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Boy / Girl Rashi as per Hindu Cal Starting Syllable Meaning of the Name Name Numerology No.
AabanboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OName of the Angel1
AabharanboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OJewel1
AabheerboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O A cowherd4
AachmanboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Intake of a sip of water before a yagya or puja5
AadarshboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OOne who has principles; Ideal7
AaddharboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Foundation1
AadeshboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Command; Message2
AadeshboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OMessage; Order; Command2
AadhanboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Be First2
AadhiraboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OMoon6
AadhishankarboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OSri Shankaracharya; Founder of Adwaitha Philosophy5
AadhunikboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OModern; New6
AadiboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OImportant; First6
AadidevboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OThe first god; Ancient god1
AadilboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Justice9
AadilboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OJustice; Sincere9
AadinathboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OGod; Supreme Ruler of the Universe; the first God4
AaditboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OPeak8
AaditeyboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OSon of Aditi2
AadityaboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OSun7
AafiyaboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OGood Health7
AafreenboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OEncouragement5
AaftabboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OThe sun4
AagamboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OArrival5
AagmanboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Arrival1
AagneyboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OSon of the Fire God8
AahanboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Iron; Sword7
AahanboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OOne who is of the nature of time itself7
AahilboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OPrince4
AahlaadboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, ODelight1
AahlaadithboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OJoyous person2
AahvaboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OBeloved6
AahwaanithboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OOne who has been invited; Wanted5
AakaarboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OShape6
AakankshboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, ODesire3
AakarboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OForm; Shape5
AakarshboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OAttraction5
AakarshanboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Attraction2
AakashboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OThe sky; Vast like the sky5
AakeshboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OLord of the sky9
AakhyaboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OFame2
AakshatboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OUnharmed7
AalamboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O The whole world1
AalamboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OThe whole world1
AalapboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OMusical composition; Prelude to a raga4
AaleeboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OSublime; High6
AalimboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OReligious Scholar9
AalokboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Light4
AamilboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, ODoer; Work man9
AamirboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OPopulous; Full; Prosperous6
AamirahboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OInhabitant6
AamodboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OPleasure7
AanandboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Joy8
AanandaswarupboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OFull of Joy8
AandaleebboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O The Bulbul bird9
AanjaneyaboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OSon of Anjani; Name of Hanuman9
AapalboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O 4
AaptboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OTrustworthy2
AaqibboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OFollower3
AaqilboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OIntelligent4
AaraadhakboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OWorshipper1
AaradhayaboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Regard6
AaravboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OPeaceful7
AarifboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OAcquainted; Knowledgable8
AaritboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O One who seeks the right direction4
AarizboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, ORespectable man; Intelligent1
AarmanboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Desire3
AarnavboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O 3
AaronboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OEnlightened4
AarpitboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O To donate2
AarpitboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OTo donate2
AarshboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O 2
AarthboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Meaning3
AarushboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OFirst ray of sun5
AaryaboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Line on any particular raaga from sanskrit1
AaryanboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Illustrious6
AaryanboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OIllustrious; Noble; Spiritual6
AashankboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O 1
AashifboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OBold; Courageous8
AashirboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OLiving2
AashishboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Blessings2
AashishboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OBlessing2
AashkaboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Take aashka of aarti5
AashmanboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OSon of the sun3
AasifboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OAn able minister9
AasimboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OProtector7
AasitboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O 5
AastikboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OWho has faith in god7
AatifboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OKind Affectionate1
AatishboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OA dynamic person; Name of Lord Ganesha4
AatmaboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OSoul; Light of the lord9
AatmaboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OSoul; Spirit9
AatmajboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OSon1
AatreyaboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OName of a sage8
AaushboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O 5
AayanboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O 6
AayuboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OSpan of life; Long life3
AayushboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Long life3
AayushmaanboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OWith long life5
AayushmanboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Long life4
AazimboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, ODetermined5
AbaanboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OOld Arabic Name1
AbadhyaboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Always victorious; Unopposed6
AbanindraboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O 1
AbanindranathboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O 8
AbbasboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, ODescription of a Lion7
AbbottboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OFather6
AbbudboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OWorshipper3
AbbudinboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OWorshippers8
AbdarboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Glittering with water; Wealthy8
AbdiesoboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O 1
AbdulboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OKnowledge; Servant (of Allah)4
Abdul AhadboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O 9
Abdul AliboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OServant of God8
Abdul AzizboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OServant of the beloved one3
Abdul GaffarboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O 7
Abdul GaniboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OServant of the generous one8
Abdul KhaliqboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O 8
Abdul MajeedboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O 6
Abdul QadirboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O 8
Abdul RahamanboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OServant of the Beneficent6
Abdul RaheemboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OServant of the merciful;9
Abdul SatarboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O 9
Abdul WahabboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O 3
Abdul WahidboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OServant of the unique one4
AbdullahboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OServant of God7
AbdusboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OName of the narrator of one of the hadith2
Abdus SalaamboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OSlave of the Giver of Peace4
Abdus SamadboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OSlave of the Eternal; The Independent4
Abdus SamiboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OSlave of the All Hearing8
Abdus SattarboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OSlave of the one who conceals faults9
Abdus ShafiboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OSlave of the Healer9
Abdus ShahidboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OSlave of the Witness6
Abdus SubboohboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OSlave of the Extremely pure3
Abdus-SabourboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OServant of the Patient6
Abdus-SalaamboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OServant of the Source of Peace4
Abdus-SamadboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OServant of the Eternal4
Abdus-SameeiboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OServant of the All-Hearing9
Abdus-ShaheedboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OServant of the Witness7
Abdus-ShakurboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OServant of the Appreciative8
AbedboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OWorshipper3
AbedinboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OWorshippers8
AbeerboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OFragrance4
AbeeshtboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Wanted; Desired6
AbelboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OBreath2
AbezagboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OPure; Holy6
AbhaidevboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OFree of fear7
AbhaijeetboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OVictory over fear7
AbharboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Brilliant; Magnificent; Shining3
AbhavboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Lord Shiva7
AbhayboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OFearless1
AbhayaboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OFearless2
AbheekboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OFearless5
AbhiboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OFearless2
AbhibhavaboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Overpowering; Powerful; Victorious9
AbhidiboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Radiant6
AbhihitaboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Expression; Word; Name4
AbhijatboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Noble; Wise6
AbhijayboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OVictorious2
AbhijayaboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Conquest; Complete victory3
AbhijeetboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OVictorious; One who has been/has conquered6
AbhijitboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OVictorious5
AbhijunboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Expert; Skilled2
AbhijvalaboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Blazing forth3
AbhikboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OBeloved4
AbhilashboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OWish; Desire6
AbhimanboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Pride3
AbhimandboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Gladdening7
AbhimaniboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Full of pride3
AbhimanuyaboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OThe son of Arjun in Mahabharat5
AbhimanyaboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OThe son of Arjun in Mahabharat2
AbhimanyuboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OSon of Arjun4
AbhimodaboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Joy; Delight8
AbhinboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Different7
AbhinandaboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, Oto celebrate; to praise; to bless; delight9
AbhinandanboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OGreetings; Felicitous; Welcoming5
AbhinathaboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OLord of desires; Another name for kama1
AbhinavboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OAn act; Quite New; Brand New3
AbhinavaboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O New; Young; Fresh; Modern4
AbhinayboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OExpression6
AbhineetboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OPerfect1
AbhinitboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Acted9
AbhiniveshboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, ODesire7
AbhiraamboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OPleasing8
AbhirajboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OFearless King4
AbhiramboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Lovely; Pleasing7
AbhirathboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OGreat Charioteer4
AbhiroopboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OVariant of 'Abhirup'3
AbhirupboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OVery Nice; Pleasing; Handsome3
AbhisarboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Companion4
AbhishaboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O 3
AbhishekboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, ORitual; An auspicious bath for a deity9
AbhisokaboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OPassionate; Loving3
AbhisumatboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, ORadiant; Another name of sun4
AbhisyantaboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OSplendid; A son of Kuru and Vahini1
AbhivaadanboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OGreeting9
AbhiveerboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O One who commands7
AbhiviraboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OSurrounded by heroes; A commander7
AbhoyboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OFearless6
AbhraboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OCloud3
AbhrakasinboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OWith clouds for shelter; An ascetic3
AbhyagniboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OTowards the fire; A son of Aitasa4
AbhyudayaboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OLuck; Sunrise; Elevation; Increase; Prosperity7
AbhyuditaboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OElevated; Risen; Prosperous1
AbiboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O 3
AbidboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OWorshipper of God; Adorer7
AbidinboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OWorshippers; Adorers3
AbimanyuboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OThe son of Arjuna5
AbisaliboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OWarrior in Islam8
AbishekboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Ritual1
AbjayoniboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OBorn of the lotus; Another name for Brahma5
AbjitboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OConquering water6
AbnerboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OFather of Light4
AbraboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OCloud4
AbradboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OHail; Mail8
AbrahamboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OExalted Father8
AbrakboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O The blessed one6
AbrarboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OA truthful person; Saint4
AbrashboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OSpotted; Speckled4
Abu BakrboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OThe companion of Prophet Mohammed2
Abul KhayrboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OOne who does good9
Abul-HassanboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OThe Son of Ali8
AbyanboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Very clean7
AbyazboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O White1
AbzarboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Powerful; Mighty3
AcalapatiboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Lord of the immovable; Lord of mountain1
AcalendraboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Lord of the immovable; The Himalayas5
AcandaboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Not of the hot temper; Without anger; Gentle6
AcaryaboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Teacher; Another name for Drona; Asvaghosa and krpa4
AcaryatanayaboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OSon of the teacher; Another name for Aswatthama3
AcchindraboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Flawless; Uninterrupted; Perfect7
AcchutanboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OLord Vishnu8
AchalboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OConstant7
AchalapatiboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OLord of the immovable; Lord of Mountain9
AchalendraboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OLord of the immovable; The Himalayas4
AchalesvaraboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OGod of the immovable; Another name for Shiva1
AchalrajboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Himalayan mountain9
AchandaboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, ONot of the hot temper; Without anger; Gentle5
AcharyanandanaboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OSon of the teacher; Another name for Aswatthama7
AcharyasutaboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OSon of the teacher; Another name for Aswatthama1
AchindraboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OFlawless; Uninterrupted; Perfect4
AchintaboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O 2
AchintyaboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OLord Shiva; Inconceivable; Beyond comprehension9
AchyutboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OImperishable; a name of Vishnu6
AchyutboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OImperishable; Indestructible; A name of Vishnu6
AchyutaboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Indestructible7
AchyutamboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OVariant of 'Achyut'2
AchyutarayaboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OWorshipper of the infallible; A devotee of Vishnu7
AchyuthanboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Indestructible2
AcintyaboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Surpassing thought; Incogitable1
ackboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OGod is gracious; Diminutive of Jack6
AdairboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Form of Edgar6
AdalarasuboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OKing of dance6
AdamboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OMan of Earth1
AdanboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O 2
AdarboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O 6
AdarshboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OIdeal6
AdavakboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Simple; Uncomplicated4
AddisonboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OSon of Adam3
AdeelboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OJudge; Honest9
AdeelaboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Equal1
AdeemboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, ORare1
AdeepboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OLight4
AdelboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O 4
AdeshboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Command1
AdeshwarboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O 7
AdhamboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OBlack9
AdheerboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, ORestless5
AdheeshboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OKing5
AdheshtboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O 2
AdhikboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OGreater; More; Lots6
AdhikaraboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OPrincipal; Controller; Right8
AdhiksitboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O King; Lord9
AdhipboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O King2
AdhipaboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O King; Ruler3
AdhipaboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OKing; Ruler3
AdhirajboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OKing6
AdhishboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Lord; Master4
AdhitboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Scholarly; Intelligent; Wise6
AdhitaboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OA scholar7
AdhritboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OOne who supports everyone; Name of Lord Vishnu6
AdhusudanboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O 3
AdibboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OCultured; Well mannered one7
AdikaviboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OFirst poet3
AdilboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OJust; Honest8
AdinathboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OLord Vishnu3
AdishboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O 5
AditboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OFirst Born; From the beginning7
AditeyaboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OAnother name for the sun; Son of 'Aditi'2
AdithyaboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OSun God; Son of Adithi5
AditiyaboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OSun6
AdityaboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OThe sun6
AdityanandanboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OSon of the sun9
AdityavardhanaboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OAugmented by glory3
AdlerboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OEagle4
AdleyboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OThe Just2
AdnanboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OLion; Bravery; Old Arabic name;7
AdrakshboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Lightning8
AdrianboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, ORich2
AdrianboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OThe Dark One2
AdrijboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Belonging to the mountains6
AdripathiboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OMaster of the mountains5
AdvaitboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OUnique3
AdvaitaboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OFocussed4
AdvaithboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O 2
AdvayboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OUnique8
AdvayaboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OOne; United9
AdvikboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OUnique2
AdvitiyaboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Unique1
AdwaitaboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Non-duality5
AdwaitaboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, ONon-duality5
AdwayboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O One; United9
AdwayboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OOne; United9
AdwayaboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Unique1
AedanboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OBorn of Fire7
AekaambaramboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O 4
AekadamtboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O 2
AfeefboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OChaste; Modest5
AfraaboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OHappiness9
AfrahboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Happiness7
AfrazboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Height7
AftaabboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O The sun4
AftabboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O The sun3
AftabboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OThe sun3
AfzalboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OBest; Most Excellent1
AgamboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O 4
AgamjeetboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O 8
AgampreetboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OLove for god5
AgantukboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O 3
AgasthyaboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OA name of a sage1
AgastiboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Name of a sage3
AgastiboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OName of a sage3
AgastyaboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OA patron saint of southern India2
AgendraboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O King of mountains5
AghaboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OPre-eminent8
AgharnaboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OThe moon5
AghatboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Destroyer of sin1
AghorboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OShiva4
AgnelloboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OAngel3
AgneyaboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Son of agni8
AgneyaboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OSon of Agni; Son of the fire8
AgnibhavboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O 1
AgnikumaraboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OSon of Agni6
AgnimitraboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OFriend of fire2
AgnipravaboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OBright as the fire8
AgniveshboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, ODhronacharya's Guru; Bright as the fire4
AgrajboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Leader; Senior1
AgraniboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OAlways First5
AgrataboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OLeadership3
AgrimboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Leader; First3
AgrimboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OAdvance; Leader; First3
AgrimaboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Advance4
AgriyaboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OFirst7
AgyeyaboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Beyond comprehension; Beyond knowledge1
AhadboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OThe one5
AhanboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, ODawn6
AharpatiboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O 2
AharsiboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O 2
AhdboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OPledge; Knowledge4
AhdasboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O New; Novel6
AhendraboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O 6
AhendranathboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O 4
AhijitboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Conquerer of the serpent3
AhilanboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Knowledgeable; Commanding9
AhimboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Warm; Cloud; Water; Traveller4
AhirboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O 9
AhlamboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OWitty8
AhmadboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OCommendable; Praiseworthy; Most highly adored9
AhobalaraavboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O 1
AhrenboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OEnlightened1
AhsanboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, ONice; Beautiful; Mercy; Favour7
AijazboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OFavour; Blessing2
AikenboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OThe Oaken4
AimanboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OFearless2
AineshboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OThe sun's glory2
AiraawatboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OThe celestial white elephant of Indra2
AjaboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Unborn3
AjaatboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O 6
AjaatshatruboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OOne who has no enemies3
AjaipalboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OOne whose caretaker is the Lord5
AjamilboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OA mythological king1
AjantaboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OEternal fame; A famous Buddist cave2
AjatashatruboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OWithout enemies3
AjayboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OUnconquered; Invincible1
AjendraboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OKing of mountains8
AjinkyaboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OInvincible8
AjitboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Unconquerable Ajeet; Invincible4
Ajit KumaarboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O 6
AjitboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OVictorious; Invincible; Unconquerable4
AjitaabboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O 8
AjitabhboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O One who has conquered the sky6
AjitabhboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OVictor; One who has conquered the sky; The sun6
AjiteshboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OLord Vishnu9
AjkhyatboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OFamous4
AjmalboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OPious; Holy; Beautiful1
AjmilboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OA mythological king9
AjoyboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OJoyful6
AkaashboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Sky5
AkalboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OTimeless7
Akal KeeratboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OOne who sings God's praises4
AkalankboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Without any flaws6
AkaldeepboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OGod's lamp1
AkaljotboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OThe Eternal Light; God's Light7
AkalmashboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OStainless; Pure; Untainted3
AkalnivasboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OOne dwelling in the Eternal Realm9
AkalpaboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Ornament6
AkalpreetboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OLove of God8
AkalroopboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OOf eternal form; Of eternal beauty8
AkalsharanboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OThe one taking shelter in God5
AkalsimarboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OOne remembering the Eternal God4
AkalsukhboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OForever in peace and delight3
AkandboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OCalm4
AkanshboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O 9
AkarshboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OAttractive4
AkashboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O The sky4
AkashboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OSky4
AkashdeepboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O 7
AkashdvipboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O 1
AkbaniboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O 2
AkbarboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OPowerful; Great6
AkeemboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OWise8
AkhanboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O 8
AkhasboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OA narrator of hadith4
AkhashboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Price; Worth; Value3
AkhilboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OComplete; Entire; Earth; World5
AkhilaanandamboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O 9
AkhileshboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OLord of the universe; Indestructible; Immortal1
AkhtarboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OA Star; Good man5
AkhyathboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O 2
AkifboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OFocused9
AkilboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OThe wanderer; Intelligent; Thoughtful;6
AkileshboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Lord and Master of Universe2
AkmalboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OComplete2
AkramboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Excellent8
AkramboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OMost Generous; Excellent8
AkrashboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OAttractive4
AkroorboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OKind; Gentle; A Yadava chief; Krishna's friend6
AksalboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Complete8
AkshadboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O 8
AkshajboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OLord Vishnu5
AkshanboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OEye9
AksharboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OLetter; Imperishable4
AkshatboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OUnharmed6
AkshathboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OIndestructible5
AkshayboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OImmortal; Everlasting; Indestructible2
AkshayaboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OIndestructible3
AkshayagunaboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OGod with limitless attributes1
AkshayakeertiboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OEternal fame8
AkshayakumaarboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OIndestructible Prince5
AksheenboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Very strong9
AkshitboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OPermanent5
AkshobhyaboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Lord Vishnu9
AkshunboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OA significant particle2
AkshyaboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, Olmmortal; God2
AkulboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OLord Shiva9
AkushboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Lap6
AkyasboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Wise; Intelligent3
AlaboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, ONobility; Excellence5
AlaaboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, ONobility; Excellence6
Alaa UdeenboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OExcellence of Religion1
AlaapboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Musical notes in a order4
AlabhyaboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Durlabh5
AladharboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O 9
AlaganboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OHandsome9
AlagappanboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Handsome6
AlagarasuboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OHandsome King; King of beauty9
AlamboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O The whole world9
AlamgirboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OThe lord of the whole world7
AlanboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Rock or Noble1
AlanboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OHandsome One1
AlankarboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Gold; Ornament4
AlastairboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, ODefender of Men9
AlazaeboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O 1
AlbernboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OOf Noble Valor7
AlbertboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, ONoble; Bright4
AlbionboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OWhite or Fair8
AldenboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OWise Guardian9
AldisboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OFrom the Old House9
AldrichboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OOld Wise Leader1
AlecboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, ODefender of mankind3
AleemboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, Oknowledgeable9
AlexboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O 6
AlexanderboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OGreat Protector3
AlexisboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Helper7
AlfieboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OForm of Alfred6
AlfredboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OSupernaturally Wise1
AlgernonboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OBearded5
AlhadboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OJoy; Happiness8
AlhasanboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OThe handsome; The good;2
AlhusainboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, ODiminutive of the handsome; The good;4
AliboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OGod; Excellent; Noble; Sublime4
AlifboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OThe first character in Hijaiyah1
AlihboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Idol3
AlkeshboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Lord of Alkapuri2
AllahboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OGod7
AlmanboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OKind; Willing and wiseman5
AlmirboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OPrince8
AlokboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O A man with lovely hair; Cry of victory3
Alok NathboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OVariant of 'Alok'1
AlokboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OBrightness; Light; Cry of victory;3
AlokeboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OLight8
AlokendraboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OVictorious; Intelligent9
AlokiboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Brightness3
AlopboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OThat which does not disappear8
AlpeshboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OTiny7
AlstonboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OFrom the Old Manor9
AltafboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OKindness4
AltairboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OThe flying eagle; Star in the constellation Lyra7
AltonboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OFrom the Old Town8
AlvinboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, ONoble Friend4
Aly KhanboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O 9
AlyaboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Apt3
AmaanboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OPeace; The most lovelable3
AmaanatboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OTreasure6
AmaarboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OOne who prays 5 times and fasts7
AmadboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Serious1
AmalboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OAs pure as white; Unblemished; Hope; Aspiration9
AmalenduboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OPure like the moon; The unblemished moon8
AmaleshboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OPure; The pure one5
AmamboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OSafety; Protection1
AmanboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OPeace; The one who is peaceful2
AmanathboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Treasure4
AmanbirboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OThe one who fights for peace4
AmandaboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OActive7
AmandeepboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OThe lamp of peace5
AmandevboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OThe god of peace6
AmanjeetboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OPeace Attainer6
AmanpalboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OPeace Protector4
AmanpreetboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OOne who loves peace3
AmanudayboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Peace rising8
AmanveerboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O 7
AmarboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OImmortal; Everlasting6
AmaraboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Immortal7
AmarakumaarboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O 9
AmaranaathboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OImmortal God; Lord Shiva6
AmarasimhaboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O 3
AmardeepboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OEternal light9
AmardevboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OThe immortal god1
AmarendraboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O 3
AmareshboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OName of Indra2
AmareswarboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O 9
AmarinderboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OBlessed by god for immortality2
AmarisboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Child of the Moon7
AmarjeetboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OForever Victorious1
AmarjitboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O 9
AmarjotboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OThe Immortal Light6
AmarleenboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OForever absorbed in God6
AmarnathboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Immortal god4
AmarpreetboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OImmortal love of god7
AmarsiboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O 7
AmartyaboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OImmortal7
AmbaadaasboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O 7
AmbaajeeraavboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O 8
AmbarboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OSky8
AmbareeshboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OVariant of 'Ambarish'; King of the sky9
AmbarishboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OLord Shiva; Vishnu; The King of the sky8
AmbarishaboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Lord of the sky9
AmberboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OThe sky3
AmberdeepboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Light of the Sky6
AmbikaboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OGoddess Parvati1
AmbikagiriboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O 8
AmbroseboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OImmortal1
AmbudboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Cloud5
AmbujboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OLotus2
AmbujamboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O 7
AmeenboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Divine grace2
AmeerboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OCommander; Prince; Khalifah6
AmeetboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OBoundless8
AmerboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, ORich1
AmeryboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OIndustrious8
AmeyaboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OImmeasurable; Boundless9
AmeyatmaboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OLord Vishnu7
AmianboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Tamer2
AmidboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OSupport9
AmilboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OInvaluable8
AminboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OHonest1
AminboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, ODivine grace; Faithful; Trustworthy1
AmirboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, ORich; Prosperous; Populous5
AmishboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OPure; Honest5
AmitboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OLimitless; Endless7
AmitaabhboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Boundless lustre1
AmitabhboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O One with boundless splendour9
AmitabhboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OUnlimited; One with boundless splendour;9
AmitabhaboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OUnlimited; One with boundless splendour1
AmitaruciboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O 5
AmitavboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Limitless lustre; Name of Lord Buddha3
AmitavaboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OSame as Amitabh4
AmitayboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Limitless6
AmitbikramboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OLimitless prowess7
AmiteshboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OOne who is Infinite; God3
AmitiyotiboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OLimitless Brightness4
AmitoshboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Ever happy4
AmitrasudanboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, ODestroyer of enemies4
AmiyaboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, ONectar; Delight4
AmjadboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OMore Glorious2
AmlahboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Pretty; Handsome; Beautiful; Pleasant8
AmlanboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OUnfading; Everbright5
AmlankusumboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OUnfading flower9
AmmarboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O The maker1
AmodboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Pleasure6
AmoghboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OUnerring8
AmohaboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Clear; Straight2
AmolboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OPriceless5
AmolakboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Priceless8
AmolikboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OPriceless7
AmoortaboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OFormless2
AmosboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OA Burden3
AmreshboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Lord Indra1
AmrikboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, ONectar7
AmrinderboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OVariant of 'Amarinder'1
AmrishboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OLord Indra5
AmritboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, ONector7
AmritanshuboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Moon7
AmritpalboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OOne protected by the Lord's Nectar9
AmshuboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Atom8
AmshulboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Bright2
AmukboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Some; One or another1
AmulboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Priceless2
AmulayaboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Invaluable2
AmulyaboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Priceless1
AmzadboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OMore Glorious9
AnboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OPeace; Peace of Being At Home; Peaceful6
AnaadboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OBeginningless3
AnaadiboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OWithout beginning3
AnaanboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Clouds4
AnadiboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Eternal2
AnaghboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OSinless; Variant of 'Anagha'4
AnahidboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Immaculate1
AnalboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OFire1
AnamitraboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O The usn5
AnandboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Joy; Happiness; Bliss7
AnandboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OJoy; Bliss7
AnandaboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OHappiness8
AnandashankarboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O 8
AnandavardhanaboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O 5
AnandiboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Bringer of Joy; Lord Vishnu7
AnangboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OCupid or Kamadeva1
AnangaboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Name of Cupid or Kamadeva2
AnanjanboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Without any faults1
AnanmayaboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O One who cannot be broken7
AnantboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Infinite5
AnantaboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Infinite6
AnantacaritraboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O 4
AnantajitboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Always victorious9
AnantamatiboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O 4
AnantavikramaboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O 9
AnanthboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OEndless; Infinite4
AnantramboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Eternal god1
AnanyoboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Sole; Peerless7
AnanyobrotoboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O 5
AnarghboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Priceless4
AnarghyaboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Priceless3
AnasboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O A group of people8
AnayboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Radha's husband5
AnbarasuboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O King of love5
AnbuboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Love; Kindness2
AnbumadiboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Kind and intelligent2
AndeepboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OModest Lamp9
AndrewboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OManly; Valiant2
AneeqboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OValuable6
AneesboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OIntimate; Friendly8
AneeshboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O 7
AnekboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OMany4
AneshboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Smart one2
AngadboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OSon of Bali -character in holy hindu epic 'Ramayan'9
AngadaboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Bracelet; Brother of Wali and Sugreev1
AngajboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Son6
AngamuthuboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Made of pearls7
AngeethboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Flavoured on charcoal6
AngelboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Messanger; Angel3
AngusboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OStrong and Unique8
AniijboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Charming7
AnikboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OSoldier8
AnikaitboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Lord of the World2
AniketboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OHomeless6
AnikethboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Lord of all5
AnilboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OWind9
AnilaabhboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OSpirit of the wind3
AnimeshboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OTo stare open-eyed6
AnimishboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Open-eyed therefore attractive1
AnindaboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O 7
AnindoboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O 3
AnindraboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O 7
AnindyaboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O 5
AniqboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OElegant5
AnirabboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O An angel who presides over fire9
AniranboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Eternal light3
AnirbanboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O 5
AniruddhboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Grandson of Lord Krishna7
AniruddhboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OWhich can't be restricted7
AnirudhboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Boundless; Lord Vishnu3
AnirudhaboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OGrandson of lord Krishna4
AnirudhhaboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Free; Grandson of Lord Krishna; Cooperative3
AnirvanboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OUndying7
AnirveshboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Devotion6
AnirvinyaboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O A name of God Vishnu5
AnisboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OClose Friend7
AnisaboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Supreme8
AnishboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OLord Vishnu; Lord Shiva6
AnitboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Joyful unending8
AnitejaboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Immeasurable splendour6
AniveshakboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O One who finds seeker9
AniveshanboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O To find3
AnjalboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Hollow formed by joining two hands2
AnjalikaboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O One of Arjuna's arrows5
AnjanboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OEye Liner4
AnjanaboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Dusky5
AnjaneyboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Lord Anjaneya7
AnjaniboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O A title of the mother of Hanuman; Anjani kumar4
AnjasboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Fortright9
AnjasaboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Guileless; Deceitless1
AnjorboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Bright4
AnjumboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O A token5
AnjumanboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OA garden2
AnkalboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OWhole; One who has no illness3
AnkitboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OThe chosen one1
AnkurboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, ONew Life2
AnkushboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, ORestraint2
AnmohanboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O 3
AnmolboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OPriceless1
AnnaboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Food3
AnnadashankarboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O 8
AnniruddhaboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Son of Pradyummna4
AnnuboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OA prefix; Atom5
AnnuabhujboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Lord Shiva2
AnojboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O 4
AnookulboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O 8
AnoopboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OIncomparable7
AnramboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Continuous2
AnselboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, ONobel6
AnshboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Portion6
AnshuboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O The sun9
AnshukboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, ORadiant2
AnshulboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, ORadiant3
AnshumanboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O The sun1
AnshumanboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OThe sun1
AnshumatboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OLuminous7
AnsuboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Ray of light1
AntarikshboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OSpace2
AnthonyboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OPriceless7
AntimboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Last3
AntonyboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Name of a Saint8
AntriksaboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Space; Outer space; Sky3
AntrixboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Space; Sky5
AnuboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O An atom9
AnuanshboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Generous; Charitable6
AnubhavboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Experience6
AnudeepboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Small diya3
AnugyaboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Authority6
AnuhaboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Satisfied9
AnuhladboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Brother of prahlad7
AnujboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OYounger Brother1
AnujaboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Younger brother2
AnukulboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O 8
AnunayboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OSupplication; Consolation4
AnupboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OIncomparable7
AnupamboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OIncomparable3
AnuraagboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Love9
AnuragboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Attachment; Devotion; Love8
AnuragboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OLove8
AnuranjanboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Name of a raag; Love4
AnuttamboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Unsurpassed9
AnuvaboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OKnowledge5
AnuvindboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O One who receives; A cousin of Lord Krishna4
AnuvratboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Devoted; Faithful7
AnvayboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Joined; Integration9
AnveshboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Investigation6
AnwarboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, ORays of Light3
AnzanboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OQuiet Mountain2
ApareshboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O God Shiva's invincible worship5
ApoorvaboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OExquisite7
AppajiboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Lord Venkateswara of Balaji8
AprameyaboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O A Name of Lord Krishna8
ApratimboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Unequalled6
ApurbaboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OVery good5
ApurvaboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Unique7
ApurvaboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OVery good; Unique7
AquilboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Wise6
ArabindaboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Lotus5
AradhyaboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O To be worshipped4
AramboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OHighness; Exalted6
AranboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Righteous7
AranabboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OOcean1
AranyaboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O A forest; Foreign land; Desert6
ArashboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O 2
AravboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OPeaceful6
AravaliboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Righteous1
AravanboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Righteous3
AravindboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OLotus6
ArbaazboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O 4
ArbadboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Masters; Lords8
ArchanboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OWorship9
ArcherboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OBowman8
ArchibaldboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OBold Prince4
ArchitboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OWorshipped5
ArdashirboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, ORighteous Ruler6
ArdhenduboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OHalf Moon3
AreehahboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, ODestroyer of enemies1
ArefboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OKnowing; Knowledgeable3
ArenuboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O One who does not belong to earth; Celestial5
ArghyaboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Offering to the Lord6
ArhaboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Lord Shiva1
ArhamboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Rhe word is just like OM for Jain community5
ArhanboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Tirthankara6
ArhantboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Destroyer of enemies8
ArhatboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, ORespectable3
ArhyaboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O 8
AricboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Rule with mercy4
ArihanboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O One who kills enemies6
ArihantboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, ODestroyer of enemies8
ArijboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OPleasant Smell2
ArijitboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O 4
ArinboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O With spokes; Discuss6
ArindamboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, ODestroyer of enemies6
ArinjayboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Victory over evil6
AritraboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O One who shows the right path; Navigator4
ArivboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O King of wisdom5
ArivaliboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Smart; Intelligent9
ArivarasuboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O King of wisdom2
ArivoliboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Glowing with intelligence5
ArivumaniboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Intelligent jem9
ArjaboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Divine3
ArjitboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OEarned4
ArjunboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OSon of lord Indra; One of the Pandava brothers1
ArkaboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OSun4
ArkaanboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Principles1
ArlenboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OPledge5
ArmaanboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O 3
ArmanboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, ODesire; Wish2
ArnabboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OSea9
ArneshboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OLord of the sea2
ArnoldboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OStrong as an Eagle1
ArnonboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, ORushing stream; a river and wadi in western Jordan8
ArpanboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OOffering5
ArsalanboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OLion3
ArshadboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OPious; Devout; Religious6
ArshiaboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O 2
ArtayboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O 2
ArthurboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OChampion; Follower of Thor5
ArunboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OSun; The dawn9
ArupboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O 2
ArvelboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OWept Over4
ArvindboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OLotus5
AryaboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OCivilized; The best9
AryamanboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OThe sun1
AryasbboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OPossessor of AryAn horses3
ArzanboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O 6
AsadboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OLion7
AsaramboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O 8
AsavboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OEssence7
AseelahboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OFrom the noble family6
AseemboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OLimitless7
AsgarboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, ODevotee1
AshcharyaboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OSurprise3
AsheshboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OVariant of 'Ashish'6
AshishboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OBlessing1
AshitboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O 3
AshkanboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OName of the 3rd dynasty of Persian kings9
AshleshboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OTo embrace9
AshokboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OWithout sadness9
AshokaboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O 1
AshrafboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OWithout grief8
AshutoshboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OOne who fulfills wishes instantly3
AshvinboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O A cavalier1
AshwaghoshboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OName of Buddhist philosopher1
AshwaniboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OSon of Lord Sun3
AshwathboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Banyan tree8
AshwathamaboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Ever Living5
AshwatthamaboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OSon of Dronacharya7
AshwinboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OHindu Month2
AshwiniboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O One of the constallations2
AsifboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Forgivness8
AsijaboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O A great sage; Brother of Brihaspati4
AsimboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, ODefender6
AsisboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OBlessing3
AsishboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OBlessing2
AsitboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, ONot white4
AsitvaranboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, ODark complexioned6
AsiyaboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OOne who tends to the weak and heals1
AsjidboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O One who prays to God7
AskhaboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O More liberal4
AslamboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OGreeting1
AslanboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OLion2
AsleshboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Embrance1
AsokboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OWithout Sadness1
AsotosaboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OOne who fulfills wishes instantly9
AsraniboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O 8
As-SalamboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OThe Eternal3
AsumanboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Lord of vital breaths6
AsutoshboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O One who becomes happy easily4
AsvathamaboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Sun of drona5
AsvinboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O A Hindu month2
AswadboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Islamic name; Black stone in Moka3
AswiniboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Name of a star3
AswinikumarboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OHealer of angels(Devas)4
AtaaboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Gift5
AtalboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OFirm; Immoveable7
AtambhuboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O The Holy trinity3
AtamveerboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Brave4
AtanuboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OCupid3
AtashboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OFire4
AtharvaboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Name of Ganesha; The first Vedas8
AtharvanboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Knower of the Arthara vedas4
AthervanboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O One of the four vedas8
AthrvboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Lord Ganesha6
AtiboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O 3
AtifboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Generous9
AtikshboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Wise5
AtimanavboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Super man9
AtinboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O 8
AtishboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Fire; Splendor3
AtitboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Past5
AtithiboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OGuest4
AtiyaboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O To surpass2
AtmaboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Soul8
AtmajaboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Son1
AtmajyotiboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Light of soul6
AtmanboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O The self4
AtmanandboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Blissful5
AtmanandboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OBlissful soul5
AtmanandaboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Bliss of soul6
AtraiuboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Great Warrior7
AtreyaboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Receptacle of glory7
AtriboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Name of hindu Rishi3
AttarboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O 6
AttinboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O 1
AttinderboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O 1
AtulboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OUncomparable; Matchless9
Atul PrasadboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O 5
AtulyaboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OUnequalled8
AtwaterboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OFrom the Waterside7
AtwoodboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OForest Dweller6
AubreyboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, ORuler of the Elves9
AurvaboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Grandson of rishi Bhrigu9
AusijaboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Renowned; Bright as the dawn7
AustinboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OHelpful3
AvadheshboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OKing Dasaratha5
AvadhootboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O God Dattatreya5
AvalokboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OWho beholds8
AvalokitesvaraboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O 4
AvandaboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O 7
AvaneeshboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OMaster of the earth3
AvanindraboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OKing of the earth3
AvanishboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O God of the earth2
AvantivarmanaboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O 2
AvasyuboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Lord Indra8
AvatarboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OIncarnation9
AveryboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OElfin Ruler8
AviboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O The sun and air5
AvijitboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Invincible8
AvikamboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Diamond3
AvikshitboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Not see before9
AvilashboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Faithful9
AvinashboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OIndestructible2
AvinashiboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OIndestructible2
AviralboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Continous; Ongoing9
AviratboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Continuous8
AvkashboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OLimitless Space8
AvneetboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O 4
AvtarboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OIncarnation of God8
AvyuktaboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Crystal Clear2
AwadboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Reward; Compensation2
AwsboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Name of a tree7
AxelboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OMan of Peace6
AyaanboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Nature; Temperament6
AyaazboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Respected and enduring9
AyavanthboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Lord Shiva2
AymanboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Lucky; On the right9
AyogboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OAuspicious time3
AyoobboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O A Prophet's name4
AyubboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OMessenger of God; A biblical prophet's name4
AyujboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Without a companion; Without an equal3
AyushboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Long lived2
AyushmaanboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Having long life4
AyushmanboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Blessed with long life3
AyyapanboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Ever youthful2
AzadboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OFree; Independence5
AzamboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Offspring5
AzbboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Sweet2
AzeezboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Friend9
AzeezboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OFriend; Dear one9
AzhaarboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OFlowers; Blossoms1
AzhagarboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O The handsome one8
AzharboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OFamous9
AzhmeerboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Clever; Wise4
AzzaamboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Determined; Resolved5
AzzamboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O The lord; Almighty4
BaadalboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Cloud3
BaahirboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Dazzling; Brilliant3
BaalaboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W 8
BaalaadityaboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WRisen sun5
BaalaajiboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WLord Vishnu1
BaalaarkboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WThe rising sun2
BaalachandranboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W 8
BaalagopaalboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WKrishna; Baby Krishna6
BaalakrishnaboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WBaby Krishna; Krishna7
BaalamuraliboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WYoung Krishna holding flute1
BaalarajuboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WStrong4
BaalayyaboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W 5
BaanbhattboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WName of an ancient poet6
Baanke BihaariboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WAnother name of Krishna1
BaaodhavboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W 9
BaapiraajuboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W 8
BaasimboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Smiling9
BaasimaboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WSmiling1
BababoyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WSweet Baby; Born on Thursday6
BabakboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WFaithful; Young Father8
BabalaboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Above1
BabarboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Lion6
BaboboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W 2
BabuboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WA Hindu gentleman; a Hindu title answering to Mr.8
BabulboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WA Tree; Lord Shiva2
BabulalboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Beautiful6
BachanboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WPromise2
BachittarboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WWounderous Merits1
BadalboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Cloud; Rain2
BadalboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WClouds; Monsoon2
BadariboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W 8
BadikhboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Important; Prominent8
BadriboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WLord Vishnu7
BadrinathboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WLord Vishnu5
BadruddinboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W 5
BadshahboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WKing7
BahaboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Beautiful; Magnificent3
BahadorboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WHonorable; Brave4
BahadurboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WOne who is brave and courageous1
BahadurjitboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WVictory of the brave4
BahajboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Jubilation; Happiness; Joy; Rejoicing4
BaharboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WSpring3
BaharupaboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W 5
BahramboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WName of a Persian King7
BahubaliboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WA Jain tirthankar2
BahuksanaboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W 6
BahulboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W 8
BahulaboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WA star; Abundant9
BahuleyaboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WLord Kartikeya; A Hindu god of bravery3
BahuliyaboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Lord Kartikeya7
BahumanyaboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Honoured by many5
BahuraiboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W With great riches6
BahuvidaboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Scholarly; Wise; Enlightened5
BaijuboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W 7
BaikaboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WPlum Blossom6
BairdboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WBard or Minstrel7
BajarangboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WA name of Lord Hanumaan9
BajrangboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WLord Hanuman's name8
BakhtawarboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W One who brings good luck4
BakoolboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Flower2
BakulboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WA kind of timber tree; Resembles a crane; blossom2
BakulaboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WA kind of flower; Resembles a crane; Blossom3
BalaboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WChild; Young one7
BalaadityaboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WYoung Sun; Young Man4
BalachanderboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WYoung Moon6
BalachandraboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WYoung Moon; Crescent moon2
BaladeyaboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Giver of strength6
BaladhiboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Deep insight1
BaladhikaboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Unequalled in strength4
BaladhyaboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Full of strength9
BalagopalboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Baby krishna4
BalagovindboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WYoung cow-herd; Infant Krishna6
BalaichandboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W 1
BalajiboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WHindu God 'Vishnu'; God Venkatan8
BalakkboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W 2
BalakrishnaboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WYoung Krishna; Childhood of Krishna6
BalakumarboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WYoung Prince8
BalamaniboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Young jewel8
BalamohanboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WThe younger one who is attractive; Young Krishna4
BalanboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Youthful3
BalanathboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Lord of strength5
BalanujboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W The younger brother of Balaram7
BalanujboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WAnother name for Krishna7
BalaraamboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WThe elder brother of Lord Krishna4
BalarajboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Strong9
BalaramboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W The brother of Lord Krishna3
BalaraviboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W The morning sun3
BalarkboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W The rising sun9
BalarunboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Dawn6
BalavanboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Powerful8
BalavantboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Lord Hanuman1
BalavrataboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W 6
BalbhadraboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WBrother of Krishna4
BalbirboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WStrong; Couragious8
BalchandraboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WYoung Moon1
BaldevboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Godlike in power; Strong1
BaldevboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WGodlike in power; Another Name of Balram1
BaldwinboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WPrincely Friend2
BalendraboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Lord Krishna3
BalendraboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WLord Krishna3
BalgopalboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WThe Hindu God Krishna as a baby; Baby Krishna3
BalgovindboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Krishna5
BaliboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WPowerful; Brave; Elder Brother of Sugriva in Ramayan6
BalinboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Healthy; Energetic; Powerful2
BaljeetboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WMighty Victorious1
BaljiwanboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WLife with strength9
BalkishanboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WYoung Krishna; Lord Krishna in his childhood5
BalmohanboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WOne who is attractive3
BalrajboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WElder brother of Sri Krishna; Strong; Mighty King8
BalramboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Krishna's brother2
BalramboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WThe elder brother of Lord Krishna2
BaltejboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WOne with glorious might5
BalvanboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WPowerful and mighty7
BalvantaraavboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WVariant of 'Balwant'7
BalveerboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Powerful2
BalveerboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WPowerful and brave2
BalvinderboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Strong6
BalvinderboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WStrong6
BalvindraboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Strong2
BalvirboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WStrong Soldier1
BalwanboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Strong Person8
BalwantboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Strong1
BalwantboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WPowerful; Strong; Full of might1
BalwinboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Bold Protector7
BalwinderboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WPowerful king7
BamdadboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WName of Mazdak's father; Early morning7
BanajboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Lotus1
BanajitaboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W One who conquers with arrows; Another name for Vishnu4
BanbihariboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Lord Krishna1
BandhuboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WFriend5
BandhulboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WPleasing; With friends; Family8
BandhulaboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WCharming9
BandishboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Binding; Attach together3
BaneetboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Polite2
BaneswarboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W 2
BanikantboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W 9
BanjeetboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WVictory of the forest3
BankeboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Lord Krishna6
BankeiboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WTen Thousand Blessings6
BankimboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WNot Straight; Crooked; Half5
BankimchandraboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WCrescent moon9
BankoboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WEverlasting7
BanshiboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Flute8
BanshiboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WFlute8
BansiboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WFlute9
BansidharboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WLord Krishna4
BansilalboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Lord Krishna7
BansilalboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WLord Krishna7
BantiboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W 1
BanwariboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Lord Krishna5
BanzanboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WIndestructible Mountain4
BaradwajboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W A star6
BaranboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Noble Man9
BarclayboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WMeadow of Birch Trees8
BarhaspatiboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W 5
BaridboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Cloud7
BarindraboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W The ocean4
BarkatboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W 8
BarnabyboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WProphet9
BaronboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WNobleman5
BarrettboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WBear-Like3
BarryboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WMarksman1
BarsaatboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Welcome rain8
BartholomewboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WWarlike6
BartonboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Placename of where Barley was grown7
BaruboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W 6
BarunboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WLord of the Sea2
BasaamboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Smiling1
BasantboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WSpring Season3
BasantaboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Spring4
BasavaesvarboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W 3
BasavarajboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Lord of bulls3
BasdevboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Fire8
BaselboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Brave3
BashaarboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Bringer of glad tidings5
BashirboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Harbinger of good things3
Bashir AhmadboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W 3
BashoboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WBanana Plant9
BasilboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WKing-like7
BasisthaboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W A sage7
BassuiboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WHigh Above Average8
BasudhaboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Earth2
BatukboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W 1
BayazboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W White; Bright1
BeauboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Handsome2
BehdadboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WExcellent gift; Of good birth6
BehnamboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WReputable (someone with honorable name)7
BehroozboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WLucky8
BehruzboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W 8
BehzadboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WOf good birth; Of noble family1
BenboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W 3
BenedictboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WBlessed8
Beni RamboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W 8
BenjaminboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WSon of Right Hand5
BenoyboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WPolite7
BensenboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WBe Diligent5
BentleyboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W 2
BentonboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WMoor Dweller7
BenudharboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W 1
BernardboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WStern Bear8
BertboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WBright9
BevisboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WBowman3
BhaagavatboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W 9
BhaanodayaboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W 9
BhaanuboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W 2
BhaanuajiboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W 4
BhaanuchandarboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W 6
BhaanumuartiboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W 3
BhaaratboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WIndia6
BhaargavboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W 6
BhaaskarboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WThe sun7
BhaavanboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W 4
BhabanandaboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W 3
BhabendraboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W 1
BhadantaboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W 6
BhadraboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Auspicious7
BhadrakboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WHandsome; Good; Virtuous9
BhadrakshboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WOne with beautiful eyes9
BhadramboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W 2
BhadranboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WAuspicious; Fortunate Man3
BhadrangboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Beautiful body1
BhadrapalaboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W 1
BhadreshboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Lord Shiva2
BhadveerboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W 2
BhagabhaiboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W 3
BhagatboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WDevotee of God3
BhagatveerboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WThe brave devotee of God8
BhagavaanboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WOf good furtune; The lord; God3
BhagavaandaasboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WServant of the god1
BhagavatboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W 8
BhagavateeprasaadboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WLucky; Relevant to Goddess Durga6
BhagavatiboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W 8
BhageerathaboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WOne who brought Ganga on earth; An ancient king4
BhagiratboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W With glorious chariot3
BhagirathboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W One who brought river Ganga to the earth2
BhagwanboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WGod; Ishwar2
BhagwantboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WWhose heart is full of devotion; Fortunate; Lucky4
BhagwatboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W 8
BhagyarajboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WLord of Luck1
BhaiaravboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W 8
BhairaamboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W 8
BhairavboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WLord of terror; God Shankar; Lord Shiva7
BhajanboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WOne who is absorbed in God's Love; Adoration9
BhajnaamboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WRemembering the love of God5
BhaktiboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Devotion; Prayer6
BhalendraboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WLord of Light2
BhanuboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WThe sun1
BhanudasboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WA devotee of the sun; Follower of the sun7
BhanuprasadboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WGift of the sun6
BharadvaajaboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W 6
BharadwajboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WA sage; A mythical bird; Skylark; Strong & fast5
BharaniboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WThe second nakshatra in Hindu astronomy;8
BharaniboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WName of a celestial star; Goddess of good luck8
BharatboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WThe name of the Hindu God of fire5
BhargavaboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WLord Shiva; Archer; Preceptor6
BhartihariboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WName of a celebrated poet4
BhashkarboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WThe sun5
BhaskarboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W 6
BhaskorboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WSun2
BhasvanboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WLustrous; Full of brightness4
BhaswarboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WGlorious; Luminous9
BhaumikboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WLord of the earth2
BhautikboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WLord Shiva9
BhavaniboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WGoddess Durga3
BhaveshboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WLord of the world2
BhaveshshamjibhaiboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W 1
BhavikboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WGod8
BhavinboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WWinner2
BhavjeetboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WOne who swims across the dreadful world ocean1
BhavyaboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W 5
BheemsenboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WSons of brave man8
BheeshmaboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WA character of Mahabharata; Son of king 'Shantanu'7
BhimaboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WThe mighty one6
BhismasvarajaboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W 7
BhogilalboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W 3
BhojboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WName of a poet king; Meal8
BholaboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WInnocent; Polite2
BholanathboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WLord Shiva9
BhramarboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WBlack Bee7
BhriguboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WName of a saint who foretold the future2
BhuddisrigarbhaboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W 5
BhudebboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WLord of the earth6
BhudevboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WLord of the earth; Lord Shiva8
BhumidharboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W 3
BhupatiboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WLord of the earth5
BhupenboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WKing3
BhupendraboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WKing of Kings; Emperor; King of the earth8
Bhupinder PalboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WPreserved by God9
BhushanboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WOrnament; Lord vishnu1
BhushitboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WDecorated6
BhuumkaboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W 5
BhuvanboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WWorld5
BhuvaneshboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WLord of the world; Lord of the earth1
BhuvaneshwarboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WLord of the world7
BhuvaneswarboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WGod; Lord of the world8
BihariboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WKrishna2
BiharilalboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WChild Krishna9
BiiniboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W 7
BijanboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W 9
BijoyboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WVictory7
BijuboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WJewel6
BilhanaboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W 2
BillboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W 8
BilvaboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WA sacred leaf1
BimalboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WPure1
BimanboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WSky; Aeroplane3
BimbisaarboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WKing of the Gupta dynasty2
BindusarboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WAn excellent pearl7
BinobaboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W 7
BinodboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WHappiness; Joy; Variant of 'Vinod'8
BipakboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W 3
BipinboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WForest5
BiplabboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W 6
BirbalboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WBrave Heart; A courtier of the Mughal emperor Akbar8
BirenboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WLord of Warriors3
BirendraboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WKing of Warriors8
BirendramohanboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WKing of Warriors who attracts; Krishna5
BirinchiboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W 9
BirindarboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WThe brave god3
BishanpalboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WRaised By God1
BishnuboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WLord Vishnu1
BishwaboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WThe whole world8
BishwajiboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W 9
BishwanathboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WLord of the world6
BismeetboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W 1
BiswajeetboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WWinner of the world; Victory on the world4
BitanboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WPandal; Spread1
BlaineboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WLean or Thin7
BlairboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WMan of Flatlands6
BlakeboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WFair Complexioned4
BobbyboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WShort form of Robert - Bright Fame1
BoddhidharmaboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W 6
BodhanboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WClever; Wise; kindling8
BodhidharmaboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WAll-Pervading Enlightened Mind2
BondboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WFarmer8
BorisboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WWarrior9
BornaboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WYoung; Youthful5
BoudhayanboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WThe name of a sage1
BowenboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WSon of Owen5
BradenboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WFrom the Broad Valley8
BradleyboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WFrom the Broad Meadow4
BrahamjeetboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WGod's Triumph2
BrahmaboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WCreator of the universe; Supreme being7
BrahmabrataboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WAscetic4
BrahmadhvajaboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W 8
BrahmaduttboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WDedicated to Lord Brahma; Devoted to Lord Brahma9
BrahmajetasboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W 8
BrahmajiboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WVariant of 'Brahma'8
BrahmanandamboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WThe supreme joy9
BrahmdevboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WGod's exalted angel1
BrahmjotboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WOne in union with God6
BrahmleenboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WAbsorbed in God's Love6
BrahmvirboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WGod's warrior1
BrajboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WPlace of Lord Krishna; Lord Krishna4
BrajamohanboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WName of Lord Krishna2
BrajendraboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WLord of Braj Land1
BrajeshboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WLord of Braj Land9
BrajraajboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WKing of Braj Land7
BrandanboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WTraveller9
BratindraboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WDedicated to charity; Devoted to right deeds6
BrentboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WFrom the Steep Hill5
BretboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WNative of Brittany9
BrhadsphalasboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W 1
BrianboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WHigh; Noble; Strong8
BriceboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WGreat Ambition1
BrighamboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WDweller by the Bridge4
BrijenderboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W 4
BrockboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WThe Badger4
BroderickboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WForm of Roderick4
BrookeboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WA stream3
BruceboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WBrushwood4
BrunoboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WDark Complexioned7
BryantboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WStrong8
BuckboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WThe Deer1
BudboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WMessenger9
BuddhaboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WAwakened; Lord Buddha4
BuddhacaksusboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W 6
BuddhadebboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WLord Buddha6
BuddhadevaboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WWise; Gautama Buddha9
BuddhamitraboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WFriend of Buddha2
BuddhanandiboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W 1
BudhasutaboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W 7
BudhilboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WLearned; Wise; Academic2
BudhjotboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WLight of Wisdom8
BudhpreetboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WLove of wisdom9
BudrataboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W 4
BupposoboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WBuddha-Dharma-Sangha5
BurgessboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WCitizen of a Town1
BurtonboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WFortress9
ButaboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W 8
ButsugenboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WBuddha Eye1
ButsujuboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WBuddha-Life; Buddha-Age6
ByronboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WBear2
CadmanboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QWarrior9
CakarpalaboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q 1
CakrasmavaraboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q 1
CalderboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Cool Clear Spring7
CaldwellboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QNear a Cold Well9
CalebboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QFaithful5
CalvertboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QShepherd9
CalvinboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QBald7
CameronboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Place name crooked stream; Crooked nose6
CanandaboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q 2
CandaviraboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q 1
CandragarbhaboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q 6
CandrakirtiboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q 9
CandrasuryaboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q 8
CarlboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QFarmer7
CarlosboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Strong and manly5
CarltonboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QFrom Carl's Farm2
CarneyboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QWarrior3
CarrickboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QRock9
CarrollboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QChampion7
CarterboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QCart Driver2
CarverboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QWood Carver4
CaryboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QFort2
CaseyboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QBrave8
CasparboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QThe treasurer4
CasperboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QTreasure8
CeasarboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Hairy Child2
CecilboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QBlind5
CedricboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QChieftain6
CeevenboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q The name came to a guy from dream9
CesarboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Long Haired1
ChaanakyaboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Name of Kautilya; The great scholar2
ChaaruhaasboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QWith beautiful smile9
ChadboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QWarrior7
ChadnaboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QLove4
ChagganboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q The Zodiac sign of Aries5
ChahelboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QGood Cheer1
ChainboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Peace8
ChaitanboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Name of Kautilya; The great scholar2
ChaitanyaboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QFamous Sage1
ChaitnyaboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Consciousness; Wisdom; Soul; Mind; Spirit9
ChaityaboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Pertaining to the mind; Indivdual soul4
ChaityakboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Abode of consciousness; A place of worship; A mountain near Magadha;6
ChakorboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QA bird that loves the moon2
ChakradevboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Lord Vishnu1
ChakradharboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QName of Lord Vishnu1
ChakradhwajboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q 7
ChakrapaaniboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QName of Lord Vishnu2
ChakravarteeboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QA sovereign king5
ChakreshboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QName of Lord Vishnu1
ChakshuboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Eye8
ChalamboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q 2
ChalapatiboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q 8
ChalmersboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QLord of the Household7
ChamanboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QFlowering Garden4
ChamanlalboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QGarden2
ChamkaurboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QBattle field where Guru Gobind Singh fought4
ChampabatiboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QThe daughter of an ancient king 'Raja Sahil Verma'2
ChampakboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QA Flower8
ChanakboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QFather of Chaanakya2
ChanakyaboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Son of chanaka1
ChanakyaboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QName of Kautilya - the great scholar; Bright1
ChanchalboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QActive5
ChanchareekboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QBee5
ChandboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Moon3
ChandakboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QThe moon6
ChandakaboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QMoonlight7
ChandanboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QOf the Sandalwood tree; Scented Wood; Sandalwood9
ChandavarmanboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QAn old King1
ChandavirboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Very brave; A Buddhist deity8
ChandeedaasboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QName of a saint2
ChanderboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QMoon8
ChandiboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q 3
ChandlerboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QCandlemaker2
ChandninboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Anointed with sandalwood; Another name for Shiva4
ChandraboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QA shining moon4
ChandraadityaboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QName of an ancient King1
ChandraananboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QMoon-like face7
ChandraayanboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QThe moon9
ChandrabhanboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QThe moon; Lustrous as moon2
ChandrachurboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QLord Shiva9
ChandradevboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QMoon God; A King8
ChandraguptboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QName of an ancient king5
ChandrahaasboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QSmiling like a moon6
ChandrakboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Peacock feather6
ChandrakaboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q 7
ChandraketuboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QMoon banner7
ChandrakiranboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QMoon Beam3
ChandrakishoreboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QThe moon8
ChandrakumarboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QThe moon5
ChandramaadhavboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QSweet9
ChandramauliboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QLord Shiva6
ChandramohanboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QAttractive like the moon1
ChandranboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QMoon9
ChandranathboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QThe moon; King of the moon2
ChandraprakashboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QOne who has moon as a crest; Light of the moon6
ChandrashekharboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QLord Shiva2
ChandratboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q The moon's nectar; Fair; Handsome; Peaceful; Nectar like; A physician of6
ChandravadanboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QMoon-like face1
ChandreshboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QLord Shiva; King of the moon8
ChandreyiboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q 6
ChandruboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QMoon6
ChanduboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QMoon6
ChaneboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Name of a god; Dependability4
ChankyboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QHealthy; Strong8
ChanningboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QA Canon7
ChanyanaboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Moon4
ChapalboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QSwift; Lightning; Clever; Restless5
ChapmanboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QMerchant2
CharakboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QOne of the founders of Ayurveda6
CharanboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QFeet; A humble person; God's feet9
CharanjeetboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QWinning the service of Guru's Lotus Feet4
CharanjitboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q One who has won over the lord3
CharanjotboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QLight of Guru's Lotus Feet9
CharanpalboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QProtection under the Guru's Lotus Feet2
CharanpreetboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QOne Who Loves Lords Feet1
CharbakboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q 8
CharlesboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QManly3
CharlieboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QCutest boy2
CharuboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Agreeable; Charming; Genteel6
CharuchandraboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QBeautilful moon; Son of Rukmini and Sri Krishna1
CharudattboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QBorn of beauty6
CharusheelboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QOf good character1
CharuvratboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QOf good character4
ChasileryboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q 1
ChatreshboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Lord Shiva1
ChaturboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QClever8
ChaturaboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Clever9
ChaturaananboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QWith four faces3
ChaturbhujboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QBroad shouldered; Strong; Lord Vishnu4
ChaturnikboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Four faced; A name for Varuna6
ChatwinboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QWarlike Friend6
ChayanboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QCollecting7
ChayankboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Another name for the moon9
ChazboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Form of Charles2
CheliyanboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Rich; Resourceful; Prosperous5
ChellapanboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Precious9
ChemmalboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Premier; Best1
CheranboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QThe Chera King; From the Chera (currently Kerala)4
ChesterboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QCastle Dweller6
ChetakboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QRana Pratap's horse3
ChetanboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QConsciousness; Life; Excellent Intelligence6
ChetanaanandboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QSupreme Joy5
ChhaayankboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QMoon9
ChhandakboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QThe charioteer of Lord Buddha5
ChidaakaashboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QAbsolute Brahma3
ChidaatmaboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QSupreme spirit6
ChidambarboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QSky like heart; One who has heart as wide as sky5
ChidanandaboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QLord Shiva5
ChikoboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QLight of Wisdom1
ChimanboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QCurious3
ChimonboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QWisdom Gate8
ChinmayboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QName of Lord Ganesha; Knowledgable1
ChinmayaboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QWith joy; God2
ChinmayanandboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QBlissful; Supreme consciousness8
ChinshuboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QCalm Prefecture; Calm Place1
ChintakboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QThinker3
ChintanboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QThought; Meditation6
ChintuboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QSun3
ChiradeepboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QEternal Lamp6
ChiragboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QLamp; Deepak1
ChirakumarboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QLong life Prince4
ChiranjeevboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QLord Vishnu; Immortal5
ChiranjeeviboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QImmortal; Lord Vishnu5
ChiranjivboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QImmortal; Longlived4
ChirantanboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Qlmmortal; Ancient7
ChirayuboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QOf Long life4
ChirayusboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q 5
ChirrakboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q 5
ChitleenboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QOne absorbed in awareness4
ChitrabaahuboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QWith beautiful hands2
ChitrabhanuboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QThe sun6
ChitradaboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QName of Arjun's wife1
ChitraguptboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QGod of destiny6
ChitraketuboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QWith beautiful banner8
ChitrakshboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QBeautiful Eyed7
ChitralboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QOf variegated colour8
ChitranjanboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QInner Joy; one who has joyful heart8
ChitrarathboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QThe sun7
ChitrasenboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QA king of Gandharvas7
ChitreshboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QAs beautiful as moon; Lord of the heart9
ChittboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QHeart6
ChittaranjanboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Qone who has joyful heart; Inner joy; Joyful2
ChitteshboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QLord of the soul2
ChittiboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q 6
ChittranjanboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QInner Joy; one who has joyful heart1
ChoreiboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QTransparent Spirituality4
ChosuiboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QPurifying Water3
ChozenboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QClear/Transparent Meditation Practice8
ChrisboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q 3
ChristianboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QA Christian2
ChugaiboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QTranscending Universe4
ChunkeyboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QStrong; Healthy6
ChunkyboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QStrong; Healthy1
ChyavanboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QName of a saint; Divinely inspired sage2
CicilboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q 9
ClaireboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q 3
CrishdeepboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q 6
CyrusboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QThe name of the founder of the Persian empire5
Da ShinboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHPeaceful Heart1
DaamodarboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHKrishna3
DaarukboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHCharioteer of Krishna; Tree2
DaarunboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHHard5
DaasuboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DH 1
DabeetboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DH Warrior1
DadasahebboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DH 9
DaeshimboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHGreat Mind5
DaganboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DH Corn or grain9
DahaboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DH Blazing; Very bright5
DahanaboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DH A Rudra2
DaibaiboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHBig Plum8
DaidenboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHGreat Transmission1
DaidoboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHGreat Way6
DaijiboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHGreat Compassion6
DaikakuboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHGreat Enlightenment4
DaikanboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHGreat Contemplation4
DaikoboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHGreat Light4
DaininboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHGreat Patience; Great Endurance6
DaishinboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHGreat Truth; Boundless Reality1
DaityaboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DH A Non Aryan6
DaityahanboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DH Killer of demons; Another name for Shiva2
DaivyaboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DH Divine8
DaiwikboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHBy the grace of God3
DajasiboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DH Child of Sephiroth8
DaksayanboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DH Coming from Daksa4
DakshboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHA son of Brahma; Precious Son; Capable7
DakshaboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHThe skilled one8
DaksheshboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHName of Lord Shiva3
DakshiboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DH The glorious7
DakshinboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DH South direction3
DakshinaboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DH Donation to god4
DakshinaamuartiboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DH 6
DalajitboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DH Winning over a group3
DalapathiboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DH Leader of a group9
DalbhyaboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DH Belonging to wheels8
DalbirboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHThe brave soldier1
DalerboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHBrave4
DalipboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHKing6
DaljeetboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHThe conqueror of forces3
DalpatiboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHCommander of group9
DamanboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHController; One who controls6
DamandeepboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DH 9
DamatiboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DH One who subdues a conquerer3
DamianboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DH Tamer6
DamikboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DH Earth; Land; Field2
DamodarboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DH Lord Ganapati2
DamodaraboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHTied with a rope around the belly; Krishna3
DamonboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DH Blue sky2
DanahboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DH Intelligent; Knowledgeable1
DananboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHGiving7
DanasuraboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DH 7
DandakboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHA forest8
DandapaaniboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHAn epithet for Yama2
DanielboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DH God is my judge9
DanishboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DH To be clever; Mercyfull and forseening1
DannyboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHGod of my judge4
DantaboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DH Calm; A name for Lord Hanuman4
DanujboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DH Born of danu; A danava5
DanvirboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHCharitable5
DanyalboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHProphet3
DanyasarathiboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DH 4
DaraboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHLord; God6
DarioushboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHName of a king5
DariusboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DH 9
DarpadboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DH Lord Shiva8
DarpakboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DH Kamdev; God of love6
DarpanboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DH A mirror9
DarsanboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DH 3
DarshboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHLord Krishna5
DarshakboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHSpectator8
DarshanboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHTo perceive; Vision2
DarshanbirboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHVision of exalted bravery4
DarshishboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DH Mighty; Powerful5
DarshitboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DH Display7
DarukaboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DH Deodar tree2
DarunboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DH As hard as wood4
DarveshboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHHumble; religious; gentleman5
DasboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHServant6
DasaradboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DH 3
DasarathboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHFather of Lord Rama9
DasariboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DH 7
DasbalaboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DH 4
DasharathboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DH The father of Lord Rama8
DasharathboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHThe father of Lord Rama8
DasharathiboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHLord Rama8
DasmayaboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DH Beautiful1
DastagiriboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DH 7
DattaboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHOne who is given; Donor1
DattaatraeyaboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DH 9
DatteyboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DH Lord Indra3
DattuboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DH 3
DaulatboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHWealth5
Daulat RamboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DH 1
DavanandboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DH Joy of god7
DavidboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHBeloved4
DavoodboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHBeloved one7
DawoudboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DH A Prophet's name5
DayaboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHKindness4
DayaakarboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHMerciful8
DayaalboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DH Kind hearted8
DayaamayboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHFull of mercy; Kind8
DayaanandaboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHOne who takes joy in being merciful3
DayaanidhiboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DH 4
DayadaboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DH Son; Inheritor9
DayakarboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DH Merciful Lord Shiva7
DayakaraboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DH Compassionate8
DayakurcaboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DH 4
DayalboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHKind and merciful; Kind hearted7
DayaluboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHCompassionate; Lord Shiva1
DayamayboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DH Full of mercy7
DayamitboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DH Kind; Merciful1
DayanandboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DH One who likes being merciful1
DayanidhiboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DH Treasure house of mercy3
DayaramboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DH Merciful9
DayasagarboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DH Extremely kind; Sea of mercy5
DeakshitboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DH 5
DeakshituluboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DH 5
DeanabamdhuboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DH 2
DeapakboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DH 2
DebboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHDivinity2
DebabrataboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHName of Bhismha9
DebashisboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DH Benediction of god4
DebashishboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DH Pleased by gods3
DebashishboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHPleased by gods; Blessing of god3
DebendraboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHSky God8
DebendranathboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHLord of the sky6
DebeshboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DH 7
DebiprasadboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DH 7
DebjitboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DH One who has conquered Gods5
DebjitboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHOne who has conquered Gods5
DebrajboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DH 4
DechenboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHHealth and happiness3
DeenboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHPoor1
DeenabandhuboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHFriend of the poor7
DeenanathboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DH Lord of the poor9
DeenanathboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHProtector of poor; Lord of the poor9
DeendayalboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHFriend of poor; Humble and merciful8
DeenpalboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHThe protector of the helpless3
DeepboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHLight; The lamp of light3
Deep ChandboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHA shining lamp6
DeepabaliboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHRow of lamps1
DeepakboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHLamp; Light6
DeepanboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHLighting up; Illumination9
DeepankarboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DH One who lights lamps; Lord of light3
DeepankarboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHOne who lights lamps3
DeepdasboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DH Servant of Light9
DeepenboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DH Name of poet4
DeependraboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DH Lord of light9
DeependraboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHLord of lights9
DeependuboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHBright Moon2
DeepeshboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DH Lord of light8
DeepeshboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHLord of light8
DeepinderboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHGod's light8
DeepitboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHLighted5
DeepsharnboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DH Deep search9
DeeptanshuboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHThe sun5
DeeptenduboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DH Bright moon4
DeeptenduboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHBright Moon4
DeepteshboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DH Lord of light1
DeeptimanboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHLustrous6
DeeptimoyboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DH Lustrous4
DeeptimoyboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHLustrous4
DehabhujboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DH Another name for Lord Shiva5
DeniseboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DH From Dionysisu; God of wine2
DenkatsuboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHActivity Like Lightning5
DepenboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHMaster of Deepaks8
DeshakboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DH One who directs; Guide3
DevboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DH God; King4
Dev KumarboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHSon of God5
DevboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHDivinity; God4
DevaboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DH Deity5
DevaapiboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DH An ancient king4
DevaapiboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHAn ancient king4
DevaapiboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHSon of King of Hastinapur in Indian epic 'Mahabharat'4
DevabrataboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHName of Bhishma in 'Mahabharat'2
DevadasboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DH Follower of God2
DevadasboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHFollower of God; A famous Bengali Novel2
DevadattboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHGift of the god5
DevadattaboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DH God given6
DevadevaboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DH Lord of All Lords1
DevadhipaboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DH Lord of the gods7
DevaduttboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DH Gift of god7
DevagyaboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHWith knowledge of God2
DevajboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DH From God6
DevajyotiboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHBrightness of the lord3
DevakboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHDivine7
DevakeenandanboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHName of Lord Krishna2
DevalboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHSage Narada; Temple8
DevanboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHLike a God1
DevanandboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHDivine joy; Joy of god2
DevanathboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DH Lord of the gods; Another name for Shiva Devansh3
DevangboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DH Part of god8
DevankboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DH Godly3
DevanshboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DH Part of God1
DevarajboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DH King of the gods7
DevarpanaboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DH Offerings to the gods1
DevarshboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DH God's gift5
DevarshiboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DH Another name for Narada5
DevarsiboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DH Sage of the Devas6
DevaryaboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DH Divine belief4
DevashishboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DH Blessings of God5
DevasrigarbhaboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DH 7
DevatidevaboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DH 3
DevavratboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DH Great bhishma3
DevbrataboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DH Bhishma1
DevdanboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHThe gift of the gods5
DevdarshboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DH Worshipper of God9
DevdasboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DH Servant of god1
DevdattaboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DH Given by God5
DevduttaboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DH King7
DeveedaasboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHServant of the god3
DeveeshboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHSupreme God5
DevenboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHLike a God5
DevendarboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DH King of Lord's1
DevendarboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHKing of gods; Lord Indra1
DevendraboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHKing of Gods; Lord Indra1
DevendranathboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHLord of the king of gods8
DeveshboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHLord Shiva9
DeveshwarboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHLord Shiva6
DevesthboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DH Best among the gods2
DevhishboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DH Gift; Generosity; Charity3
DeviboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHthe adored one; Sanskrit: Godlike, a goddess4
Devi DuttboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DH 6
DevidasboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHServant of a Goddess1
DevilaalboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHSon of goddess3
DevilalboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DH Son of godess2
DevinboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DH Resembling a God9
DevinderboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHKing of Gods; Lord Indra9
DeviprasadboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHBlessing of the goddess9
DevjeetboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DH God's triumph8
DevkumarboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DH Son of God5
DevnarayanboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHKing6
DevnathboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DH King of gods2
DevnathboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHKing of gods; Lord Indra2
DevpadboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DH Divine feet7
DevraajboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DH King among gods; Name of Indra7
DevrajboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DH King of gods6
DevrajboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHLord lndra; King of Devas; King of gods6
DevratboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DH Spiritual7
DevsenaboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHArmy of gods7
DevvratboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHBhishma2
DevvrataboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHSon of Shantanu & Ganga in Indian Epic 'Mahabhatat'3
DevyaboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DH Devine power3
DeyaanboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DH Concentration5
DhaeraemdranaadhboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DH 7
DhairyaboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DH Patience3
DhairyashboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DH Patience and Success3
DhaksheshboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DH Lord Shiva2
DhamuboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DH 2
DhanakotiboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DH 2
DhanamjayboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DH 5
DhanamjayaraavuboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DH 6
DhananjayboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHName of Arjun; One who wins wealth6
DhanapatiboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHLord of wealth2
DhanaraajuboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DH 7
DhanayusboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DH 3
DhaneshboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHLord of wealth5
DhanibuddhaboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DH 4
DhanishtaboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DH 3
DhannboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHThe blessed one5
DhanrajboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHLord Kuber2
DhansukhboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHWealthy; Happy with his wealth5
DhanuboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHThe bow3
DhanurajaboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DH 6
DhanvantboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHWealthy3
DhanvinboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHArcher9
DhanyapaalboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DH 2
DharamboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHThe righteous and religious person9
DharamdeepboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHLamp of religion3
DharamdevboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHGod of faith4
DharamjotboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHLight of righteousness and virtues9
DharamleenboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHOne absorbed in righteousness9
DharamnishthboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHOne who has faith in religion6
DharampalboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHThe supporter of righteousness2
DharampreetboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHLove of faith; The one who loves religion1
DharamsheelboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHHoly4
DharamveerboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHBrave in doing ones duty5
DharanidharboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHSheshnaag - the cosmic serpent5
DharanikumaarboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DH 3
DharitreeboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHThe earth7
DharmaboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHReligion; One who believe in religion & justice9
DharmaaalingamboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DH 4
DharmaaraavuboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DH 1
DharmadaasboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHServant of religion7
DharmadevboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHLord of religion4
DharmadharaboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DH 5
DharmadhatuboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DH 9
DharmakaraboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DH 4
DharmakeertiboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHFame of religion5
DharmaketuboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHOne who upholds the right way;3
DharmaketuboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHSon of Urmila & Lakshman in Hindu epic 'Ramayan'3
DharmanandboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHOne who takes pleasure in his religion6
DharmaraajboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHKing of religion3
DharmaveerboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHProtector of religion5
DharmenderboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHLord of dharma & righteousness; Lord of religion9
DharmenduboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHLight of religion; Clear belief7
DharmeshboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHMaster of Religion; Lord of religion4
DharmeswarboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHLord of righteousness2
Dharm-mitraboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHFriend of religion6
DharmpaalboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHProtector of religion2
DharmsokaboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DH 9
DhavalboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHA fair one3
DheemanboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHIntelligent5
DheemantboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHWise; Intelligent7
DheerboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHTolerant4
DhiaanboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHAbsorbed in contemplation1
DhimanboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DH 4
DhirboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHWise3
DhirajboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHPatience; Consolation5
DhirenboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHStrength; Strong4
DhirendraboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHLord of the brave; Couragious9
DhirendroboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHLord of courage5
DhitikaboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DH 8
DhritimanboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHPatient; One who has patience6
DhruvboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHThe polar star; Constant; Faithful1
DhuhaboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHForenoon6
DhurjatiboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DH 1
DhyanboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHMeditation7
DhyaneshboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHMeditative; Lord of contemplation3
DhyaneshwarboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHLord of meditation9
DibyenduboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DH 3
DigambarboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHUnencumbered; Sky-clad1
DigantboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHHorizon1
DigantaboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DH 2
DigenboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DH 3
DigeshboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHMaster of Directions7
DigvijayboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHOne who has been victorious over everyone6
DikshitboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHOne who attain Deeksha8
DilawarboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHBrave5
DilbaagboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHThe one with a blossoming heart9
DilberboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHLover5
DileepboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHKing of the solar race6
DilipboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHA King5
DilraajboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHHearty Kingdom1
DimbeswarboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DH 4
Dina NathboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHLord of the poor; Protector8
DinabandhuboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHFriend of the poor6
DinakarboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHThe sun4
DinarboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHGold Coin1
DinendraboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHLord of the day; The sun6
DineshboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHThe lord of the day; The sun5
DinoboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DH 6
DipankaraboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHVariant of 'Deepankar'3
DipenboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHLord of the lamp3
DipeshboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHLord of light7
DipuboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHFlame; Light; Shinning5
DivaakarboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHThe sun4
DivamaniboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHOrnament of Day1
DiveshboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHMaster of Directions4
DivijataboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DH 4
DivjotboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHDivine light8
DivyanshuboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHParts of Dev6
DivyenduboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHThe moon5
DivyeshboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHFull of Divinity2
DojinboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHPath of Love7
DokaiboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHWay Formality; Way Steps4
DonnyboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DH 9
DoruboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHClearing Away; To Wash; To Flow4
DoryuboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHWay of the Dragon2
DoyuboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHMorality Preserver2
DrdahanaboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DH 6
DrdhahanusboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DH 8
DronboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHTeacher of Arjun in Hindu epic 'Mahabharat'6
DrtakaboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DH 1
DrukiboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DH 9
DrupadboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHFather (a king in Hindu epic 'Mahabharat') of Draupadi1
DulalboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DH 5
DundhabisvaraboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DH 7
DungarboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DH 2
DurdharsakumaraboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DH 6
DurgaboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHGoddess Durga; Devi6
DurgeshboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHProtector of Fort; Lord of forts1
DurgeswarboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHLord of the fort8
DurjoyboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DH 3
DushyantboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHDestroyer of evil4
DwaipayanboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHAnother name of Veda Vyasa; Island-born4
DwarakadaasboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHServant of Dwaraka3
Dwarka NathboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHLord of the gateway; Lord of Dwaraka2
DwarkaboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHGateway; Capital of Lord Krishna's kingdom4
DwijarajboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHKing of brahmins; The moon4
DwijendraboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHMoon; King of Brahmins7
DwijendralalboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHBeloved King of Brahmins; Beloved moon5
DwijendranathboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHLord of the moon5
DwijeshboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHLord of Brahmins6
DyumnaboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHGlorious6
EashanboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OShiva3
EashwarboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OGod3
EbhananboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Ganpati9
EbiboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OPaternal7
EcchitboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Wanted; Desired3
EdhasboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Happiness1
EdhitboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Grown; Advanced; Evolved1
EdiboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Herb9
EdmondboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Prosperous Protector1
EdnitboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Evolved7
EdwardboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Rich guardian1
EekalabyaboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OStudent of Guru Dronnachaarya9
EeshwarboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O God7
EesvarboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OGod7
EesvaraavuboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O 7
EesvaraprasaadboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O 5
EgaiarasuboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O King of charity1
EhaboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Lord Vishnu5
EhimayboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O All pervasive7
EidoboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OIlluminating Way6
EilaboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O 9
EkaboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Lord Vishnu8
EkaakshaboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O One eyed; Shiva3
EkaaksharaboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O A Name for Lord Ganesha4
EkaantboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OSolitary7
EkaatmaaboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OOneself; Alone8
EkabhaktaboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O One who worships a single deity6
EkachakraboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Son of Kashyapa5
EkachandraboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O The only moon3
EkachitboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Possessing one's mind; Complete concentration3
EkachithboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O With one mind2
EkadantboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Lord ganesh2
EkagrboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Complete concentration; Poised; Peaceful; Stable; Alert6
EkagrahboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OFocused6
Ekai JinkoboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OOcean of Wisdom; Wide Virtue4
EkakshboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OOne-eyed1
EkakshaboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Lord Shiva2
EkaksharaboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Oneself; Alone3
EkalavyaboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Renowned for his devotion to his guru6
EkalingboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OName of Lord Shiva5
EkalingaboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Shiva6
EkambarboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OSky6
EkanaboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Lord Vishnu5
EkanathboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OKing6
EkangaboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Bogyguard3
EkaniboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OOne4
EkanjeetboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OGod's Triumph8
EkanpreetboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OLove For God5
EkanshboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OWhole4
EkantinboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Devoted to one object; Aname for the follower of Vishnu2
EkapadboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Lord Shiva2
EkarajboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OEmperor1
EkarayaboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O One ruler8
EkatanboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Closely attentive7
EkatmaboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O One soul6
EkavirboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OBravest of the brave3
EkbalboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, ODignity4
EkdantboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OAnother name of Lord Ganesha1
EklavyaboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OBowman; Student who learned bow by watching5
EknaathboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OName of a saint from Maharashtra in India6
EknathboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OShiva5
EkodarboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OBrother9
EkramboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OHonour3
EllisboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O 3
ElvinboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O 8
ElvisboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O 4
ElwoodboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O 2
EmadboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OConfidence5
EnmeiboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OBright Circle; Life Sustaining1
EsharveerboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OGod's warrior2
EshinboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OUnderstanding Mind; Wisdom Mind1
EskanderboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O 5
EsmaeelboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OSon of Abraham; God hears6
EtsudoboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OJoyful Way3
FaakhirboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DH Proud; Excellent9
FaarisboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DH Horseman; Knight9
FaarooqboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DH One who distinguishes truth from falsehood1
FaatinboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHCaptivating6
FadiboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DH The redeemer2
FadlboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DH Outstanding; Honourable5
FadwaboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHName derived from self-sacrifice8
FaghyarboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DH Intelligent; Like a scholar3
FahadboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DH Lynx2
FahamboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DH Wise; Considerate2
FahimboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DH Wise; Learned; Prudent; Sagacious1
FahmidahboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DH Intelligent; Wise5
FairuzboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DH Victorious; Triumphant9
FaisalboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHDecisive; Sword3
FaishahboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DH Head; Principal; Place of origin of a river or torrent7
FaiyazboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHArtistic5
FaizboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHGain; Victorious6
FaizahboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DH Achieving; Attaining; Accomplishing; Possessing6
FaizanboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DH Generosity; Abundance; Benefit3
FaizeenboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DH Honest3
FakaruddinboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHPride of religion; Glory of the faith8
FakeerboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHA saintly person1
FakharboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DH Pride; Fame; Jewellery; Excellence; Nobility9
FakhruddinboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHGlory of the faith; Pride of religion6
FakhryboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DH Honorary6
FakhtboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DH Moonlight; Moonbeam1
FakruddinboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DH Pride of religion7
FalaagamboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHProducer of fruit6
FalakboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHThe sky; Heaven4
FalguboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHRiver2
FalgunboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DH Month in the Hindu calendar7
FalgunboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHBorn in Falgun - a Hindu month7
FalguniboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DH Born in Falgun; A Hindu month; Arjun7
FalihboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DH Prosperous; Successful9
FaneemdraboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DH 4
FaniboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DH 3
FanibhusanboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHShiv; Mahadev5
FanindraboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DH The cosmic serpent Shesh4
FanishboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DH The cosmic serpent Shesh3
FanishboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHThe cosmic serpent - Sheshnag3
FanishwarboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DH Lord of serpents; Vasuki9
FaqidboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DH One who knows law and divinity; Intelligent1
FarajboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DH Happiness; Ease; Relief9
FarazboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHOn the top; Above; Equitable7
FarbodboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHRight; Orthodox1
FardeenboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHOne who has triple strength8
FardeenboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHFirst month of the Parsi year when the sun is in Aries8
FardinboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DH One who has triple strength; First month of the Parsi year when the sun is7
FareedboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DH Unique3
FarhadboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHHappiness; An Iranian musician and singer2
FarhanboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DH Happiness; Joyful3
FarhatboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHHappiness; Delight9
FaridboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHUnique; Matchless; Wide2
FarielboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHStar6
FarisboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DH Ability to discern; Perspicacity8
FarjadboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHExcellent; Eminent in learning4
FarmanboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DH Order; Command; Royal patent8
FarmandboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DH Intelligent; Pure3
FarokhboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DH Power of discrimination5
FarooqueboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHFortunate8
FarozanboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DH Luminous9
FarrokhboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHHappy; Fortunate5
FarrukhboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DH Blessed; Auspicious2
FarshadboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHSoul of the sphere of Mercury3
FarukhboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHPower of discrimination; Fortunate; Happy2
FarvardinboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHFirst month of Iranian calendar3
FarzadboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHSplendid birth2
FarzamboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DH 2
FarzanboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHWise3
FarzinboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHLearned2
FatehboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHThe victorious one; Victory4
FatehpalboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHThe protector of victory6
FatikboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHCrystal2
FazelboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHLearned; Decisive5
FerdowsboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHParadise9
FerozboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHName of a king; Winner; Successful7
FirdausboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHParadise6
FirouzboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHVictorious; Name of a Sassani King5
FirozeboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHGift; Winner; Victorious; Name of a king7
FiryalboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHAdornment8
ForumboyDhanu (Sagittarius)BH, F, DHFragrance1
GadhadharboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Name of lord Vishnu7
GadharboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QLord Narayan3
GadinboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Lord Krishna8
GafurboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Invincible8
GaganboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QSky3
GagandeepboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QA lamp in the sky6
GaganjotboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QLight of the sky3
GaganjyotboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Light of the sky1
GagneshboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Lord Shiva7
GajaadharboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QOne who can command an elephant; Elephant tamer6
GajaananboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QOne with elephant face; Lord Ganesh4
GajaananboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QElephant-faced; Lord Ganesha4
GajananboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q One with elephant face3
GajanandboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QLord Ganesh7
GajapatiboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q 2
GajbaahuboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Qwho has strength of an elephant6
GajdantboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QElephant teeth; Lord Ganesha3
GajendraboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QElephant King6
GajendranathboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QOwner of the Gajendra4
GajinderboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QKing of Elephants5
GajkaranboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QLike ears of elephant9
GajpatiboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QMaster of elephant; Lord Ganesha1
GajrupboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Lord Ganesh1
GajvadanboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QName of Lord Ganesha6
GalavboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q To worship7
GamanboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q 9
GambheerboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Deep; Serious5
GambheerboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QDeep; Serious5
GanakboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q An astrologer7
GanakboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QAn astrologer; Mathematician7
GanakaboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q One who calculates8
GanapatiboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QLord Ganesha; Leader of the elephants6
GanarajboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Lord of the clan7
GandeshaboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Lord of fragrance5
GandhaaboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q A sweet smelling9
GandharboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Fragrance8
GandharajboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q King of fragrance1
GandharvboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QCelestial musician; Master in music3
GandharvaboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Celestial musician4
GandharvaraajuboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QVariant of 'Gandharv'1
GandharvaraavuboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QVariant of 'Gandharv'4
GandhiboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Sun7
GandhikboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QFragrance9
GandiraboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Hero9
GanendraboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q 1
GaneshboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QLord Ganesha; Son of Lord Shiva and Parvati9
GangaboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QThe great holy river3
GangaadattboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QGift of the Ganges4
GangaadharboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QGod Shankar; Lord Shiva8
GangaaraamboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QVariant of 'Ganga'1
GangadharboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QLord of River Ganga; God Shankar7
GangaduttboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Gift of Ganga5
GangaraajuboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q 9
GangeshboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QLord Shiva; Lord of the Ganges River7
GangeshaboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Lord of Ganga8
GangeyaboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Of the Ganga6
GangolboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QA precious gem2
GanjanboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Surpassing2
GannaathboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q An epithet of Shiva3
GannaathboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QAn epithet of Lord Shiva3
GargboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QName of a saint6
GarishtboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Heaviest1
GarjanboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QThunder6
GaronmanboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q House of heavenly song2
GarryboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q 6
GarthboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Protection; Enclosure9
GarudboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QThe king of bird; Falcon; A large mythical bird6
GarudaboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q King of birds7
GarvboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Proud3
GarvpreetboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Hounour; Pride4
GasparboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QThe master of the treasure8
GatiboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QSpeed; Fast; Progressive1
GatikboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Fast; Progressive3
GatleenboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QMerged in freedom1
GatnamboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QLiberated through Naam2
GatsharanboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QLiberated by taking shelter of Guru8
GaurangboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Fair complexioned6
GaurangboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QA fair one; Husband of Gauri (Parvati); Lord Shiva6
GaurangaboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QFair complexioned; Having a white or yellowish body7
GauravboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QHonour; Pride; Respect; Glory; Dignity7
GaureeshankarboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QLord Shiva; Peak of the Himalayas3
GaureshboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q A Name of Lord Shiva7
GaurikantboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Husband of Gauri3
GaurinathboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Lord Shiva9
GaurishboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Lord Shiva2
GautamboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Lord Buddha9
GautamboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QThe name of the Buddha9
GaveshanboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QSearch5
GavishtboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Abode of light5
GayakboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Singer9
GayanboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Sky3
GeeboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Respect8
GeetboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QSong; Melody1
GeminiboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QTwin3
GenjinboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QReveal True Humanity5
GenjoboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QOriginal Silence6
GenkaiboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QSource Ocean2
GenkakuboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QOriginal Understanding; Original Realization7
GenkiboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QSubtle Function; Mysterious Function1
GenkoboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QOriginal Light7
GennoboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QGlorious King1
GenpoboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QOriginal Law; Esoteric Dharma3
GenshoboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QOriginal Blessings5
GeorgeboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Farmer3
GetsurenboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QMoon Lotus1
GeyarajanboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q King of songs1
GhaalibboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Victor4
GhaaziboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Conqueror7
GhadirboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QA sword2
GhaibiboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q HeavenlyGhaibi Concealed; Heavenly9
GhalibboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QExcellent; A great classical Urdu and Persian poet3
GhanaanandboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QHappy like clouds2
GhanashyamboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Lord Krishna7
GhanasyaamboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QAnother Name of Lord Krishna9
GhanavanthboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q 6
GhanendraboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Lord of clouds; Lord Indra9
GhanshyamboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Lord Krishna6
GhanshyamboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QLord Krishna6
GhantasalaboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q 3
GharcheenboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QOne who realizes the Home within6
GharchetboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QOne who meditates on the Real Home within7
GhasaanboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Old Arabic name6
GhiyaathboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Succourer7
Ghulam AhmadboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QVariant of Gulam8
Ghulam HassanboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QVariant of Gulam7
Ghulam MohammedboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QVariant of Gulam8
Ghulam NabiboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QVariant of Gulam7
GhulamboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QSlave; Servant8
GiaandeepboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QLamp of divine knowledge8
GiaanleenboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QOne absorbed in divine light & knowledge5
GiaanpreetboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QOne who loves the divine knowledge6
GiaanroopboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QEmbodiment of divine light6
GiaanveerboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QBrave and divine in knowledge1
GianboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Master of knowledge; Apostle of knowledge4
GilesboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Youthful downy-beared one7
GirdhariboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QLord Krishna2
GireeshboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q 8
GiriboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QMountain7
GiridariboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Lord Krishna3
GiridharboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QAnother Name of Lord Krishna; Holder of mountain2
GiridhariboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QAnother Name of Lord Krishna2
GirijapatiboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QConsort of Girija; Lord Shiva1
GirikboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Lord Shiva9
GirikboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QLord Shiva; Heart of the gods9
GirilalboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QLord Shiva; Son of mountain5
GirindraboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QLord of the mountains; Lord Shiva8
GiriraajboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QKing of mountains1
GirishboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QLord of Mountains; Shiv; Mahadev7
GirjaboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QVariant of Girija; Goddess Parvati9
GirvaanboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QLanguage of God9
GitashriboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QBhagavat Gita1
GobardhanboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QLord Krishna7
GobhilboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QA Sanskrit scholar8
GobindaboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QLord Krishna7
GojenboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q 6
GokulboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QA village near Mathura where Lord Krishna was brought up3
GomateshwarboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QA sacred place for Jains4
GominboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q 4
Gopal DasboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QServant of Lord Krishna; Variant of Gopal3
GopalboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QLord Krishna; Cowherd; Protector of cows6
GopalgobindaboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QLord Krishna; Variant of Gopal4
GopeshboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QLord Krishna7
GopiboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QA cowherd; Protector of cows2
GopichandboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QA king of ancient India5
GopinathboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QLord of cowherd9
GoplilalboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q 3
GorakhboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QCowherd6
GorakhnathboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QA famous medieval Hindu yogi (saint)4
GoswameeboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QMaster of cows7
GotumboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QLord Buddha4
GourboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QFair7
GourabboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QHappy; Pride1
GourinandanboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QSon of Durga1
GourinathboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QLord Shiva; God Shankar5
GouthamboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QVariant of 'Gautam'4
GovardhanboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QA hill / mountain located near the town of Vrindavan9
GovindboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QAnother name of Lord Krishna; Cowherd8
GovindaboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QOne who is good at finding cows; Lord Krishna9
GovindarajuluboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QVariant of 'Govinda'2
GowndamaniboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q 2
GudakeshaboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QThe archer Arjuna5
GuebersboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QFollowers of ancient Persian religion5
GuguboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q 2
Gul Mohd.boyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QVariant of 'Gul'8
GulabraiboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QVariant of Gulab8
GulamboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QSlave; Servant9
GulsanboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QA flower garden2
GulshanboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QGarden of flowers1
GuluboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q 7
GulwantboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QBeautiful like flowers8
GulzarboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QA garden with flowers; Rose Garden4
GulzarilalboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QName of Lord Krishna2
GummadiboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q 5
GunaakarboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QAn ancient King2
GunaketuboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q 1
GunbirboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QVirtuous and brave8
GundeepboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QLamp of excellences9
GunjanboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QMusic; Buzzing of a bee4
GunkarboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QOne full of excellences9
GunpreetboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QThe lover of excellences7
GuntasboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QTreasure of excellence1
GunwantboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QFull of virtues; Virtuous1
GurbachanboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QOne who abides by Guru's Word3
GurbakhshboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QBlessed with Guru's Grace5
GurbaxboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q 1
GurcharanboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QOne who takes shelter in Guru's Lotus Feet1
GurchetboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QOne who remains aware of Guru's Word1
GurdasboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QOne who is the slave of the Guru7
GurdayaboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QOne blessed with the Guru's Grace5
GurdayalboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QCompassionate Guru8
GurdeepboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QLamp of the Guru; Enlightened by the teacher4
GurdevboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QAlmighty God5
GurdittaboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QOne born with Guru's blessing1
GurdweepboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q 9
GurgianboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QHaving knowledge of Guru's Word5
GurinderboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QLord6
GurjasboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QFame of Lord4
GurjeetboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QOne winning the Guru's heart5
GurjeevanboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QOne who lives a life as ordianed by Guru4
GurkeeratboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QOne who sings praises of the Guru7
GurkiranboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QThe ray of Guru's light9
GurleenboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QOne who is absorbed in the Guru1
GurmaherboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q 1
GurmanboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QHeart of the Guru2
GurmantboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q 4
GurneetboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QGuru's Moral9
GurpreetboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QLove of Guru Or Guru's Love2
GurtejboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q 9
GuruboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QTeacher; Master; Priest4
Guru DuttboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QBestowed by a Guru/Teacher6
GurudasboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QServant of the Guru1
GuruduttboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QBestowed by a Guru/Teacher6
GurugovindboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QTeacher of Sikhs3
GurupadaboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q 8
GyanboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QKnowledge; One having exalted divine knowledge2
GyanchandboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QVariant of 'Gyan'5
HaadiyaboyKarka (Cancer)H Huide to righteousness4
HaadyboyKarka (Cancer)H Guiding to the right3
HaamidboyKarka (Cancer)H Praising God; Loving God9
HaaniboyKarka (Cancer)H Happy; Delighted; Content6
HaarithboyKarka (Cancer)H Plowman; Old Arabic name2
HaaroonboyKarka (Cancer)H A Prophet's name9
HaashimboyKarka (Cancer)H Generosity; Prophet's grandfather5
HaatimboyKarka (Cancer)H Judge7
HabibboyKarka (Cancer)HFriend; Beloved4
Habib-ullahboyKarka (Cancer)HBeloved of Allah4
HaddenboyKarka (Cancer)H Child of heather filled valley9
HadiboyKarka (Cancer)HGuide; Leader4
HafeezboyKarka (Cancer)H 6
HafezboyKarka (Cancer)HProtector1
HafizboyKarka (Cancer)H Protected5
HagramaboyKarka (Cancer)H 4
Haider BuxboyKarka (Cancer)H 2
HakakuboyKarka (Cancer)HWhite Crane8
HakeshboyKarka (Cancer)H Lord of sound7
HakueboyKarka (Cancer)HPure Blessing1
HamdevboyKarka (Cancer)H 8
HamedboyKarka (Cancer)HOne who praises4
HameedboyKarka (Cancer)HFriend9
HamidboyKarka (Cancer)HPraiseworthy; A friend8
HamirboyKarka (Cancer)H A raga4
HamishboyKarka (Cancer)HVariant of Jacob; Supplanter4
HammadboyKarka (Cancer)H One who praises God4
HamsavardhanboyKarka (Cancer)H 2
HamshadboyKarka (Cancer)H Always victorious9
HamzaboyKarka (Cancer)H Lion4
HanaboyKarka (Cancer)H Happiness6
HananboyKarka (Cancer)H Mercy2
HanishboyKarka (Cancer)H 5
HansboyKarka (Cancer)H Swan6
HansarajboyKarka (Cancer)H King of a swan9
HanshboyKarka (Cancer)HSwan5
HanshalboyKarka (Cancer)H Swan like9
HanspalboyKarka (Cancer)HProtector of great soul8
HansraajboyKarka (Cancer)H King of swans9
HansrajboyKarka (Cancer)H King of Swans8
HantidevboyKarka (Cancer)H Gentle2
HanumanboyKarka (Cancer)HLord Hanuman - A Hindu God9
HanumanbaxboyKarka (Cancer)H 9
HanumantboyKarka (Cancer)H 2
HanutboyKarka (Cancer)H 1
HarboyKarka (Cancer)H Name of Shiva9
Har LalboyKarka (Cancer)H 7
HaraboyKarka (Cancer)H 1
HaraksaboyKarka (Cancer)H Lord Shiva5
HaranboyKarka (Cancer)H 6
HaranathboyKarka (Cancer)H 8
HarbhajanboyKarka (Cancer)HLord's devotee; The one who prays of God9
HarbinderboyKarka (Cancer)H 7
HarbirboyKarka (Cancer)H Warrior of God2
HarbirboyKarka (Cancer)HWarrior of God2
HarbrinderjitboyKarka (Cancer)H 1
HarcharanboyKarka (Cancer)HOne taking shelter in God's Lotus Feet9
HardasboyKarka (Cancer)HSlave of God6
HardeepboyKarka (Cancer)HLamp of God3
HardevboyKarka (Cancer)HGodly person4
HardhianboyKarka (Cancer)HThe one absorbed in the Lord9
HardiboyKarka (Cancer)H 4
HardialboyKarka (Cancer)HOne on whom there is God's Grace8
HardikboyKarka (Cancer)HFull of Love6
HarditboyKarka (Cancer)HGiven by God6
HareendraboyKarka (Cancer)H Lord Shiva2
HarendraboyKarka (Cancer)H Lord Shiva6
HarendraboyKarka (Cancer)HLord Shiva6
HareshboyKarka (Cancer)HLord Shiva5
HargunboyKarka (Cancer)HOne having Godly merits6
HariboyKarka (Cancer)HGod Vishnu; God Narayanan; Lord Krishna9
Hari CharanboyKarka (Cancer)HFeet of the God9
HariaksaboyKarka (Cancer)H Lord Shiva5
HaricharanboyKarka (Cancer)H Feet of the lord9
HaridasboyKarka (Cancer)H Servant of Krishna6
HaridevboyKarka (Cancer)H 4
HarigopalboyKarka (Cancer)H Lord Krishna6
HariharboyKarka (Cancer)HLord Krishna9
HariharanboyKarka (Cancer)H Vishnu and Shiva conjoined6
HarijboyKarka (Cancer)HThe horizon1
HarikanthboyKarka (Cancer)H Dear to Indra9
HarikiranboyKarka (Cancer)HRays of God8
HarilalboyKarka (Cancer)H Son of Hari7
HarinaboyKarka (Cancer)H Deer; Other name for Lord Vishnu and Siva6
HarinakshboyKarka (Cancer)H Lord Shiva8
HarinarayanboyKarka (Cancer)HLord Vishnu2
HarinderboyKarka (Cancer)H Lord5
HarindraboyKarka (Cancer)H A tree1
HariomboyKarka (Cancer)H Lord Vishnu1
HariprasadboyKarka (Cancer)H Blessed by Lord Krishna5
HaripreetboyKarka (Cancer)HBeloved of God1
HarirajboyKarka (Cancer)H King of lions2
HariramboyKarka (Cancer)HLord Rama5
HarisboyKarka (Cancer)H Protector1
HarishboyKarka (Cancer)HLord Vishnu9
HaritboyKarka (Cancer)HGreen2
HaritbaranboyKarka (Cancer)H Green2
HarithboyKarka (Cancer)H Lion1
HarivanshboyKarka (Cancer)H Belonging to the family of Hari1
HarjapboyKarka (Cancer)HOne who meditates on the Lordp9
HarjasboyKarka (Cancer)HPraise of the God; One who sings God's praises3
HarjeetboyKarka (Cancer)HGod's triumph; Victor4
HarjeevanboyKarka (Cancer)HOne who lives a God-oriented life3
HarjitboyKarka (Cancer)H Victor3
HarjotboyKarka (Cancer)HGod's Light9
HarjyotboyKarka (Cancer)H Gods light7
HarkrishnaboyKarka (Cancer)H Lord Krishna8
HarleyboyKarka (Cancer)H Deer Hunter or Archer6
HarmanboyKarka (Cancer)H Everybody's beloved1
HarmeetboyKarka (Cancer)HGod's devotee; Beloved friend7
HarmendraboyKarka (Cancer)H The moon1
HarnamboyKarka (Cancer)HLove of God's Naam1
HarnathboyKarka (Cancer)HVariant of 'Hari'; God7
HarnishboyKarka (Cancer)H 5
HaroldboyKarka (Cancer)H Powerful ruler or warrior4
HaroonboyKarka (Cancer)HA Prophet's name; Hope8
HarpalboyKarka (Cancer)H One protected by God2
HarpreetboyKarka (Cancer)HOne who loves God1
HarshboyKarka (Cancer)HJoy; Delight9
HarshaboyKarka (Cancer)HJoy1
HarshadboyKarka (Cancer)HHappy; One who gives pleasure5
HarshalboyKarka (Cancer)H Lover4
HarshamanboyKarka (Cancer)H Full of joy2
HarshilboyKarka (Cancer)H Joyful3
HarshiniboyKarka (Cancer)H Joyful5
HarshitboyKarka (Cancer)HJoyful2
HarshitaboyKarka (Cancer)H Joyous3
HarshulboyKarka (Cancer)H Deer6
HarsithboyKarka (Cancer)H Smile2
HarsulaboyKarka (Cancer)H 8
HarteijboyKarka (Cancer)H Radiance of Lord8
HarzadanboyKarka (Cancer)H 1
HasanboyKarka (Cancer)HHandsome; Good; Laughter7
HasaramboyKarka (Cancer)H 7
HashemboyKarka (Cancer)H 9
HashuboyKarka (Cancer)H 3
HasmukhboyKarka (Cancer)HCheerful9
Hassam-ud-DinboyKarka (Cancer)H 5
HassanboyKarka (Cancer)HGood; Handsome8
HayeeboyKarka (Cancer)H 8
HemboyKarka (Cancer)HGold8
HemaboyKarka (Cancer)H 9
HemachanderboyKarka (Cancer)HGolden Moon8
HemangboyKarka (Cancer)HOne with shining body; Golden Bodied3
HemangaboyKarka (Cancer)HCommon Name4
HemantboyKarka (Cancer)HOne of the six season; Gold7
HemchandraboyKarka (Cancer)HGolden Moon3
HemelboyKarka (Cancer)H 7
HemendraboyKarka (Cancer)HLord of Gold5
HemrajboyKarka (Cancer)HKing of Gold1
HemuboyKarka (Cancer)H 2
HenryboyKarka (Cancer)H 7
HerambwaboyKarka (Cancer)HLord Ganesh8
HerooboyKarka (Cancer)H 7
HetboyKarka (Cancer)HLove6
HetalboyKarka (Cancer)HFriendly1
HetanshuboyKarka (Cancer)H 6
HimadriboyKarka (Cancer)HHimalaya8
HimaghanaboyKarka (Cancer)HSun8
HimanishboyKarka (Cancer)HLord Shiva9
HimanshuboyKarka (Cancer)HAnother Name of Chandra3
HimantaboyKarka (Cancer)H 3
HimeshboyKarka (Cancer)HThe snow king8
HimilboyKarka (Cancer)H 6
HimmatboyKarka (Cancer)HCourage; making an effort1
HirakboyKarka (Cancer)H 2
HiralboyKarka (Cancer)H 3
HiranboyKarka (Cancer)HGold5
HiranmayboyKarka (Cancer)HMade of gold8
HiranyaboyKarka (Cancer)HA precious metal4
HirenboyKarka (Cancer)H 9
HitenboyKarka (Cancer)HBuddhist Angel2
HitendraboyKarka (Cancer)HWell-wisher7
HiteshboyKarka (Cancer)HGood Person; Lord of goodness6
HiteswarboyKarka (Cancer)H 4
HodoboyKarka (Cancer)HDharma Way6
HomayounboyKarka (Cancer)HRoyal; Fortunate4
HomenboyKarka (Cancer)H 1
HoshoboyKarka (Cancer)HVoice of the Dharma2
HosseinboyKarka (Cancer)H 8
HoumanboyKarka (Cancer)HGood nature; Having a good soul9
HrishabboyKarka (Cancer)HMorality2
HrishitaaboyKarka (Cancer)HJoyful; Who brings happiness; Deep Knowledge; The best3
HritikboyKarka (Cancer)HName of a Sage; Intelligent Person; From the Heart3
HumayuboyKarka (Cancer)HFortunate; the second Mughal Emperor8
HussainboyKarka (Cancer)HIslamic thinker; Islamic Saint1
IanboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Form of John6
IbhananboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Elephant faced4
IbhyaboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Possessor of many attendants9
IbraheemboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O A Prophet's name7
IbrahimboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Abraham; Earth6
IbrahimboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OFather of a multitude; a Prophet's name (Abraham); Earth6
IchaaboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Desire4
IdaspatiboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O God of rain; Vishnu7
IdhantboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O 2
IdreesboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O A Prophet's name6
IdrisboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Fiery Lord5
IesaboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O A Prophet's name7
IhamboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Expected4
IhitboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Prize; Honour1
IhsaanboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Beneficence7
IhteshamboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Magnificent2
IjayboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Lord Vishnu9
IkramboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Honour respect7
IkrimahboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O A female pigeon6
IkshanboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O 8
IkshuboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Sugarcane5
IlaiyavanboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Youthful4
IlamporaiboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Prince4
IlamuruguboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Young lord Murugan6
IlanboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O 9
IlandevanboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Young master1
IlashpastiboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Lord of the earth6
IlavalaganboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Young and handsome8
IlavarasanboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Prince8
IlavenilboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Brilliant3
IlayaboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O 3
IleshboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Lord of earth8
IlisaboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O King of the Earth5
IliyaboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O 2
IlyasboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O A Prophet's name3
ImaadboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Support; Pillar1
ImanboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Name of raga1
ImaranboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Strong2
ImdadboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Charity4
ImraanboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O A Prophet's name2
ImranboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Prosperity; Father of Moses1
ImtiazboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Power of discrimination6
ImtiyazboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Great King4
InaboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Lord Surya6
InakantaboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Beloved of sun8
InamdaarboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Gift giver7
InasboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Capable; Sociability7
InayatboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O 7
InbanathanboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Happy3
IndeevarboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OBlue Lotus6
IndeeverboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Blue lotus1
InderboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OThe god of weather and war; Lord of the devas5
InderbirboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Lord of Bravery7
InderjeetboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Conquerer of Indra9
InderlalboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O 3
InderpalboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OProtector of Indra; Variant of 'Inder'7
InderpreetboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Love for god6
IndivarboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Blue lotus5
IndraboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OLeader of the gods; The God of the atmosphere and sky1
IndraarjunboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Bright and brave Indra2
IndraduttboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Gift of Indra3
IndrajalinboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O 2
IndrajeetboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Conqueror5
IndrajitboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OConqueror of Indra4
IndrakantaboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Lord Indra3
IndraneelboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Emerald or sapphire1
IndranilboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OAnother Name of Lord Shiva; Sapphire; Blue Stone9
IndrashishboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OBlessing from Indra (King of gods)1
IndravanboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O 2
IqbalboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OProsperity5
IravanboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OKing of Ocean2
IravatboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OSon of Arjuna; Riding Elephant of Indra; Rain Clouds8
IshanboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OLord Shiva; Lord of wealth; Sun6
IshatboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OSuperior3
IshayuboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OFull of strength2
IshwarboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OGod; the Supreme Being; Another name for Shiva6
IshwinderboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O 1
IssanboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OOne Mountain8
JaabirboyMakar (Capricorn)KH, J Consoler; Comforter5
JaafarboyMakar (Capricorn)KH, J Rivulet1
JabezboyMakar (Capricorn)KH, J God will increase your boundary8
JacobboyMakar (Capricorn)KH, JOne who supplants; Supplanter4
JadhavboyMakar (Capricorn)KH, J A yadava1
JafarboyMakar (Capricorn)KH, JName of 6th Imam of the Shitte Muslims; A river9
JagboyMakar (Capricorn)KH, J The universe9
JagadboyMakar (Capricorn)KH, J Universe5
JagadayuboyMakar (Capricorn)KH, J Life spring of the universe7
JagadbanduboyMakar (Capricorn)KH, J Lord Krishna2
JagadeepboyMakar (Capricorn)KH, J Light of the world4
JagadevboyMakar (Capricorn)KH, J Lord of the world5
JagadhidhboyMakar (Capricorn)KH, J Lord of the world7
JagadhishboyMakar (Capricorn)KH, J Lord of the world4
JagadipboyMakar (Capricorn)KH, J Lamp of the universe3
JagadishboyMakar (Capricorn)KH, J Lord of the universe5
JagadishboyMakar (Capricorn)KH, JGod; Master of the Universe5
JagajeetboyMakar (Capricorn)KH, J Conquerer of the world5
JagajeevanboyMakar (Capricorn)KH, J Life of the world4
JaganboyMakar (Capricorn)KH, JWorld; Universe6
JaganmayboyMakar (Capricorn)KH, J Spread over the universe9
JagannathboyMakar (Capricorn)KH, JLord Vishnu4
JagapathiboyMakar (Capricorn)KH, JLord of the universe1
JagatboyMakar (Capricorn)KH, JWorld3
JagathboyMakar (Capricorn)KH, J The universe2
JagathiboyMakar (Capricorn)KH, JThe earth2
JagatpalboyMakar (Capricorn)KH, J Caretaker of the world; God5
JagatveerboyMakar (Capricorn)KH, J Bravest in the world; Jagveer8
JagdeepboyMakar (Capricorn)KH, JLamp of the world3
JagdeeshboyMakar (Capricorn)KH, J Lord of the Universe5
JagdeoboyMakar (Capricorn)KH, J God of the World6
JagdishboyMakar (Capricorn)KH, JGod; Lord of the universe; The ruler of the world4
JageshboyMakar (Capricorn)KH, J Lord of the world5
JaggaiahboyMakar (Capricorn)KH, J 8
JagishboyMakar (Capricorn)KH, J Lord of the Universe9
JagjeevanboyMakar (Capricorn)KH, J Worldly life3
JagjitboyMakar (Capricorn)KH, J Winner of the world3
JagjitboyMakar (Capricorn)KH, JWinner of the world3
JagmeetboyMakar (Capricorn)KH, JFriend of the world7
JagmohanboyMakar (Capricorn)KH, JOne who attracts the world6
JagravboyMakar (Capricorn)KH, J Awakened5
JagreetboyMakar (Capricorn)KH, J World's way3
JagrupboyMakar (Capricorn)KH, J 1
JahanboyMakar (Capricorn)KH, J The world7
JahiboyMakar (Capricorn)KH, J Dignified1
JahnuboyMakar (Capricorn)KH, JName of an Ancient Sage & divine King9
JaiboyMakar (Capricorn)KH, JConqueror; Defeater; The victorious one2
JaichandboyMakar (Capricorn)KH, J Victory of the moon5
JaidayalboyMakar (Capricorn)KH, J Victory of kindness9
JaideepboyMakar (Capricorn)KH, JLight of Victory5
JaidevboyMakar (Capricorn)KH, JGod of Victory6
JaigathboyMakar (Capricorn)KH, J Victorious2
JaigopalboyMakar (Capricorn)KH, J Victory of Lord Krishna8
JaikrishnaboyMakar (Capricorn)KH, J Victory of Lord krishna1
JaimanboyMakar (Capricorn)KH, J Victorious3
JaiminboyMakar (Capricorn)KH, J 2
JaiminiboyMakar (Capricorn)KH, J An ancient philosopher2
JaimunboyMakar (Capricorn)KH, J 5
JainamboyMakar (Capricorn)KH, J Following Janism3
JainarayanboyMakar (Capricorn)KH, J Victory4
JaineelboyMakar (Capricorn)KH, J 2
JaineshboyMakar (Capricorn)KH, J 3
JaipalboyMakar (Capricorn)KH, JProtector of victors4
JairajboyMakar (Capricorn)KH, J Lord of victory4
JairamboyMakar (Capricorn)KH, JVictory of Lord Rama7
JaisalboyMakar (Capricorn)KH, J Famous folk7
JaishankarboyMakar (Capricorn)KH, JVictory of Lord Shiva2
JaisilboyMakar (Capricorn)KH, J 6
JaisonboyMakar (Capricorn)KH, JSon of victory5
JaisukhboyMakar (Capricorn)KH, J Joy of winning7
JaithraboyMakar (Capricorn)KH, J Lord Vishnu4
JaitraboyMakar (Capricorn)KH, J Leading to vitory5
JaivalboyMakar (Capricorn)KH, J 1
JaivantboyMakar (Capricorn)KH, JVictorious5
JaivardhanboyMakar (Capricorn)KH, J Lord Shiva7
JaiveerboyMakar (Capricorn)KH, JVictorious7
JaiwantboyMakar (Capricorn)KH, J Victory6
JakariousboyMakar (Capricorn)KH, J Peaceful friend6
JalaalboyMakar (Capricorn)KH, J Glory of the Faith1
JaladboyMakar (Capricorn)KH, J Giving water1
JaladharboyMakar (Capricorn)KH, JCloud1
JalajboyMakar (Capricorn)KH, J Lotus7
JalalboyMakar (Capricorn)KH, JGreatness9
JalbhushanboyMakar (Capricorn)KH, J Ornament of water6
JaldevboyMakar (Capricorn)KH, J God of water9
JaldharboyMakar (Capricorn)KH, J Clouds9
JalenderboyMakar (Capricorn)KH, J Lord of waters6
JalendraboyMakar (Capricorn)KH, J Lord of the water2
JalenduboyMakar (Capricorn)KH, J Moon in the water4
JaleshboyMakar (Capricorn)KH, J Lord of water1
JalilboyMakar (Capricorn)KH, JNoble; Great8
JalindraboyMakar (Capricorn)KH, J Lord of the water6
JalpeshboyMakar (Capricorn)KH, J 8
JalsaboyMakar (Capricorn)KH, J Celebratory procession7
JamaalboyMakar (Capricorn)KH, J Beauty2
JamalboyMakar (Capricorn)KH, JHandsome; Being fair1
JameelboyMakar (Capricorn)KH, J Beautiful1
JamesboyMakar (Capricorn)KH, JOne who supplants; Variant of Jacob3
JamilboyMakar (Capricorn)KH, J Handsome9
JamnaboyMakar (Capricorn)KH, JVariant of 'Yamuna'; A river3
JamshedboyMakar (Capricorn)KH, JShining river; An ancient king of Persia6
JamshidboyMakar (Capricorn)KH, JHandsome; Sun's rays; Lights1
JanakboyMakar (Capricorn)KH, JFather of Sita; Creator1
JanakinathboyMakar (Capricorn)KH, J Lord Rama8
JanamboyMakar (Capricorn)KH, J 3
JanamejayboyMakar (Capricorn)KH, J A mjanardan Lord Vishnu8
JanardanboyMakar (Capricorn)KH, J One who helps people9
JanardhanboyMakar (Capricorn)KH, JOne who helps people8
JanavboyMakar (Capricorn)KH, J Protecting men3
JaneshboyMakar (Capricorn)KH, J Lord of men3
JanishboyMakar (Capricorn)KH, J 7
JanithboyMakar (Capricorn)KH, J Born8
JankeshboyMakar (Capricorn)KH, J Lord of His Subjects5
JankinathboyMakar (Capricorn)KH, J 7
JanmayboyMakar (Capricorn)KH, J 1
JanmeshboyMakar (Capricorn)KH, J The king of his kundli7
JanuboyMakar (Capricorn)KH, J Soul; Life force1
JanyaboyMakar (Capricorn)KH, J Born6
JapaboyMakar (Capricorn)KH, J Chanting1
JapanboyMakar (Capricorn)KH, J Muttering prayers6
JapendraboyMakar (Capricorn)KH, J Lord of chants-Lord Shiva6
JapeshboyMakar (Capricorn)KH, J Lord of chants-lord Shiva5
JarrarboyMakar (Capricorn)KH, J Attractive; Huge; Tremendous army3
JasamitboyMakar (Capricorn)KH, J Protected by fame1
JasapalboyMakar (Capricorn)KH, J Very famous6
JasbeerboyMakar (Capricorn)KH, J Victorious hero6
JasbirboyMakar (Capricorn)KH, JA brave one who sings God's praises5
JashboyMakar (Capricorn)KH, J 2
JashanboyMakar (Capricorn)KH, J Celebration8
JashanjeetboyMakar (Capricorn)KH, J Celebration of victory3
JaskaurboyMakar (Capricorn)KH, J 9
JasperboyMakar (Capricorn)KH, JThe treasurer; The name of a gemstone6
JaswantboyMakar (Capricorn)KH, JVictorious; Famous7
JatinboyMakar (Capricorn)KH, JLord Shiva; Pertaining to saint9
JatindraboyMakar (Capricorn)KH, JKing of Saints5
JatindranathboyMakar (Capricorn)KH, JAnother name of Lord Shiva3
JavadboyMakar (Capricorn)KH, JLiberal2
JavanboyMakar (Capricorn)KH, J 3
JavasboyMakar (Capricorn)KH, JQuick; Swift8
JavedboyMakar (Capricorn)KH, JImmortal; Eternal6
JawaharboyMakar (Capricorn)KH, JJewel8
JayboyMakar (Capricorn)KH, JVictory9
JayanandboyMakar (Capricorn)KH, JJoy of success; Happy in his victory7
JayantboyMakar (Capricorn)KH, JVictorious8
JayantaboyMakar (Capricorn)KH, JVictorious9
JayaramboyMakar (Capricorn)KH, JGreatness of Lord Rama; Victory of Lord Rama6
JayashishboyMakar (Capricorn)KH, JVictory with blessing1
JaydebboyMakar (Capricorn)KH, JGod of victory2
JaydevboyMakar (Capricorn)KH, JGod of victory4
JayendraboyMakar (Capricorn)KH, JLord of victory6
JayeshboyMakar (Capricorn)KH, J 5
JaypalboyMakar (Capricorn)KH, J 2
JayrajboyMakar (Capricorn)KH, JLord of victory2
JeetboyMakar (Capricorn)KH, JVictory4
JeevanboyMakar (Capricorn)KH, JLife3
JeevandeepboyMakar (Capricorn)KH, JThe lamp of life6
JeramboyMakar (Capricorn)KH, J 2
JhabarboyMakar (Capricorn)KH, J 4
JhareshwarboyMakar (Capricorn)KH, J 3
JigarboyMakar (Capricorn)KH, JHeart9
JigneshboyMakar (Capricorn)KH, JIntellectual Curiosity9
JihoboyMakar (Capricorn)KH, JThe Aroma of Compassion6
JikaiboyMakar (Capricorn)KH, JOcean of Compassion; Compassionate Sea4
JimmyboyMakar (Capricorn)KH, JSupplanter; Variant of 'Jacob'7
JinaboyMakar (Capricorn)KH, JLord Vishnu7
JiralboyMakar (Capricorn)KH, J 5
JishnuboyMakar (Capricorn)KH, JKrishna9
JitendraboyMakar (Capricorn)KH, JLord of conqueror9
JiteshboyMakar (Capricorn)KH, J 8
JivalboyMakar (Capricorn)KH, JFull of life9
JivanlalboyMakar (Capricorn)KH, JVariant of 'Jeevan'9
JivatramboyMakar (Capricorn)KH, J 4
JiyuboyMakar (Capricorn)KH, JCompassionate Friend2
JoeboyMakar (Capricorn)KH, J 3
JogenboyMakar (Capricorn)KH, J 6
JohnboyMakar (Capricorn)KH, JGift of God2
JohniboyMakar (Capricorn)KH, J 2
JohnyboyMakar (Capricorn)KH, JVariant of 'John'9
JonaraajaboyMakar (Capricorn)KH, J 8
JonarajaboyMakar (Capricorn)KH, J 7
JorawarboyMakar (Capricorn)KH, J 5
JorgeboyMakar (Capricorn)KH, JFarmer1
JoshilboyMakar (Capricorn)KH, J 1
JoyboyMakar (Capricorn)KH, JHappiness; Variant of 'Jai'5
JugalboyMakar (Capricorn)KH, JCouple6
JyotiboyMakar (Capricorn)KH, J 7
JyotisboyMakar (Capricorn)KH, JLight8
KaaliyaboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q A huge serpent6
KaamilboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Perfect2
KaananboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Forest6
KaarikaaboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Actress8
KaartikeyaboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Son of Shiva3
KabeerboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QName of a famous poet-saint6
KabirboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Name of a famous saint5
KadeemboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Slave to god3
KadirboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QRay of light; Shoot of grass; Green7
KahillboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Best friend8
KailasboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Abode of Lord Shiva8
KailashboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QAdobe of Lord Shiva; Name of a Himalayan peak7
Kailash NathboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QLotus-eyed Lord; Lord Shiva5
KairavboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q White lotus8
KalanboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Warrior3
KalapboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Moon5
KalapriyaboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Lover of art4
KalashboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Sacred pot7
KalhanaboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q 3
KalicharanboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QFeet of Goddess Kalicharan6
KalidasboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q The poet; A devotee of Goddess Kali3
KalimohanboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q A devotee of Goddess Kali3
KalindraboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q 7
KalingboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q A bird9
KalipadaboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q A devotee of Goddess Kali1
KaliramboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q 2
KaliranjanboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q A devotee of Goddess Kali1
KalithboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Understood7
KalkinboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Tenth incarnation of God Vishnu4
KalpaboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Able; Fit5
KalpakboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q A Heavenly tree7
KalpeshboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Lord of perfection9
KalphanaboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q 1
KalpvanboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q A forest of wishes5
KalyaboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Pleasant5
KalyanboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QWelfare; Fortunate1
KamaboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QThe golden one; Love8
KamadevboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q God of love3
KamalboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QLotus; Perfection; Excellence; Completion2
Kamal AhmadboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q 2
KamalajboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Lord Brahama4
KamalakantboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QLord Vishnu4
KamalakarboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Lord Vishnu6
KamalapatiboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Lord Vishnu4
KamaleshboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Lord of Kamala7
KamaleshboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QThe preserver; Lord Vishnu7
KamaljeetboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QAchiever of perfection; Variant of 'Kamal'6
KamalkantboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Lord Vishnu3
KamalnathboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Lord Vishnu9
KamalnayanboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Lotuseyed3
KamanboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Desired4
KamatboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Unrestrained1
KambizboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q 8
KambojboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Conch shell; Elephant7
KameshboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Lord of Love3
KamikboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Desired9
KamilboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Perfect1
KamleshboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q God of lotus6
KamodboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q A raga8
KampuboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Sweet8
KamrajboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Cupid9
KamranboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QFortunate; Successful4
KamukhboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Passionate2
KanadboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q An ancient4
KanaiyaboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Lord Krishna8
KanakboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Gold2
KanakboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QGold2
KanalboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Shining3
KananboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Forest a garden5
KanavboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q A Hindu Sage4
KanchanboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Gold7
KandanboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Cloud9
KandarpboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q God of love2
KandarpaboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Cupid3
KandavelboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q God Murugan7
KanhaboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Krishna8
KanhaiboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Lord Krishna8
KanhaiyaboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QLord Krishna7
Kanhaiya LalboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QLord Krishna5
KanishkboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q An ancient King1
KanishkaboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Name of a king2
KanishtaboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Youngest2
KanjboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Lord Brahama9
KannanboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QA Form of Krishna1
KansbarboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QTreasure Master3
KanshinboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QOpen Heart/Mind4
KantaboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QRadiant2
KanthamaniboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Lord Krishna2
KantilalboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QVariant of 'Kanti'8
KantimoyboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Lustrous9
KanuboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Lord Krishna2
KanvarboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Young prince4
KanwalboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Lotus8
KanwaljeetboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Lotus3
KanwaljitboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Lotus2
KanwarboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q 5
KapaaliboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Lord Shiva6
KapilboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Name of a sage4
KapindraboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q King of monkeys; Hanuman2
KapishboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Lord Hanuman1
KapoorboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Saffron4
KaramatboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q 2
KaranboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QA warrior9
KareemboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Kind8
KarenboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Pure4
KarimboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Generous; A title of God; The Merciful Being7
KarimboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QGenerous7
KarmboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Fate7
KarmendraboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q God of action4
KarmjitboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Winner over obstacles1
KarnaboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q The firstborn of Kunti9
KarnajeetboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Conquerer of Karna; Arjun4
KarnamboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Famed4
KarniboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q 8
KarnikboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Judge1
KarpoorboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Camphor4
KartarboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Master6
KartheekboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q A hindu calendar month7
KarthikboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q A Hindu month; One who bestows happiness6
KarthikboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QBestowing Courage and Pleasure6
KarthikboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QName of a month in the Hindu calendar6
KartikboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Name of one of the hindu months7
KartikeyboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Brother of Lord Ganesha1
KartikeyaboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q God of war; Elder son of Lord Shiva2
KarunboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Compassionate2
KarunakarboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Merciful6
KarunamayboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Full of light6
KarunamayaboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Full of compassion7
KarunanidhiboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QKind Hearted2
KaruneshboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Lord of mercy7
KarunyaboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Compassion1
KashiboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Qa famous Hindu holy city in India; Luminous3
KashifboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q A connoisseur9
KashinathboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Lord Shiva1
KashyapboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QName of a Vedic Sage9
KasishboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Lord Shiva4
KathirboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Ray4
KathithboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Well recited5
KatranboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Well Learned2
KaunteyaboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Son of Kunti8
KausarboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Lake of paradise8
KaushalboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Clever; Skilled1
KaushikboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Sentiment of love; Sage Vishwamitra8
KaustavboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q A legendary gem; A gem worn by Lord Vishnu5
KaustubhboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q A jewel of Lord Vishnu4
KautikboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Joy1
KavanboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Water; Poem4
KavanaboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Water5
KaveeshaboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Lord of Poets; Lord Ganesha9
KavehboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QAncient Hero2
KavelboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Lotus6
KaviboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q A wise man; Poet7
KavinboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Handsome; Beautiful3
KavirajboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Doctor9
KavishboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q King of poets; Other name of Lord Ganesh7
KayaanboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q The name of a dynasty of king Kaikobad8
KayanboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QA star7
KeanuboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q Cool breeze over the mountains7
KedaarboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q A field; Name of Shiva4
KeishoboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QPromoter of Wisdom4
KeshwanandboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q 1
KesriboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q 8
KeyvanboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QWorld; Universe6
KhaderboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q 2
KhailashankarboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q 6
KhalilboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QFriend8
KhalilurboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q 2
KhayaalboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QThought5
KhorshedboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QSun7
KhortdadboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QPerfection9
KhushnaseebboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QLucky5
KianboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QThe kings8
KiranboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QA ray of light8
KiratboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q 5
KiripboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q 9
KirpalboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QKind4
KirtiboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QFame4
KishanrajboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q 1
KishenboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q 3
KishoreboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q 4
KishoriboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QYoung one8
KiumarsboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QFirst king of the mythical Pishdadi dynasty2
KobutsuboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QAncient Buddha1
KogeboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QFragrant Flower2
KojuboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QUniversal Principle3
KokanboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QAncient Reflection7
KoshiboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q 8
KripalboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q 4
KrishanboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QLord Krishna8
KrishnaboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QLord Krishna; Dark; Black8
KrishnadasboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q 5
KrishnakantboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QVariant of 'Krishna'9
KrishnamboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QLord Krishna; Variant of 'Krishna'3
KshemarajaboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q 6
KshemendraboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q 8
KudratboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q 3
KulbhushanboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QOrnament of the family9
KuldeepboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QThe Lamp of the family2
KulwantboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q 3
KumarboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QPrince; A boy or son1
KunalboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QSon of The emperor Ashok; Lotus; Of gold; Golden5
KunchackoboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, Q 6
KundanboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QPure2
KushalboyMithun (Gemini)K, CHH, GH, QClever; Perfect9
LaabhboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Profit6
LaalamaniboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Ruby1
LaavanyaboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Beauty5
LabeebboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Sensible; Intelligent9
LabhboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Gain5
LachmanboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O 7
LaganboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Appropriate time8
LaharboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Wave4
LaiboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OThe beloved one4
LailushboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O 1
LakhanboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Lord Rama's brother2
LakhbirboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OBrave as a hundred thousand7
LakhinandanboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O 8
LakshboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Aim6
LakshanboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Aim3
LakshayboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Target5
LakshinboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O With auspicious marks2
LakshmanboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Prosperous; Younger brother of Rama7
LakshmanboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OAuspicious7
LakshmiboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OWealth; Prosperity; Fortune; Variant of 'Lakshmi'1
Lakshmi NathboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O 8
LakshmidharboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OLord Vishnu5
LakshmikantboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OHusband of Goddess Lakshmi; Lord Vishnu2
LakshminathboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OConsort of Goddess Lakshmi; Lord Vishnu8
LakshmiramboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O 6
LakshyaboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Aim5
LaksmanboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OBrother of Lord Ram8
Lal KrishnaboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OChild Krishna; Variant of Krishna6
LalboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OLovely; Beloved; Dear one; Red colour7
LalamboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Jewel3
LaliboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Blushing7
LalitboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OHandsome; Beautiful9
LaliteshboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O God of beauty; Husband of a beautiful wife5
LalitkumarboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Beautiful1
LalitmohanboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Beautiful and attractive6
LaljiboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OVariant of 'Lal'8
LallaboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O 2
LalleshvariboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O 2
LaluboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OVariant of 'Lal'1
LamarboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Close to the sea9
LambodarboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OAnother name of Hindu god Ganesh3
LambodharboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Lord Ganesh2
LangharboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O 7
LanibanboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Lord Shiva8
LankeshboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Ravana7
LarrajboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O A sage6
LarsboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O See Kyle5
LatafatboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Elegance7
LatifboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Elegant3
LatifahboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Elegance3
LavboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Son of Lord Rama8
LavanaboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Handsome6
LavenboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Fragrance9
LavinboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O 4
LavitraboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O Lord Shiva2
LawrenceboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OCrowned with laurel9
LaxmanboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OLord Rama'a youger brother; Son of Dasharatha2
LimbaboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, O 1
LivingstonboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OFrom Lewin's Town6
LokanathboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OLord of all worlds1
MaadhavboySimha / Sinh (Leo)M Another name of Krishna5
MaaghboySimha / Sinh (Leo)M Name of a Hindu month3
MaahirboySimha / Sinh (Leo)M Skilled5
MaalinboySimha / Sinh (Leo)M One who makes garlands5
MaalolanboySimha / Sinh (Leo)M Name of Deity in Ahobilam6
MaanboySimha / Sinh (Leo)M Mind2
MaandhataboySimha / Sinh (Leo)M An ancient King9
MaaranboySimha / Sinh (Leo)M Brave3
MaariboySimha / Sinh (Leo)M Rain6
MaazinboySimha / Sinh (Leo)M Proper name1
MadaboySimha / Sinh (Leo)M 1
MadanboySimha / Sinh (Leo)MGod of Love6
MadanapalboySimha / Sinh (Leo)M Lord of Love9
MadangopalboySimha / Sinh (Leo)M Lord Krishna3
MadeshboySimha / Sinh (Leo)M Lord Shiva5
MadhavboySimha / Sinh (Leo)M Sweet like honey; Lord Krishna4
MadhavboySimha / Sinh (Leo)MRelating to the spring; Another name of Lord Krishna4
MadhavanboySimha / Sinh (Leo)MLord Krishna1
MadhavdasboySimha / Sinh (Leo)M Servant of Lord Krishna1
MadhuboySimha / Sinh (Leo)MSweet; Variant of 'Madhu'2
MadhubanboySimha / Sinh (Leo)M Lord Vishnu1
MadhujitboySimha / Sinh (Leo)M Conqueror of Madhu5
MadhukboySimha / Sinh (Leo)M A honeybee4
MadhukantaboySimha / Sinh (Leo)M The moon4
MadhukarboySimha / Sinh (Leo)MHoney Bee; Lover5
MadhumayboySimha / Sinh (Leo)M Consisting of honey5
MadhupboySimha / Sinh (Leo)M A honeybee9
MadhurboySimha / Sinh (Leo)MSweet2
MadhuramboySimha / Sinh (Leo)M Sweet7
MadhusudanboySimha / Sinh (Leo)M Lord Krishna7
MadhvanboySimha / Sinh (Leo)MAnother name of Lord Krishna9
MadinboySimha / Sinh (Leo)M Delightful5
MadurboySimha / Sinh (Leo)M A bird3
Mag RajboySimha / Sinh (Leo)M 5
MagadhboySimha / Sinh (Leo)M Son of Yadu7
MaganboySimha / Sinh (Leo)M 9
MahaboySimha / Sinh (Leo)M Gazelle5
MahaadevboySimha / Sinh (Leo)M Another name of Shiva1
MahabahuboySimha / Sinh (Leo)M Arjuna1
MahabalaboySimha / Sinh (Leo)M Great strength3
MahaddevboySimha / Sinh (Leo)M Lord Shiva4
MahadevboySimha / Sinh (Leo)MLord Shiva9
MahajboySimha / Sinh (Leo)M A noblel descent6
MahakboySimha / Sinh (Leo)MFragrance7
MahakayaboySimha / Sinh (Leo)M Gigantic; Lord Hanuman7
MahaketuboySimha / Sinh (Leo)M Lord Shiva8
MahakramboySimha / Sinh (Leo)M Lord Vishnu3
MahamaniboySimha / Sinh (Leo)M Lord Shiva6
MahanidhiboySimha / Sinh (Leo)M A great treasure house4
MahaniyaboySimha / Sinh (Leo)M Worthy of honour9
MahantboySimha / Sinh (Leo)MGreat3
MahanthboySimha / Sinh (Leo)M Great2
MahapurushboySimha / Sinh (Leo)M Great Being; Lord Rama9
MaharanthboySimha / Sinh (Leo)M Pollen inside a flower3
MaharathboySimha / Sinh (Leo)M A great charioteer7
MaharshiboySimha / Sinh (Leo)M A great saint5
MaharthboySimha / Sinh (Leo)M Very truthful6
MahasvinboySimha / Sinh (Leo)M Glorious6
MahatruboySimha / Sinh (Leo)M Lord Vishnu1
MahavirboySimha / Sinh (Leo)MThe most couragious among men; A Jain prophet9
MahaviraboySimha / Sinh (Leo)M Son of Priyavrata1
MahdyboySimha / Sinh (Leo)M Guided to the right path6
MaheepatiboySimha / Sinh (Leo)M The king6
MahendraboySimha / Sinh (Leo)M Indra; Lord Vishnu1
MahendraboySimha / Sinh (Leo)MThe great God Indra (the God of the sky)1
MaherboySimha / Sinh (Leo)M Adept9
MaheshboySimha / Sinh (Leo)MLord Shiva; A great ruler9
MaheshwarboySimha / Sinh (Leo)M Lord Shiva6
MaheswarboySimha / Sinh (Leo)MGod Shankar7
MahijithboySimha / Sinh (Leo)M Conqueror of the earth6
MahinboySimha / Sinh (Leo)M The earth9
MahinderboySimha / Sinh (Leo)MGlory of God9
MahindraboySimha / Sinh (Leo)MIndra Dev5
MahipalboySimha / Sinh (Leo)MLord Krishna; A king6
MahipatiboySimha / Sinh (Leo)M King5
MahirboySimha / Sinh (Leo)M Expert4
MahirajboySimha / Sinh (Leo)MOne who rules the world6
MahishboySimha / Sinh (Leo)M A king4
MahitboySimha / Sinh (Leo)M Honoured6
MahithboySimha / Sinh (Leo)M Honoured5
MahmoodboySimha / Sinh (Leo)MPraised one; Praiseworthy; The Prophet of Islam6
MahmoudboySimha / Sinh (Leo)M Praised3
MahmudboySimha / Sinh (Leo)M The Prophet of Islam6
MahrishiboySimha / Sinh (Leo)M Yogi4
MahtabboySimha / Sinh (Leo)M The moon9
MainakboySimha / Sinh (Leo)M A mountain a Himalayan peak4
MainankboySimha / Sinh (Leo)M 9
MaitreyaboySimha / Sinh (Leo)M Friend2
MajdboySimha / Sinh (Leo)M Glory1
MajdyboySimha / Sinh (Leo)M Glorious8
MajeedboySimha / Sinh (Leo)MSuperior2
MakarandboySimha / Sinh (Leo)M Honey; Honey Bee; Pollen9
MakeenboySimha / Sinh (Leo)M Strong; Firm4
MakhanboySimha / Sinh (Leo)M 3
MakheshboySimha / Sinh (Leo)M Lord Krishna2
MakrandboySimha / Sinh (Leo)M 8
MakulboySimha / Sinh (Leo)M A bud4
MakurboySimha / Sinh (Leo)M Mirror1
MalakboySimha / Sinh (Leo)M Angel2
MalankboySimha / Sinh (Leo)M King7
MalayboySimha / Sinh (Leo)MWind7
MalayaboySimha / Sinh (Leo)M A Forest8
MalharboySimha / Sinh (Leo)M A raga used in Indian music8
MalikboySimha / Sinh (Leo)MMaster; King1
MalkaunsboySimha / Sinh (Leo)M A raga2
MalleshboySimha / Sinh (Leo)M Lord Shiva7
MamdouhboySimha / Sinh (Leo)M One who is commended; Praised; Glorified3
MammattaboySimha / Sinh (Leo)M 1
MammootyboySimha / Sinh (Leo)M 7
MamnoonboySimha / Sinh (Leo)M Trustworthy4
MamrajboySimha / Sinh (Leo)M Lord of affection2
Man MohanboySimha / Sinh (Leo)MOne who wins the heart7
ManaalboySimha / Sinh (Leo)M Attainment; Achievement6
ManaarboySimha / Sinh (Leo)M Guiding light3
ManajithboySimha / Sinh (Leo)M One who conquered the mind4
MananboySimha / Sinh (Leo)M 7
ManasboySimha / Sinh (Leo)MMind3
ManasiboySimha / Sinh (Leo)M Born of the mind3
ManaswaboySimha / Sinh (Leo)M Mankind9
ManasyuboySimha / Sinh (Leo)M Wishing; Desiring4
ManavboySimha / Sinh (Leo)MHuman6
ManavendraboySimha / Sinh (Leo)M King among men3
MandaarboySimha / Sinh (Leo)M A flower7
MandanboySimha / Sinh (Leo)M Adorning2
MandarboySimha / Sinh (Leo)M Flower; A celestial tree6
MandeepboySimha / Sinh (Leo)MLight of the mind4
MandhatriboySimha / Sinh (Leo)M Prince7
MandinboySimha / Sinh (Leo)M Delighting1
MandirboySimha / Sinh (Leo)M Temple5
MandithboySimha / Sinh (Leo)M Adorned6
ManeeshboySimha / Sinh (Leo)M Lord of the mind2
ManeetboySimha / Sinh (Leo)M One who wins heart4
ManekboySimha / Sinh (Leo)M 8
ManendraboySimha / Sinh (Leo)M King of mind7
ManeshboySimha / Sinh (Leo)M God of mind6
MangalboySimha / Sinh (Leo)MAuspicious; Fortunate3
MangeshboySimha / Sinh (Leo)M Lord Shiva4
ManharboySimha / Sinh (Leo)MLord Krishna1
ManiboySimha / Sinh (Leo)MGem; A jewel1
ManidharboySimha / Sinh (Leo)M A mythical snake with jewel in its hood5
ManikboySimha / Sinh (Leo)M Ruby; Gem3
ManikboySimha / Sinh (Leo)MA light pink to blood red gemstone3
ManikandanboySimha / Sinh (Leo)M Another name for Lord Ayyappa1
ManilboySimha / Sinh (Leo)M 4
ManindraboySimha / Sinh (Leo)M Lord of the mind; Diamond2
ManiramboySimha / Sinh (Leo)M Jewel of a person6
ManishboySimha / Sinh (Leo)MWise; A profound thinker1
ManitboySimha / Sinh (Leo)MHighly Respected3
ManithboySimha / Sinh (Leo)M Honoured2
ManivannanboySimha / Sinh (Leo)MRelated name of Lord Ayyappa4
ManjeetboySimha / Sinh (Leo)M Conqueror of the mind5
ManjotboySimha / Sinh (Leo)M Light of your heart1
ManjulboySimha / Sinh (Leo)M Handsome8
ManjunathboySimha / Sinh (Leo)M Husband of Lord Parvathi; Lord Shiva3
ManjusriboySimha / Sinh (Leo)M 6
ManjyotboySimha / Sinh (Leo)M Light of the mind8
ManmathaboySimha / Sinh (Leo)M Cupid8
ManmeetboySimha / Sinh (Leo)M Friend of mind8
ManmohanboySimha / Sinh (Leo)MLord Krishna; Pleasing7
MannanboySimha / Sinh (Leo)M Meditate3
MannathboySimha / Sinh (Leo)M A vow to a deity8
MannithboySimha / Sinh (Leo)M Chosen7
ManoboySimha / Sinh (Leo)M 7
ManoharboySimha / Sinh (Leo)MOne who steals the heart7
ManojboySimha / Sinh (Leo)MBorn of the mind; Cupid8
ManomayboySimha / Sinh (Leo)M Conqueror of Ones Heart1
ManonithboySimha / Sinh (Leo)M Carried by the mind4
ManoopboySimha / Sinh (Leo)M Son2
ManoranjanboySimha / Sinh (Leo)M One who pleases the mind2
ManorathboySimha / Sinh (Leo)M 9
ManothboySimha / Sinh (Leo)M Born of the mind8
ManprasadboySimha / Sinh (Leo)M Mentally calm and cool person6
ManpreetboySimha / Sinh (Leo)MHappiness of the heart2
MansourboySimha / Sinh (Leo)M Aided by God; Victorious2
MansukhboySimha / Sinh (Leo)MOne with peace of mind; Happy one6
ManthboySimha / Sinh (Leo)M Thought2
ManthaboySimha / Sinh (Leo)M Another name for the sun; Lord Shiva3
ManthanboySimha / Sinh (Leo)M Reflection through study8
MantramboySimha / Sinh (Leo)M Holy Name; Lord Vishnu8
ManuboySimha / Sinh (Leo)M 4
ManuelboySimha / Sinh (Leo)M Powerful; Strong3
ManujboySimha / Sinh (Leo)MSon of Manu5
ManurajboySimha / Sinh (Leo)M Kuber6
ManvendraboySimha / Sinh (Leo)M King among men2
ManvikboySimha / Sinh (Leo)M Conscious7
ManyuboySimha / Sinh (Leo)M Mind2
ManzoorboySimha / Sinh (Leo)M 3
MaraamboySimha / Sinh (Leo)M Aspiration2
MarcboySimha / Sinh (Leo)M 8
MardavboySimha / Sinh (Leo)M Softness5
MareechiboySimha / Sinh (Leo)M Ray of light8
MarkboySimha / Sinh (Leo)M 7
MarkandayboySimha / Sinh (Leo)M Shiva's devotee; A Sage who wrote Devi Mahatmyam7
MarkandeyaboySimha / Sinh (Leo)M A devotee of Lord Shiva; A sage3
MartinboySimha / Sinh (Leo)M 3
MarutboySimha / Sinh (Leo)MThe wind1
MasoudboySimha / Sinh (Leo)MLucky; Fortunate1
MasterboySimha / Sinh (Leo)MPerfect one; Excellent4
MaulikboySimha / Sinh (Leo)MPrecious4
MayankboySimha / Sinh (Leo)MMoon2
MayoorboySimha / Sinh (Leo)MPeacock6
MayurboySimha / Sinh (Leo)MPeacock6
MazharboySimha / Sinh (Leo)MAppearance4
MazharulboySimha / Sinh (Leo)M 1
MediboySimha / Sinh (Leo)M 4
MeetboySimha / Sinh (Leo)MFriend7
MeetaboySimha / Sinh (Leo)MFriend8
MeghnadboySimha / Sinh (Leo)MLord of the sky7
MehaboobboySimha / Sinh (Leo)MBeloved7
MeharbaanboySimha / Sinh (Leo)M 9
MehdiboySimha / Sinh (Leo)MGuided3
MehranboySimha / Sinh (Leo)MA character in Shahnameh; Kindness5
MehrdadboySimha / Sinh (Leo)MGift from the sun8
MehreganboySimha / Sinh (Leo)M 8
MehulboySimha / Sinh (Leo)MRain5
MelchiorboySimha / Sinh (Leo)MThe king of the city2
MihirboySimha / Sinh (Leo)MSun3
MiladboySimha / Sinh (Leo)M 3
MilanboySimha / Sinh (Leo)MJoining; Meeting; Union4
MilindboySimha / Sinh (Leo)MHoney Bee7
MilitboySimha / Sinh (Leo)M 9
MineshboySimha / Sinh (Leo)M 5
MirzaboySimha / Sinh (Leo)MA Prince4
MiteshboySimha / Sinh (Leo)MOne with few desires2
MithileshboySimha / Sinh (Leo)MKing of Mithila; Janak; Father of Sita4
MithunboySimha / Sinh (Leo)MA friend; Couple; A pair4
MitraboySimha / Sinh (Leo)MFriend7
MitulboySimha / Sinh (Leo)MMeasured; Limited3
MohanboySimha / Sinh (Leo)MBeauteous; Attractive; Charming6
MohanlalboySimha / Sinh (Leo)MVariant of 'Mohan'4
Mohd. AbdullahboySimha / Sinh (Leo)MVariant of 'Abdullah'2
Mohd. AkbarboySimha / Sinh (Leo)M 1
Mohd. JabbarboySimha / Sinh (Leo)M 2
Mohd. JamalboySimha / Sinh (Leo)MVariant of 'Jamal'5
Mohd. KhaleelboySimha / Sinh (Leo)MVariant of 'Khalil'4
Mohd. MaqboolboySimha / Sinh (Leo)M 7
Mohd. MustaffaboySimha / Sinh (Leo)MVariant of 'Mustafa'1
Mohd. RamzanboySimha / Sinh (Leo)M 5
Mohd. SabirboySimha / Sinh (Leo)M 8
Mohd. SubhanboySimha / Sinh (Leo)M 6
Mohd.IbrahamboySimha / Sinh (Leo)MVariant of 'Ibrahim'2
MohitboySimha / Sinh (Leo)MAttracted2
MohnishboySimha / Sinh (Leo)MLord Krishna5
MohsenboySimha / Sinh (Leo)MOne who does good2
MoidulboySimha / Sinh (Leo)M 2
MoniboySimha / Sinh (Leo)M 6
MonickboySimha / Sinh (Leo)M 2
MonilboySimha / Sinh (Leo)M 9
MontyboySimha / Sinh (Leo)MMountain6
MoradboySimha / Sinh (Leo)MDesire; Wish6
MorisboySimha / Sinh (Leo)M 2
MortezaboySimha / Sinh (Leo)MChosen8
MotiboySimha / Sinh (Leo)MPearl3
MrigendraboySimha / Sinh (Leo)M 8
MrugeshboySimha / Sinh (Leo)M 1
Muhammed BachalboySimha / Sinh (Leo)M 6
Muhammed BuxboySimha / Sinh (Leo)M 8
MukammalboySimha / Sinh (Leo)MComplete4
MukeshboySimha / Sinh (Leo)MLord Shiva; Cupid5
MukulboySimha / Sinh (Leo)MBud; Soul; Blossom6
MukundboySimha / Sinh (Leo)MLord Krishna; Name of Vishnu3
MuniboySimha / Sinh (Leo)M 3
MuninboySimha / Sinh (Leo)M 8
MunishboySimha / Sinh (Leo)MLord Buddha3
MunjalboySimha / Sinh (Leo)M 8
MuraliboySimha / Sinh (Leo)MFlute2
MuralidharboySimha / Sinh (Leo)MAnother name of Lord Krishna6
MustafaboySimha / Sinh (Leo)MThe chosen one9
MusuriboySimha / Sinh (Leo)M 2
MuthuboySimha / Sinh (Leo)MPearl2
MuthuramanboySimha / Sinh (Leo)MBeloved Pearl4
MuzaffarboySimha / Sinh (Leo)M 2
NaadirboyVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y Dear; Rare2
NaagboyVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y A big serpent5
NaagarjunboyVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y An ancient Philosopher6
NaagendraboyVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y King of the serpents2
NaageshboyVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y God of serpents; Sheshnaag1
NaajyboyVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y Safe6
NaanakboyVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y First Sikh Guru6
NaaradboyVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y An ancient sage3
NaasihboyVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y Advisor7
NaathimboyVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y Arranger; Adjuster3
NaayantaraboyVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y Star of our eyes6
NabarunboyVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y Morning sun8
NabeehboyVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y Noble; Outstanding8
NabeelboyVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y Noble3
NabenduboyVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y New moon7
NabhboyVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y Sky7
NabhanboyVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y Noble; Outstanding4
NabhanyuboyVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y Eternal5
NabhasboyVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y Sky9
NabhenduboyVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y New moon6
NabhiboyVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y Focus; The best7
NabhijboyVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y Lord Brahama8
NabhithboyVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y Fearless8
NabhojboyVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y Born in sky5
NabhomaniboyVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y Jewel of the sky; Sun5
NabhyaboyVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y Central6
Nabi BuxboyVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y 1
NachikboyVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y A short form of Nachiketa1
NachiketboyVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y Son of Vajashravas8
NachiketaboyVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y An ancient rishi; Fire9
NacomaboyVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y Loveable2
NadalboyVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y Fortunate5
NadeemboyVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y Friend6
NadeeshboyVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y God of river; Ocean2
NadinboyVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y Lord of rivers6
NadirboyVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y Pinnacle1
NadishboyVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y Ocean1
NaeemboyVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y Comfort; Ease; Tranquil2
NagaboyVruschika (Scorpius)N, YA big serpent; Cobra5
NagabhushanamboyVruschika (Scorpius)N, YGod Shankar; Lord Shiva2
NagaiahboyVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y 5
NagarajboyVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y King of cobras7
NagarajanboyVruschika (Scorpius)N, YKing of the serpents4
NagarinboyVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y Lord of a town1
NagarjunboyVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y Best among the snakes5
NagarjunaboyVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y 6
NagendraboyVruschika (Scorpius)N, YLord of the mountains; King of snakes; Seshnag1
NageshboyVruschika (Scorpius)N, YLord Shiva9
NageshwarboyVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y Lord of the cobras6
NageswaraboyVruschika (Scorpius)N, YLord Shiva8
NaggarboyVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y Lord Krishna3
NagurboyVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y 7
NahidboyVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y Stainless9
NahushaboyVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y A mythological king9
NaimishboyVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y Momentary; Transient; A mythological forest1
NaineshboyVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y 7
NairitboyVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y South-west8
NaishadhboyVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y King Nala1
NaitikboyVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y Ethical1
NajafboyVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y 5
NajeebboyVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y Of noble descent1
NakiboyVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y 8
NakirboyVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y Hateful8
NakshatraboyVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y Star3
NakulboyVruschika (Scorpius)N, YOne of among five Pandavas; Twin brother of Sahdev5
NalboyVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y An ancient king9
NaleshboyVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y King of flowers5
NalinboyVruschika (Scorpius)N, YLotus5
NalinakshaboyVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y Lotus-eyed9
NalinikantboyVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y 6
NamanboyVruschika (Scorpius)N, YRenowned; Namaskar7
NamasyuboyVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y Bowing4
NambiboyVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y Self confident3
NamdevboyVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y 5
NameboyVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y Meaning6
NamishboyVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y Lord Vishnu1
NamitboyVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y Bowed down; Modest3
NamithboyVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y To bow in a humble greeting2
NamoboyVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y 7
NanaboyVruschika (Scorpius)N, YFather of the mother; Grandfather3
NanakboyVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y Guru fo the Sikhs5
NandboyVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y Joyful6
Nand KishoreboyVruschika (Scorpius)N, YLord Krishna1
NandaboyVruschika (Scorpius)N, YJoy7
NandanboyVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y Pleasing; Son3
NandiboyVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y One who pleases others; The bull of Shiva; Lord Shiva6
NandinboyVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y Son; Delightful2
NandishboyVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y Lord of pleasure6
NandlaalboyVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y Lord Krishna5
NanduboyVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y One who always be cheerful9
NankuboyVruschika (Scorpius)N, YWell; Safe; Fine7
NanuboyVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y Small5
NaotauboyVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y New9
NapoleonboyVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y 2
NaradboyVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y Indian Saint; Devotee of Narayan2
NarahariboyVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y Lord Vishnu7
NarainboyVruschika (Scorpius)N, YProtector; Variant of 'Narayan'3
Narain DasboyVruschika (Scorpius)N, YSlave of the protector; Devotee of Lord Vishnu9
NarashimhaboyVruschika (Scorpius)N, YLion among men2
NarasimhaboyVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y An incarnation of Lord Vishnu3
NarayanboyVruschika (Scorpius)N, YLord Vishnu; The son of man2
NarayanaboyVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y Vishnu; Refuge of man3
NarayananboyVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y Title of Vishnu; Krisna8
NarenboyVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y 7
NarendraboyVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y King of men3
NarendraboyVruschika (Scorpius)N, YKing of men3
NareshboyVruschika (Scorpius)N, YKing of men2
NarhariboyVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y Man-lion6
NarimanboyVruschika (Scorpius)N, YA character in Shahnameh (ZAl's grandfather)7
NarinderboyVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y The King2
NarmadboyVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y Bringing delight6
NarottamboyVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y Best among men3
NarpatiboyVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y King7
NarrottamboyVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y Best among men3
NarsiboyVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y Poet; Saint7
NarsimhaboyVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y Lion among men2
NartanboyVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y Dance5
NartanaboyVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y Makes others dance6
NarunboyVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y Leader of men5
NarunaboyVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y Leader of men6
NaseemboyVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y Fresh air3
NashirboyVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y One who scatters; Exposer; Announcer6
NasimboyVruschika (Scorpius)N, YBreeze; Fresh Air2
NasirboyVruschika (Scorpius)N, YDefender; Supporter; Success7
NasserboyVruschika (Scorpius)N, YVariant of 'Nasir'4
NatarajboyVruschika (Scorpius)N, YKing of the art of dancing; Lord Shiva2
NateshboyVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y King4
NathanboyVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y Controller4
NatheerboyVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y Warner8
NathinboyVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y Protected3
NathuramboyVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y 6
NatrajboyVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y King among actors1
NatwarboyVruschika (Scorpius)N, YLord Krishna5
NauharboyVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y 9 Garlands9
NaukaboyVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y Boat3
NavajboyVruschika (Scorpius)N, YNewly Born3
NavalboyVruschika (Scorpius)N, YWonder5
NavalanboyVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y Orator2
NavaneetboyVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y Butter1
NavashenboyVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y The one who brings hope3
NavdeepboyVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y 4
NavedboyVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y Reward; Justice1
NaveenboyVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y New7
NaveenboyVruschika (Scorpius)N, YNew7
NavidboyVruschika (Scorpius)N, YMessenger of happiness; Good News; Glad tiding5
NavinboyVruschika (Scorpius)N, YNew6
NavinderboyVruschika (Scorpius)N, YBrave Lord6
NavjotboyVruschika (Scorpius)N, YThe new light1
NavneetboyVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y Fresh butter9
NavnitboyVruschika (Scorpius)N, YFresh Butter8
NavrajboyVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y New rule3
NavrangboyVruschika (Scorpius)N, YColourful5
NavrozboyVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y A Parsee festival6
NawabboyVruschika (Scorpius)N, YA powerful influencer; A governor in Mughal empire5
NawalboyVruschika (Scorpius)N, YWonder6
NayanboyVruschika (Scorpius)N, YEye1
NazarboyVruschika (Scorpius)N, YEyesight; Vision6
NazirboyVruschika (Scorpius)N, YObserver; Supervisor5
NeelboyVruschika (Scorpius)N, YBlue9
NeelkamalboyVruschika (Scorpius)N, YBlue Lotus2
NeerajboyVruschika (Scorpius)N, YLotus8
NeevboyVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y 1
NemilboyVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y 8
NeorboyVruschika (Scorpius)N, YDew7
NevishboyVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y 5
NidhishboyVruschika (Scorpius)N, YLord of Treasure8
NigamboyVruschika (Scorpius)N, YTreasure8
NihalboyVruschika (Scorpius)N, YHappy; Blissful person; Content8
NijboyVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y 6
NikboyVruschika (Scorpius)N, YGood; Victorious people7
NikeshboyVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y 3
NiketboyVruschika (Scorpius)N, YHome5
NikhilboyVruschika (Scorpius)N, YComplete; Whole; Entire9
NikunjboyVruschika (Scorpius)N, YLoving Home; Bower; Arbour; Lord Krishna7
NikunjaboyVruschika (Scorpius)N, YVariant of 'Nikunj'8
NilanboyVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y 5
NilayboyVruschika (Scorpius)N, YHaven; House7
NileshboyVruschika (Scorpius)N, YAnother name of Krishna; Blue God4
NimishboyVruschika (Scorpius)N, YLord Vishnu; Momentary9
NimitboyVruschika (Scorpius)N, YDestiny2
NippuboyVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y 4
NirajboyVruschika (Scorpius)N, YLotus7
NiralboyVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y 9
NiranjanboyVruschika (Scorpius)N, YLord Shiva9
NiravboyVruschika (Scorpius)N, YWithout Sound; Silent1
NirbhayboyVruschika (Scorpius)N, YFearless5
NirmalboyVruschika (Scorpius)N, YPure; Clean4
NirmayboyVruschika (Scorpius)N, YPure8
NirmeshboyVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y 5
NirmitboyVruschika (Scorpius)N, YCreated2
NirnayboyVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y 9
NirogiboyVruschika (Scorpius)N, YWithout Illness9
NisargboyVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y 5
NischalboyVruschika (Scorpius)N, YCalm3
NischayboyVruschika (Scorpius)N, YDecided7
NisheduboyVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y 8
NishithboyVruschika (Scorpius)N, YNight6
NiteshboyVruschika (Scorpius)N, YLord of the law; Master of the right path3
NitinboyVruschika (Scorpius)N, YNew; Master of the right path3
NityanandboyVruschika (Scorpius)N, YPerennially Happy3
NityantaboyVruschika (Scorpius)N, YLord Vishnu5
NivruttiboyVruschika (Scorpius)N, YSeparation from world7
NizhalgalboyVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y 9
NripaboyVruschika (Scorpius)N, YKing4
NripendraboyVruschika (Scorpius)N, YKing of Kings9
NripeshboyVruschika (Scorpius)N, YKing of kings8
NrisinghboyVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y 8
NurjamalboyVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y 9
OganboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OWave1
OjasboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OBody Strength; Light; Virility; Energy9
OmboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OOmkar; Creation; The essence of life1
Om PrakashboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OThe light of creation; Light of the essence of life3
OmanandboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OLight of Om8
OmarboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OGifted Speaker; Famous; An era2
OmidboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OHope5
OmjaboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OBorn of cosmic unity3
OmkarboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OBeginning of Life; Creator of OM4
OojamboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OEnthusiasm9
OorjitboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OPowerful6
OpinderboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OProximity to God9
OrangboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, OA throne; Wisdom; Understanding; Beauty1
OshoboyMesha (Aries)A, L, E, I, ODear3
PaanduboyKanya (Vigro)P, TH Father of the Pandavas3
PaandurangboyKanya (Vigro)P, TH A diety7
PaanineeboyKanya (Vigro)P, TH A Sanskrit grammarian2
PaarthboyKanya (Vigro)P, TH Another name of Arjuna1
PaarthivboyKanya (Vigro)P, TH Earthly5
PaavanboyKanya (Vigro)P, TH Purifier1
PaawanboyKanya (Vigro)P, THPure2
PabloboyKanya (Vigro)P, TH Little1
PabokboyKanya (Vigro)P, THFire9
PachaiboyKanya (Vigro)P, TH Youthful; Resourceful2
PachaimaniboyKanya (Vigro)P, TH Youthful; Resourceful3
PadamboyKanya (Vigro)P, TH Lotus8
PadmboyKanya (Vigro)P, TH Lotus7
PadmajboyKanya (Vigro)P, TH Lord Brahama9
PadmakantboyKanya (Vigro)P, TH Husband of lotus9
PadmakarboyKanya (Vigro)P, TH Jewel; Lord Vishnu2
PadmalboyKanya (Vigro)P, TH Lotus2
PadmanboyKanya (Vigro)P, TH Lotus4
PadmanabhboyKanya (Vigro)P, THOne with lotus in his navel i.e. Vishnu6
PadmanabhaboyKanya (Vigro)P, TH Lord Vishnu7
PadmapaniboyKanya (Vigro)P, TH Lord Bramha3
PadmapatiboyKanya (Vigro)P, TH Lord Vishnu9
PadmashriboyKanya (Vigro)P, TH Goddess of wealth; Seated in a lotus8
PadmayaniboyKanya (Vigro)P, TH Lord Brahama; Buddha3
PadmeshboyKanya (Vigro)P, TH Lord Vishnu3
PadminishboyKanya (Vigro)P, TH Lord of lotuses3
PahalboyKanya (Vigro)P, TH Facet; Beginning initiative2
PakhiboyKanya (Vigro)P, TH Bird9
PakshiboyKanya (Vigro)P, TH Bird1
PalakboyKanya (Vigro)P, TH Eyelash5
PalaniboyKanya (Vigro)P, TH Abode of Lord Murugan8
PalanisamiboyKanya (Vigro)P, TH Another name for Lord Murugan5
PalanivelboyKanya (Vigro)P, TH Another name for Lord Murugan2
PalashboyKanya (Vigro)P, TH 3
PalinboyKanya (Vigro)P, TH Protecting7
PallabboyKanya (Vigro)P, TH New leaves8
PallavboyKanya (Vigro)P, THYoung shoots and leaves; The younger one1
PamposhboyKanya (Vigro)P, THLotus Flower7
PanavboyKanya (Vigro)P, TH Prince9
PanchalboyKanya (Vigro)P, TH Lord Shiva1
PanchananboyKanya (Vigro)P, TH Lord Shiva9
PandhariboyKanya (Vigro)P, TH Lord Vithobha8
PandiboyKanya (Vigro)P, TH Lord Pandi8
PanditaboyKanya (Vigro)P, TH Scholar2
PandurangaboyKanya (Vigro)P, THOne with pale white complexion7
PaniniboyKanya (Vigro)P, TH The great scholar-grammarian9
PankajboyKanya (Vigro)P, THLotus Flower8
PankajanboyKanya (Vigro)P, TH Lotus; Lord Vishnu5
PankajeetboyKanya (Vigro)P, TH Eagle; Garuda2
PanmoliboyKanya (Vigro)P, TH Speaks sweetly8
PannaboyKanya (Vigro)P, TH Emerald1
PannalalboyKanya (Vigro)P, TH Emerald8
PannerboyKanya (Vigro)P, TH Life of happy5
PanshulboyKanya (Vigro)P, TH Lord Shiva1
PanviboyKanya (Vigro)P, TH Lord shiva8
ParaasharboyKanya (Vigro)P, TH A celebrated saint2
ParagboyKanya (Vigro)P, THPollen Grains7
ParakramboyKanya (Vigro)P, TH Strength7
ParamboyKanya (Vigro)P, THBeing Supreme4
ParamarthaboyKanya (Vigro)P, THHighest Truth7
ParameshboyKanya (Vigro)P, TH Lord Shiva9
ParamhansboyKanya (Vigro)P, TH Sadguru1
ParamhansaboyKanya (Vigro)P, TH Supreme soul2
ParamjeetboyKanya (Vigro)P, TH Highest success8
ParamjitboyKanya (Vigro)P, THThe perfect winner; Ultimate victorious7
ParanjayboyKanya (Vigro)P, TH Varun; Lord of the Sea5
ParantapboyKanya (Vigro)P, TH Hero6
ParantapaboyKanya (Vigro)P, TH Conqueror; Arjuna7
ParasboyKanya (Vigro)P, TH Touchstone1
ParasharboyKanya (Vigro)P, TH An ancient1
ParashuramboyKanya (Vigro)P, TH Sixth incarnation of Lord Vishnu8
ParasmaniboyKanya (Vigro)P, TH Touchstone2
ParatparaboyKanya (Vigro)P, TH Greatest of The Greats2
ParavasuboyKanya (Vigro)P, TH Name of a sage9
PareesboyKanya (Vigro)P, TH Touch stone1
PareshboyKanya (Vigro)P, THSupreme Spirit4
PareshaboyKanya (Vigro)P, TH Lord of The Lords; A Name for Lord Rama5
PargatboyKanya (Vigro)P, TH Appearance9
PariboyKanya (Vigro)P, TH Charitable prince8
ParighoshboyKanya (Vigro)P, TH Loud sound2
PariishnaboyKanya (Vigro)P, TH A sweet little angel5
ParijatboyKanya (Vigro)P, TH A celestial flower3
PariketboyKanya (Vigro)P, TH Against desire8
ParikshitboyKanya (Vigro)P, TH Name of an ancient king3
ParimalboyKanya (Vigro)P, TH Fragrance7
ParinboyKanya (Vigro)P, TH Another name for Lord Ganesha4
ParindraboyKanya (Vigro)P, TH Lion9
ParitoshboyKanya (Vigro)P, TH 7
ParkashboyKanya (Vigro)P, TH Light2
ParmaarthboyKanya (Vigro)P, TH Highest truth; Salvation6
ParmeetboyKanya (Vigro)P, TH Wisdom6
ParmeshboyKanya (Vigro)P, TH Lord Vishnu8
ParminderboyKanya (Vigro)P, TH God of Gods8
ParnadboyKanya (Vigro)P, TH A Brahmin in the qpics9
ParnalboyKanya (Vigro)P, TH Leafy8
ParnikboyKanya (Vigro)P, TH Creeper6
ParthboyKanya (Vigro)P, THName given by Lord Krishna to Arjun9
ParthboyKanya (Vigro)P, THThe person who never misses his target9
ParthaboyKanya (Vigro)P, TH Arjun1
ParthasarathyboyKanya (Vigro)P, THPartha's Charioteer; Lord Krishna3
ParthivboyKanya (Vigro)P, TH Prince of Earth4
ParthoboyKanya (Vigro)P, THArjun - The hero of Indian epic 'Mahabharat'6
ParveenboyKanya (Vigro)P, THExpert; A star9
ParveshboyKanya (Vigro)P, TH Lord of celebration8
ParwezboyKanya (Vigro)P, TH Victorious peace8
PascalboyKanya (Vigro)P, TH Pass Over7
PashunathboyKanya (Vigro)P, TH Lord of animals; Lord Shiva9
PashupatiboyKanya (Vigro)P, TH Lord Shiva's incarnation3
PasupatiboyKanya (Vigro)P, TH Lord Shiva4
PatagboyKanya (Vigro)P, TH Sun9
PatakinboyKanya (Vigro)P, TH Holder of a banner9
PatanjaliboyKanya (Vigro)P, TH Famous Yoga philosopher3
PathikboyKanya (Vigro)P, TH A traveller2
PathinboyKanya (Vigro)P, TH Traveller5
PatojboyKanya (Vigro)P, TH Lotus8
PatrboyKanya (Vigro)P, TH Defender1
PatralikaboyKanya (Vigro)P, TH New leaves8
PaulboyKanya (Vigro)P, TH Small5
PauravboyKanya (Vigro)P, TH A descendent of King Puru7
PavakboyKanya (Vigro)P, TH Fire6
PavalanboyKanya (Vigro)P, TH Skilled in literature4
PavanboyKanya (Vigro)P, THAir; Wind9
PavanajboyKanya (Vigro)P, TH Lord Hanuman2
PavaniboyKanya (Vigro)P, TH Hanuman9
PavankumarboyKanya (Vigro)P, TH Bhim; Hanuman; Son of the wind1
PavitraboyKanya (Vigro)P, TH Pure6
PawanboyKanya (Vigro)P, THAir1
PayamboyKanya (Vigro)P, TH 2
PayasboyKanya (Vigro)P, TH Water8
PayodboyKanya (Vigro)P, TH Cloud7
PazboyKanya (Vigro)P, TH Peace7
PeeyushboyKanya (Vigro)P, TH Nectar9
PehlajboyKanya (Vigro)P, TH First born7
PejmanboyKanya (Vigro)P, TH 5
PerumalboyKanya (Vigro)P, TH Lord Venkateshwara5
PeterboyKanya (Vigro)P, TH Rock1
PeymanboyKanya (Vigro)P, THPromise2
PhagunboyKanya (Vigro)P, TH A Hindu month4
PhalakboyKanya (Vigro)P, TH Sky4
PhalgunboyKanya (Vigro)P, THA month of the Hindu Calendar7
PhalguniboyKanya (Vigro)P, TH Born in Falgun; A Hindu month; Arjun7
PhaninathboyKanya (Vigro)P, TH Lord of serpents1
PhanindraboyKanya (Vigro)P, TH King of gods; Sesh; The divine snake4
PhanishwarboyKanya (Vigro)P, TH King of serpents9
PhenilboyKanya (Vigro)P, TH Foamy1
PhoolenduboyKanya (Vigro)P, TH Full moon2
PihuboyKanya (Vigro)P, TH Chattering of bird9
PikiboyKanya (Vigro)P, TH Cuckoo9
PilarboyKanya (Vigro)P, TH Pillar; Fountain base2
PinakboyKanya (Vigro)P, THShiv Dhanush6
PinakiboyKanya (Vigro)P, TH Lord Krishna6
PinakinboyKanya (Vigro)P, TH Lord Shiva2
PingalboyKanya (Vigro)P, TH A reputed sage5
PitambarboyKanya (Vigro)P, TH Lord Vishnu8
PivalboyKanya (Vigro)P, TH A tree6
PiyaliboyKanya (Vigro)P, TH A tree9
PiyushboyKanya (Vigro)P, THNectar; Amrit; Sweet water8
PogulaboyKanya (Vigro)P, TH Lord Venkateswara9
PonnanboyKanya (Vigro)P, TH Precious2
PoojanboyKanya (Vigro)P, TH Worship8
PoojitboyKanya (Vigro)P, TH Worshipped4
PoonishboyKanya (Vigro)P, TH Lord of the pious6
PooranboyKanya (Vigro)P, TH Complete7
PoornaboyKanya (Vigro)P, TH Complete7
PoornanandboyKanya (Vigro)P, TH Complete joy4
PoorvajboyKanya (Vigro)P, TH Elder; Ancestorsn7
PoorvashboyKanya (Vigro)P, TH Moon6
PorushboyKanya (Vigro)P, TH Man power7
PoshboyKanya (Vigro)P, TH Month in Hindu calender4
PouyanboyKanya (Vigro)P, THTo search; Searcher; To run; Runner2
PrabalboyKanya (Vigro)P, TH Coral5
PrabhakarboyKanya (Vigro)P, TH The sun4
PrabhanjanboyKanya (Vigro)P, THDust Storm; Tempest4
PrabhasboyKanya (Vigro)P, TH Lustrous2
PrabhatboyKanya (Vigro)P, TH Dawn3
PrabhavboyKanya (Vigro)P, TH Effect5
PrabhjyotboyKanya (Vigro)P, TH Light of God7
PrabhuboyKanya (Vigro)P, THGod3
PrabirboyKanya (Vigro)P, TH Hero; Brave one Praveer1
PrabodhboyKanya (Vigro)P, THVigilance; Waking1
PrabodhanboyKanya (Vigro)P, TH Knowledge7
PrabuddhaboyKanya (Vigro)P, TH Awakened3
PrachandboyKanya (Vigro)P, TH Hard; Bold2
PrachetboyKanya (Vigro)P, TH Lord Varun8
PradeepboyKanya (Vigro)P, THLamp; Light2
PradyutboyKanya (Vigro)P, TH 6
PrafullaboyKanya (Vigro)P, TH 6
PrahladboyKanya (Vigro)P, THExcess of joy6
PrakashboyKanya (Vigro)P, THLight; Bright2
PramatheshboyKanya (Vigro)P, TH 1
PranboyKanya (Vigro)P, THLife; Vital breath4
PranabboyKanya (Vigro)P, THSound of Om7
PranavboyKanya (Vigro)P, THSound of Om9
PranayboyKanya (Vigro)P, THLove3
PranjalboyKanya (Vigro)P, THSimple; Straightforward9
PrasadboyKanya (Vigro)P, THBrightness; Blessing5
PrasanboyKanya (Vigro)P, TH 6
PrashantboyKanya (Vigro)P, THVery Calm; Peaceful7
PratapboyKanya (Vigro)P, THGlory; Vigour; Strength9
PrateekboyKanya (Vigro)P, THSymbol4
PrathameshboyKanya (Vigro)P, THGanpati1
PratulboyKanya (Vigro)P, TH 7
PravarsenaboyKanya (Vigro)P, TH 7
PraveerboyKanya (Vigro)P, THAn excellent warrior; Brave one; Hero4
PrayagboyKanya (Vigro)P, THConfluence of Ganga-Jamuna-Saraswati5
PremboyKanya (Vigro)P, THLove7
PrithibiboyKanya (Vigro)P, TH 1
PriyadarshanboyKanya (Vigro)P, THOf loving vision; Lord Shiva8
PromodeboyKanya (Vigro)P, TH 5
PuneetboyKanya (Vigro)P, THPure9
PurnaboyKanya (Vigro)P, TH 7
PurshottamboyKanya (Vigro)P, THBest Man7
PururavasboyKanya (Vigro)P, TH 2
PurushottamboyKanya (Vigro)P, THThe best among men; Lord Rama1
PushkarboyKanya (Vigro)P, TH 4
RaadheshboyTula (Libra)R, T The consort of radha; Lord Krishna1
RaahiboyTula (Libra)R, T Traveller1
RaajaaboyTula (Libra)R, T King5
RaajeevboyTula (Libra)R, T Blue lotus8
RaakaaboyTula (Libra)R, T Day of the full moon6
RaakeshboyTula (Libra)R, T Lord of the night9
RaakinboyTula (Libra)R, T Respectful9
RaamboyTula (Libra)R, T Lord Rama; God; Supreme spirit6
RaamizboyTula (Libra)R, T Symbol5
RaatibboyTula (Libra)R, T Arranger6
RabahboyTula (Libra)R, T Gainer3
RabeeboyTula (Libra)R, T Spring4
RachitboyTula (Libra)R, T Invention5
RadhakboyTula (Libra)R, T Liberal7
RadhakantaboyTula (Libra)R, T Lord Krishna7
RadheshboyTula (Libra)R, T Lord Krishna9
RadheshyamboyTula (Libra)R, T Lord Krishna3
RadheyboyTula (Libra)R, T Karna7
RadheyaboyTula (Libra)R, T Karna8
RadheyshyamboyTula (Libra)R, TLord Krishna; Beloved of Radha1
RadhiyaaboyTula (Libra)R, T Content; Satisfied4
RafaelboyTula (Libra)R, T God has healed7
RafatboyTula (Libra)R, T Elevation1
RafeyboyTula (Libra)R, T Pioneer1
RafiqboyTula (Libra)R, T 6
RageshboyTula (Libra)R, T The man who sings sweet ragas4
RaghavboyTula (Libra)R, T Lord Rama3
RaghebboyTula (Libra)R, T Desirous5
RaghothamboyTula (Libra)R, T Greatest of all1
RaghuboyTula (Libra)R, T The family of Lord Rama1
RaghubirboyTula (Libra)R, T Lord Rama3
RaghubirboyTula (Libra)R, TLord Rama3
RaghunathboyTula (Libra)R, T Lord Rama8
RaghupatiboyTula (Libra)R, T Lord Rama2
RaghuramboyTula (Libra)R, T Lord Rama6
RaghuveerboyTula (Libra)R, T Lord Rama6
RaghuvirboyTula (Libra)R, T Lord Rama5
RahasboyTula (Libra)R, T Secret2
RaheelboyTula (Libra)R, T One who shows the way4
RaheemboyTula (Libra)R, T Merciful5
RaheemboyTula (Libra)R, TCompassionate; Merciful5
RahiboyTula (Libra)R, T Traveller9
RahilboyTula (Libra)R, T Traveller3
RahimboyTula (Libra)R, T Another name for God4
RahmanboyTula (Libra)R, T Merciful1
RahulboyTula (Libra)R, TSon of Lord Buddha; Conqueror of all miseries/sadness6
RaivataboyTula (Libra)R, T A Manu9
RaivathboyTula (Libra)R, T Wealthy7
RajboyTula (Libra)R, TKing; Rule; Kingdom; Monarch2
Raj KumarboyTula (Libra)R, TPrince3
RajaboyTula (Libra)R, T King3
RajabboyTula (Libra)R, T The 7th month of the Muslim year5
RajagboyTula (Libra)R, T Universal awareness1
RajakboyTula (Libra)R, T Illuminating5
RajamboyTula (Libra)R, T Goddess Lakshmi7
RajanboyTula (Libra)R, TKing8
RajaniboyTula (Libra)R, T Night8
RajanikantboyTula (Libra)R, T Sun; Lord of night9
RajanyaboyTula (Libra)R, T Kingly7
RajarshiboyTula (Libra)R, T King's sage3
RajasboyTula (Libra)R, T Mastery; Fame; Pride4
RajatboyTula (Libra)R, T Silver5
RajbirboyTula (Libra)R, TBrave king4
RajdeepboyTula (Libra)R, T Best of Kings5
RajdulariboyTula (Libra)R, T Dear princess4
RajeetboyTula (Libra)R, T Decorated5
RajeevboyTula (Libra)R, T Blue lotus7
RajeevboyTula (Libra)R, TBlue Lotus7
RajenboyTula (Libra)R, T 3
RajenderboyTula (Libra)R, T Lord of Kings; Emperor3
RajendraboyTula (Libra)R, TA mighty king8
RajeshboyTula (Libra)R, TKing7
RajeshaboyTula (Libra)R, T God of kings; Emperor8
RajhansboyTula (Libra)R, T Celestial swan8
RajinderboyTula (Libra)R, TThe emperor; King of Kings7
RajitboyTula (Libra)R, T Decorated4
RajivboyTula (Libra)R, TLotus Flower6
RajkumarboyTula (Libra)R, T Prince3
RajnishboyTula (Libra)R, T Moon7
RajrishiboyTula (Libra)R, T King's sage2
RajuboyTula (Libra)R, TProsperity; King5
RajulboyTula (Libra)R, T Brilliant8
RajveerboyTula (Libra)R, T National hero7
RajyashreeboyTula (Libra)R, T 2
RajyavardhanboyTula (Libra)R, T 6
RajyeshwarboyTula (Libra)R, T King2
RakeshboyTula (Libra)R, TLord of the night; Moon8
RakishiboyTula (Libra)R, T Wide load3
RakshaboyTula (Libra)R, T The moon; Protection4
RakshakboyTula (Libra)R, T Rescue6
RakshanboyTula (Libra)R, T Protector9
RakshitboyTula (Libra)R, T Guarded; Secure; Saved5
RaktakamalboyTula (Libra)R, T A red lotus8
RamboyTula (Libra)R, TLord Rama5
Ram ChandraboyTula (Libra)R, TVariant of 'Ram'9
Ram GopalboyTula (Libra)R, TVariant of 'Ram'2
Ram NiwasboyTula (Libra)R, T 8
RamadeepboyTula (Libra)R, T Lord Rama9
RamadhutaboyTula (Libra)R, T Ambassador of Rama6
RamadutboyTula (Libra)R, T Lord Hanuman6
RamakaantboyTula (Libra)R, T Lord Vishnu8
RamakantaboyTula (Libra)R, T Lord Vishnu8
RamanboyTula (Libra)R, TPleasing; Charming; Gratifying; Beloved2
RamandeepboyTula (Libra)R, T Absorbed in the light of Lord's love5
RamanujboyTula (Libra)R, T Lord Krishna; Lord Laxman6
RamanujaboyTula (Libra)R, T Lord Krishna; Born after Rama; Lakshman7
RamashrayboyTula (Libra)R, T Lord Vishnu; Protected by Rama5
RamavatarboyTula (Libra)R, T Reincarnation of Lord Rama5
RamchandraboyTula (Libra)R, T Lord Rama9
RamdasboyTula (Libra)R, T Devotee of Rama2
RameesboyTula (Libra)R, T Winter7
RameezboyTula (Libra)R, T Prince5
RameshboyTula (Libra)R, TRuler of Rama; Lord Vishnu1
RameshwarboyTula (Libra)R, TLord of Rama7
RamiboyTula (Libra)R, TLoving5
RamithboyTula (Libra)R, T Loved6
RamojiboyTula (Libra)R, T Lord Rama3
RamonboyTula (Libra)R, T Wise Protector7
RamprasadboyTula (Libra)R, T Lord Rama1
RampratapboyTula (Libra)R, T Lord Rama5
RamratanboyTula (Libra)R, T Lord Rama5
RamswaroopboyTula (Libra)R, T Lord Rama4
RamuboyTula (Libra)R, T Lord sriram8
RanaboyTula (Libra)R, T Joy; Jewel; To gaze; Look7
RanadevaboyTula (Libra)R, T Lord of Battles3
RanadhiraboyTula (Libra)R, T Patient in battle2
RanajayboyTula (Libra)R, T Victorious7
RanajitboyTula (Libra)R, T Victorious1
RanakboyTula (Libra)R, T King9
RandalboyTula (Libra)R, T Sheild Wolf5
RandeepboyTula (Libra)R, T The hero of the battle9
RandhirboyTula (Libra)R, T Brave9
RandityaboyTula (Libra)R, T 2
RaneshboyTula (Libra)R, T Lord Shiva2
RanganboyTula (Libra)R, T A flower1
RanganathboyTula (Libra)R, T Lord Vishnu3
RangeshboyTula (Libra)R, T Lord Vishnu9
RangithboyTula (Libra)R, T Well couloured5
RanjanboyTula (Libra)R, TDelighting; Enjoyment4
RanjeetboyTula (Libra)R, T Victor in wars1
RanjitboyTula (Libra)R, T Victorious9
RanjitboyTula (Libra)R, TThe delighted one; Victorious; One who is entertained9
RanjivboyTula (Libra)R, T Victorious2
RantidevboyTula (Libra)R, T Devotee of Narayana3
RanveerboyTula (Libra)R, T Winner2
RasarajboyTula (Libra)R, T Mercury5
RasbihariboyTula (Libra)R, T Lord Krishna4
RaseshboyTula (Libra)R, T Lord Krishna7
RashadboyTula (Libra)R, T Integrity of conduct6
RasheedboyTula (Libra)R, TBrave; Thinker: Counselor; Intelligent6
RashidboyTula (Libra)R, T Rightly guided; Having the true Faith5
RashmiboyTula (Libra)R, T Sun Rays5
RashmilboyTula (Libra)R, T Silken8
RashneboyTula (Libra)R, TJudge2
RasikboyTula (Libra)R, T Connoisseur4
RasmaruboyTula (Libra)R, T Lord Krishna1
Rasool BuxboyTula (Libra)R, T 1
RasulboyTula (Libra)R, T Angel8
RatanboyTula (Libra)R, TPrecious Stone; Gem9
RatanakarboyTula (Libra)R, T Precious stone4
RaunaqboyTula (Libra)R, T 9
RaviboyTula (Libra)R, TSun5
RavinderboyTula (Libra)R, TSun1
RavirajboyTula (Libra)R, TOther Name for Sun God7
RehamanboyTula (Libra)R, TMerciful6
RezaboyTula (Libra)R, TConsent; Agreement5
RihonboyTula (Libra)R, T 1
RipunboyTula (Libra)R, T 6
RiteshboyTula (Libra)R, TLord of Seasons; Lord of truth7
RitvaanboyTula (Libra)R, TLord4
RobinboyTula (Libra)R, T 4
RochanboyTula (Libra)R, TRed Lotus; Bright5
RockybulboyTula (Libra)R, T 8
RohanboyTula (Libra)R, TAscending; Sandal wood; Healing2
RohitboyTula (Libra)R, TRed; The sun's red light; First rays of the sun7
RoopboyTula (Libra)R, TLook1
RoshanboyTula (Libra)R, TSplendid One who emanates light3
RudraboyTula (Libra)R, TThe terrible; Lord Shiva8
RujulboyTula (Libra)R, TProven1
RupeshboyTula (Libra)R, TLord of Beauty6
RupnathboyTula (Libra)R, T 8
SaabirboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Patient5
SaadboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Good luck7
SaahidboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Wakeful6
SaahilboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Sea shore5
SaahirboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Wakeful2
SaajidboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh One who worships God8
SaakaarboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Manifestation of god7
SaalihboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Good; Righteous5
SaamboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShA character in Shahnameh (Rostam's Grandfather)7
SaamboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShA character in Shahnameh (Rostam's Grandfather)7
SaamanboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh 4
SaamanboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh 4
SaanjhboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Evening8
SaarasboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Swan5
SaariyahboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Clouds at night1
SaarthboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Meaningful4
SaatatyaboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Never ending7
SaatvikboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Pious2
SaazboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Melody2
SabalboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh With strength8
SabarboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Nectar5
SabarishboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Lord Iyyappan5
SabeehboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Beautiful4
SabhajitboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Honoured praised celebrated7
SabhyaboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Refined2
SabrangboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Rainbow8
SabyasachiboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Lord Arjun7
SachanboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Friendly1
SachchitboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Lord Brahma8
SachetboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Consciousness2
SachetanboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Animated; Rational8
SachhboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh The truth3
SachinboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShPure; Lord Shiva; Existence; Essence9
SachinboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShPure; Lord Shiva; Existence; Essence9
SachintboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Thoughtful2
SachishboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Lord Indra4
SachisthboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Most powerful helpful6
SachitboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Consciousness6
SachivboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Friend8
SadabinduboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Lord Vishnu3
SadaiappanboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Lord Siva1
SadajitboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Always victorious1
SadanandboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Ever joyous4
SadarboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Respectful7
SadashivboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Pure2
SadashivboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShEternal God; God Shankar2
SadashivboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShEternal God; God Shankar2
SadashivaboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Eternally pure3
SadavirboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Ever courageous2
SaddhanboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh With money6
SadeepanboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Lighted up2
SadeeqboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Trustworthy6
SadeghboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShSincere8
SadeghboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShSincere8
SadgunboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Virtues3
SadhanboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Pocessing2
SadhilboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Perfect8
SadhinboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh To accomplish1
SadhujboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Good conduct9
SadikshaboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Good intention9
SadiqboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Kingly5
SadivaboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Eternal2
SadruboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Lord Vishnu9
SaeedboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Priestly7
SafalboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh 3
SafalboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh 3
SaffarboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Coppersmith6
SafiyboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Best friend6
SafwanboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Old Arabic name; Rocks1
SaganboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Lord Shiva6
SagarboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShSea1
SagarboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShSea1
SagarmalboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh 9
SagarmalboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh 9
SagatboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh 3
SagatboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh 3
SagmaboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Powerful; Mighty; Strong5
SagniboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Sacred fire5
SagunboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Possessed of qualities8
SagurikboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Capable; Energetic5
SahadevboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Prince6
SahajboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Natural3
SahamanboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Victorious3
SahanjboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh A king8
SaharboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Sun; Dawn2
SaharaboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Lord Shiva3
SaharshboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh With joy2
SahasboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Bravery3
SahasanboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Powerful; Mighty9
SahasanuboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Patient3
SahasinboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Powerful; Mighty8
SahaskritboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Bestowing strength; Power7
SahasradboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Lord Shiva8
SahasvatboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Full of valour; Victorious1
SahasyaboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Mighty2
SahatboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Stong4
SahaujasboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Endowed with strength or power8
SahavanboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Possessing strength; Mighty3
SahayboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Help9
SahayaboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Lord Shiva1
SahayuboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Victorious3
SahdevboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh One of the Pandava princes5
SahenboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Falcon2
SahendraboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Resembling God Indra in power7
SahibboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh The lord3
SahilboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShGuide; Shore; River Bank4
SahilboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShGuide; Shore; River Bank4
SahirboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Magician1
SahishnuboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Lord Vishnu9
SahishtboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Strongest; Most powerful3
SahitboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Bounded3
SahithboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Literature2
SahodarboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Brother3
SahojboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Full of strength8
SahojitboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Victorious by strength1
SahorboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Good excellent pious7
SahovanboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Mighty superior8
SahuriboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Victorious strong4
SaiboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Flower; Everywhere2
SaiamartyaboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Immortal; Shirdi Sai Baba9
SaibyaboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Belonging to Lord Shiva3
SaidboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShHappy6
SaidboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShHappy6
SaideepboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh A Name for Sai Baba5
SaikatboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Beach7
SaileshboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh King of mountains1
SainathboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Saibaba9
SaipraasadboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Blessing8
SaiprasadboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Guide; River bank7
SaipratapboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Blessing of Saibaba2
SairamboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Blessing of Saibaba7
SaishboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShA Saint2
SaishboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShA Saint2
SajalboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Moist7
SajanboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Beloved9
SajitvanboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Victorious superior6
SajivboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Lively7
SajivaboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Full of life8
SajjadboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh 9
SajjadboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh 9
SajjanboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Noble respectable1
SajuboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Travelling6
SakalboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh All whole perfect8
SakashboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Illumination5
SakelshwarboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Lively9
SaketboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Llrd Krishna2
SakshamboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Capable9
SakshikboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Witness6
SakshumboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Skillful2
SakyamuniboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh 6
SakyamuniboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh 6
SalahboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Righteousness5
SalamanboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh High7
SalarjungboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Beautiful4
SaleemboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Healthy1
SalehboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh 9
SalehboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh 9
SalemboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Safe5
SalilboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShWater8
SalilboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShWater8
SalimboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Happy; Peaceful9
SalmanboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Safe6
SalokhboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Friendship3
SalvadorboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh The Saviour2
SamboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Strong person6
SamaboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Equal7
SamaahboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Generosity7
SamabashivboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Lord Shiva5
SamajboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Lord Indra8
SamajasboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Lord Shiva1
SamalyaboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Garlanded9
SamanboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Calming song of praise3
SamantboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Universal whole5
SamanthaboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Bordering5
SamanvayaboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Equanimity7
SamanvitaboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Name of Goddess Durga1
SamanyuboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Lord Shiva4
SamarboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh War7
SamaraboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Accompanied by Gods8
SamarajitboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Lord Vishnu2
SamarendraboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Lord Vishnu4
SamarenduboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Lord Vishnu6
SamarjeetboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Winner of the battle2
SamarjitboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh 1
SamarjitboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh 1
SamarpanboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Dedicating2
SamarthboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Powerful8
SamarthyaboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Strength capability7
SamarvirboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Hero of battle2
SamavartboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Lord Vishnu5
SamayboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Time5
SambaranboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Restraint; Name of an ancient king6
SambhaboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Shining8
SambhavboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Born; Mainfested3
SambhddhaboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Wise6
SambitboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Consciousness1
SambodhboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Complete knowledge8
SambudhboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Wise prudent5
SamdarshiboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Lord Krishna2
SamedhboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Full of strength5
SameenboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Valuable3
SameepboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Close5
SameerboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Breeze7
SameerboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShEarly morning fragrance; Breeze; Wind; Entertainer7
SameerboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShEarly morning fragrance; Breeze; Wind; Entertainer7
SamenboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Happy7
SamendraboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Winner of war3
SamenduboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Lord Vishnu5
SameshboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Lord of equality2
SamgramboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Host9
SamhitaboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh A vedic composition8
SamiboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShElevated; High6
SamiboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShElevated; High6
SamidhboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Perfect full9
SamikboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Peaceful8
SamikshboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Near to sun8
SamilboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Peaceful9
SaminboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Self-disciplined2
SamirboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShCool Breeze6
SamirboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShCool Breeze6
SamiranboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Breeze3
SamitboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh 8
SamitboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh 8
SamividhanboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Constitution1
SammadboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Joy6
SammatboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Agreed; Consented4
SammathboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Agreed3
SammudboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Joy delight8
SamodhboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Fragrance full of joy6
SampadaboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Blessing1
SampatboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Prosperous7
SampavanboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Pure6
SampoornboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Complete3
SampradboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Culture9
SampratiboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh In the right way7
SampritboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Pleased delighted6
SamrajboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Universal ruler8
SamratboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Emperor9
SamrathboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Lord Krishna8
SamridhboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Perfect complete9
SamrudhboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh The Enriched One3
SamskarboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Good Ethics and Moral Values1
SamskaraboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Ethics2
SamudraboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Ocean5
SamudrasenboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Lord of the ocean7
SamuelboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Name of God8
SamvarboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Content2
SamvathboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Prosperous3
SamyakboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Enough7
SanabhiboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Related9
SanagboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh A beautiful mountain6
SanalboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Vigorous2
SanamboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Beloved3
SanasboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Laughing smiling9
SanatboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Lord Brahma1
SanatanboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh 7
SanatanboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh 7
SanatanaboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Eternel; Lord Shiva8
SanathboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh With a protector9
SanayboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Eternal6
SanchayboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Collection8
SanchitboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Collected2
SandanandaboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Eternal bliss1
SandeepboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh A lighted lamp1
SandeepboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShA lighted lamp; Glowing1
SandeepboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShA lighted lamp; Glowing1
SandeepanboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh A sage7
SandeepenboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh A sage2
SandeshboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShMessage7
SandeshboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShMessage7
SandipaniboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh A preist6
SandyboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Good Lamp9
SangirboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Assent promise5
SangodboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh With water pond lake6
SanguptboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Percectly hidden8
SanhataboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Conciseness1
SanilboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Gifted; Bestowed1
SanisthboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Gaining most9
SaniveshboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Appearance; Form7
SanjaboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh God universal creator9
SanjanboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Creator5
SanjarboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShPrince; Emperor; King9
SanjarboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShPrince; Emperor; King9
SanjayboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShDhritarashtra's charioteer; Triumphant7
SanjayboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShDhritarashtra's charioteer; Triumphant7
SanjeevboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Love; Life4
SanjeevanboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Victorious1
SanjitboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Who Is AlwaysVictorious1
SanjithboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Perfectly victorious9
SanjivboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Love; Life3
SanjivanboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Immortality9
SanjogboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Coincidence3
SanjoyboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Creator3
SanjvalboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Well lit blazing brightly7
SankalpboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Aim2
SankalpaboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Resolve3
SankaraboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShAuspicious2
SankaraboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShAuspicious2
SankarsanaboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh One who ploughs9
SankarshanboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh A name of Balaram; Brother of Lord Krishna7
SanketboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Signal7
SankilboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Possessed with fire a burning torch3
SankukuboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh 8
SankukuboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh 8
SankulboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Crowded together; Dense6
SanmitraboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShTrue Friend5
SanmitraboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShTrue Friend5
SannathboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Accompanied by a protector5
SannidhiboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Nearness6
SannigdhboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Always ready4
SanobarboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Palm tree7
SanshrayboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Aim6
SanshubhboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Radiant; Beautiful2
SanskarboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Good Ethics and Moral Values2
SansumaboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh 7
SansumaboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh 7
SantanboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh A tree6
SantanakboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Spreading a tree9
SantateyboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Continuous extended6
SantavirboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Courageous and Saintly person5
SantoshboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShHappiness6
SantoshboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShHappiness6
SantyaboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Kind; Bestowing gifts8
SanuboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Peak sun1
SanugboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh With followers8
SanuragboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Affectionate9
SanvahboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Carrying along bearing wind2
SanvarboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Dam bridge3
SanvaranboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Covering enclosing9
SanvarthboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh A rain cloud meeting4
SanvritboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Happened4
SanwariyaboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Lord Krishna3
SanyamboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShSelf-control1
SanyamboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShSelf-control1
SanyatboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Following a king8
SanyogboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Conincidence9
SapanboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Dream Swapna6
SaparyuboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Honouring devoted faithful2
SaprathasboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Lord Vishnu4
SapremboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh With love9
SaptajitboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Conqueror of 7 elements6
SaptanshuboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Fire2
SaptarishiboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh 7 Stars representing 7 Great saints3
SaquibboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Bright6
SaragboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Heaven1
SaralboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShSimple6
SaralboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShSimple6
SaramayboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Firm; Best of anything6
SaranaboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Injuring9
SarangboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShSpotted deer; A musical instrument6
SarangboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShSpotted deer; A musical instrument6
SaranshboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh In Brief8
SarasboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh A bird; Lake4
SarasiboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Lake4
SarasijaboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Lotus6
SarasvatboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Learned2
SaratboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Autumn; Name of a season; A sage5
SaravanaboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Clump of reeds5
SaravananboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Another name for God Murugan1
SarbajitboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh One who has conquered everything8
SarbanandaboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh 3
SarbanandaboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh 3
SarbaniboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Goddess Durga1
SarbeshboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Lord Siva9
SarfarazboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Head held high9
SargamboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Musical notes5
SarilboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh One That brings essence5
SarinboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Helpful7
SarishboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Equal2
SarmadboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh 2
SarmadboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh 2
SarnginboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Name of God Vishnu1
SarojboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Lotus9
SarojinboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Lord Brahma5
SaroshboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShPrayer8
SaroshboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShPrayer8
SartajboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Crown6
SarthakboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Well done6
SaruhboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Attainer; Achiever4
SarupboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Beautiful3
SarvaboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Lord Krishna; Shiva7
SarvadboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Lord Shiva2
SarvadamanboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Son of Shakuntala-Bharat4
SarvadevboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Lord Shiva2
SarvagboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Lord Shiva5
SarvahitboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Useful to all8
SarvajitboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh All conquering1
SarvakboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Whole9
SarvambhboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Lord Ganesh3
SarvanavelboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Another name for Lord Murugan7
SarvangboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Lord Shiva1
SarvashayboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Lord Shiva6
SarvavasboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Lord Shiva4
SarvbhanuboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Name of sun7
SarvedraboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Sun7
SarvendraboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh God of all3
SarveshboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Lord of all2
SarvinboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShBest Archer; God of Love2
SarvinboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShBest Archer; God of Love2
SarvinderboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh King of kings2
SarwarboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Promotion8
SasatyaboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Accompanied by truth5
SashakboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Rural of the contry5
SashangboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Connected6
SashankboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Moon1
SashanthboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Lord of all9
SashreekboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Prosperous5
SashwatboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Eternal1
SasiboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Moon3
SasmitboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Ever smiling9
SastaboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh One who rules6
SasyakboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Possessing good qualities perfect4
SatadevboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh God9
SatamanyuboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Lord Indra7
SatanandboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Lord Vishnu2
SatayuboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Brother of Amavasu and Vivasu6
SateendraboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Lord of truth6
SatejasboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Full of power3
SateshboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Lord of hundreds9
SathiboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Partner3
SathishboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Good king3
SatinboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Real9
SatinathboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Lord Shiva2
SatindraboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Lord Vishnu5
SatishboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShVictorious; One who speaks truth4
SatkarboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Honour respect7
SatkartboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Honoured respected Lord Shiva9
SatkartarboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Lord Vishnu1
SatpalboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Protector6
SatpatiboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Lord Indra5
SatrajitboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Ever victorious8
SatrijitboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Father of Satyabhama; Wife of Lord Krishna7
SatruijtboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh A son of Vatsa1
SattatboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Always constant9
SatvamohanboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Truthful6
SatvantboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh True faithful pious sacred7
SatvatboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Lord Krishna2
SatveerboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Lord Vishnu9
SatvikboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Virtuous1
SatvinderboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Lord of virtue4
SatvirboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Lord of virtue8
SatwakiboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Fighter3
SatyadevboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Lord of truth7
SatyajeetboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShVictory of truth7
SatyajeetboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShVictory of truth7
SatyajitboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Victory of truth6
SatyakboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Honest5
SatyakaamboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Believer in truth2
SatyakamboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Son of Jabala in the Mahabharata1
SatyakiboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Charioteer of Krishna5
SatyamboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Honesty7
SatyamohanboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Truth9
SatyamurtyboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Statue of truth1
SatyankarboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh True; Good2
SatyapriyaboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Devoted to truth9
SatyaratboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Devoted to truth6
SatyasheelboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Truthful7
SatyavaanboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Devoted to truth5
SatyavacheboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Lord Rama; Speaker of Truth6
SatyavanboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Husband of Savitri; True4
SatyavratboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh One who has taken vow of truth1
SatyavrataboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Dedicated to truth2
SatyayuboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh It's a truthful and pious life4
SatyenboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShLord of the truth3
SatyenboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShLord of the truth3
SatyendraboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShVariant of 'Satyen'8
SatyendraboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShVariant of 'Satyen'8
SatyesuboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Seeker of truth2
SatyeyuboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Striving for truth8
SauanandboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Sweet natured3
SaubalboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Mighty2
SaubhadraboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Abhimanyu3
SaubhagboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Full of fortunes auspicious5
SaugatboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Gift an enlightened person6
SaujasboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Full of energy8
SaulboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Prayed for8
SaumanboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Flower blossom6
SaumilboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Easily available3
SaumitboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Easy to get2
SaumitrboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Good friend2
SaumitraboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShSon of Sumitra; Lakshman3
SaumitraboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShSon of Sumitra; Lakshman3
SaumyaboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Handsome8
SaunakboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Boy sage4
SauraboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Sacred to the sun6
SaurabhboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShFragrance7
SaurabhboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShFragrance7
SauravboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Divine; Celestial1
SauriboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Son of the sun5
SaurjyeshboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Kartikeya; The Lord of Valour9
SauvanboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Celestial heavenly6
SavanthboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Employer4
SavarboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Lord Shiva7
SaveraboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Morning3
SavioboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Saint's name3
SavirboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Leader6
SavitboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Sun8
SavitendraboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh The sun5
SavyaboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Lord Vishnu5
SawanboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShA month of the Hindu Calendar4
SawanboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShA month of the Hindu Calendar4
SayamboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Evening5
SayanboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Precious friend; Companion6
SayedboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Leader9
SayidboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Master4
SayujboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh United companion comrade4
SedukaboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Existent7
SeemantaboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Parting line of hair6
Sees RamboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh 8
Sees RamboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh 8
SehejboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Calm2
SekarboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Lord Vishnu9
SelvanboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Prosperous1
SelvannmbiboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Prosperous and confident3
SenaboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Army3
SenajitboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Victory over army6
SendhilboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Lord Murugan8
SengannanboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Visionary8
SenmalboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh The best1
SenthilboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Lord Murugan6
SeshanboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Light3
SeshuboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Sesh Nag9
SeshvarboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Believing in God2
SetuboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Sacred symbol2
SevakboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Servant4
ShaadyboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Singer4
ShaanboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShGlory7
ShaanboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShGlory7
ShaantboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Peace and calm9
ShaaravboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Pure and innocent7
ShaardulboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh A tiger3
ShaashwatboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Eternal1
ShabarboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Nector4
ShachinboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Dra-Lord Indra8
ShadabboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Fresh8
ShafeekboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Nector1
ShafeeqboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Compassionate; Tender7
ShagunboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Auspicious7
ShahboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShThe king9
ShahboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShThe king9
Shah NawazboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShBrave2
Shah NawazboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShBrave2
ShahabboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShShooting star; Meteor3
ShahabboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShShooting star; Meteor3
ShahaladboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Joy9
ShahamboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh 5
ShahamboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh 5
ShaheenboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Tender6
ShahidboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Patriot4
ShahilboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Shore; Ruler; Leader3
ShahnaazboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Pride of a King6
ShailendraboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh King of mountains; Himalaya1
ShaileshboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh God of mountain; Himalaya9
ShakibboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Patience5
ShakshavaliboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShName of a God3
ShakshavaliboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShName of a God3
ShaktiboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShPower; Strength; Goddess Durga5
ShaktiboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShPower; Strength; Goddess Durga5
ShaktidharboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Lord Shiva9
ShaktikboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Powerful; Mighty7
ShakuniboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Bird; Uncle of Kauravas2
ShakuntboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Blue jay4
ShalabhboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Lord Shiva6
ShalangboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Emperor8
ShaligramboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Lord Vishnu7
ShalikboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh A sage6
ShalinboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh 9
ShalinboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh 9
ShalinaboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Courteous1
ShalineboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Praiseworthy5
ShalmaliboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Lord Vishnu's power3
ShalyaboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh An arrow3
ShamaboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Sun6
ShamakboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Makes peace8
ShamakarnboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Lord Shiva5
ShambhuboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShAbode of Joy; God Shankar9
ShambhuboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShAbode of Joy; God Shankar9
ShameekboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh An ancient sage8
ShamiboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Fire5
ShamindraboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Quiet; Gentle6
ShamirboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Rock that can penetrate metal5
ShamsboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Fragrance6
ShamshadboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Beautiful1
ShamshuboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Beautiful8
ShamunboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Name of prophet4
ShanboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Pride; Prestige6
ShanayboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Power of Lord Shani5
ShandarboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Proud2
ShankarboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShLord Shiva; God Shankar; He who gives happiness9
ShankarboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShLord Shiva; God Shankar; He who gives happiness9
ShankdharboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Lord Krishna3
ShankhboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh A shell7
ShankhaboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Conch8
ShankhinboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Lord Vishnu3
ShankirboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Lord Shiva8
ShankuboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Lord shiva arrow dart2
ShanmugaboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Kartikeya; First son of Lord Shiva3
ShanmukhaboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Kartikeya; First son of Lord Shiva6
ShantboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Gentle8
ShantamboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Quiet4
ShantanavboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Bhishma Pitamaha1
ShantanuboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShA king of Hastinapura in 'Mahabharata'; Peace loving8
ShantashilboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Gentle3
ShantidevboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Lord of peace3
ShantimayboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Peaceful2
ShantinathboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Lord of peace6
ShantivboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Peaceful3
ShanyuboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Benevolent7
ShaquitaboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Blessed6
SharadboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Autumn; Name of a season6
SharadinduboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Autumn moon9
SharanboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Shelter7
SharangboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Deer5
SharatboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh A season4
ShardoolboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShLion2
ShardoolboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShLion2
ShardulboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Tiger2
ShareefboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Distinguished; Noble8
ShariboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Arrow1
ShariqboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Intelligent9
SharmanboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Joy; Delight; Shelter2
SharuboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Lord Vishnu4
SharvilboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh 8
SharvilboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh 8
ShashankboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh Moon9
ShashiboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShMoon1
ShashiboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShMoon1
ShaunakboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh 3
ShaunakboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh 3
SheetalboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh 7
SheetalboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh 7
ShekharboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShUltimate; Crest; Peak; The crown of divine knowlege7
ShekharboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShUltimate; Crest; Peak; The crown of divine knowlege7
SherboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShThe beloved one or a Lion5
SherboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShThe beloved one or a Lion5
ShishirboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShWinter9
ShishirboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShWinter9
ShivboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShGod Shiva4
ShivboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShGod Shiva4
ShridharboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShLord Vishnu4
ShridharboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShLord Vishnu4
ShubhangboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShHandsome8
ShubhangboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShHandsome8
ShuhulboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShKind8
ShuhulboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShKind8
ShyamboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShLord Krishna3
ShyamboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShLord Krishna3
SiddarthboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShOne who has accomplished his goal; A name of the Buddha2
SiddarthboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShOne who has accomplished his goal; A name of the Buddha2
SiddharthboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShVariant of 'Siddarth'1
SiddharthboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShVariant of 'Siddarth'1
SiddhranboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShPerfection5
SiddhranboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShPerfection5
SidheshboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh 9
SidheshboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh 9
Sita RamboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShLord Rama; Beloved of Rama9
Sita RamboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShLord Rama; Beloved of Rama9
SivaswamiboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh 8
SivaswamiboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh 8
SohamboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh 2
SohamboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh 2
SohelboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShMoon Light5
SohelboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShMoon Light5
Som NathboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShLord of the moon; God Shiva9
Som NathboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShLord of the moon; God Shiva9
SomboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShThe moon2
SomboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShThe moon2
SomanandaboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh 1
SomanandaboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh 1
SomduttboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShVariant of 'Som'4
SomduttboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShVariant of 'Som'4
SomnathboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShLord of the moon; God Shiva9
SomnathboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShLord of the moon; God Shiva9
Sona UllahboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh 4
Sona UllahboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh 4
SontoshboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh 2
SontoshboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh 2
SonuboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShFamiliar with gold; Beloved6
SonuboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShFamiliar with gold; Beloved6
SriramboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShGod Rama6
SriramboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShGod Rama6
SrivarboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh 6
SrivarboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh 6
SubhashboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShSoft Spoken6
SubhashboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShSoft Spoken6
SubodhboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShSound Advice; Spiritual Intelligence6
SubodhboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShSound Advice; Spiritual Intelligence6
SubrataboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh 1
SubrataboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh 1
SudhanshuboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShMoon7
SudhanshuboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShMoon7
SudhirboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShResolute; Brave7
SudhirboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShResolute; Brave7
SudipboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShBright; Good Looking6
SudipboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShBright; Good Looking6
SumanboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShCheerful and wise5
SumanboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShCheerful and wise5
SumirboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh 8
SumirboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh 8
SunilboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShDark blue; Sapphire3
SunilboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShDark blue; Sapphire3
SunnyboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShSunshine; Cheerful3
SunnyboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShSunshine; Cheerful3
SurajboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShSun6
SurajboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShSun6
SureshboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShThe ruler of the gods; Lord Indra9
SureshboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShThe ruler of the gods; Lord Indra9
SuryaboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShThe sun3
SuryaboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShThe sun3
SuryakantboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShLoved by the sun; Glowing; Good Looking; A jewel4
SuryakantboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShLoved by the sun; Glowing; Good Looking; A jewel4
SushilboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShGood charactered man; Well-behaved7
SushilboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShGood charactered man; Well-behaved7
SwamiboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShLord; Master2
SwamiboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShLord; Master2
Swami LakshmanboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh 9
Swami LakshmanboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh 9
SwapnilboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShDream like; Seen in a dream; Dreamy4
SwapnilboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, ShDream like; Seen in a dream; Dreamy4
SwaroopboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh 8
SwaroopboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh 8
SyamalaboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh 9
SyamalaboyKumbha (Aquarius)G, S, Sh 9
TaahirboyKanya (Vigro)P, TH Chaste; Modest3
TaamirboyKanya (Vigro)P, TH One who knows dates8
TaarankboyKanya (Vigro)P, TH Savious3
TabrezboyKanya (Vigro)P, TH Challenging; Showing openly9
TahaboyKanya (Vigro)P, TH Pure3
TahilboyKanya (Vigro)P, TH 5
TahirboyKanya (Vigro)P, TH Holy2
TahomaboyKanya (Vigro)P, TH With a Cute Personality4
TaizeenboyKanya (Vigro)P, TH Encouragement8
TajboyKanya (Vigro)P, TH Crown4
TajdarboyKanya (Vigro)P, TH Corwned9
TaksaboyKanya (Vigro)P, TH Son of Bharata7
TakshaboyKanya (Vigro)P, TH King Bharat's son6
TakshakboyKanya (Vigro)P, TH A cobra8
TaksheelboyKanya (Vigro)P, TH A strong character9
TalaketuboyKanya (Vigro)P, TH Bhishma1
TalalboyKanya (Vigro)P, TH Nice; Admirable1
TalankboyKanya (Vigro)P, TH Lord Shiva5
TalatboyKanya (Vigro)P, TH Prayer9
TalhaboyKanya (Vigro)P, TH Kind of tree6
TalibboyKanya (Vigro)P, TH Divine8
TalinboyKanya (Vigro)P, TH Lord Shiva2
TalishboyKanya (Vigro)P, TH Lord of earth6
TalleenboyKanya (Vigro)P, TH Absorbed6
TamalboyKanya (Vigro)P, TH A tree with very dark bark2
TamamboyKanya (Vigro)P, TH Generous3
TamasboyKanya (Vigro)P, TH Darkness9
TamilaboyKanya (Vigro)P, TH Sun2
TamishboyKanya (Vigro)P, TH God of darkness; Moon7
TamkinatboyKanya (Vigro)P, TH Pomp8
TamoghnaboyKanya (Vigro)P, TH Lord Vishnu; Lord Shiva7
TamonashboyKanya (Vigro)P, TH Destroyer of ignorance1
TamraboyKanya (Vigro)P, TH Copper Red8
TanaboyKanya (Vigro)P, TH Issue9
TanakboyKanya (Vigro)P, TH Prize2
TanavboyKanya (Vigro)P, TH Flute4
TanayboyKanya (Vigro)P, TH Son7
TanishboyKanya (Vigro)P, TH Ambition8
TanishqboyKanya (Vigro)P, TH Jewel7
TankaboyKanya (Vigro)P, TH 2
TanmayboyKanya (Vigro)P, TH 2
TanojboyKanya (Vigro)P, TH Son6
TanujboyKanya (Vigro)P, TH Son3
TanushboyKanya (Vigro)P, TH Lord Shiva2
TanveerboyKanya (Vigro)P, TH Englightened4
TanvirboyKanya (Vigro)P, TH Strong3
TapanboyKanya (Vigro)P, THSummer; Sun7
TapasboyKanya (Vigro)P, THSun3
TapasendraboyKanya (Vigro)P, TH Lord Shiva9
TapendraboyKanya (Vigro)P, TH Lord of heat; Sun7
TapeshboyKanya (Vigro)P, TH The Holy trinity6
TapeshwarboyKanya (Vigro)P, TH Lord Shiva3
TapishwarboyKanya (Vigro)P, TH 7
TapomayboyKanya (Vigro)P, TH Full of moral virtue1
TaraboyKanya (Vigro)P, THA star; The name of a Buddhist goddess4
TarachandboyKanya (Vigro)P, TH Star7
TaradhishboyKanya (Vigro)P, TH Lord of the stars7
TarakboyKanya (Vigro)P, THProtector6
TaraknathboyKanya (Vigro)P, TH Lord Shiva4
TarakshboyKanya (Vigro)P, TH Mountain6
TaralboyKanya (Vigro)P, THTiny7
TaranboyKanya (Vigro)P, TH Raft; Heaven9
TarangboyKanya (Vigro)P, TH Wave7
TarangaboyKanya (Vigro)P, TH Wave8
TaraniboyKanya (Vigro)P, TH Boat; Sun9
TareefboyKanya (Vigro)P, TH Rare; Uncommon1
TarendraboyKanya (Vigro)P, TH Prince of stars9
TareshboyKanya (Vigro)P, TH God of the stars; Moon8
TarfahboyKanya (Vigro)P, TH Kind of tree9
TarikboyKanya (Vigro)P, TH One who crosses the river of life5
TariqboyKanya (Vigro)P, TH Morning star2
TaritboyKanya (Vigro)P, TH Lightning5
TaroshboyKanya (Vigro)P, TH Heaven; Small boat9
TarpanboyKanya (Vigro)P, TH Refreshing7
TaruboyKanya (Vigro)P, TH Small Plant6
TarunboyKanya (Vigro)P, THYoung; Tender2
TaruntapanboyKanya (Vigro)P, TH Morning sun9
TarusaboyKanya (Vigro)P, TH Conquerer8
TateboyKanya (Vigro)P, TH Great Talker1
TathagatboyKanya (Vigro)P, TH Lord Buddha6
TathagataboyKanya (Vigro)P, TH The Buddha7
TatharajboyKanya (Vigro)P, TH Buddha7
TatvaboyKanya (Vigro)P, TH Element1
TatyaboyKanya (Vigro)P, TH Lord Shiva4
TauheedboyKanya (Vigro)P, TH Victoriuos1
TausiqboyKanya (Vigro)P, TH Reinforcement6
TautikboyKanya (Vigro)P, TH Pearl1
TavishboyKanya (Vigro)P, TH Heaven7
TawfeeqboyKanya (Vigro)P, TH Success; Reconciliation5
TaymullahboyKanya (Vigro)P, TH Servant of God5
TayseerboyKanya (Vigro)P, TH Facilitation3
TeerthboyKanya (Vigro)P, TH Holy place; Sacred water4
TejboyKanya (Vigro)P, THLight; Lustrous; Radiant8
Tej BahadurboyKanya (Vigro)P, THRadiant one who is brave also9
Tej KishenboyKanya (Vigro)P, TH 2
TejalboyKanya (Vigro)P, TH Bright3
TejandraboyKanya (Vigro)P, TH Sharpness; Light1
TejasboyKanya (Vigro)P, THSharp; Lustre; Brilliance1
TejasveerboyKanya (Vigro)P, TH Someone full of light and vigour6
TejendraboyKanya (Vigro)P, TH The Lord sun5
TejeshboyKanya (Vigro)P, TH God of brightness; Sun4
TejeshwarboyKanya (Vigro)P, TH The sun1
TejomayboyKanya (Vigro)P, TH Glorious8
TejrajboyKanya (Vigro)P, TH 1
TereshanboyKanya (Vigro)P, TH Solid redemption9
TilakaboyKanya (Vigro)P, TH 9
TirthboyKanya (Vigro)P, TH 3
TrilochanboyKanya (Vigro)P, THLord Shankar1
TrilochanboyKanya (Vigro)P, THThree-Eyed Lord; Lord Shiva1
TrilokboyKanya (Vigro)P, THThree worlds4
TrilokeshboyKanya (Vigro)P, THLord of Universe; Lord Shiva; Lord Vishnu9
TrilokiboyKanya (Vigro)P, THLord Shiva4
TungeshboyKanya (Vigro)P, THMoon4
TusharboyKanya (Vigro)P, THSnow; Winter6
UbaadahboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Old Arabic name2
UbaidahboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Servant of God1
UbayboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Old Arabic name4
UchadevboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Lord Vishnu1
UchitboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Correct7
UdaiboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WThe rising; To rise8
UdantboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Correct message6
UdarboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Generous8
UdarathiboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Lord Vishnu1
UdarchisboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Lord Shiva2
UdarshboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Brimming8
UdayboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W To rise; Appearance6
UdayachalboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Eastern horizon4
UdayanboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Rising; Name of king of Avanti3
UdbalboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Mighty4
UdbhataboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W 3
UddharboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Liberation2
UddhavboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Lord Krishna's friend6
UddipboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Giving light9
UddiranboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Lord Vishnu8
UddishboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Lord Shiva2
UddiyanboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Flying speed6
UddunathboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Lord of stars3
UdeepboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Flood6
UditboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WShining; Grown9
UdjithboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Lord Vishnu9
UduboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Water1
UdupatiboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Lord of stars2
UdurajboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Lord of stars3
UdyamboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Effort1
UdyanboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W 2
UdyatboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Star8
UgreshboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Lord Shiva6
UjagarboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Bright4
UjalaboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Bright9
UjasboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W First light6
UjendraboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Conqueror1
UjeshboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W One who gives light9
UjjalaboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Bright1
UjjawalboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WBright; Clear; Splendorous6
UjjayboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Victorious4
UjjwalboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Splenderous5
UjvalboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Splenderous3
UjwalboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Bright4
UlaganboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Wordly2
UlagappanboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Creator of the world8
UlagarasanboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W King of the world5
UlhasboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W 7
UllasboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Light2
UlmukboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Lord Indra6
UmaarahboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Old Arabic name9
UmairboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Old Arabic name8
UmakantboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Lord Shiva9
UmanandboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Lord Shiva5
UmanathboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WLord Shankar6
UmangboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WHappiness; Enthusiastic2
UmapatiboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WConsort of Uma9
UmarboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WFlourishing; Variant of 'Omar'8
UmeshboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WLord Shankar3
UpendraboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WLord Vishnu7
UpendranathboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WVariant of 'Upendra'5
UsmanboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WVariant of 'Uthman'; Servant of God5
UthmanboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W 5
VaageeshboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Lord of speech5
VaakpatiboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Great orator9
VaalmeekiboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W An ancient saint7
VaamanboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Lord Vishnu7
VaarinboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Ocean2
VaarshikboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Annual8
VaasukiboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W A celestial cobra3
VachanboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Speech4
VachaspatiboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Lord of speech1
VadishboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Lord of the body9
VagindraboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Lord of speech4
VagishboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Lord Brahma3
VahinboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Lord Shiva9
VaibhavboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WProsperity2
VaijayiboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Victor5
VaijnathboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Lord shiva4
VaikartanboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Name of Karna7
VaikhanboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Lord Vishnu3
VaikunthboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Vaikuntam; The abode of Lord Vishnu7
VainavinboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Lord Shiva2
VairajboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Spiritual glory7
VairajaboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Son of Virat8
VairatboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Gem8
VairinchyaboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Lord Brahma's son2
VairochanboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Lord Vishnu's son1
VaisakaboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W A Season1
VaishvikboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Belonging to the world2
VajasaniboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Lord Vishnu's son5
VajendraboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Lord Indra3
VajraboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Lord Krishna's greatgrandson; Diamond7
VajraangboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Diamond bodied2
VajradharboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Lord Indra2
VajrahastboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Lord Shiva1
VajrajitboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Lord Indra1
VajramaniboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WDiamond8
VajrapaniboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Lord Indra2
VajreshboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Lord Indra2
VajrinboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Lord Indra2
VakrabhujboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Lord Ganesh4
VakratundboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W An epithet of Ganesha4
ValaakboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W A crane3
ValavanboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Skillful1
ValentinaboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Strong8
VallabhboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Beloved; Dear4
VallabhaboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Beloved5
ValmikboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W The author of the qpic Ramayana5
ValmikiboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W The author of the qpic Ramayana5
VamaboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Lord Shiva1
VamadevboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Lord Shiva5
VamanboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Fifth incarnation of Lord Vishnu6
VamanaboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W 7
VamsiboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Name of a 'Raaga'1
VanboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Forest1
VanaboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Intelligence2
VanadboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Cloud6
VanadevboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Lord of the forest6
VanajitboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Lord of the forest5
VanamalinboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Lord Krishna6
VandanboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Salutation2
VanhiboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Fire9
VanijboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Lord Shiva2
VaninadhboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Husband of Saraswati1
VaninathboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W 8
VanmaaleeboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W An epithet of Krishna2
VanrajboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W King of forest3
VanshboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Coming Generation of father1
VansidharboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Lord Krishna6
VaraboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Gods gift6
VaraahboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W An epithet of Vishnu6
VaradboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W God of fire1
VaradaraajboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Another name of Vishnu5
VaradrajboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Lord Vishnu3
VaranaboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Holy river3
VardhamanboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Lord Mahavir1
VardhanboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Lord Shiva5
VareshboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Lord Shiva1
VareshvarboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Lord Shiva6
VaridboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Cloud9
VarijboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Lotus6
VarinboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Gifts1
VarindraboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Lord of the ocean6
VarishboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Lord Vishnu5
VariyaboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Excellent one4
VariyasboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Lord Shiva5
VarnitboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Varn3
VartanuboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Beautiful7
VarunboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WLord of water4
VaruneshboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Lord of water9
VasantboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Vasanspring season5
VasavboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WLord Indra2
VasavaboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Indra3
VasavajboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Son of Indra4
VasaviboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Son of Indra2
VashitaboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W One who hypnotises by her virtues8
VasishistaboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Muni1
VasishthaboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W A sage8
VasisthaboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Name of a sage9
VasuboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WProperty9
VasudevboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WFather of Krishna4
VasudevaboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WThe father of the God Krishna5
VasudhaboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Earth4
VasukiboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W A Famous Snake in Hindu Mythology2
VasumanboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W 1
VasumatboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Lord Krishna7
VasumitrboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W An ancient name6
VasupatiboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Lord Krishna1
VasurboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Precious9
VasuroopboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Lord Shiva1
VatatmajboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Lord Hanuman7
VatsaboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Son9
VatsalboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Affectionate3
VatsapalboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Lord Krishna2
VatsarboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W A year9
VatsinboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Lord Vishnu4
VaydeeshboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W God of The Vedas8
VayuboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Lord Hanuman6
VayujatboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Lord Hanuman1
VayunboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Lively2
VayunandboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Lord Hanuman3
VayyaboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Friend2
VeaboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Chief1
VedboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Sacred knowledge4
VedaantboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W The scriptures4
VedamohanboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Lord Krishna2
VedangboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W From the Vedas8
VedangboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WPart of the sacred knowledge8
VedangaboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Meaning of Vedas9
VedankboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Chapter of ved3
VedantboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Hindu philosophy3
VedanthboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W The one who has read the vedas2
VedatmanboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Lord Vishnu8
VedavrataboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Vow of the Vedas4
VedeshboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Lord of Vedas9
VedmohanboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Lord Krishna1
VedprakashboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Light of the Vedas6
VedswarupboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Form of Knowledge3
VeenuboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W 4
VeerboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WBrave5
VeeraboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W The brave6
VeeralboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Priceless9
VeerendraboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Lord of courageous men2
VelanboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Another name for Lord Murugan9
VenavirboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Lord Shiva's son1
VendanboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W King6
VengaiboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Brave4
VeniboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Lord Krishna5
VenimadhavboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Lord Krishna9
VenkatboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Lord Vishnu; Lord Krishna1
VenkateshboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Lord Vishnu; Lord Krishna6
VenuboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Flute8
VetrivalboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Successful1
ViamrshboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Lord Shiva9
VibhaasboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Shinning8
VibhasboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Decoration; Light7
VibhatboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Dawn8
VibhavasuboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Lord Krishna6
VibhishanboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W A character from the epic Ramayana2
VibhorboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Ecstatic2
VibhuboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W All-pervading8
VibhumatboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Lord Krishna6
VibhusnuboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Lord Shiva8
VibhutboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Strong1
VibodhboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Wise6
VictorboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Conqueror6
VidarbhboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Ancient name of a state1
VideshboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Foreign4
VidhaathboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Creator1
VidhatruboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Lord Shiva4
VidheshboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Lord Shiva3
VidhuboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Lord Vishnu1
VidhyaboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WWisdom; Relevant to Goddess Durga/Saraswati6
VidhyadharboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Full of Knowledge1
VidipboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Bright6
VidithboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Interprettation9
VidojasboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Lord Indra8
VidorboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W Cheerful5
VidurboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WSkilful; Expert; Wise2
VihaanboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WDawn1
VijayboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WVictory; Strong and victorious4
VijayapalboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W 7
VijaydanboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W 5
VikasboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WProgress; Development8
VikasithboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WDeveloped9
VikramboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WBravery2
VikrantboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WPowerful; Courageous; Victorious; Fearless5
VimalboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WPure3
VinayboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WPolite8
VinodboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WPleasing; Happiness; Joy1
VirendarboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WVariant of 'Virendra'1
VirochanboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WMoon; Fire9
VishalboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WBig; Giant8
VishnuboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WThe protector; An important Hindu God3
VishwaboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WThe whole world1
VishwamitraboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WFriend of the universe8
VivekboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WConscience; Intelligence; True Knowledge; Judgement6
VyasboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, WThe arranger4
VyomeshboyVrishabha (Taurus)B, V, U, W 8
YaarboyVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y Very good friend9
YachikaboyVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y Application4
YadavboyVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y Lord Krishna; Descedent of Yadu8
YadavendraboyVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y Lord Krishna5
YaduboyVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y An ancient King6
YadunandanboyVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y Lord Krishna9
YadunathboyVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y Lord Krishna4
YadurajboyVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y Lord Krishna8
YaduvirboyVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y Lord Krishna1
YagnaboyVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y Ceremonial rites to God3
YagyeshboyVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y Lord fo the sacrificial fire9
YahyaaboyVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y Prophet's name7
YajboyVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y A sage9
YajasboyVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y Fame2
YajatboyVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y Lord Shiva3
YajnadharboyVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y Lord Vishnu1
YajnarupboyVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y Lord Krishna7
YajneshboyVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y Lord Vishnu1
YakshaboyVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y A Type of a Demi God2
YamahilboyVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y Another name Lord Vishnu6
YamajitboyVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y Lord Shiva7
YamajithboyVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y Another name for Shiva6
YamanboyVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y Proper name9
YamhaboyVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y Dove3
YamirboyVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y Moon3
YasaarboyVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y Ease; Wealth2
YashboyVruschika (Scorpius)N, YVictory; Prosperity8
YashasboyVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y Fame1
YashasaviboyVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y Famous; Glorious; Successful6
YashkaranboyVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y Fame8
YashkeboyVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y 6
YashmitboyVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y Famed5
YashneilboyVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y Famous; Glorious; Successful3
YashodevboyVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y Lord of fame9
YashodhanboyVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y 5
YashodharboyVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y Famous9
YashodharaboyVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y One who has achieved fame1
YashpalboyVruschika (Scorpius)N, YSuccessful; Famous; Lord Krishna; Protector of fame1
YashrajboyVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y King of fame1
YashwantboyVruschika (Scorpius)N, YOne who has achieved glory; Success3
YashwanthboyVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y Always famous2
YasirboyVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y Wealthy9
YasnilboyVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y Shiv8
YathavanboyVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y Lord Vishnu2
YatinboyVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y Ascetic6
YatindraboyVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y Lord Indra2
YatishboyVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y Lord of devotees1
YatneshboyVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y God of Efforts2
YatrikboyVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y Journey3
YayinboyVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y Lord Shiva2
YazeedboyVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y To increase; Grow; Enhance3
YeshwantboyVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y Success7
YeshwanthboyVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y A person who attains fame and glory6
YogadevaboyVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y Lord of Yoga8
YoganandboyVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y Delighted with meditation9
YogendraboyVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y God of Yoga8
YogendraboyVruschika (Scorpius)N, YGod of Yoga; Another name for Lord Shiva8
YogeshboyVruschika (Scorpius)N, YLord of Yoga7
YogiboyVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y Devotee2
YoginiboyVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y Lover of Yogas; Lord Krishna7
YogirajboyVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y Great Ascetic; Lord Shiva4
YogitboyVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y Planner4
YoonusboyVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y Prophets name1
YoosufboyVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y Prophets name2
YudhajitboyVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y Victor in war8
YudhishtarboyVruschika (Scorpius)N, YEldest among the Pandavas Brothers7
YudhisthirboyVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y Firm in battle6
YudhvirboyVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y 8
YugmaboyVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y Twins; Zodiac sign of Gemini4
YuktaboyVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y Attentive; Skillful6
YuvalboyVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y Brook9
YuvarajboyVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y Prince; Heir apparent8
YuvrajboyVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y A prince7
YuyutsuboyVruschika (Scorpius)N, Y Eager to fight8