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Boy / Girl Rashi as per Hindu Cal Starting Syllable Meaning of the Name Name Numerology No.
AthulyaSanskritMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OIncomparable7
ArpanaSanskritMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OOffer6
AparnaSanskritMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OAnother name of Parvathi6
AditiSanskritMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OMother of Gods7
AnvithaSanskritMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OAbsorbed3
AnilaSanskritMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OWind or air1
AsmiSanskritMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OI am6
AnudhyaSanskritMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OThinking or wishing well of2
AanadhithaSanskritMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OHappy one4
AnaghaSanskritMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OSinless one5
AnulomaSanskritMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, ONaturally5
AanandiSanskritMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OThe one who is happy8
AchalaSanskritMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OStill,Stationary8
AjathaSanskritMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OHaving no enemy or not an enemy of anyone5
AnaadiSanskritMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OWithout beginning3
ApoorvaSanskritMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, ORare7
AnanthaSanskritMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OUnlimited5
AatmajaSanskritMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, ODaughter2
AnulekhaSanskritMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, ODestiny1
AmbaraSanskritMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OSky9
AmbudhiSanskritMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, Osea4
AabheriSanskritMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OA Raaga in Indian Music8
AaradhyaSanskritMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OThe one who can be worshipped by everyone5
AnanyaSanskritMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OHaving no other object2
AnusreeSanskritMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OPretty2
AnasuyaSanskritMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, ONot envious1
AvnithaSanskritMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OEarth3
ArpithaSanskritMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OSurrendering1
ApekshaSanskritMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OExpectation,Hope7
AakaanshaSanskritMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OWish,ambition3
AmanyathaSanskritMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OBelieved3
AashaSanskritMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, ODesire3
AishwaryaSanskritMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, ODesire for power6
AvanthikaSanskritMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OPrincess of world6
AntaraSanskritMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OSub period in a dasha1
ApsaraSanskritMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OBeautiful,supernatural female beings2
AgniSanskritMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OFire4
AarathiSanskritMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, ORitual4
AbhimathaSanskritMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, ODesired9
AvhnipaalaSanskritMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, Oof warrior kings4
AksharaSanskritMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OLetter5
AnjanaSanskritMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OAnointment5
AdriSanskritMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OMountain valley5
AaradhanaSanskritMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OWorship4
AmrithaSanskritMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OPotion to cause immortality7
AnamikaSanskritMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, ONameless5
AashrayaSanskritMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OSheltor2
AyonijaSanskritMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OSitha3
AardraSanskritMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, Owet7
AshviniSanskritMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OA mudra1
AmayaSanskritMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, ONot cunning, sincere5
ArchithaSanskritMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OThe one who is submitted to God5
AnnapoornaSanskritMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OGoddess of food1
AananthaSanskritMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OBliss,joy6
AnshuSanskritMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OA ray of light9
AnupriyaSanskritMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, ODear to the Heart6
AhalyaSanskritMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OBeautiful(Saintly character in ramayana)3
AnalaSanskritMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OFire2
AmbujaSanskritMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OLotus3
ArkaSanskritMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OName of the sun4
AkhilaSanskritMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OEntire6
AnupaSanskritMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OHaving full power8
AmbaSanskritMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OMother8
AnvayaSanskritMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OFamily1
AnjushaSanskritMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OBlessing2
AyanaSanskritMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OA bright with good fortune6
AmbikaSanskritMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OSister of God Rudra1
ArundathiSanskritMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OWife of great sage vashishtha6
AbhishekaSanskritMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OWorshipping the idol1
AnjalikaSanskritMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OOne of the Arjuna's arrrows5
AsmithaSanskritMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OSense of self8
AvantikaSanskritMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OCity of Ujjain7
AnumodithaSanskritMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OApproved7
AnkithaSanskritMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OMarked1
AthityaSanskritMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OTranscending3
AnujaSanskritMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OYounger sister2
AmoolyaSanskritMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OPrecious1
AnugrahaSanskritMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OBlessing8
AnamivaSanskritMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OHaving no enemies7
AstheyaSanskritMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, ONot stealing7
AmbilySanskritMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OMoon8
AnubhuthaSanskritMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OExperienced6
ArchiniSanskritMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OA ray of light8
AthithaSanskritMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OSurpassed4
AnuSanskritMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, Ofollowing9
ArthaSanskritMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, Omoney3
AnuraadhaSanskritMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OThe 17th Nakshathra6
AthithiSanskritMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OGuest3
ArchanaSanskritMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OSubmission to God1
AvhnitanayaSanskritMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, ODaughter of the earth,seetha8
AnumanaSanskritMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OInference2
AananthamayaSanskritMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, Ofull of great happiness1
AabhaSanskritMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OColour4
AnuthamaSanskritMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OThe finest7
AnudarshanaSanskritMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OObserving3
AbdhiSanskritMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, Osea6
AlakanandaSanskritMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OName of a river6
AbhraSanskritMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OCloud3
AmalaSanskritMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OWithout rubbish1
AlakaSanskritMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, Olord of the Yakśas8
AaryaSanskritMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OWise man1
ArhathiSanskritMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OTo deserve2
AbhayaSanskritMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OFreedom from fear2
AvhniSanskritMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OEarth9
AnganaSanskritMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OA beautiful woman2
AkshayaSanskritMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OUnlimited3
AasthaSanskritMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, Oconfidence5
ArunaSanskritMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, ORed colour, the colour of the dawn or morning twilight1
AandaalSanskritMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OIncarnation of Goddess Lakshmi7
AnjaliSanskritMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OFolded hands2
AnjuSanskritMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OBlessing1
AkshathaSanskritMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OSundried rice used for blessing the ceremonies6
BhavanaSanskritVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, Wemotions/feelings4
BodhithaSanskritVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WHaving been taught,enlightened4
BansuriSanskritVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, Wflute-Musical Instrument3
BahulyaSanskritVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WPlentiful7
BhuvaneshwariSanskritVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WGoddess Parvathi7
BhaanuSanskritVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WSun2
BhiraviSanskritVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WOne of the ten goddess known as Mahavidyas6
BindiyaSanskritVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WNew drop1
BhamaSanskritVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WBrightness, lustre,splendour7
BhagyaSanskritVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WBlessing8
BhumiSanskritVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, Wthe earth8
BalenduSanskritVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WSmall Moon5
BalaSanskritVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WA small child7
BodhiSanskritVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WEnlightenment,supreme knowledge2
BrahmavathiSanskritVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WThe one who knows the supreme4
BhavaSanskritVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WBeing,Becoming7
BhumikaSanskritVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WA part or character in a play 2
BhaavithaSanskritVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, Wremembering9
BhuviSanskritVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WIn this world8
BhramariSanskritVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WMother Durga in the form of female Bee7
BhupaliSanskritVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WA Raaga6
BhaminiSanskritVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WA passionate woman2
BinduSanskritVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WDot5
BhavaaniSanskritVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WGoddess Parvathi4
Bhanu PriyaSanskritVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WDear to sun7
BakulSanskritVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WA flower2
BhoodeviSanskritVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WGoddess Lakshmi8
BhuvanaSanskritVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WHome6
BhadraSanskritVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, Wgoodness7
BhageerathiSanskritVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WThe river Ganga3
BilahariSanskritVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WA Raaga6
BhavyaSanskritVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WPerson with Decent Behaviour5
chethanaSanskritMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QThe living force6
ChampaSanskritMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QFlower6
ChhaayaaSanskritMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QShade3
CharuthaSanskritMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QLoveliness8
chandrikaSanskritMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Qmoonlight6
ChinthaSanskritMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QThoughts9
ChithanyaSanskritMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QEnergy,enthusiasm8
ChameliSanskritMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QFlower6
chhaviiSanskritMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Qpicture6
ChinmayiSanskritMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QOne who is having full consciousness1
ChakrikaSanskritMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QGoddess Lakshmi8
ChandaSanskritMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QSilver4
ChandraSanskritMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Qmoon4
ChithraSanskritMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q14th Nakshatra4
ChilankaSanskritMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QMusical Instrument worn by the dancer5
ChinmayaSanskritMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QFull of consciousness2
ChethasaaSanskritMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QBy consciousness3
ChandanaSanskritMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QCharming,Sandal1
ChandramaaSanskritMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QMoon1
ChanchalSanskritMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QActive5
ChanchalaSanskritMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QGoddess Lakshmi6
Dhana LakshmiSanskritDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHGoddess Lakshmi2
DhanyaSanskritDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHare praise worthy8
DhuniSanskritDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHRiver2
DevakiSanskritDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHMother of Krishna7
Deva mathaSanskritDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHMother of Gods3
DeepikaSanskritDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHLight6
DaayiniSanskritDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHGiver9
DarsathaSanskritDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHVisible9
DishaSanskritDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHdirections5
DaminiSanskritDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHLightning5
DuhithaSanskritDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHDaughter8
DharaSanskritDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHearth5
DevikaSanskritDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHGoddess7
DiviSanskritDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHin heaven8
DevathaSanskritDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHDeity7
DivyaSanskritDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHdivine7
DayamayiSanskritDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHA person with full of mercy7
DayaaSanskritDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHMercy5
DarshithaSanskritDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHshown7
DhanaSanskritDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHmoney1
DakshaSanskritDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHA lord of created beings8
DakshhthaSanskritDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHefficiency,care8
DaakshyaSanskritDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHcleverness, honesty, brilliance7
DeepthaSanskritDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHblazing5
DhvaniSanskritDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHsound4
DhaaraSanskritDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHRain6
DurgaaSanskritDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHGoddess Durga7
DakshayaniSanskritDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHAnother name of parvathi3
DeviSanskritDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHGoddess4
DeepthiSanskritDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHRadiance4
DarpanaSanskritDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHMirror1
DeepaSanskritDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHlight4
DevasenaSanskritDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHLord Subramanya's Wife8
DraupadiSanskritDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHDaughter of the king Drupada2
DharithriSanskritDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHearth5
DakshinaSanskritDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHsouth4
DiyaSanskritDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHLamp3
DarshanaSanskritDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHseeing3
DhumavathiSanskritDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHOne of the ten goddess known as Mahavidyas8
DrishtiSanskritDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHsight6
DakshajaSanskritDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHDaughter1
DharaniSanskritDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHearth1
DharanaSanskritDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHConcentration2
DhyanaSanskritDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHMeditative absorption8
EkataraSanskritMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OOne String Instrument3
EkathvaSanskritMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OOneness5
EeswariSanskritMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OGoddess8
EkathaSanskritMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OUnity1
EkayaaSanskritMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OOne8
EkagrathaSanskritMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, Ofocus9
FalguniSanskritDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHName of the Month7
GeethanjaliSanskritMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QTagore's Poem's which got Nobel prize2
GhungrooSanskritMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QMusical Instrument6
GaathaSanskritMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QStory2
GaurySanskritMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QAnother name of parvathi means yellowish white9
GandhariSanskritMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QWife of the blind king Dhritharashtra8
GomathiSanskritMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QName of a river1
GargiSanskritMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QLearned woman in the vedic age, daughter of the sage Vachaknu6
GahanaSanskritMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QGoolden chain5
GangothrySanskritMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QStarting place of the River Ganga7
GunaSanskritMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QQuality7
GunanidhiSanskritMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QStock-pile of good qualities6
GopikaSanskritMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QGopi's in Vrindavan5
GreeshmaSanskritMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QSummer4
GaviSanskritMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QA forest in Kerala3
GauthamiSanskritMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QAunt of Budha8
GirijaSanskritMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QParvathi9
GangaSanskritMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QThe river Ganga3
GandakiSanskritMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QName of a river2
GeethaSanskritMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Qsong1
GayathrySanskritMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QGayathry manthra6
GeethikaSanskritMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Qsong3
HavishaaSanskritKarka (Cancer)HOfferings6
HemanthiSanskritKarka (Cancer)HWinter6
HemaSanskritKarka (Cancer)HGold9
HaimaSanskritKarka (Cancer)Hmade of Gold5
HarshaSanskritKarka (Cancer)HJoy1
HridyaSanskritKarka (Cancer)HPleasing to the heart2
Hari PriyaSanskritKarka (Cancer)HWho is favourite to lord Hari6
HariniSanskritKarka (Cancer)HA small deer5
HarshithaSanskritKarka (Cancer)HThe one who is happy2
HaimavathySanskritKarka (Cancer)HAnother name of parvathi9
HithaSanskritKarka (Cancer)Hfriend1
HimarashmiSanskritKarka (Cancer)Hcold rayed moon9
HrishithaSanskritKarka (Cancer)HGladdened1
HaridraSanskritKarka (Cancer)HTurmeric5
HarithaSanskritKarka (Cancer)HGreen2
HamsiniSanskritKarka (Cancer)HAnother name for Goddess Durga1
HimaSanskritKarka (Cancer)Hsnow4
InduSanskritMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OMoon3
InduprabhaSanskritMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, Omoon light4
IndraniSanskritMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OWife of Indra6
IndiraSanskritMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OGoddess Lakshmi1
IipsithaSanskritMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, ODesired,wished1
IndradhanuSanskritMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, ORainbow4
IndubalaSanskritMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OLittle moon1
IndrajaSanskritMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, ODaughter of Indra3
IndumukhiSanskritMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OThe one who has face like moon2
IndudalaSanskritMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, Ocrescent moon3
JayalakshmiSanskritMakar (Capricorn)KH, JGoddess of victory2
jayaSanskritMakar (Capricorn)KH, Jvictory1
JaagrithaSanskritMakar (Capricorn)KH, Jalert3
JvalaSanskritMakar (Capricorn)KH, Jflame1
JaniSanskritMakar (Capricorn)KH, JMother7
jithaSanskritMakar (Capricorn)KH, Jhaving conquered3
jyothiSanskritMakar (Capricorn)KH, JLight6
JaagaritiSanskritMakar (Capricorn)KH, Jis wakeful4
JayanthiSanskritMakar (Capricorn)KH, JWinner7
JananiSanskritMakar (Capricorn)KH, Jmother4
JayasooryaSanskritMakar (Capricorn)KH, JVictorious Sun4
JaanakiSanskritMakar (Capricorn)KH, JAnother name for Sita2
JaithraSanskritMakar (Capricorn)KH, JVicotorious4
JambavathySanskritMakar (Capricorn)KH, JDaughter of Jambavan4
JyotsnaSanskritMakar (Capricorn)KH, JMoonlight5
JaanvhiSanskritMakar (Capricorn)KH, JThe river Ganga2
jaladhiSanskritMakar (Capricorn)KH, Jsea/ocean9
JaimuniSanskritMakar (Capricorn)KH, JName of the sage5
JithyaSanskritMakar (Capricorn)KH, JVictory1
JayasreeSanskritMakar (Capricorn)KH, JGoddess of victory3
JambaliniSanskritMakar (Capricorn)KH, JA river8
JanathaSanskritMakar (Capricorn)KH, JPeople1
JalajaSanskritMakar (Capricorn)KH, JGoddess Lakshmi8
JyothishmathiSanskritMakar (Capricorn)KH, JLuminous3
JeevithaSanskritMakar (Capricorn)KH, JLife8
JithiSanskritMakar (Capricorn)KH, JVictory2
kritiSanskritMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Qdirection4
kalaSanskritMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QArt7
kripaSanskritMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Qcompassion,favour1
kaliSanskritMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QBud6
KartyayaniSanskritMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QAnother name of parvathi8
KarthikaSanskritMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QName of the Star7
KudajaadriSanskritMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QThe name of the mountain where Shankaracharya did Tapas8
KalanidhiSanskritMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QMoon6
karunahSanskritMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Qkind2
KamaliniSanskritMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QAn assemblage of lotuses7
kanyaSanskritMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QZodiac sign virgo7
keerthiSanskritMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QFame4
kalikaSanskritMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QBud9
KshithiSanskritMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QEarth3
KeerthanaSanskritMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QChanting2
kaumudiSanskritMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Qmoonlight8
KalyaniSanskritMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QProsperous1
KausalyaSanskritMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QLord Rama's mother1
KshamaSanskritMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QForgivence8
KavyaSanskritMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QThe poetry6
kamalaaSanskritMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Qsaraswathi4
KomalSanskritMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QSoft7
KrishnaSanskritMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QLord Krishna, Black colour8
KalavathiSanskritMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QGoddess Durga4
kavithaSanskritMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Qpoetry9
KaanchanaSanskritMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QGold9
KrithikaSanskritMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QName of the Star6
KausudhiSanskritMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QMoonlight4
KulinaSanskritMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QWell born, of a good family5
KadambiniSanskritMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Qrow of clouds1
KokilaSanskritMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QThe cuckoo bird5
KumariSanskritMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QDaughter1
kaninikaSanskritMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Qeyeball7
kanakaSanskritMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QGold3
kavayahSanskritMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QThe intelligent6
kamalaSanskritMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Qlotus3
KankanaSanskritMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Qbracelet8
ketakiSanskritMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QA fragrant flower3
KanikaSanskritMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QAtom2
kishoriSanskritMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Qdaughter8
kinkiniSanskritMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Qghunguroo5
kusumaSanskritMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QFlower5
KalpanaSanskritMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QImagination2
kalpithaSanskritMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QImagined6
KalindiSanskritMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QYamuna6
KshanaprabhaSanskritMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QLightning1
kanthiSanskritMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Qsplendour9
KumudavathiSanskritMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QAnother name of the city Ujjain5
KaikeyiSanskritMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QBharatha's mother8
KshipraSanskritMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Qsoon1
KatakshaSanskritMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QGlance9
KamalikaSanskritMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QA small lotus5
LalimaSanskritMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OBeauty3
LathikaSanskritMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OA small creeper8
LolaSanskritMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, Oswinging4
LasyaSanskritMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, ODance performed by parvathi Devi4
LayaSanskritMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OLayam in music3
LalithambikaSanskritMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OGoddess Durga9
LochanaSanskritMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, Oeye9
LashikaSanskritMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Long for7
LasushaSanskritMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OShining9
LathaSanskritMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OCreeper6
LayanaSanskritMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OMerging9
LayakariSanskritMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OGenerates harmony in dance and music6
LakshyaSanskritMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OAim5
LopamudraSanskritMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OSage Agasthya's wife2
LakshmiSanskritMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OThe goddess Lakshmi,Wealth1
LekhaSanskritMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, Owritings,article1
LalithaSanskritMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, Olovely,beautiful9
LavanyaSanskritMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OGrace4
LeelaSanskritMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OLegend8
ManjulaSanskritSimha / Sinh (Leo)MLovely,beautiful9
ManjeeraSanskritSimha / Sinh (Leo)MMusical Instrument4
MrinaliniSanskritSimha / Sinh (Leo)MLotus stem9
ManasiSanskritSimha / Sinh (Leo)MIn the mind3
MadhushreeSanskritSimha / Sinh (Leo)MBeauty of spring3
MadhaviSanskritSimha / Sinh (Leo)MGoddess Lakshmi4
MahimaSanskritSimha / Sinh (Leo)MGlory9
ManohariSanskritSimha / Sinh (Leo)MBeautiful7
MantakiniSanskritSimha / Sinh (Leo)MThe ganges2
MaithilySanskritSimha / Sinh (Leo)MAnother name for sita7
MeenakshiSanskritSimha / Sinh (Leo)MGoddess Durga4
MahadeviSanskritSimha / Sinh (Leo)MGoddess Durga9
MandaviSanskritSimha / Sinh (Leo)MDaughter of king Yayati who was expert in music1
ManjusreeSanskritSimha / Sinh (Leo)MGoddess Lakshmi7
MukthaSanskritSimha / Sinh (Leo)Mliberated2
MokshaSanskritSimha / Sinh (Leo)MThe liberation4
MayooraSanskritSimha / Sinh (Leo)MPeacock7
MaliniSanskritSimha / Sinh (Leo)MAnother name for Durga, female florist4
MenakaSanskritSimha / Sinh (Leo)MName of the Apsara9
MukthiSanskritSimha / Sinh (Leo)Msalvation1
MayurikaSanskritSimha / Sinh (Leo)MBaby peahen9
MeeraSanskritSimha / Sinh (Leo)MBhaktha Meera6
MeenalSanskritSimha / Sinh (Leo)MPrecious Gem5
MadhuriSanskritSimha / Sinh (Leo)MSweetness, sweet 2
MaatangiSanskritSimha / Sinh (Leo)MOne of the ten goddess known as Mahavidyas3
MohithaSanskritSimha / Sinh (Leo)MAre bewildered2
MaalaSanskritSimha / Sinh (Leo)MGarland1
MeghnaSanskritSimha / Sinh (Leo)MName of a river3
Maha LakshmiSanskritSimha / Sinh (Leo)MGoddess Lakshmi6
MayuriSanskritSimha / Sinh (Leo)MFemale peacock6
MariichiSanskritSimha / Sinh (Leo)MRays7
MeghaSanskritSimha / Sinh (Leo)Mcloud7
MahathiSanskritSimha / Sinh (Leo)MGreat6
MangalaSanskritSimha / Sinh (Leo)MAuspiciousness4
MithraSanskritSimha / Sinh (Leo)MSun6
MaitreyiSanskritSimha / Sinh (Leo)MWife of Yajnavalkya1
MandiraSanskritSimha / Sinh (Leo)Mtemple6
MedhaSanskritSimha / Sinh (Leo)MWisdom4
MridulaSanskritSimha / Sinh (Leo)MSoft6
MadhuNishaSanskritSimha / Sinh (Leo)MPleasant night8
MandithaSanskritSimha / Sinh (Leo)Mshining7
MeenaSanskritSimha / Sinh (Leo)MThe zodiac sign pisces2
MayaSanskritSimha / Sinh (Leo)MIllusion4
MaanasaSanskritSimha / Sinh (Leo)MMind5
MehuliSanskritSimha / Sinh (Leo)MA small rain cloud5
MudithaSanskritSimha / Sinh (Leo)Mdelight4
MohiniSanskritSimha / Sinh (Leo)MBewildering5
MaheshwariSanskritSimha / Sinh (Leo)MGoddess Durga6
Meera BaiSanskritSimha / Sinh (Leo)MBhaktha Meera9
ManiSanskritSimha / Sinh (Leo)MGem1
MishikaSanskritSimha / Sinh (Leo)MGift of love7
ManishaSanskritSimha / Sinh (Leo)MIntellect2
MauliSanskritSimha / Sinh (Leo)MHead2
MalyaSanskritSimha / Sinh (Leo)MFlorist7
MantraSanskritSimha / Sinh (Leo)MSpell4
ManaviSanskritSimha / Sinh (Leo)MDone by human6
ManjuSanskritSimha / Sinh (Leo)MSweet5
MamathaSanskritSimha / Sinh (Leo)MThe feeling of attachment toward with and kin3
MahavidyaSanskritSimha / Sinh (Leo)M supreme Knowledge3
NibodhithaSanskritVruschika (Scorpius)N, Yhaving been enlightened9
NeerajaSanskritVruschika (Scorpius)N, YLotus9
NandiniSanskritVruschika (Scorpius)N, YDaughter2
NavneethaSanskritVruschika (Scorpius)N, YButter9
NarayaniSanskritVruschika (Scorpius)N, YGoddess of wealth2
NipunaSanskritVruschika (Scorpius)N, YClever3
NeeradaSanskritVruschika (Scorpius)N, YCloud3
NandithaSanskritVruschika (Scorpius)N, YDaughter8
NiranjanaSanskritVruschika (Scorpius)N, YPure,free from falsehood1
NidhiSanskritVruschika (Scorpius)N, YTreasure8
NaliniSanskritVruschika (Scorpius)N, Ylotus5
NakshathraSanskritVruschika (Scorpius)N, YStar2
NandanaSanskritVruschika (Scorpius)N, Ychild4
NaadhaSanskritVruschika (Scorpius)N, Ysound2
NikhilaSanskritVruschika (Scorpius)N, Yentire1
NamathaSanskritVruschika (Scorpius)N, YCloud4
NiyamyaSanskritVruschika (Scorpius)N, YRegulating7
NaandhiSanskritVruschika (Scorpius)N, Ya shout of joy or rejoicing 6
NeeladeviSanskritVruschika (Scorpius)N, YGoddess Lakshmi5
NyayaSanskritVruschika (Scorpius)N, YJustice3
NiramayaSanskritVruschika (Scorpius)N, YHealthy,disease free1
NirmalaSanskritVruschika (Scorpius)N, Yclear5
NanduniSanskritVruschika (Scorpius)N, YMusical Instrument5
NupurSanskritVruschika (Scorpius)N, YAn anklet or ornament for the foots9
NakshatraSanskritVruschika (Scorpius)N, YStars3
NimeelithaSanskritVruschika (Scorpius)N, Yclosed6
NetraSanskritVruschika (Scorpius)N, Yeyes4
NandikaSanskritVruschika (Scorpius)N, YGoddess Lakshmi9
NeelanjanaSanskritVruschika (Scorpius)N, YLightning5
NamrathaSanskritVruschika (Scorpius)N, YHumility4
NityaSanskritVruschika (Scorpius)N, Yalways6
NayanaSanskritVruschika (Scorpius)N, YEyes2
NishithaSanskritVruschika (Scorpius)N, YSharpened7
NripaSanskritVruschika (Scorpius)N, Yking4
NivedithaSanskritVruschika (Scorpius)N, YDedicated2
NirayanaSanskritVruschika (Scorpius)N, Yfixed zodiac without precession2
NeethiSanskritVruschika (Scorpius)N, Ymorality7
NavamiSanskritVruschika (Scorpius)N, YNinth thithi of the moon6
NiyathaSanskritVruschika (Scorpius)N, YDicipline6
NandakiniSanskritVruschika (Scorpius)N, YName of a river5
NaagavalliSanskritVruschika (Scorpius)N, YThe betel leaf8
NaimishaSanskritVruschika (Scorpius)N, YTransient2
NiyathiSanskritVruschika (Scorpius)N, YDestiny5
NarmadaSanskritVruschika (Scorpius)N, YThe river Narmada7
NishchalaSanskritVruschika (Scorpius)N, Yunmoved3
NoothanSanskritVruschika (Scorpius)N, Ynew6
PragyaaSanskritKanya (Vigro)P, THIntellect6
ParimalamSanskritKanya (Vigro)P, THPleasant smell3
PraseedaSanskritKanya (Vigro)P, THbe pleased6
PaanchaliSanskritKanya (Vigro)P, THWife of pandava's2
PramudithaSanskritKanya (Vigro)P, THjoyous3
PayodharaSanskritKanya (Vigro)P, THcloud8
PriyamvadaSanskritKanya (Vigro)P, THSweet speaking2
PrathithaSanskritKanya (Vigro)P, THconfident2
PoornathvaSanskritKanya (Vigro)P, THperfection4
PragathiSanskritKanya (Vigro)P, THProgress8
PadmakshiSanskritKanya (Vigro)P, THOne whose eyes are as beautiful as a lotus,Goddess Lakshmi1
PratyayaSanskritKanya (Vigro)P, THPerception, thought, intention8
PrathimaSanskritKanya (Vigro)P, THStatue5
PrakrithiSanskritKanya (Vigro)P, THNature2
PunitaSanskritKanya (Vigro)P, THPure, Holy9
PuriSanskritKanya (Vigro)P, THCity1
PournamiSanskritKanya (Vigro)P, THDay of the full moon8
PranaaliSanskritKanya (Vigro)P, THsystem9
PrabhrithiSanskritKanya (Vigro)P, THfrom destiny1
PalakSanskritKanya (Vigro)P, THEye lid5
PrakatithaSanskritKanya (Vigro)P, THHas appeared6
PradeepthaSanskritKanya (Vigro)P, THblazing4
PareekshaSanskritKanya (Vigro)P, THTest3
PushpithaSanskritKanya (Vigro)P, THOne that has flowered1
PulakithaSanskritKanya (Vigro)P, THShivering with joy9
PrathaSanskritKanya (Vigro)P, THQuality1
PraachiSanskritKanya (Vigro)P, THEast2
PratichiiSanskritKanya (Vigro)P, THWest3
PramaSanskritKanya (Vigro)P, THGreatest4
PreethaSanskritKanya (Vigro)P, THOne who is happy1
PrabhavathiSanskritKanya (Vigro)P, THis manifest7
PadmahastaSanskritKanya (Vigro)P, THOne who holds a lotus,Goddess Lakshmi3
PushthiSanskritKanya (Vigro)P, THConfirmation2
PoornimaSanskritKanya (Vigro)P, THFull moon night2
PriyaSanskritKanya (Vigro)P, THDear6
PadminiSanskritKanya (Vigro)P, THThe fibrous stalk of a lotus. 3
PrayaathiSanskritKanya (Vigro)P, THgoes9
PournimaSanskritKanya (Vigro)P, THFull moon day8
PadmavathiSanskritKanya (Vigro)P, THGoddess Lakshmi5
PavithraSanskritKanya (Vigro)P, THSanctified5
PushyaSanskritKanya (Vigro)P, TH8th Nakshathra9
PayodaSanskritKanya (Vigro)P, THCloud8
PranamyaSanskritKanya (Vigro)P, THoffering obeisances8
PrapyaSanskritKanya (Vigro)P, THAchieving5
PranidhaanaSanskritKanya (Vigro)P, THDedication6
PrasannaSanskritKanya (Vigro)P, THis pleased3
PayodhiSanskritKanya (Vigro)P, THsea/Ocean6
PriyathaSanskritKanya (Vigro)P, THAffection8
PavanaSanskritKanya (Vigro)P, THbreeze1
PrathibhaSanskritKanya (Vigro)P, THIntelligent2
PoojaSanskritKanya (Vigro)P, THritual3
PrithviSanskritKanya (Vigro)P, THEarth3
PraveenaSanskritKanya (Vigro)P, THClever1
PushpaSanskritKanya (Vigro)P, THFlower9
PramanaSanskritKanya (Vigro)P, THRight perception1
PadmaSanskritKanya (Vigro)P, THlotus8
PrapthiSanskritKanya (Vigro)P, THDetermination7
PrabhaSanskritKanya (Vigro)P, THLight1
PoornaSanskritKanya (Vigro)P, THComplete7
PrarthanaSanskritKanya (Vigro)P, THPrayer7
PhalguniSanskritKanya (Vigro)P, THThe month of Phalguna7
PradeepaSanskritKanya (Vigro)P, THLight3
PrithiSanskritKanya (Vigro)P, THSatisfaction8
PadmasundariSanskritKanya (Vigro)P, THOne who is as beautiful as a lotus,Goddess Lakshmi4
PremaSanskritKanya (Vigro)P, THAffection8
PadmapriyaSanskritKanya (Vigro)P, THone who like lotuses,Goddess Lakshmi5
PoojithaSanskritKanya (Vigro)P, THWorshipped4
PanchamiSanskritKanya (Vigro)P, THThe 5th lunar thithi2
PreranaSanskritKanya (Vigro)P, THinspiration1
PrameelaSanskritKanya (Vigro)P, THwoman, sovereign of a kingdom of women8
PunnyaSanskritKanya (Vigro)P, THPurification acquired by pious activities1
PrajnaSanskritKanya (Vigro)P, THWisdom6
PadmamukhiSanskritKanya (Vigro)P, THOne whose face is as beautiful as a lotus,Goddess Lakshmi7
RadhaSanskritTula (Libra)R, TKrishna's beloved5
RithuSanskritTula (Libra)R, Tseason4
RukminiSanskritTula (Libra)R, TWife of Krishna5
RajathaSanskritTula (Libra)R, TSilver5
RachanaSanskritTula (Libra)R, Tstructure,construction1
RajaniSanskritTula (Libra)R, TNight8
RakshaaSanskritTula (Libra)R, TProtection5
RukmaSanskritTula (Libra)R, TBright,radiant1
RanganaSanskritTula (Libra)R, TOne who is Happy2
RohiniSanskritTula (Libra)R, T4th Nakshatra1
RevathiSanskritTula (Libra)R, T27th Nakshtra2
RohatiSanskritTula (Libra)R, TTo grow8
RuchiSanskritTula (Libra)R, TTaste5
RaashiSanskritTula (Libra)R, TThe sign of the Zodiac2
RudraSanskritTula (Libra)R, TAnother name of Parvathi8
RajanandiniSanskritTula (Libra)R, TPrincess5
RamaniSanskritTula (Libra)R, TA beautiful young girl2
RagiiSanskritTula (Libra)R, TVery much attached8
RagaSanskritTula (Libra)R, TDesire, Passion, attachment9
RomashaSanskritTula (Libra)R, TWife of king Bhavayavya3
RambhaSanskritTula (Libra)R, TName of the Apsara7
RujulaSanskritTula (Libra)R, TGoddess Lakshmi2
RamyaSanskritTula (Libra)R, TBeautiful4
RatnamSanskritTula (Libra)R, TGem4
RenuSanskritTula (Libra)R, TMolecule4
RashmiSanskritTula (Libra)R, Ta ray of light5
RasikaSanskritTula (Libra)R, THumorous, witty. 5
RadhikaSanskritTula (Libra)R, TKrishna's beloved7
RekhaSanskritTula (Libra)R, TLine7
RakenduSanskritTula (Libra)R, Twhose face is glowing like moon2
ShiithalSanskritKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShCool5
ShakambhariSanskritKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShThe herb-nourishing goddess1
Shiva PriyaSanskritKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShWho is favourite to lord Shiva2
SidhiSanskritKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShSuccess,achievement4
SakhiSanskritKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShFriend3
SeemaSanskritKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Shlimit,boundary7
ShankariSanskritKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShAnother name of durga 9
SukhiSanskritKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShHappy5
SaralaSanskritKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShStraight7
SamunnathiSanskritKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Shprosperity3
ShubhraSanskritKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShWhite5
ShakunthaSanskritKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShThe heroine of Shakunthalam4
SphurithaSanskritKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShShining3
SthithiSanskritKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShPosition3
SamaarasyaSanskritKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShWhere all things become one in a unity of blissful realization9
SampradaSanskritKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShTo give,grant1
SadhviSanskritKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShAnother name of durga 9
SmithaSanskritKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShOne who smiles7
SantoorSanskritKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShMusical Instrument3
SharvaaniSanskritKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShAnother name of durga 3
SmirithaSanskritKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShRemembered7
SaumyaSanskritKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShVery beautiful8
ShreyaSanskritKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShGoddess Lakshmi4
SikhiSanskritKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShPeacock2
SaliniSanskritKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShHaving humility1
SatyavathiSanskritKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShGrand mother of king Pandu9
SaadhanaSanskritKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShPractice4
ShobhithaSanskritKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShThe one who shines9
SwayamprabhaSanskritKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Saintly lady who assited Hanuman in Ramayana2
ShrikariSanskritKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShAnother name of durga 3
SarojaSanskritKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Shlotus1
ShariSanskritKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShA female parrot1
SreevalliSanskritKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShLord Subramanya's Wife4
SwasthiSanskritKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Shall peace9
SthuthibhiSanskritKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShWith prayers7
SudathiSanskritKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShWoman1
ShanbhaviSanskritKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShAnother name of durga 3
SundariSanskritKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Shbeautiful5
ShamaSanskritKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShLight6
SaranyaSanskritKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShLord Surya's wife7
ShobhaSanskritKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShBeauty8
SampoornaSanskritKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShTotal4
SaudaminiSanskritKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShLightning1
SapthabhiSanskritKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShSeven stringed lute3
ShuchiSanskritKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShPure5
SaraniSanskritKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShPath8
SanhithaSanskritKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Shcode8
SukhadaSanskritKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShThe one giving comfort2
SrishtiiSanskritKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShWorld3
SugandhiSanskritKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Shone that has nice fragrance2
SamathaSanskritKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShEquality9
shurthiSanskritKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Shear or veda4
SuneethaSanskritKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShWisdom3
SthuthiSanskritKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShPraise6
SasyaSanskritKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShGrain2
ShobhiniSanskritKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShThe person glowing with3
SubhardaSanskritKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShSister of krishna and Balarama2
SarithSanskritKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShRiver3
SurapriyaSanskritKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShDear to god2
SangeethaSanskritKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShMusic8
SaarikaSanskritKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShA bird6
siniSanskritKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShA woman having a white complexion.6
SamudithaSanskritKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShFlourishing6
SumathiSanskritKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShGood mind, Intelligent1
SahanaSanskritKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShWho is having patience8
ShwethaSanskritKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShWhite3
SwathiSanskritKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShThe 15 th Nakshatra8
SreeLakshmiSanskritKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShGoddess Lakshmi3
SankranthiSanskritKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShGoing together7
SanskrithiSanskritKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShCulture2
ShubaSanskritKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShGood6
SthirathaSanskritKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShSteadiness5
SamridhaSanskritKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShWealthy,Happy1
ShaakhaSanskritKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShBranch4
ShampaSanskritKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShLightening4
SindhuSanskritKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShOcean3
SuvarnaSanskritKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShGold6
ShubrathaSanskritKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShWhite8
SwaroopaSanskritKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShOwn form, identity9
SyamaSanskritKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShBlack, dark blue5
SuseelaSanskritKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Shof good character1
SukritiiSanskritKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShA man with good deeds8
ShrayathiSanskritKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShTo reach1
SavithrySanskritKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShAnother name of Saraswathy5
SahajaSanskritKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShThe karma to which one is born4
SwaraSanskritKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShSound8
SujathaSanskritKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShGoddess Lakshmi8
ShakthiSanskritKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShStrength4
ShikhaSanskritKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Shcrest2
SamarpanaSanskritKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShDedication3
SathiSanskritKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShShiva's first wife, Daksha's daughter3
SadrishiiSanskritKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Shlike that6
SunrithaSanskritKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShTrue and pleasant2
SushamaSanskritKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Shvery beautiful1
SooryatanayaSanskritKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShThe river Yamuna2
SamudraSanskritKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShSea5
SarithaSanskritKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShRiver4
SusmeraSanskritKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShFull of smiles6
SamprathikshaSanskritKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShExpectation,hope9
ShreshthaSanskritKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShBest7
SarayuSanskritKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShName of a river4
ShehnaiSanskritKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShMusical Instrument1
SukanyaSanskritKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShGood girl2
SookthaSanskritKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShGood words8
SampriyaSanskritKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShCompletely pleased or satisfied3
SaurabhaSanskritKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShFragrance8
SoonariSanskritKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShThe god of love1
SoundaryaSanskritKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Shloveliness1
SwarnaSanskritKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShGold4
SamrudhiSanskritKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShGoddess Lakshmi3
SwapnaSanskritKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Shdream2
SauhridaSanskritKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShFriendship9
SreedeviSanskritKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShGoddess Lakshmi6
SadhakaSanskritKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShAn aspirant,seeker9
SulabhaSanskritKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShEasy1
SahasraSanskritKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShOne thousand4
SriidaSanskritKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Shbestowing wealth and prosperity6
SaumanasyaSanskritKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShGladness7
SreeHaripriyaSanskritKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShAnother name of goddess Lakshmi8
SatyabhamaSanskritKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShLord krishna's wife1
SalilaSanskritKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShWater9
SamvrithaSanskritKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShConcealed3
SaadhviSanskritKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShFeminine form of Sadhu1
SamprathySanskritKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Shto trust in, believe firmly4
SumitraSanskritKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShLakshman's Mother2
SaraswathySanskritKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShGoddess of speech and learning9
SaubhagyaSanskritKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Shmark of good fortune or happiness. 4
syamalaSanskritKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Shblackish9
SnushaSanskritKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShDaughter-in-Law1
SadhanaSanskritKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShEstablishment of truth3
SamyaSanskritKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShEquality,sameness5
SobhanaSanskritKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShSmart6
SudhaaSanskritKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShNectar9
SakshiSanskritKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Shwitness4
SanjukthaSanskritKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShUnion6
SreshthaSanskritKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShMost happy or prosperous8
SarasiSanskritKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShA lake, pond4
SmarathiSanskritKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShTo remember,recollect8
shireeshaSanskritKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShFlower2
SarasaSanskritKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShExcellent5
ShabariSanskritKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShAn illuminated character in Ramayana4
SadaaSanskritKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShAlways8
SidhimaSanskritKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShAchievement9
SutaaSanskritKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Shdaughter8
SusmithaSanskritKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShEndowed with good smiles2
sruthiSanskritKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShAdvantage, gain 5
SulochanaSanskritKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShWoman with beautiful eyes4
SarangiSanskritKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShA kind of musical instrument6
SitaSanskritKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShWife of Rama4
ShradhaSanskritKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShFaithfullness5
ShanthaSanskritKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShPeaceful,calm8
SurabhiSanskritKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShSweet smelling6
SupriyaSanskritKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShSweet heart1
SubhagaSanskritKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShProsperous5
ShanthiSanskritKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Shpeace7
SathvikaSanskritKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShIn goodness1
SnehaSanskritKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShLove2
SooryaSanskritKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShSun3
TaraSanskritKanya (Vigro)P, THStar4
TripathagaaSanskritKanya (Vigro)P, THGanga3
TanmayiSanskritKanya (Vigro)P, THAbsorbed2
TapasyaSanskritKanya (Vigro)P, THmeditation2
ThariniSanskritKanya (Vigro)P, THthe one who crosses7
TaranginiSanskritKanya (Vigro)P, THRiver3
ThusharaSanskritKanya (Vigro)P, THice/snow6
TulyaSanskritKanya (Vigro)P, THComparable7
TripthiSanskritKanya (Vigro)P, THsatisfaction1
TamsaSanskritKanya (Vigro)P, THName of a river9
TejowathiSanskritKanya (Vigro)P, THAnother name for Goddess Durga 3
TaruniiSanskritKanya (Vigro)P, THYoung woman2
TriptaSanskritKanya (Vigro)P, THsatisfied3
TanviSanskritKanya (Vigro)P, THWoman3
TushhyathiSanskritKanya (Vigro)P, THto be pleased4
ThejorashiSanskritKanya (Vigro)P, THeffulgence5
TulasiSanskritKanya (Vigro)P, THTulsi leaf1
ThanayaaSanskritKanya (Vigro)P, THdaughter8
TilothamaSanskritKanya (Vigro)P, THName of the Apsara9
TanuSanskritKanya (Vigro)P, THThin2
TarakaSanskritKanya (Vigro)P, THStar7
TejomayaSanskritKanya (Vigro)P, THfull of effulgence9
TamburuSanskritKanya (Vigro)P, THMusical Instrument6
TarushiSanskritKanya (Vigro)P, THVictory6
ThanujaSanskritKanya (Vigro)P, THSon3
UjjvalaSanskritVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WRadiant5
UpasanaSanskritVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WWorship1
UthamaSanskritVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WExceptional1
UrvasiSanskritVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WName of the Apsara9
UmaSanskritVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WParvathi8
UttaraSanskritVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WDaughter of king Virata9
VivikthaSanskritVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WPure3
VidehaSanskritVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WBodiless4
VinathiSanskritVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WHumility2
VarshaaSanskritVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, Wmonsoon7
VarshaSanskritVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WYear6
VaaniSanskritVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WLanguage2
VijayanthiSanskritVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WA kind of necklace of pearls. 2
VinayaSanskritVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WHumility9
VishalaSanskritVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, Wvery great9
VrindaSanskritVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WGroup5
VasanthaSanskritVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WDeity of spring,also the spring itself5
VajraSanskritVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WDiamond7
VedaSanskritVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WAncient indian religion texts5
Vag-deviSanskritVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WGoddess of words7
vismithaSanskritVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WIn wonder2
ValliSanskritVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WLord Subramanya's Wife2
VasumathiSanskritVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WEarth6
VidyaSanskritVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WKnowledge7
VedavathiSanskritVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WEmbodiment of Veda's2
VipraSanskritVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WBrahmins3
VijayaSanskritVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WVictory5
VaariniSanskritVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WThe one who prevents2
VinodiniSanskritVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WHappy girl6
VasundharaSanskritVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WEarth1
VallakiSanskritVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WVeena5
vanhiSanskritVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, Wfire9
VaishnaviSanskritVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WGoddess Lakshmi6
Vijaya LakshmiSanskritVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WGoddess Lakshmi6
ViduryaSanskritVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WThe cat's-eye gem1
VastiSanskritVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WThe eternel cleansing8
VishnupriyaSanskritVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WGoddess Lakshmi9
VibhoothiSanskritVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WThe devine power9
vibhaSanskritVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, Wbeauty,spelndour6
VedikaSanskritVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WThe person who knows veda7
Vidya LakshmiSanskritVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WGoddess Lakshmi8
VrishtiSanskritVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WRain6
VachanaSanskritVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WTalk5
Vijaya sreeSanskritVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WGoddess of victory7
VandanaSanskritVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WAdorable3
vidhiSanskritVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WRituals7
VandithaSanskritVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, Wpraised,saluted7
VishakhaSanskritVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WThe 16th Nakshtra7
VaatikaSanskritVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WGarden2
VasudhaSanskritVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WEarth4
VaasavaSanskritVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WIndra4
vaaridaSanskritVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, Wcloud2
VindhyaSanskritVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WThe name of the mountain2
VisokaSanskritVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WFree of sorrow5
VineethaSanskritVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WOne who is having humility3
ViralaSanskritVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WRare9
VimalaSanskritVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WPure4
VishnupadiSanskritVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WThe river Ganga6
VaasanthiSanskritVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WSpring Goddess5
VaidehiSanskritVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WAnother name of Sita4
VeniSanskritVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WHair5
VismayaSanskritVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WWonder9
VeenaSanskritVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WString Instrument2
YashodaSanskritVruschika (Scorpius)N, YWife of Nanda and foster mother of Krishna1
YavanikaSanskritVruschika (Scorpius)N, YCurtain3
YogaSanskritVruschika (Scorpius)N, YUnion3
YogyathaSanskritVruschika (Scorpius)N, YAppropriateness3
YogamayaSanskritVruschika (Scorpius)N, Ythe maya directly in touch with the God 7
YogyaSanskritVruschika (Scorpius)N, YLike1
YoginiSanskritVruschika (Scorpius)N, YOne who practices yoga7
YasodharaSanskritVruschika (Scorpius)N, YGautama Buddha's wife2
YuktaSanskritVruschika (Scorpius)N, YEngaged6
YugaSanskritVruschika (Scorpius)N, Yworld ages9
YatnaSanskritVruschika (Scorpius)N, YSustained effort7
YaminiSanskritVruschika (Scorpius)N, YNight8
YuktatmaSanskritVruschika (Scorpius)N, YSelf connected4
YoshithaSanskritVruschika (Scorpius)N, YWoman6
YukthiSanskritVruschika (Scorpius)N, YIntelligent weighing of the circumstances4
YamunaSanskritVruschika (Scorpius)N, YYamuna river3
YogayuktaSanskritVruschika (Scorpius)N, YEngaged in devotional service9
YuktvaaSanskritVruschika (Scorpius)N, YBeing absorbed2