKanya (Vigro)P, TH Belonging to a place full of Tamal5
TamannagirlKanya (Vigro)P, TH Desire1
TamaraigirlKanya (Vigro)P, TH Lotus Flower; Beautiful9
TamasagirlKanya (Vigro)P, TH A river; Darkness1
TamasigirlKanya (Vigro)P, TH Night9
TamburagirlKanya (Vigro)P, TH A musical instrument4
TammannagirlKanya (Vigro)P, THDesire5
TanavigirlKanya (Vigro)P, TH Delicate4
TanayagirlKanya (Vigro)P, TH Son8
TanazgirlKanya (Vigro)P, TH Delicate body8
TaneeshagirlKanya (Vigro)P, THAmbition1
TanikagirlKanya (Vigro)P, TH Rope2
TanimagirlKanya (Vigro)P, TH Slenderness4
TanirikagirlKanya (Vigro)P, THA flower2
TanishagirlKanya (Vigro)P, TH Ambition9
TanishkagirlKanya (Vigro)P, TH Goddess of gold2
TanisigirlKanya (Vigro)P, TH Goddess Durga9
TaniyagirlKanya (Vigro)P, TH Daughter7
TanmanyigirlKanya (Vigro)P, TH Ecstasy7
TanmayagirlKanya (Vigro)P, TH Absorbed3
TanmayeegirlKanya (Vigro)P, TH Ecstasy3
TanmayigirlKanya (Vigro)P, TH Ecstasy in sanskrit and telugu2
TannishthagirlKanya (Vigro)P, TH Dedicated6
TanseemgirlKanya (Vigro)P, TH Salute of paradise5
TansigirlKanya (Vigro)P, TH Beautiful Princess9
TansneemgirlKanya (Vigro)P, TH A river in paradise1
TanugirlKanya (Vigro)P, THBody2
TanujagirlKanya (Vigro)P, THDaughter4
TanukagirlKanya (Vigro)P, TH Slender5
TanulgirlKanya (Vigro)P, TH River that flows delicately5
TanushagirlKanya (Vigro)P, TH A blessing3
TanushreegirlKanya (Vigro)P, THBeautiful3
TanushrigirlKanya (Vigro)P, THBeautiful2
TanvangigirlKanya (Vigro)P, TH Delicate girl7
TanveegirlKanya (Vigro)P, TH Slender; Beautiful; Delicate4
TanvigirlKanya (Vigro)P, THSlender; Soft; A delicate girl3
TanyagirlKanya (Vigro)P, THOf the family; Body7
TanzilgirlKanya (Vigro)P, TH Beautification of paradise1
TapanigirlKanya (Vigro)P, TH The river Godavari7
TapasigirlKanya (Vigro)P, TH A female ascetic3
TapasyagirlKanya (Vigro)P, TH Meditation2
TapatigirlKanya (Vigro)P, TH The sun's daughter4
TapigirlKanya (Vigro)P, TH Name of a river1
TaptigirlKanya (Vigro)P, TH A river3
TaragirlKanya (Vigro)P, THStar; Wife of Lord Brihaspati4
TaraigirlKanya (Vigro)P, TH Star4
TarakagirlKanya (Vigro)P, TH Star7
TarakinigirlKanya (Vigro)P, TH Starry night2
TaralagirlKanya (Vigro)P, TH Honeybee8
TaralikagirlKanya (Vigro)P, TH Star1
TaranagirlKanya (Vigro)P, TH A musical composition1
TaranginigirlKanya (Vigro)P, TH A river3
TaranigirlKanya (Vigro)P, TH Goddess Earth9
TarannumgirlKanya (Vigro)P, TH Melody3
TaranpreetgirlKanya (Vigro)P, TH Sweetness of music1
TaranumgirlKanya (Vigro)P, TH Melody7
TarikagirlKanya (Vigro)P, TH Starlet6
TarinigirlKanya (Vigro)P, TH Goddess Parvati8
TaritagirlKanya (Vigro)P, TH Goddess Durga6
TarjanigirlKanya (Vigro)P, TH The first finger1
TarjnigirlKanya (Vigro)P, TH Third finger9
TarlagirlKanya (Vigro)P, TH Nectar7
TarligirlKanya (Vigro)P, TH Star6
TaroobgirlKanya (Vigro)P, TH Merry8
TarshinigirlKanya (Vigro)P, TH Donate8
TarugirlKanya (Vigro)P, TH Tree6
TarulatagirlKanya (Vigro)P, TH A creeper4
TarunagirlKanya (Vigro)P, THYoung Girl3
TarunigirlKanya (Vigro)P, TH Young Girl2
TarunikagirlKanya (Vigro)P, TH Young Girl5
TarunimagirlKanya (Vigro)P, TH Youth7
TarzgirlKanya (Vigro)P, TH Music rythem2
TashigirlKanya (Vigro)P, THProsperity3
TashvigirlKanya (Vigro)P, TH Composed; Charming7
TasneemgirlKanya (Vigro)P, TH A river in heaven5
TatinigirlKanya (Vigro)P, TH River1
TauheedgirlKanya (Vigro)P, TH Victoriuos1
TavisagirlKanya (Vigro)P, TH Victorious9
TavishigirlKanya (Vigro)P, TH Courage7
TeerthagirlKanya (Vigro)P, TH Place of pilgrimage5
TejalgirlKanya (Vigro)P, THLustrous; Radiant3
TejaswanigirlKanya (Vigro)P, THOne who spreads illumination; Lord Shiva3
TejaswinigirlKanya (Vigro)P, THRadiant; Lustrous2
TejbirgirlKanya (Vigro)P, THThe glory of the brave one1
TenzingirlKanya (Vigro)P, THProtector of Dharma7
TinagirlKanya (Vigro)P, THRiver; An instrument; Christ's follower8
TiyagirlKanya (Vigro)P, THA bird1
TrishagirlKanya (Vigro)P, THWish; Desire; Thirst3
TrishalagirlKanya (Vigro)P, THMother of Lord Mahavir; Trident7
TrishanagirlKanya (Vigro)P, THThirst; Desire9
TulsigirlKanya (Vigro)P, THThe sacred basil9
TwinklegirlKanya (Vigro)P, THGlow; shine; sparkle4
UdayagirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Dawn7
UdbalagirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Strong5
UdgitagirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W A hymn8
UdichigirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W One who grows with prosperity9
UdiptigirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WFire7
UditagirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W One who has risen1
UditigirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Rising9
UdyatigirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WThe Rising8
UjaalagirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WOne who radiates the light1
UjalagirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WBrightness9
UjasgirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Bright6
UjhalagirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Light8
UjjalagirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Bright1
UjjaninigirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W An ancient city7
UjjwalagirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Bright; Lustrous6
UjvalagirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Bright; Lighted4
UjwalagirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WBright; Lustrous5
UktigirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Part of speech7
UlagammalgirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Mother of the world9
UlkagirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Mateorite9
UllalagigirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W With inner beauty3
UllupigirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Pretty face1
UlupigirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Wife of Arjuna; The Pandava prince7
UlupyagirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Pretty face6
UmagirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WGoddess Parvati8
UmaimahgirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Little mother3
UmanggirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Enthusiasm; Happiness2
UmikagirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Goddess Parvati1
UmraogirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Noble5
UnjaligirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Blessing4
UnmagirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Joy4
UnnathigirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Progress6
UnnatigirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WProgress; Development7
UnnigirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Lead4
UnnttigirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Progress8
UpadhritigirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W A ray7
UpalagirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Sandy shore6
UpamagirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Comparison7
UpasanagirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WWorship; Devotion; Homage1
UpasnagirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Worship9
UphargirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Gift1
UpkargirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Gift4
UpmagirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W The best6
UragirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W The heart4
UrishillagirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Excellent1
UrishitagirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Firm6
UrjagirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Energy5
UrjitagirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Excited7
UrmigirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WWave7
UrmikagirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Small wave1
UrmilgirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Wife of Lakshmana - Lord Rama's brother1
UrmilagirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WWife of Lakshmana - Lord Rama's brother2
UrmimalagirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Garland of waves7
UrnagirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Cover9
UrshitagirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Firm6
UrsulagirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Little bear2
UrvashigirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WThe most beautiful Apsara - maiden; A celestial maiden8
UrvasigirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Most beautiful of Apsaras9
UrvigirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WEarth7
UshagirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WMorning; Dawn; Sun rise4
UshakirangirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Rays of morning sun3
UsharvigirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Raga in the morning8
UshashigirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Morning4
UshigirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W A Plant3
UshmagirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WHeat8
UshtagirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Everlasting happiness; Illumination6
UsragirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W First light5
UsrigirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W A river4
UtalikagirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Wave3
UthamigirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Honest9
UtkarshagirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Proud9
UtpalagirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Lotus8
UtpalakshigirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Goddess Laxmi1
UtpalinigirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Lotus pond3
UtsagirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Spring7
UtsavigirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Festivities2
UttaragirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Daughter of king Virata; A star9
VaagdevigirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Goddess of learning; Saraswath8
VaanadhigirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Milky way6
VaanikagirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Sita5
VaanyagirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Idle daughter1
VachagirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Speech8
VagdevigirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Goddess Sarawati7
VagishwarigirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Goddess Saraswati9
VahinigirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Flowing9
VaibhavigirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Affluence2
VaidarbhigirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Rukhmini; Wife of Krishna2
VaidehigirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Name of Sita4
VaidyagirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Healer8
VaijayantigirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WPrize; Garland of Lord Vishnu4
VaijayantimalagirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WLord Vishnu's garland4
VainavigirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Gold6
VaisakhigirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Auspicious day in Punjab8
VaishaligirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WAn ancient city of India9
VaishavigirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Goddess Parvati1
VaishnavigirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Goddess Parvati; Worshipper of Lord Vishnu6
VaishvigirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WGoddess Parvati; Worshipper of Lord Vishnu9
VajragirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Diamond7
ValinigirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Stars4
VallarigirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Goddess Parvati; Creeper3
ValligirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Creeper2
VallikagirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Creeper5
VamagirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Woman1
VamakshigirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Beautiful eyes3
VamikagirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Goddess Durga3
VamsigirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Flute of Lord Krishna1
VanadurgagirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Goddess Parvati8
VanajagirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W A forest Girl4
VanalikagirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Sunflower8
VanamalagirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Garland of forests2
VananigirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Forest7
VanathigirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Of the forest3
VancagirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Wish; Desire5
VandanagirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WWorship; Salute3
VanditagirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Adored8
VaneesagirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Pure4
VaneetgirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Slender; Intelligent; Loving beauty4
VanessagirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Butterfly9
VanhigirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Fire9
VanigirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WGoddess Saraswati; Words coming out from mouth; Language1
VaniagirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W God's gift2
VaninigirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Soft spoken6
VanishagirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Pure2
VanishrigirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Goddess Saraswati1
VanitagirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WWoman4
VanmalagirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Wildflower garland1
VanmalligirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Wild flower3
VanmayigirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Goddess Saraswati4
VanshigirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WFlute1
VanshikagirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Flute4
VaragirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Blessing6
VaraagirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Goddess Parvati7
VaradagirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Goddess Lakshmi2
VaralakshmigirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WThe consort of Lord Vishnu; Mahalakshmi7
VaraligirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Moon9
VaralikagirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Goddess Durga3
VaranagirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W A river3
VardagirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W A deity; A river; Giver of boons1
VarigirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Water; Sea5
VarijgirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Lotus6
VarijagirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Lotus7
VarnikagirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Beautifully coloured4
VarnugirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Coloured4
VarshagirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WRain6
VarshanagirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Birth place of Radha3
VarshitaagirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Rained9
VartikagirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Lamp1
VarunagirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WA goddess; Wife of the lord of water - Varuna5
VarunanigirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Goddess of the sea1
VarunavigirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Goddess Laxmi9
VarunigirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Wife of the lord of the sea; Goddess Durga4
VarunikagirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WGoddess of Rain7
VaryagirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Form4
VasanagirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Goddess Durga4
VasantagirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Spring6
VasantigirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Of spring5
VasantikagirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Goddess of spring8
VasatikagirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Morning light3
VasavigirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Wife of Indra2
VashniegirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W A beloved blessing6
VasudagirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Earth5
VasudevagirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Goddess of wealth5
VasudhagirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WEarth; Goddess4
VasudharagirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Earth5
VasumatigirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Apsara of unequalled splendour; The earth7
VasundharagirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WDaughter of the Earth1
VasundhragirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WVariant of 'Vasundhara'9
VatigirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Nature7
VatsalagirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Affectionate; Loving4
VatslagirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Daughter; Loving3
VedagirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WUnderstanding; Wisdom and knowledge5
VedanshigirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WThe part of the sacred knowledge1
VedantigirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Knower of the vedas3
VedhagirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Pious4
VedigirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Altar4
VedikagirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Altar; A river in India7
VedvalligirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Joy of the Vedas6
VeekshagirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Vision; Knowledge8
VeenagirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WA musical instrument (Beena)2
VeenapanigirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Goddess Saraswati6
VeeragirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Brave Girl6
VeerindargirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WA brave godly person6
VelagirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Time4
VelligirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Silver6
VenahgirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Pining5
VenikagirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Holy river8
VenishagirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Dedicated6
VennelagirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Moon Light1
VennilagirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Moon5
VenugirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Another name for Lord Krishna8
VenukagirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Flute2
VenyagirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Lovable4
VeragirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Faithful1
VernigirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Colorful5
VernicagirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Colourful9
VetravatigirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W A river in India1
VibhagirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WRadiance; Light; Goddess Lakshmi6
VidhigirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WProcedure; Recipe7
VidyagirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WLearning; Wisdom; Goddess Saraswati7
VijayagirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WConqueror; Goddess Durga5
VimalagirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WPure; Clean4
VimlagirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WVariant of 'Vimala'3
VineetagirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WHumble; Requester4
VinitagirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WModest; Knowledge; Venus3
VinugirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WAnother name of Lord Shiva3
VirikagirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WBravery7
VishvagirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WThe world9
VrindagirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WBasil; Goddess Radha; Tulsi5
VrishtigirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WRain6
VritikagirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WThought; Nature9
VyominigirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WDivine8
WaheedagirlVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WBeautiful; Peerless; Unique2
YachanagirlVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y Pleading8
YadavigirlVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y Goddess Durga8
YadleengirlVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y One absorbed in God's remembrance3
YafiahgirlVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y High5
YahvigirlVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y Heaven; Earth2
YajnagirlVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y Worship6
YakootahgirlVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y Emerald6
YakshagirlVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y Sister of Daksha2
YamhagirlVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y Dove3
YamikagirlVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y Night6
YaminahgirlVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y Right and proper8
YaminigirlVruschika (Scorpius)N, YNight; Nocturnal8
YamunagirlVruschika (Scorpius)N, YJamuna River; Holy Indian River3
YamunigirlVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y River2
YamyagirlVruschika (Scorpius)N, YNight2
YanagirlVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y Precious to god5
YangchengirlVruschika (Scorpius)N, YThe sacred one5
YantigirlVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y Goddess Parvati6
YaragirlVruschika (Scorpius)N, YFriend9
YasgirlVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y Jasmine9
YasalimagirlVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y Wellbeing9
YashagirlVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y Fame9
YashadagirlVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y The one who gives success5
YashashreegirlVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y Gods name for success1
YashasvigirlVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y Famous5
YashawinigirlVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y Successful lady1
YashicagirlVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y Success3
YashilagirlVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y Famous3
YashitagirlVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y Successful2
YashnagirlVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y One with fame5
YashodagirlVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y Foster mother of Lord Krishna1
YashodharagirlVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y Glory1
YashvigirlVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y Fame3
YashwinigirlVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y To succeed9
YasirahgirlVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y Lenient9
YasmeengirlVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y Jasmine1
YasmingirlVruschika (Scorpius)N, YJasmine Flower9
YasomatigirlVruschika (Scorpius)N, YSuccessful Lady4
YavnagirlVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y Quick; Swift9
YayaatigirlVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y Wanderer; Traveller1
YemagirlVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y Our Joy8
YeshagirlVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y Fame4
YochanagirlVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y Thought4
YogagirlVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y An art of achieving happiness3
YogandrigirlVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y Happiness3
YoginigirlVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y One who can control senses7
YogitagirlVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y One who can concentrate5
YogyagirlVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y Perfect1
YojanagirlVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y Planning3
YokogirlVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y Positive child or female3
YolandagirlVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y The flower Violet9
YolotzyngirlVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y Little Heart8
YonnagirlVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y Dove6
YosanagirlVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y Girl3
YoshitagirlVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y Women7
YoushagirlVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y Young Girl8
YubhashanagirlVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y Goddess Mahalakshmi1
YuktagirlVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y With Godess Lakshmi charms6
YukthagirlVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y Absorbed; Attentive5
YuktigirlVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y A device5
YumngirlVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y Good fortune; Success1
YunuengirlVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y God's wife1
YusragirlVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y Proper name3
YusraagirlVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y Proper name4
YuthikagirlVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y Multitude5
YutikagirlVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y Flower6
YuvakshigirlVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y Beautiful eyes8
YuvaraanigirlVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y Princess4
YuvaranigirlVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y Young Queen3
YuvasrigirlVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y Beautiful7
YuvatigirlVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y Young lady8
YuvikagirlVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y Young woman8
ZaragirlMeena (Pisces)D, CH, ZLittle1
ZeenatgirlMeena (Pisces)D, CH, ZBeauty; Adornment; Ornamentation8
ZoongirlMeena (Pisces)D, CH, ZMoon7
ZoongaashgirlMeena (Pisces)D, CH, ZMoon Light7